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50+ Cooking gadgets you would like to buy for your kitchen

Whether you have decided to become the best chef in the world or you just want to make your cooking process more efficient, you will need to get an insider’s knowledge into the subject. In fact, knowing this is generally essential for everyone.

cook1First of all, which tools and cookware do you use in your kitchen? Probably, you haven’t even though about what they are made of. And, actually, the quality and the type of materials is crucial here. The materials can determine up to 90% how your food is going to taste, and yes, it works for plates and cups as well. Shocked? Well, no panic, just check what type of tableware material is the most reliable one.

Another really essential point is the drinking water in your kitchen. Probably, it is a well-known fact for everyone that you shouldn’t be drinking the tap water. In order to make this water drinkable, you will need a water filter.

The type of filter will vary on the type of water supply you have at your house, your preferences, and your budget. For example, we all know the carbon water filter that can be installed both into the water tubes or just be a jug that you need to fill and filter the water in there.

The most natural and rough way to filter water (that may not even require any financial investments) is the water destination.

Moving on, we are switching to an element without which your kitchen is not really a kitchen, but just a dining room. You guessed it – this is the cooktop/cookstove.

Types of cooktops

Induction cooktop

induction1This is probably the best type of cooktop that we have today. The induction cooktop is like a better, upgraded version of an electric cooktop, and at the same time it works significantly faster and it is several times safer than the electric one.

It is still quite new to the market, but those who already have it in their kitchens say that they would never switch to another type again. The induction way of cooking is the most efficient because it works on the electric power that creates the magnetic fields on the burners, thus heating up in an inductive way.

However, here the burners are still cool to the touch even at the highest temperatures, which reduces the risk of getting burned completely. It also means, that even if something is going to pour or fall out of the pan/skillet that you placed on the burner, it’s not going to burn and stick to the surface, because the surface itself is cold.

And, of course, because this type of cooktop/stove is relatively new to the market, people sometimes don’t really know how to take care of it. Here you should be careful because there are certain rules on how you should clean your induction cooktop in order to keep it in perfect condition.

induction3In addition to that, you must remember that not all types of cookware work with the induction cooktop. Thus, before buying cookware for your new stove, check out which cookware is compatible with the induction range. It is even better to buy the whole set at once that is induction compatible.

While you’re shopping, look for the items which are made of cast iron, stainless steel, or enameled cast iron. On the contrary, aluminum and copper are not going to be compatible with your induction range.

Induction cooktops mainly come in two variants – 4 burners version and 2 burners version. It is up to you, which you, which one you want to buy for yourself, but if you don’t have a big family, buying a two-burner induction cooktop will be much more profitable – and it will save much space on your kitchen.

Another great thing to know is that the induction cooktops can even be portable. If in the past you had only electric portable cooktops, which took a long time to heat up and work unreliably, depending on the source of the energy, then now you can take fast cooking everywhere with you.

Besides, some people even have their portable induction cooktops as the regular ones in their kitchens. That’s logical – if one day you decide to move there will be less hassle with the transportation of the cooktop. The best brands of the portable induction cooktops you can figure out from this article.

Electric cooktop

electric1Probably, the most common type in the world. And that is quite easy to explain – electricity is still one of the cheapest power sources. It is easy to use and it heats up after a couple of minutes (depends on a cooktop and the source of energy).

However, the electric cooktop undermines a set of safety rules that you should stick up to if you don’t want to cause an incident and hurt yourself. First of all, you should never clean the electric cooktop with soaking wet materials, cloth, or tissue (especially if it doesn’t have a glass surface).

If you see that your cooktop is still wet after you wash it don’t rush to switch it on – it may cause the blackout. Another point is you should always remember that the burners stay hot for some time after your cooking process is over. Never clean the burners while they’re hot/warm!

The best and easiest instruction on how to clean your electric cooktop you can find here.

There are lots of arguments on the subject of which type of cooktop is better: electric or induction one? To be honest, there is no “best” type – everything depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and budget, of course.

Gas cooktops

gas1This type is used not so often unlike the electric one and it has to deal with the costs of gas energy in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, the advantage of the gas cooktop/stove is that it heats up immediately, and it is extremely flexible in terms of the adjustment of the heat level.

On the other hand, gas cooktops, perhaps, are the worst in terms of safety. The collision of a large amount of gas and the air can cause an explosion, and also the poor engineering of tubes can cause fatal consequences.

Thus, when installing your gas stove, always check all the parts, all the sources, because here it is really better to be safe, than sorry. Another tricky point while cooking with gas range is, of course, the risk to burn yourself or having a difficult time actually lighting up the burner.

By the way, if you think that all the gas stoves are huge and that’s why they cost a lot, you are wrong. Nowadays, you can find an excellent gas stove under $1000.

Cleaning of the gas stove can be difficult sometimes because of the burned food. Here it is really important to clean it as often it is possible to avoid turning it into one huge stain like it is shown in some advertisement videos. Cleaning with soaking wet tissues is allowed here.


micrw1If there is something almost as much important as the cooktop in your kitchen, it is probably a microwave. In fact, some people manage to live and cook with this device only, and it is quite a possible idea. Because the microwave allows you to heat up any meals fast and efficiently, it became almost a must-have device in any kitchen.

There is an opinion that heating food in the microwave can be extremely unhealthy. Being honest, this theory has some justification for it. The reason why the microwave heats up things using the magnetic waves, which have an element of the radiation in them, thus changing the DNA structure of the food.

Depending on the quality of the microwave, the level of radiation can be higher or lower. That is why it is so important to choose a reliable brand that provides the well-trusted microwaves on the market. There are actually hundreds of different types, of any complexity and size.

micr2It is logical to choose a microwave depending on your life situation and the size of the kitchen. You probably won’t need a huge one when you’re living alone in a small rented apartment. Big and small microwaves both have their advantages, and you should simply make your choice based on your personal needs.

The most common type of microwave is the countertop microwaves.

There are two types of microwaves – the regular one that just heats up the meals and liquids and might have some additional functions depending on the way it is engineered. The second type occurred on the market quite recently – and it is a convection microwave.

A convection microwave is basically an upgraded version of a regular microwave, a hybrid of a microwave and a convection oven. For instance, if you decide to bake something, like pizza, in your regular one, you will be risking ending up with no result.

On the contrary, a convection microwave allows you to do that easily since its capability and structure have the element of the oven, thus, it allows baking and rusting. As a result, convection microwaves are usually higher in price and they occupy more space than the regular microwaves – keep that in mind before buying one. They also consume more power.

Still, even if you don’t have a cooktop or even a microwave, you can get away with a multicooker – an option that millions of people are choosing nowadays and that has also proven to be an extremely useful device.


The necessity and popularity of the grill can be a disputable question. Here the number of factors is determined by the area where you live. Obviously, if you live in a huge city like New York or Chicago, or in a colder climate zone with severe winters then buying the grill might seem like a dubious option for you.

grill1The situation is totally different for those areas with hot/warm weather all year-round, for the countrysides, and cottages with their own backyard. The grill is almost a “must” there. The best feature if the grill is that it allows you to cook at the open space, enjoying the fresh air and nature.

At the same time, there is one thing that is basically loved by everyone – the taste of the grilled food. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or the meat fan, you can always cook even the most tasteless thing on the grill and it will get that delicious smoked flavor.

Choosing a grill is a tricky thing. There are types of them, running on a traditional fuel power supply, as well as those which are running on electricity and gas. And if the first will give your food that unforgettable smoked flavor then the latter will be able not only to roast meat and veggies, but it will also enable you to bake things, like even dough.

grill2Moreover, in the last kind of grills you can even use the bakeware (first make sure that it is grill-compatible). By the way, many people hesitate to buy a grill in fear that it will cost a considerable sum of money. Well, if you are going to buy a giant, super multi-functional grill, running on several types of fuel, then you’re right.

But most people don’t need those, so there are actually lots of attractive options in the budget range of $200 and $500. If you want you can always go for fancier types of the grill as well. Another additional point for those who are afraid of big grills is that there are tabletops grills that occupy as little space as possible. By the way, any grill will be perfectly completed by a special BBQ table.

The worst part about the grill is probably cleaning, Be ready to put some effort into it (especially it applies for those types which are running on fuel, like wooden carbon). For those, who cannot have a grill for some reason, don’t be sad! There is an excellent alternative for you – the rotisserie oven.

Cookware sets

You won’t be surprised if you hear that the most convenient and safe way to buy all the necessary cookware for your kitchen is to buy the cookware sets. It is better to have all the tools of the same material and type. The type of that material should depend on your personal preferences and the type of your cooktop.

Stainless Steel Cookware

This is, probably, the most common type of cookware which also presented in a wide variation. And it’s quite understandable – the products made of it are usually durable and reliable. Moreover, the stainless steel material is environmentally friendly.

ssc1A set of cookware from stainless steel would probably be a good idea for someone who doesn’t have much time to take care of it – because among all the materials on the market, this one, probably, requires the least amount of care.

You just have to remember several steps of its cleaning process – and then it will be taking you just a couple of minutes. If you decide to go for a very classy stainless steel cookware set, look for those by T-fal or Cuisineart.

Titanium Cookware

tcw2This type is rarer, but you have probably had at least once in your kitchen something made of this material. Titanium cookware is more sturdy, it can withstand the really high temperatures, but on the other hand, it requires a little bit more care.

Another significant advantage of titanium cookware is that it is much lighter than the other kinds. It will be perfect for those who are struggling with scratches or cracks on the cookware – this is what never happens with the titanium.

And, one more plus of it compared to those materials for cookware which require constant seasoning before cooking – it is dishwasher compatible. While shopping for it, pay attention to such brands as Woll Novo or Gotham.

Ceramic Cookware

That kind of material is getting more and more popular lately. Just like titanium cookware, it is extremely durable. One popular fact about it, that everybody probably knows is the ceramic is “not afraid” of high heat and that’s why it is often used in the bakeware materials.

ccw3The one tricky aspect is that here you should pay extremely careful attention to the brand since there are still some manufacturers using poor technologies for producing ceramic cookware. If this cookware isn’t made properly it can crack or even release some toxic elements while heating.

The best brands for buying ceramic cookware are T-fal, GreenLife, Cuisineart. Ceramic pans deserve special attention here. Buying a pan like this once, you will never regret it. Considering cleaning and maintenance, this type of cookware does require a little effort, but it’s only when you want it to serve you for decades.

Don’t wash your ceramic pan (or something else) while it’s still hot. Let it cool down first, and then wash in in the warm water. Then wipe it with a napkin and let it dry completely.

The closes alternative for ceramic cookware is the hard adonized cookware. It is not that hyped yet, and it has the number of advantages in front of the traditional ceramic cookware – it is more long-lasting, cheaper, and can withstand the higher temperatures.

Of course, it doesn’t look that aesthetic as the ceramic one, but that is the personal preference of each of us.

Copper Cookware

Some people may probably be surprised, but yes, there is a type of such cookware too. Actually, copper material could easily become the competitor of other kinds of cookware because of its prominent advantages.

copper1First of all, why you will love this type of cookware is the fact that copper has a perfect conductivity – which is perfect for delicate cooking. Copper heats up pretty well even at a light fire and maintain the temperature as long as you have the fire on.

This fact also makes the copper cookware a good choice for all those impatient persons out there – it cools down very quickly.

For all of those who like the aesthetic appearance of everything – the copper cookware probably has the best appearance among all its competitors, mainly, because of its shiny surface (try not to scratch it though, buy utensils, covered in silicone or with the soft surface).

If you decided to go for copper cookware – be ready to pay a higher price than for other kinds. It is explained by its high initial costs. And, as was mentioned before, it is very fragile, compared to all other types – make sure you treat it carefully.

The best brands of copper cookware are Martellata or Copper Chef. By the way, it can be really tricky to compare those brands and choose the one that will suit your most, so before buying one, read an additional article on this topic to get fully informed.

Carbon Steel

csc5This is the kind of material mainly used for pans. Cooking with it is totally safe, and the material is relative to aluminum in terms of heat conduction. Pay attention to such brands of the carbon steel cookware as De Buyer or Lodge.

The only thing about that is you need to constantly season it – and then the cooking will be easy and effortless. Compared to the aluminum, it is a little bit heavier material. Well, for those who want to add the solidity to their cookware – a pan made from carbon steel would be a beneficial choice.

All of the types of cookware mentioned above has more or less various properties. They are efficient and safe. However, for those who want to get the 100% healthy can look up for the most healthy cookware on the market.

Non-stick cookware

The non-stick cookware is not a revolution anymore, but there is still one aspect that everybody needs to know for sure. When buying the cookware with the non-stick properties, look for those which has those properties naturally or acquire them by the constant seasoning. Never buy a material that contains PFOA.

The reason is that the PFOA, in fact, a cheap silicone coverage that releases harmful toxic chemicals each time you cook. In general, the most common types of material that have natural non-stick properties are titanium, ceramic, or carbon steel.

For all the other kinds it is recommended to use the additional seasoning. The nuances are variable, so get more information before buying one.


When we start speaking about the kitchen utensils, the number one thing of the next importance after the general cookware is knives. If forks and spoons are used only for eating, then knives are used both for cooking and the easting process as well.

knife1Beginners can be not really aware, but experienced cooking fans (and pros) know, how important is the knife in the whole process. In general, there are more than 10 types of kitchen knives.

Does it mean that you need to buy them all for your kitchen? Not really. If you cook not that often, you can go for a standard Chef’s Knife and a smaller Utility knife. It will be enough to cook all the regular dishes.

But of course, if you decide to splurge on the whole knives set you will never regret it and will see how the right type of the knife can really make your life easier. The material of a knife is essential as well as the blade. There are two the most common type of knives material – ceramic and steel.

knife2In addition to that, it doesn’t matter how great your knife is, even it’s the most expensive knife in the world, it still gets blunt over time. Don’t forget to buy a knife sharpener together with a knife (set of knives). Moreover, the whole technique of using the knife is a separate topic, exploring which, you will discover a whole new world to yourself.

Overall, the topic of the knives can last a lifetime, if you decide to dive deeper. If you are a good cook, you might probably want to get the whole 19 types of kitchen knives to fully express your talents. The science of knives is so elaborate that there are even special knives for butter.

Asian cuisine

If you are a fan of Asian food, you are not alone – completely not alone in this. The main advantage of it is its sweet-sour taste, lots of vegetables, and well-fried ingredients. However, if you try to eat healthily it doesn’t mean you have to give the Asian cuisine up – there are steamed things as well.

Main courses

Moreover, the steamed products (like vegetables or dumplings) are much more nutritive then usual, since they are cooking in special bamboo steamers.

asianwok1Another famous dish that Asian cuisine has introduced to us is Wok. It has become insanely popular over the past 3 years.

It is basically noodles with various fillers – could be chicken, pork, or mushrooms.

If you are cooking the wok yourself you can experiment with any filler you want.

The main thing here is to acquire a good wok pan, so you would get a perfectly fried dish in the end.

By the way, the wok can be made of stainless steel or carbon. And, not to forget, the crucial element of each frying process is the oil that you’re going to use. The right chosen frying oil will determine the taste of your meal.

For those who want to keep it healthy

Apart from that, what product comes to your mind when we are talking about Asian cuisine? Right, it’s rice! It has become basically the synonym of “Asian food”.

asiantofu2For all of your rice fans out there, you can go even further with it and buy a special rice cooker for yourself. And, of course, the rice cooker is a must for all of those who want to get the perfect rice for Asian dishes, like sushi. If you don’t want to buy a separate device, you can explore how you can cook rice fast in your microwave.

Another curious element of this cuisine is Tofu. It is considered to be a cheese product, but in fact, it is a sour mass pressed out of soy milk. Tofu has a number of nutritive properties, it is especially rich in protein. We consider that Tofu is a hard thing to cook, but, in fact, all that it takes is soy milk and a good Tofu press.

Italian cuisine

The popularity of this cuisine is also so huge that sometimes it is even hard to say which meals that we’re eating on a regular basis should be classified as “Italian” ones. Perhaps, you know the reason for its success – it is super simple but extremely delicious. Any Italian dish never takes a too long time and too much effort to be cooked.

What are the first associations that come into your mind when you hear the phrase Italian cuisine? 100 percent, it is a pizza or pasta, or panini… All the things mentioned are easy to cook in your home kitchen. You just need to get a couple of useful appliances.

Main courses

italpasta2Let’s start with pasta – the most common element of this cuisine. All that you have to do is to boil it in the hot water. After that, you need to pour water out of the pan – and here is where the problems usually start if you don’t have a nice pasta strainer.

The modern engineers went even further and made our lives even easier by inventing the pans with the strainers attached to them. For the true fans, you can make your own home pasta – and it will sure taste much better than any kind that you buy in the supermarket.

For that, your process would be more efficient and you wouldn’t spend hours cutting the dought into the slices in the end, use the electric pasta machine. Another appliance that you may need in order to make a really well-mixed dough is a pastry cutter. It is inexpensive but really useful.

When your pasta is ready, don’t forget to add some parmesan for truly amazing Italian taste!

pastamaker1Making your own pizza is a little bit more time-consuming, but it is totally worth it. Of course, you can always buy a frozen pizza and heat it up in your microwave but it will never compare with the homemade true Italian one. If you have a convectional or rotisserie oven in your kitchen – it’s just perfect for making your own pizza.

But the best way is to get a specific oven which will be perfect for pizza making. By the way, if you ware going to bake something – not just pizza – choose ceramic bakeware, since it is considered to be the best among all the others.

After your pizza is baked and ready to be eaten, you might want to cut it in triangles. Did you actually know that there are special pizza cutters that you can find on Amazon? That’s how those restaurants get their pizza so perfectly cut each time!


Another significant and very delicious element of Italian cuisine is panini. In order to give the sandwich that traditional grilled look and taste you need to buy a good panini press. Panini is a well-known Italian sandwich. This leads us to a thought that actually, there is a lot of meat and meat products in all Italian food, right?

When you are willing to prepare caprese, and you want to have your Italian ham perfectly sliced, just use a meat slicer – it might seem like an extra at first, however, you will see how it will make your cooking process 10 times more efficient.


One more thing that Italy is very known for is its marvelous ice cream. Cooking it yourself might be a little bit tricky and time-consuming, however, you can always buy Italian ice cream in a supermarket and serve it together with another dish as a dessert. In order to make this process more exotic, you can buy a special ice cream scoop.


An inseparable feature of Italian cuisine (especially in the breakfast) is a cup of espresso. It is highly recommended to get your own grinding machine and make your own coffee just like in Italy – its taste will be completely different and it will enhance the overall charm of your Italian dinner.

French cuisine

It is known to be the most exquisite one, and, being completely honest, its dishes are one of the hardest to cook. Still, it doesn’t mean that french food should become a tabu for you to prepare and eat at your house. There are some dishes which are really no difficult to prepare and they taste just amazing.

Main courses

crepemaker1You have probably heard of and tasted famous french crepes. Ever wondered how all those gurus manage to make them so flat and perfectly round all the time? The secret is the special crepe makers. They are literally 70 percent of overall success.

If you want to go completely fancy with your crepes then you can even buy an electric crepe maker – it is not so expensive as you might thing and perfect to use for parties or big family dinners.

Crepes are basically the same as the pancakes. The only difference between them that for making the crepe you can use buckwheat flour. Pancakes are more traditional and made of wheat flour. They are also smaller in size – so you will need an additional pan for their making.

frenchomelet2Another simple dish that you can eat every day and even not to suspect it is actually a part of the french cuisine is an omelet. There are literally hundreds of variations of it, and if you want to get super fancy with it, you can even get yourself a special omelet maker.

Raclette is not that popular as omelet – however, it is still widespread and incredibly delicious. Cooking a raclette always requires a special device for it. In this article, you can find out which raclette grills on Amazon are the best ones.


cheeseslicer1We couldn’t talk about French cuisine without mentioning the cheese. Probably, there is no point in introducing you to this subject since almost every 2nd person on this planet knows, how fine it is. What you really need to have in order to serve it in a perfect way – a special cheese slicer.


Another element of this cuisine that deserves attention and that is easily doable at home is creme brulee. The only additional tool that you will have to buy to cook this dish – is the creme brulee torch. Don’t hesitate to have your friends over and brag in front of them with your exceptional culinary skills!

American cuisine

This could be the most controversial cuisine in history. Nowadays we hear so many opinions that American cuisine is completely unhealthy, full of fats, and poor for nutritive elements. At the same time, you shouldn’t trust everything that you hear. Another point is the ultimate dish depends on the ingredients that you put in there and only a little bit on the recipe.

The best advantage of this cuisine is, undoubtfully, is its extra-flavored food of bright colors. It requires the minimum effort to make – and that’s why it became so popular around the world.

Main courses

wafflemaker1For example, what do you think of, when you hear the word “American breakfast”? Probably, the image of waffles with maple syrup immediately pops into your mind (and no one cares anymore than those waffles originated from Belgium). Making good waffles is actually quite easy – all you need to get is a suitable waffle maker.

The next element of American cuisine that is going to be mentioned is a little bit rough for breakfast – but simply perfect for dinner or just to be a snack while you’re watching a football game with your friends. And, you guessed it – these are ribs. When perfectly flavored, they can really taste amazing and make you want more of them.

ribs1For those who are fans of the french fries (yes, this is also a Belgium dish, but seriously, Americans took over it completely), there are fine devices that allow you to fry everything just like in a restaurant right in your own kitchen. By the way, another really famous dish (or, better say, drink) of American cuisine is a milkshake.

We all know about Thanksgiving Day, which takes place at the beginning of November each year. It is a special holiday in the United States and all families are meant to gather together and eat a lavish dinner. The main course of the dinner is the famous roasted turkey.

If you want to cook the most delicious roasted turkey (no matter if it’s Thanksgiving or not) the turkey fryer will make your task ten times easier. Even if you are not that good at cooking, this machine will do up to 80 percent of work for you.

If you still decide to roast the turkey in the traditional oven, don’t forget to get a qualitative baster. Another useful device that you would find extremely helpful and any baking (not only turkey) is the kitchen timer. Usually, you want to serve something else as a garnish, and that could easily be traditional American potato fries.

baster1For those love these fries but feel extremely lazy to cut them in the necessary shape, there is a french fries cutter device for you. Or maybe you like potato chips? There are hundreds of types of them in the supermarket. However, usually, when you buy them, the package is half-empty and it is just filled with the air.

Because of this, you are encouraged to make your own homemade chips. In fact, it is not difficult – the only tricky part is cutting potatoes thin enough so they would gain a traditional potato chips shape. To do that, you can buy a separate potato chip slicer.

Fast food, sandwiches, and rolls

toasts1Right now that you are reading it you might have a question of where is that famous fast-food that America is so known for? Your waiting is over – yes, there are hundreds of types of sandwiches that you can make every day. The only thing which is more well-known than a sandwich is probably the toast.

The most popular toast recipes are the ones with Nutella, butter, or with the peanut butter. And it is really recommended to have a toaster even if you don’t live in the United States. because toast is a fast and efficient way to cook a nutritious dinner is basically 5 minutes.

The tortilla is a traditional Mexican dish but who said that American cuisine should be limited to the United States only? Moreover, the meal habits of this country are strongly influenced by the Mexican culture as well, and tortilla is extremely popular on both sides of the border.

Of course, you can always buy them in the supermarket without extra hassle. But for the true fans of tortillas, there is a fine choice of tortilla makers on the market, that allows baking the most unusual and delicious pieces.


condymaker1Candy cotton is another element of this cuisine that is especially loved by children all around the world. It will be maybe a surprise to many people that it is possible to make homemade candy cotton as well.

You just need to get a special candy cotton maker for that. Moreover, this device will be necessary for those who want to start selling this product as their small business. One more dessert here that got really well-known all around the world is American chocolate-chip cookies.

Luckily, cookies are easy to make yourself and that’s what most people love to prepare even if they don’t like cooking. To make your cookie-making experience even better and to get the funniest and extraordinary shaped cookies, use the cookie cutters.

cookiecutters1Considering the popularity, almost the same can be said about the pop-corn. This American dish has become an inseparable attribute of all the movie centers in the world.

Seriously, who can imagine watching a good movie without a big bucket of popcorn? And the best advantage of it is that it is so easy to make, it literally takes you 3 minutes.

The only issue that occurs quite often when you’re heating up the popcorn in the microwave is that it is either undercooked or overcooked, to the extent that it starts burning. Seems like there is no golden middle, seriously. To forget about this problem forever, get yourself a nice popcorn maker.


milkshake1 You can go to any American restaurant in any spot of our planet and one item that you will find on the menu 100 percent will be this drink.

It is usually served in large portions, starting from 0,5 dl. If you feel like you’re craving for a milkshake but you have no restaurants serving it well nearby, you can always make it on your own.

mixer1All you will need for that is ice cream, milk (animal or plant-based), syrup, and whipped cream. In order to blend the ice cream and milk, you will need a good hand mixer. The mixer is actually is an irreplaceable thing when it comes to cooking.

Another element that is really known not only in the cuisine but in the whole American culture is the coffee-on-the-go. Despite the fact of how fancy it might be looking, it can be quite expensive to buy coffee to go every single day.

watermaker1However, you can just buy a mug and make your own drink at home and simply bring it to work. And now you don’t even have to bother that it will become cold until you start drinking it, because nowadays there are fine coffee heaters and mug warmers on the market.

Also, in America, almost all cold drinks are served with ice. Honestly, ice really does make any drinks feel ten times better. You can buy a small shape for the ice and make that in the freezer or, you can go further and buy yourself a portable ice maker.

American culture is also known for its sparkling drinks, like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. But still, for your health is better not to consume those drinks, and in the case when you’re craving sparkling water you can actually make one yourself with the help of the special device.

Healthy eating

The cuisine of each country in the world is unique and can help us to discover the recipes of amazing meals that we have never tried before. Luckily, because of globalization, we got access to almost any type of kitchen – starting from Hawaiian, ending with Scandinavian one.

healthy1To discover new exotic meals is not a problem. The problem occurs when the hyperconsumption occurs and producers start to use cheaper ingredients to satisfy the demand and get more marginal revenue as the result.

However, some of those ingredients, even if they are used in the most delicious pasta or sushi in the world, can cause serious harm to human health. That’s why there is one type of cuisine that seems to beat every other cuisine around – and it is healthy and nutritive plant-based cuisine.

Thanks to the latest achievements in the kitchen devices engineering, eating healthy is 10 times easier than it even was around 5 years ago.

Moreover, nowadays you simply have no excuses to take care of your health by improving your diet. And don’t say that you can’t cook some normal courses because there is no appliance for that – there is, for sure.

Tools for the main courses

First, look for cookware that contains no harmful materials for your health. It is the golden rule that all people should stick to in cooking.

veggie1The vegan diet is the most strict one, but it is also considered the healthiest. If you decided to go vegan, first check which kitchen tools you will need on this journey. Learn how to store vegetables right, so they don’t go off for a very long time. One more way to store your veggie for days or even months is pressure canning.

If all the hassle with cutting the vegetables is a little bit annoying for you you can easily get away with that by buying a nice vegetable shredder for yourself.

The most healthy way to cook veggies is by baking them or cook them with steam. The latter is especially a popular and easy way. You can have your steamed veggies every day with a good vegetable steamer.

dryer1The other thing that you could do in order to keep your vegetable and fruit leftovers – is to dehydrate them. Actually, dried veggies and fruits sometimes even more nutritive than the regular ones. Just get yourself a nice food dehydrator – and enjoy them every day! By the way, dried fruits can become a perfect substitution for candies.

As a vegan, you will have to give up milk production, but it is probably for the best – milk products contain lots of harmful hormones, and, moreover, they are not suitable for lactose-intolerant people. But no worries, there are many healthier choices, for example, fat-free butter substitutes.

The latest inventions even allow us to enjoy fried food while we decided to eat healthily. The air fryer is an excellent harmful alternative to the traditional ways of frying the food.

vegbutter1For those who are not vegans, but they still want to stick to a healthy diet it is a little easier to find a way to diversify their daily meals.

There is one element of a vegan diet that has become extremely disputable over the past couple of years. It is a gluten tolerance. Apparently, the topic of gluten-free products became so hyped on social media that some people started consuming only this type of product without even knowing what does the term “gluten-free” means.

Giving you a short explanatory of what the gluten actually is, you can think of it as a more complex form of protein that mainly found in wheat flour products – bread, buns also ketchup, and so on. The problem with it is that some people are naturally allergic to it, so they are considered gluten-intolerant.

glutenfreebread1The percentage of such people in the whole world population is about 3 percent. Still, even if you don’t belong to this group no one stops you from making the gluten-free bread.

Also, it could be a nice way to make your everyday meal more lightweight and experience the new taste. If you’re interested, then check out which bread makers are the best for making the gluten-free bread.

They can still make their meals even better by cooking such products, as greek yogurt, at home instead of going to a supermarket each time. It’s completely not that hard as it seems, especially when you have a separate tool for that.

Another great element of the vegetarian diet (yes there is a difference between the vegan and vegetarian diet) is boiled eggs. They are a great source of protein. To serve boiled eggs in a fancy way, you can acquire an egg topper.


nutmilk1Freshly pressed juices are almost a “must” in any healthy diet. Probably, there is no point in reminding you once again how much vitamins and nutritive elements they contain. All you need is to get a good juicer – and that’s it. The only thing, it is not really recommended to drink freshly pressed juices every single day.

The thing is, the number of nutritive elements in them can be overwhelming for our body and we can even have some sort of vitamin “overdose”. So go smooth, enjoy your meals, but know the limits. Iced tea can become a good alternative to fresh.

Plant-based milk is a trend right now. Even the people who are not lactose-intolerant, tend to drink such types of milk, like almond milk or oat milk. Homemade plant-based milk is becoming more and more popular lately, so why don’t you join? Check what nut milk makers are the best ones.


As you can see, there are lots of ways to diversify your home culinary experience by just acquiring a couple of interesting and affordable tools/gadgets. Preparing the meals can be fun and exciting, and it is a great excuse to have your date/friends over and organize a cool cooking party together!