5 Best Bread Cutting Board

It seems that buying specialized boards for bread, vegetables or other products is not a good idea. In fact, it is not true!

If you use the same cutting boards for different products, they will soon become unusable and dirty, no matter how you wash them. To prevent such situations, you just need to buy several different boards – including for bread.

Bread cutting boards are a tool that you will use in your own kitchen every day. Making sandwiches for breakfast or snack, snacking on toasts and slicing buns for burgers, it is recommended to use special equipment.

In this way, the bread will not be contaminated with third-party bacteria and the loaf will not become stale before its intended expiration date.

Using beautiful chopping boards, you will even cheer yourself up a little, knowing that you are doing everything right. We did a little research on bread and buns and determined what the perfect chopping board should be.

The material of manufacture.

Bread requires environmentally friendly materials. That’s why it’s worth choosing models from hardwood for you to cut loaves. Such boards are not subject to deformation and do not need frequent replacement, as well as easy to wash and dry.

Most models have special “traps” and grooves to collect the crumbs that are formed during cutting. An environmentally friendly material such as wood does not accumulate bacteria and does not transfer them to the product.


Most often we store the cutting boards on an open surface and in plain view. For this reason, you should choose the models that look the best and also fit into the interior of your kitchen.

For example, all wooden planks are perfectly placed on wooden worktops or on open shelves. It should also be noted that special boards should have special notches for breadcrumbs.

The shape of the board.

Many modern boards for slicing bread are oval or rectangular in shape. Round boards are best suited not for slicing, but for serving biscuits and crackers, so these models are better left only for serving the dish.

Also very popular multifunctional boards or those that help you to cut loaves smoothly and gently. It is also worth considering the size of your favorite bread – too small boards will be inconvenient for cutting.

Once we have sorted out the basic criteria for choosing a model when buying, it is worth getting acquainted with the best boards for cutting bread – we picked them up specifically for you.

Our Top Pick
2-in-1 modern bread box2-in-1 Modern Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid - Space Saving Bread Bin by Mindful Design
  • Cutting and storing bread in one instrument
  • Ideal for a small family
  • Easy cleaning
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Other great bread cutting boards

bamboo bread slicer

CBamboo Bread Slicer | Loaf Cutting Board & Knife Slicing Guide by Maison&White

Perfectly smooth slices of bread.

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acacia wood avignon

Acacia Wood Avignon Baguette Slotted Cutting Guides Mitered Bread Board by Arthur Court

Cutting board for baguette lovers.

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wide oak horizontal

Wide Oak Horizontal Three Thickness Bread Slicing Guide with Anti Slip Mat Hand Crafted by Mystery Lathe

Board for long and large slices of bread.

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personalized wedding gifts

Personalized Wedding Gifts Cutting by Qualtry

Ideal gift version of the cutting board.

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1. 2-in-1 Modern Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid – Space Saving Bread Bin by Mindful Design

2-in-1 modern bread box

Anyone who eats bread knows that it must be stored without free access to the open air. Besides the fact that you need to cut the bread neatly and evenly, you need to store it somewhere else.

Our favorite is Space Saving Bread Bin by Mindful Design. The design of this basket is very simple and minimalistic, so it will fit even the smallest kitchen of any color palette.

It is worth talking about the device Space Saving Bread Bin by Mindful Design. The cover is a cutting board, which saves both your time and space in the kitchen.
The container under the chopping board is used to store bread, allowing it to breathe and not become stale at the same time.

The container also has a special small window through which you can see the contents of the basket. It is worth noting that the cutting board itself is small in size and suitable for small loaves of bread, which is enough for single people or a couple.

If you eat little bread or live alone, Space Saving Bread Bread Bin by Mindful Design will be an excellent solution for saving space and cutting fresh bread.

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2. Bamboo Bread Slicer | Loaf Cutting Board & Knife Slicing Guide by Maison&White

bamboo bread slicer

Remember how many times you couldn’t slice an even cupcake or bread. The knife often slips off, leaving behind curves or beveled pieces. If you have visitors to your house, you always want to serve an evenly sliced cupcake to the table.

The Loaf Cutting Board & Knife Slicing Guide by Maison & White will be your assistant and an indispensable attribute in the kitchen. In fact, it’s a bread slicing nozzle that allows you to cut loaves evenly slice by slice.

If you thought storing the Loaf Cutting Board & Knife Slicing Guide by Maison & White would be inconvenient or too cumbersome, we are ready to change your mind. It can be folded to take up as little space as possible in your kitchen.

For daily use, you can customize it to suit your needs. The thickness of the pieces is perfectly fixed by the side groves. In order to remove all the crumbs, you just need to remove the stoppers and shake the crumbs away – so maintenance is easy.

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3. Acacia Wood Avignon Baguette Slotted Cutting Guides Mitered Bread Board by Arthur Court

acacia wood avignon

Some people prefer crispy French baguettes rather than toast bread or muffins. In order to cut each piece perfectly, you should use special grooves for cutting. With them, the baguette crumbles less while remaining in its perfect shape.

If you like to serve bruschettas, add different fillings, and use even slices to serve them, the Baguette Slotted Cutting Guides Mitered Bread Board by Arthur Court will be a necessity in your kitchen.

The board is made of strong acacia wood. In the kitchen, this material looks perfect – it can change colors in different lighting conditions and also shimmer. If you wish, you can even take a sliced baguette to the festive table without any additional setting.

The shape and size perfectly match what is shown in the pictures. Of course, you can go beyond baguettes.

Taking care of the Baguette Slotted Cutting Guides Mitered Breadboard by Arthur Court is just as easy: you just need to soak the board in oil once a year, wipe it dry and get rid of any excess crumbs.

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4. Wide Oak Horizontal Three Thickness Bread Slicing Guide with Anti Slip Mat Hand Crafted by Mystery Lathe

wide oak horizontal

The Wide Oak Horizontal Three Thickness Bread Slicing Guide is not the most common bread slicer. If in most cases you cut bread vertically on the boards – into more pieces – then there are situations where you need to cut the bread horizontally.

Many recipes of pizzas and hot sandwiches provide for cutting baguettes or bread along the length, forming only 2-4 slices from one loaf. If you have not managed to make perfectly smooth slides, now you will easily do it.

With this method of cutting, it’s easy to damage your fingers or hands too much with a knife or without calculating the effort. The Wide Oak Horizontal Three Thickness Bread Slicing Guide will not let you get hurt.

One quick slicing guide helps you cut the bread evenly into the long and coarse slices you need for your recipe or food preparation. If you want to cut the bread vertically, you can also easily adjust the board again.

By the way, since the Wide Oak Horizontal Three Thickness Bread Slicing Guide has no plastic parts or rails, you cannot accidentally break it.

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5. Personalized Wedding Gifts Cutting Board by Qualtry

personalized wedding gifts

Among friends or family, there are often events that involve the exchange of gifts. It may be a Christmas, engagement, birthday or another memorable event. Either way, we are sure that every time you break your mind about the idea of a gift.

If the person receiving the gift likes to cook, then we have an option for you – Personalized Wedding Gifts Cutting Board by Qualtry. It is not enough just to say that it is an original gift – we are just sure that the person will not expect such a gift!

In order to personalize the board, you will need to configure several settings when buying. Personalized Wedding Gifts Cutting Board by Qualtry has several options for luxury wooden boards, which will be suitable not only for cutting bread but also for other products, as well as serving and serving dishes.

The design will be engraved on the surface so that it will not rub off when you wash the board and will not become less bright.

Of course, a person can refuse to use it, because the Personalized Wedding Gifts Cutting Board by Qualtry looks like a real kitchen decoration, not a tool. But this does not prevent the cutting board from being made of hard quality wood and can last a long time.

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It cannot be denied that the board is a necessary tool in every kitchen. Once you have chosen a cutting board for your bread, you will need to take care of it. Wooden planks should be dried without leaving them in water or with food on the surface.

Since bread does not get too dirty, it is sufficient to wipe the board regularly with a wet or dry cloth. It is also worth noting that beautiful boards with an interesting design or pattern can be a great option for a gift or purchase in connection with holidays or events.

FAQ for bread cutting board buyers

1. Can a breadboard be used for slicing other products?

In any home kitchen, it is better to have several different boards for different products. This is because all products have different hardness and can also be deformed or crumble when sliced.

Breadboards are in most cases made of wood, which has the property of absorbing the smell of raw products. If you intend to cut something on a wooden board, it is worth considering that in the future you can no longer use it for bakery products.

2. What are the differences between breadboards and standard cutting boards?

Some models of breadboards have special slots and notches, with which you can make even slices of bread. Usually, they are slightly deeper than the main board surface, so this is a convenient way to cut bread.

Also, some boards have special sectors and recesses to collect crumbs – in case you cut a lot of bread at once. So you do not have to constantly shake off the crumbs and interrupt the process.

3. Why should you choose wooden bread slicing boards?

Wooden breadboards are dry and will not get dirty if you slice bread on them. For slicing loaves, you should also use special knives with a special grooved blade.

It will not dull if you cut on a wooden surface. It is also worth noting the need to use environmentally friendly materials, and the most affordable option is wood.