9 Best Kitchen Timers Reviews

Just 15 years ago, people could not even imagine how many inventions people could come up with to ease their own lives. You can find thousands of small things in shops that will help you in different situations and when preparing a lot of dishes in your kitchen. One such appliance is the kitchen timer.

This device helps you to work on several dishes and processes at once. Not only will you save time, but you will also be able to monitor the cooking process more closely without missing a minute.

Usually, at the end of time, the timer will emit a beep, vibration or melody. You no longer need to be on duty near a pan of meat or saucepans with ingredients. All you have to do is turn the timer on and set it to the right interval.

You can watch the following video for a better understanding of how, and most importantly, why to choose a kitchen timer:

What should I consider when choosing a kitchen timer?


There are two types of kitchen timers – mechanical and electronic. They both count down to the set time, but also have limited timekeeping and a small error. At the same time, the cost of mechanical timers is much lower than electronic.

Electronic timers are very precise and have a small display that shows the time down to milliseconds. Such a timer can be set for up to 1 hour.


Since modern kitchens are most often built in the same style, such an important accessory must match it. The best option would be a model with a steel case – they will fit almost any kitchen. Also now there are many options in the form of eggs, fruits, vegetables, and even bottles.

Ease of use.

Some timers have magnets or can be hung on special hooks. This will allow you to conveniently attach the timer to your kitchen – for example, on the fridge or above your stove.

Not all devices seem to be equally useful to customers. Timers are great for people who can’t always keep track of time and often overlook cooking.

Pay a little attention to this device, and it will perfectly fit into your kitchen, and its use will become a daily routine. Turn the timer into a stylish accessory in your kitchen, and you’ll have perfectly timed cooking time for your favorite dishes.

Our Top Pick
wrenware kitchen timerWrenwane Kitchen Timer
  • Large display with clear numbers
  • Ability to use as a stopwatch
  • Loud beep
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    Other great kitchen timers

    kitchen timer 2 pack

    2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timers

    2 excellent timer with long lifetime.

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    OXO Good Grips

    Triple kitchen timer for cooking a whole dinner.

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    KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer

    Bright and stylish little device.

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    uigos 2

    Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer II

    Two timers for a long time.

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    Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer

    Metal elegant timer for convenient use.

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    marathon dual timer

    Marathon Dual Timer

    The device will inform you by means of LEDs.

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    1. Wrenwane Kitchen Timer

    wrenware kitchen timer

    If you would like to see home timer numbers even from the other end of the kitchen, the Wrenwane Kitchen Timer is a great option for a very low price. You can always carry it with you by threading through the opening on the back of the unit.

    You can also use it stationary by using a stand for upright positioning in the kitchen. There are magnets for fixing it on metal surfaces – so you can fix the Wrenwane Kitchen Timer anywhere in your kitchen.

    When the time is up, the unit will start to beep – its volume is loud enough for you to hear the sound in the next room. The signal lasts about 1 minute – until you turn it off yourself.

    The Wrenwane Kitchen Timer will only take 1 battery to start up and will last you a long time. Unlike other models, the battery cover is not sticky and you will not need to stick it on.

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    2. 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timers [ 2020 Version ] Magnetic Countdown Timer

    kitchen timer 2 pack

    Your cooking can be perfect if you follow the temporary instructions clearly. This can be helped by Digital Kitchen Timers, which will keep you from overcooking your steak or forgetting about the pizza in the oven. The ease of use makes the Digital Kitchen Timers easy to understand, even for children.

    By the way, you don’t have to constantly turn the timer on and off – the device simply doesn’t have an off button! The energy-saving mode provides up to 2 years of operation from a single battery.

    If anything happens to your Digital Kitchen Timers, you can always set it up or exchange it for a year under warranty. The most obvious advantage is that you get 2 timers with 2 sets of batteries when you buy them.

    Of course, you will not be able to find out how close your device is to discharge – but you can use the second device in case of disconnection. The sound volume is set by you – so even if your children are making noise at home, you will still hear the Digital Kitchen Timers.

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    3. OXO Good Grips Digital Triple Kitchen Timer

    This item includes three countdowns per screen and it comes with a fresh renewed display. This good grip triple timer will help you not to miss anything and also to keep track of all the long events and short cooking intervals.

    As we already mentioned before sure you replied with an LED screen that acts as a clock and each timer has a duration of up to 100 hours. This is not an option for everyone since some people might consider that tracking three timers at once might be inconvenient.

    And that’s true it’s actually easy to get confused about what each one is responsible for so keep that in mind if you’re not that multitasking. This is not a drawback it’s just more of a special aspect of this item.

    It doesn’t have the glare on the screen and it’s so easy to view the countdown on it because it’s digital. The sound that the countdown has is quite loud so you will definitely hear it. And the best part is that you don’t have to use all three timers at once and you can just use one at a time.

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    4. KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer


    The neat and colorful KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer is perfect for use in the smallest kitchens. Experienced hostesses know that sometimes it’s too hard to keep an eye on your cooking – especially if you’re doing other things besides cooking.

    The KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer is a product of a company that produces everything for the kitchen and the preparation of delicious meals – so they have taken into account all the features of cooking.

    If necessary, you can wipe the Timer with a damp cloth – the body is perfect for handling moisture and dirt. If something goes wrong with your device, you can always replace it with a new one (within 1 year after purchase) or take advantage of lifetime warranty service.

    By the way, the model is also available in red – for the most stylish and bright kitchens. It is worth noting the strength of the device case and its accuracy. You can compare its performance with other devices and immediately notice that the KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer has almost no errors.

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    5. Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer II 2.0

    uigos 2

    Another timer that gives customers 2 devices at a time of purchase. If you have already thought “Where can I get 2 timers?”, we can tell you. You don’t have to dwell on cooking with the countdown.

    You can use the Uigos to count down your child’s playtime, set it in the bathtub to control the time in the water, and count the time you have left before going to work so you can’t be late for anything.

    The good price for 2 devices at once makes this deal even more profitable for you. The magnets that are attached to the device itself prevent the Uigos from falling off the fridge and keep it firmly in place.

    Thanks to the bright buttons, you’ll always see it on a white surface, and the large screen lets you see numbers even from a distance. Although numbers can be a bit of a problem. Uigos produces displays in grey rather than black, so you’ll need to look a little closer to see the exact numbers of the elapsed time.
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    6. Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer


    An elegant timer so you can always enjoy the look of your kitchen. The stylish case makes the timer look very durable and the small pattern on the case makes any minor damage invisible.

    The magnet allows you to attach the Digital Kitchen Timer to any metal surface, and you can apply custom settings immediately after purchase and for any future use.

    The Digital Kitchen Timer has a built-in automatic shutdown function that starts after 2 minutes of inactivity. If you turn off the countdown and forget to turn off the unit itself, the Digital Kitchen Timer will turn off itself to save energy.

    All your settings are saved, such as time intervals and intervals of repetitive tasks. With the Digital Kitchen Timer, you can do everything with one hand – the unit is designed so that you can turn off or stop the timer with just one button without resetting the settings.

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    7. Marathon Dual Timer with Large Display

    marathon dual timer

    We already told you about the device with 3 simultaneous timers. Now it’s time to learn about a great timer with 2 separate events. Marathon Dual Timer is perfect not only for kitchens but also for marathons, running, and much more.

    The LED, which flashes green or red, always tells you when the countdown is over and the memory function allows you to use repetitive events all the time.

    You can set the alarm yourself using the volume setting. There is a choice between a loud signal, a silent signal, or a mute signal altogether – if you use the indicator to monitor the process.

    It’s worth noting a small downside: for all its advantages, Marathon Dual Timer has weak magnets that will not always be able to hold the device.

    We recommend that you use other magnets in addition, so you won’t have to deal with unexpected drops in the Marathon Dual Timer. This device is a good-quality timer that has easy-to-track LEDs.

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    8. Thermoworks Big and Loud

    8. Thermoworks Big and Loud

    This timer will be perfectly suitable for everyone because it’s oversized therefore it’s visible even to people with bad vision. It has a large digital display. They do this and the buttons are all so large and the item has a loud alarm.

    The level of sound can be as loud as 110 dB so you will hear it even if you are in another room. This is a perfect option for busy households and professional chefs. In total, this time has four different levels of sound to tailor the alarm to your needs.

    The timer can count up to 99 hours and minutes and 99 seconds. It’s more than enough and it’s enough for recipe testing and managing cooking times.

    There’s also a magnet on the back that allows you to place it on the fridge or any metal surface of your option and it also comes with a kickstand for countertop use the timer is water resistant so it’s totally safe to use it in the kitchen.

    It usually rings for 1 minute and then it starts beeping five times every 30 seconds. In order to stop that you will need to manually shut it off.

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    9. VOCOO Magnetic Kitchen Timer for Cooking with Count Up Countdown

    9. VOCOO Magnetic Kitchen Timer

    This kitchen timer is also extremely easy to read. It has a large LED display and a modern design. In addition to that, its brightness is adjustable and it also has an adjustable volume and the echo power saving mode.

    You can always adjust the volume too loud, soft, or mute. In the case of the last, the timer will just blink. The countdown can be started from a maximum of 99 minutes 59 seconds and then go to a zero or as a stopwatch.

    There’s also a memory function that makes settings regularly timed tasks easy. The buttons that the decision has are also quite large so they are easy to press. In the case of the usage of the echo mode, the numbers will dim only after several seconds of inactivity so only when you’re not using the device.

    And this time also has magnets in the back so you can place it on a refrigerator or a metal surface. This model also includes a durable kickstand and a hanging hook. It’s really easy to use and you won’t even need the manual.

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    Not all devices seem to be equally useful to customers. Timers are great for those people who can not always keep track of time and often overlook the preparation of the dish.

    Pay a little attention to this device, and it will perfectly fit into your kitchen, and its use will become a daily routine. Turn the timer into a stylish accessory in your kitchen, and you’ll have perfectly timed cooking time for your favorite dishes.

    FAQ for kitchen timer buyers

    1. Is it better to use a battery or mains powered timer?

    Of course, for greater mobility and the ability to use the timer in different locations, it is better to have a portable battery timer.

    This will allow you to keep the timer near you even in the biggest kitchen, and also carry the device in your pocket if you go to another room. The timer does not use too much power, so replacing batteries will not be frequent and expensive for the owner.

    2. What is the best material to choose for the device case?

    Since the timer is a small device, you will often overlook it. You may fall and accidentally swipe the device off the countertop. For this reason, we recommend a steel case or other durable materials.

    If you buy a timer made of cheap plastic, it is more likely that you will soon have to buy a replacement. Also on timers made of good material, you can often find magnets to attach to metal surfaces.

    3. Is it convenient to use timers with an internal thermometer or those that are “cooked” with the dish?

    You can now find timers on the market that involve measuring the temperature of a dish. The most popular is the egg timer, which should be placed in a pot with eggs. The case of the device changes the temperature at the right time, signaling the level of readiness.

    This feature is useful for newcomers in the kitchen or for those who are used to following temperature and time instructions precisely. It’s worth noting that these timers have a shorter lifetime than conventional models.

    4. How can I measure the accuracy of a timer?

    Often customers can’t immediately trust new devices. It is not surprising – suddenly its work is broken! The same can be found among timers: their accuracy is not always perfect.

    In order for you to be sure of its accuracy, you need to pull a single trick. All you need to do is detect a certain amount of time on your smartphone’s timer and run it simultaneously with your new device. If there’s an error, you’ll know it right away.