7 Best Luxury Dinnerware Sets Reviews

You probably won’t find a house that doesn’t have a dinner set to use for important days. As a rule, some items in such services are rarely used or not used at all.

Dinner sets existed even before the Chinese invented porcelain. The dishes were made of earthenware, majolica, bronze, silver, and even gold. With the discovery of porcelain, the production of table sets became a true art.

You can now admire the old sets in the museum. Some three hundred years ago dinner sets were made in sets of 100, 1000, or even more units.

The sets are divided into dining rooms, tea sets, coffee sets, and desserts, and are usually designed for 6 or 12 people. Sometimes there are sets of dishes designed for 4 people, but this is rare.

Whichever set you buy, it is important that you take good care of it so that it will last you as long as possible. This is especially important for expensive porcelain.

Here are some simple rules:

  • Porcelain can only be rinsed with warm water and a small amount of detergent.
  • Under no circumstances should porcelain be cleaned with hard brushes.
  • To restore shine, wipe the porcelain with a dry, soft cloth. In this case, special rags for dishes made of microfibre are very handy, they absorb water very well and do not leave any streaks.
  • After you have washed the porcelain, it must be wiped, otherwise, drops of water, dry out, leave a dull trace on its surface.
  • Dear painted and gilded porcelain should be cleaned particularly carefully.
  • When serving hot dishes, it is advisable to preheat the plates. Do not heat the porcelain plates in the oven, even at the lowest temperatures, as the glaze may crack. It is best to do this in hot water for 1-2 minutes and then wipe quickly.
  • Porcelain plates are not recommended to be stacked and should preferably be packed vertically.

Adhering to these simple rules will allow you to keep your dinner sets for a long time.

This luxury dinnerware set will please all your needs:

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Lorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware SetLorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware Set

This luxury porcelain dinnerware set will make your dinner more pleasant and will surprise your friends. It is dishwasher safe.
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Other high-quality luxury dinnerware sets:

Lenox Unisex Vintage Jewel 5 Piece Boxed Set White Dinnerware

Lenox Unisex Vintage Jewel 5 Piece Boxed Set White Dinnerware

It is elegant formal place setting with intricate border. Elegant formal place setting with intricate border.

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Le Cadeaux 16 Piece Luxury Melamine Dinnerware Set

Le Cadeaux 16 Piece Luxury Melamine Dinnerware Set

This shatter resistant melamine dinnerware is strong enough to withstand a bull in a china shop and well-suited for slippery fingers. 

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Matashi Opal Glassware White Dinnerware Set

Matashi Opal Glassware White Dinnerware Set

This opal glass dinnerware set is designed to withstand every day wear and tear to last you a long time.

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Wedgwood Vera Venato Imperial

Wedgwood Vera Venato Imperial

This place setting provides the ultimate ease in hosting. It will make your kitchen more beautiful. 

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Lenox Westmore 5 Piece Place Setting

Lenox Westmore 5 Piece Place Setting

This luxury dinnerware set is c
rafted of lenox bone china accented with 24 karat gold. It has polished platinum accents.

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Lenox Eternal Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place Setting

Lenox Eternal Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place Setting

This is classic ivory fine china banded elegantly in 24-karat gold. You can clean this dinnerawre in dishwasher. 


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Lorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware Set

Lorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware SetIs there anything more beautiful than enjoying a delicious breakfast with your family or friends?

This beautiful porcelain dinner set can accommodate up to 4 people. In total, the set consists of 16 essential dining items for serving your table.

The spacious pillows are suitable for preparing granules with yogurt for breakfast or for your favorite cream soup.

Elegant plates will serve as a wonderful background for your culinary ideas. The cups are suitable for both aromatic coffee drinks and hot tea.

Premium white porcelain is not only elegant but also durable. You can wash porcelain dishes either manually or put them in the dishwasher.

The absence of unnecessary details makes this table set absolutely universal. Porcelain dishes can be easily combined with any textiles. With this dinner set, your table will look festive every day.

This set of dishes is also a great gift for your wife, mother-in-law, boss, or even yourself. It is also an excellent decorative object that complements your home, filling it with harmony and coziness. The set is made of porcelain.

The material is extremely hardwearing and durable, making it ideal for everyday use. The porcelain is coated with a special high-strength glaze, which prevents damage to the surface of cutlery.

Thanks to its high durability, porcelain retains its novelty for a long time and is not afraid of high temperatures. You can safely put the dishes in the microwave oven, fridge, wash in the dishwasher.

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Lenox Unisex Vintage Jewel 5 Piece Boxed Set White Dinnerware

Lenox Unisex Vintage Jewel 5 Piece Boxed Set White DinnerwareThe aesthetic design of this cookware set together with the latest technology make it one of the key products on the market.

High-quality tableware, appliances, and accessories turn every stay in the kitchen into a holiday. Rather than a routine and help you create your own culinary masterpieces.

The beginning of cooking is an overture to a future masterpiece. Not only the culinary result but also the joy of your loved ones depends on the skill of its execution.

Thanks to these tools, cooking is easy and enjoyable. It is as if you are conducting an orchestra that helps you create a culinary work.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family or your guests, with this cooking kit you’ll enjoy it.

This flagship range of cookware offers the largest functionality, the highest quality, and design. Everything is thought through. The TransTherm induction universal bottom provides perfect thermal conductivity and prevents energy loss.

This series of cookware made of an innovative material will give you just as much pleasure in cooking. At a glance, it conquers with its design.

The curved edge of the cookware is not only pleasing to the eye when serving, but it is also utilitarian and easy to drain liquids over the edge. The non-porous inner surface, created using special technology, is scratch-resistant and easy to care for.

Exquisite simplicity of the design of this set of dishes does not pretend to the artistic superiority of your interior. You will still be in the center, and the fine lines of the objects will bring extra harmony to the surrounding space.

Cutlery, serving groups, and elegant teapots will bring beauty to your home that you can enjoy every day.

Morning coffee, afternoon tea, an evening glass of wine in the company of friends. These dishes of the company will create a unique atmosphere for every drink.

Every item makes you realize that drinks are more than a way to quench your thirst. The freshness of the morning rise, waiting and taste of happiness, first date, many years of friendship, parting, return.

In the most piercing moments of our lives, we turn to them for rest, support, comfort, reward or joy. These dishes can add emotions to the most everyday atmosphere.

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Le Cadeaux 16 Piece Luxury Melamine Dinnerware Set

Le Cadeaux 16 Piece Luxury Melamine Dinnerware SetIf you are looking for a set of dishes that combines good value with high quality, then you definitely need to pay attention to this product.

This set of dinnerware is made of durable ceramics that can withstand high temperatures and any load.

You can wash these dishes in a dishwasher and use them in a microwave. But, in the second case, you must be careful as the dishes can become hot.

For this purpose, we recommend using a low power level in the microwave oven. This set is suitable for a family or a group of friends of four.

Each set includes all the necessary types of dishes for one person. The design has a rare style that the manufacturer adheres to in its products.

There are 4 colors to choose from, among which you can choose the one you like. The most attractive and popular color is turquoise. The shapes and sizes of dishes also vary depending on the purpose of use.

The dishes are painted with beautiful patterns that will delight you and your loved ones. Now eating will be an exquisite experience and the dishes will delight you for a long time. Buyers will note the convenient size of the dishes.

The plates can be easily placed on the table and in the microwave oven. The drawing is not washed away while washing, delighting its owners with beauty and reliability.

This cookware is quite shatterproof and with a slight impact, you won’t have to replace it with a new one. Besides, this cookware does not contain any harmful materials and does not emit any chemicals.

It is scratch-resistant and retains its shine after a long period of use. The design of this cookware is inspired by European traditions.

It combines contemporary art with the latest fashion trends. You will get an unforgettable dining experience in a circle of close people.

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Matashi Opal Glassware White Dinnerware Set

Matashi Opal Glassware White Dinnerware SetThe manufacturer of this cookware is popular among customers because of the beauty and high quality of its products.

This tableware is made of opal glass, which also indicates high strength and durability.

This material has long been commonplace in the production of luxury cookware. The manufacturer guarantees high-quality dishes, which he creates.

This set has a rare design, which is made by the latest fashion trends. Such dishes will serve you for many years without losing the quality and beauty of the material.

You can use it every day and not be afraid of minor damage. It is also possible to wash these dishes in the dishwasher. The lack of patterns and any bright jewelry also ensures that these dishes will not fade or lose their original appearance.

But, this tableware should not be used in microwave ovens because the material used to decorate them should not be exposed to radiation.

Thanks to its elegant square-shaped solution, this cookware is suitable for any kitchen and is a great addition to any dining set. It can be used both for everyday and festive dinners in a circle of guests.

Also, this set can be used as a great gift for loved ones for any holiday. The gold line decoration at the edges gives this set an elegant touch. The white color of the tableware harmonizes with any interior of the kitchen.

Besides, the manufacturer of this cookware provides a full guarantee for its products. So, you can contact them if you have any questions or problems associated with the use of this tableware.

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Wedgwood Vera Venato Imperial

Wedgwood Vera Venato ImperialNext in the ranking is a manufacturer that sells ceramic and porcelain dishes. The company has a wealth of experience.

It uses quality raw materials that ensure the resistance of products to temperature and shock.

The main advantages of products are modern design, elegance and consistent style.

These dishes are very good. There are no problems with it in everyday life. It is easy to wash, very durable and very beautiful design.

The edges on all dishes are shaped, and the outside of the dishes has a ribbed surface. Simple, but at the same time extraordinary design.

It is also a great gift. The service is designed for 6 people. This set looks expensive and it is very comfortable to use.

The quality is simply surprising. This really unbreakable cookware. It is very durable and will last you for many years.

Each part of this set of dishes is qualitatively packed and has its own marking. This shows once again that the manufacturer has taken care of delivering the dishes to the buyer in one piece.

The set of dishes has everything you need for table setting. So, in the same dishes, the table looks very beautiful.

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Lenox Westmore 5 Piece Place Setting

Lenox Westmore 5 Piece Place SettingThis six-person dinner set will allow you to set the table elegantly and in a uniform style.

The dishes are made of white porcelain – a smooth, lightweight, quite durable material.

The edges of the plates are decorated with elegant ornaments, which harmoniously shade the patterned gold rims. The service is packed in a beautiful gift box.

The strongest type of porcelain is used here, which is achieved by using bone meal added to the clay directly in the production.

Products made of it are smooth, light, thin and translucent. At the same time, they have high strength characteristics.

It is recommended to wash the products by hand. Do not wash in a dishwasher. Modern dishes with ceramic elements combine the traditional way of cooking with the latest technology.

Besides, this stylish and high-quality set of dishes, made in a classic elegant style, will adorn any kitchen with its presence.

In this cookware, the food retains its flavor and aroma, as the walls and bottom of the dishes are heated evenly and gradually. Besides, even in processed food all the necessary trace elements and vitamins remain.

Also, this porcelain dishes do not release any substances during cooking, so the food is not saturated with harmful impurities.

The process of cleaning ceramic-coated tableware is easy and does not need special detergents. The glazed porcelain surface does not absorb the color or smell of any food.

This table set can also be a great gift for any occasion. Such gifts will not go out of fashion. Usually, in families, it is common to have several sets.

The design of the set is simple – no extra turns, exaggerations, and irregularities. Such simplicity is suitable for daily use. And on a festive table, such dishes can be put, without spoiling the serving.

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Lenox Eternal Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place Setting

Lenox Eternal Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place SettingPorcelain dishes have always been considered and considered a classic. Thus, having at least a festive porcelain service in the house is a sign of a good tone.

Ideally, there should be 2 festive sets (dining room and tea set), and it is also desirable to have the usual, for each day.

Of all varieties of dishes, porcelain is the most refined and refined material from which the elite sets are made.

This dinnerware is made in the classical style and is made of high-quality porcelain.

The distinctive feature is the high level of execution of dishes and decorations, the elegance of forms, and unique design.

Porcelain tableware is always very beautiful and actually painted by hand. Besides, the porcelain is easy to care for and the applied decor long retains its colors and contours.

All this makes the porcelain set a very expensive buy and very ideal for a gift and festive celebration.

The only critical disadvantage of porcelain is its weak resistance to strong impacts. But, buying porcelain dishes, as a result, you get beautiful and environmentally friendly things.

This service is supplied in its original packaging. The coloring of the service is very delicate and elegant. The white color with gold edging on the edge is a classic, which also characterizes this set of dishes.

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FAQ for luxury dinnerware sets buyers

Will the white surfaces of the porcelain sets turn yellow over time?

No, they won’t turn yellow. All modern manufacturers use special specialized coatings. It ensures that the original appearance of the set as a whole and each item individually is preserved.

Are these services suitable for daily use?

It all depends on the specific type of service you choose. Still, most services are suitable for daily use.

Can I wash porcelain dishes in the dishwasher?

The answer will depend on the particular type of porcelain dishes. Some manufacturers do not recommend washing porcelain sets in a dishwasher. Others note on the packaging that this is possible and that nothing will happen to the dishes.

Can such dinner sets of dishes get spoilt by washing with hard sponges?

Yes, it could. Thus, for washing porcelain or ceramic dishes decorated and decorated, it is recommended not to use abrasive sponges. For such dishes, it is better to use soft sponges, as well as special mild detergents, which will not harm the expensive service.

Can porcelain dishes be used in microwave ovens?

If the dishes have a decoration of any kind of metal, it is definitely not. You can also check the instructions to see if the manufacturer recommends using this cookware in a microwave oven.