9 Best Pasta Pots with Strainer Reviews

Pasta is a very popular dish. There are many ways to cook it deliciously. In connection with these, there are many additional devices that help simplify this process. One of these helpers is pasta pots with strainers.

Before you buy a pasta pot, you must be clear about which type of product you will work with. For cones of different types, as well as other similar pasta products, ordinary kitchen utensils will also be suitable.

Pasta pots are characterized as an attribute in the kitchen of any self-respecting hostess.

After all, with this pasta cooker, you can prepare a dish not only conveniently and quickly, but also correctly. Thanks to this, you will give your family a new taste experience.

There is a huge selection of different pasta saucepans, each of which will be especially good in a particular case.

Buying a spaghetti pot, which has an insert, you will easily separate the already prepared dish from the boiling water. It is worth considering that this is done with one easy movement.

Despite its high popularity, pasta pots with holes are not very comfortable. Spaghetti saucepans with mesh are much more suitable for you. After all, in the first case, the holes can be quite large, so that some of the welded product will fail and spoil.

One of the least adapted options is the kitchen appliance, with which you can drain the pasta without removing the lid. So you not only spend a lot of time on this process but also risk getting burned.

The size of the cooking utensils also plays an important role. So, a high pot of spaghetti is ideal. Comparing it to a lower accessory, the incomparable advantage is that the large size is a way to immerse spaghetti in water in a moment.

In this short video you will get some useful information about the advantages of pasta pots with strainers:

Rather than wasting time while the bottom of this pasta is soaked. Another good option would be to buy a whole set of large pasta dishes. This way you can cook your favorite dish for the whole big family.

The main advantages of pasta pots:

  • Stainless steel withstands heat treatment. It has a long service life, has a repellent effect, excluding sticking of the product during cooking.
  • Sturdy, reliable handles covered with a special insulating layer of polymer will ensure safe use of the container.
  • The heat-resistant cover made of glass or metal is equipped with special small holes for the steam and coarse section. They allow for paste decanting without using extra devices.

When buying a spaghetti pot, it is best to pay attention to stainless steel. A little worse will be the aluminum models, which are equipped with a non-stick coating.

Enamelled kitchen appliances for cooking pasta can be used. But only if there is no other alternative, as this coating leads to the need to scrape off spaghetti over time.

When buying a pasta cooker, you should remember that the best option would be a tall dish, which has a mesh insert and is made of stainless steel.

This model is characterized by the best combination of quality and price:

Our Top Pick
Cuisinart 77-412Cuisinart 77-412

Stainless steel cooking surface does not discolor, react with food or alter flavors. Aluminum encapsulated base heats quickly and spreads heat evenly.
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Other great pasta pots with strainer:

Cook N Home 02401

Cook N Home 02401

Stainless steel with an aluminum disc layered in the bottom for even heat distribution
Tempered glass lid with steam vent to view food.

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AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel

Aluminum core provides superior conductivity and even heating for excellent browning and control of the cooking process.

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Tramontina 80120/509DS

Tramontina 80120/509DS

Tri-ply base construction provides quick and even heat distribution. 
Heat- and shatter-resistant tempered glass lid allows you to monitor cooking progress.

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MÉMÉCOOK 6qt Stainless Steel Pot

This multifunction cooker allows you to steam your favorite vegetables, cook pasta, and use it as a large stockpot.

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Cooks Standard Classic 4-Piece

Cooks Standard Classic 4-Piece

Stainless Steel lid keeps in heat and moisture. Riveted handles for durability that stay comfortable.

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Bialetti Oval 6 Quart 

Sleek modern lines feature a flared edge for easy and drip-less pouring. Elegantly styled vessels and lids feature mirror-polished exterior finish.

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Cuisinart 77-412

Cuisinart 77-412This saucepan is made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel. It resists oxidation, does not deform, remains strong when used for a long time, is easy to wash and clean.

It has comfortable Bakelite handles, which are not heated and do not slide even in wet hands.

A handy spot on the edge of the pot combined with holes of different diameters on the lid rim allows you to drain water or broth without using a colander.

Silicone inserts on the lid will help you keep it in place when draining without using tackles.

The multi-layer capsule bottom ensures fast, uniform heating and food “reaches”.

Even after the stove is turned off due to the heat retention effect. By choosing the dishes of the series you can be sure of the best quality standard and ease of use.

The highest quality materials, designed to the smallest detail, allow this model to remain a “flagship” in the world of cookware. Quite recently released saucepan has many advantages.

A three-layer body made of stainless steel and aluminum and a special design of the inner vessel, protecting the host from dripping drops. It also has a stylish design.

The dishes are made of high-quality stainless steel. The patented triple bottom ensures even heat distribution. So the cooking process does not take much time, saving time and energy resources.

The lid is specially designed, upside down, and can be used as a hot stand. Suitable for all types of cooking surfaces, including induction hobs. These dishes can be washed in a dishwasher.

The very heavy and tightly closed lid is a key element: heat and moisture are retained in the pot. This guarantees the juiciness and aroma of the food.

The large, comfortable stainless steel handles remain cool while you cook. So you no longer have to worry about tackles. Measuring is now easier: the practical measuring scale inside the pot helps you measure the liquid level precisely.

The bottom of this cooker is suitable for all types of cookers and heats quickly and evenly while retaining energy.

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Cook N Home 02401

Cook N Home 02401This pot is made of non-stick-coated aluminum. This variant is cheaper than stainless steel, but it is as good as any in terms of functionality and design.

This model has a two-section insert design, which makes it convenient to cook pasta in two portions at once.

When the pasta is cooked, all you have to do is tilt the pot with the handles and the extra water will flow through the holes in the lid.

Nothing will fall out of the colander itself. Then you can just put the pot aside for a few minutes, and the remaining liquids will flow down to the main bottom.

Then all you have to do is enjoy the pasta. This stainless steel asparagus cooker is perfect for making spaghetti and blanching vegetables.

The 3-layer capsule bottom ensures optimal heat distribution over the entire surface. You can also be sure of cooking without sticking and preserving the useful properties of the food. This cooker also ensures long heat dissipation.

The durable glass lid with stainless steel rim and steam outlet allows you to cook with the lid closed and control the cooking process.

Ergonomic stainless steel handles allow you to hold your food comfortably. It can be used in the dishwasher.

Pasta pans with holes in the lid are also quite popular with manufacturers. Typically, they differ primarily in the mechanism for holding the lid when the pot is turned over.

It has to be as reliable as possible because consumer safety depends on it. The design and shape make two products with the same characteristics completely different.

Before use, all labels and packaging elements must be removed from the product, thoroughly washed and dried. After each use, you should wait for the product to cool down, then wash and dry thoroughly.

Besides, the use of abrasive detergents and metal brushes is not recommended.

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AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots will be a highlight in any kitchen. This material is resistant to heat, corrosion, and cracks.

The set includes a saucepan, a steam cooker (meat, fish, vegetables), a pasta strainer, and a durable, impact-resistant glass lid.

With this equipment, it is possible to prepare dishes of any complexity.

It is also possible to use the saucepan as a sauté pot. Its wall consists of five layers, which allow it to distribute the heat evenly and keeps it for a long time.

A transparent lid with a steam outlet has safe silicone handles. The entire set can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The surface is compatible with gas, ceramic, and induction stoves. No limited warranty.

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Tramontina 80120/509DS

Tramontina 80120/509DSThis pot uses a completely different principle when making pasta.

The pasta is first lightly fried in olive oil, then added a little water, olive oil, spices, and all other ingredients.

As the producer assures, this method allows for preserving the rich taste of the pasta.

Here is another variant of lid fixing – a special design of handles, which is one of the positions prevents the lid from sliding off the pot body.

When making this model, this option was chosen.

Pots for cooking pasta with holes in the lid also exist in a lightweight, “tourist” version.

The cookware body is made of high-quality stainless steel. The patented triple bottom ensures even heat distribution. So the cooking process does not take much time, saving energy resources and your time.

Comfortable handles are securely attached to the body and do not loosen over time. Suitable for all types of cooking suites, including induction cookers.

It can be washed in the dishwasher. Durable, beautiful, and practical dishes for connoisseurs of quality and beautiful things.

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MÉMÉCOOK 6qt Stainless Steel Pot

The stainless steel pan is the key to successful cooking. Thanks to three layers of material, the pot is resistant to shocks, temperatures, and wear.

The aluminum core ensures uniform temperature distribution.

Thick walls and high rim prevent liquids from splashing – your kitchen will be clean. It’s oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.

On the outside, the dishes have a smooth surface, which prevents the accumulation of dirt. It can be cleaned easily and without any consequences, even with a hard brush. The handle is securely attached to the body.

The pot is suitable for cooking pasta since the lid has small round holes and can be used as a sieve. It can be used as a steamer and cook healthy food from the comfort of your own home.

For convenience, liquid levels are marked with lines on the inside wall. The laconic design makes the pot an ornament to any kitchen.

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Cooks Standard Classic 4-Piece

Cooks Standard Classic 4-PieceThe rounded shape, exterior mirror polish, and 18/10 stainless steel are the hallmarks of this pasta pot.

It has a revolutionary 6-layer bottom for fast and energy-saving cooking. High quality 18/10 stainless steel for increased strength and hygiene.

The ergonomic handle provides a safe grip and makes it easy to lift the pot.

Enameled cookware is the most hygienic and resistant to various organic acids, salts, and alkalis.

It is easy to wash, it can not only cook but also save food for a long time.

But, it is not recommended to cook second courses, especially porridge, in such dishes: they often burn and spoil the enamel.

This saucepan is made of sloped steel and covered with vitrified clay enamel resistant to food acids. Thus, the flavor of food does not deteriorate.

Besides, the saucepans have a lid and comfortable handles. Products are designed for cold dishes and heat treatment of products, reliable food storage. Pots can be used on gas cooktops, electric, halogen, glass-ceramic stoves and washed in the dishwasher.

The flavor properties of food are not distorted as there is no metal ion emission. The smell of food is not trapped on the walls of dishes.

The coating is resistant to alkalis and acids and does not react chemically with food.

The smooth vitreous surface prevents bacteria from multiplying. It is significantly superior to stainless steel, aluminum, and other similar materials. They are high-quality materials for sanitary properties and ease of care.

All dishes have a thickened bottom. Thanks to this, the food does not stick.

The enamel is easy to wash with gels. The only recommendation is not to use coarse brushes and alkaline products. You should avoid strong blows, sharp temperature drops, as the enamel requires careful handling.

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Bialetti Oval 6 Quart Multi-Pot with Strainer Lid

Feel the aroma and taste of Italy in your own kitchen.

The pot is made of stainless steel with an aluminum core. It will look spectacular and complement the interior design.

The material distributes the temperature evenly so that every recipe becomes workable.

The pot has an optimal oval shape for cooking all kinds of pasta, from large to small. It won’t stick and will hold its shape for a long time while cooking.

There are all devices for draining the water after cooking the pasta. The lid with small round holes is fixed to the body, reliable handles will not let you down at the right time.

The pot is also suitable for cooking soups and vegetables. After use, it is recommended to wash the dish by hand.

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Ovente Stainless Steel Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid

This is a saucepan in which any dish will get an exquisite taste, especially lunch or dinner of pasta.

It is made of stainless steel, which will ensure a long life and even distribution of heat over the entire surface.

A nice bonus of the cookware is the special strainer in the set. It will help to safely and quickly drain the water after cooking pasta.

The lid is fixed to the body in one motion. It is necessary to achieve the coincidence of the arrows on the lid and the pot.

Handles have a surface that does not get hot during the cooking process. Thanks to its minimalist design, this saucepan will be an eye-catcher in any kitchen. Its surface is polished to a mirror shine.

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Pot Stainless Cooking Steel Pasta Stock Lid

This is the best combination of professional quality and affordable price. A durable stainless steel saucepan makes any culinary fantasy come true.

The material provides even heating. Durability is amazing.

The body is resistant to rust and temperature fluctuations. It weighs little, which is helpful for storage and carrying.

Contaminants do not stick to the wall of the pan, they can be easily gotten rid of with hot water. The lid is firmly fixed and will not fall off during water filtration. The set includes a sieve for draining water when boiling pasta.

The handles are covered with a material that does not get hot during cooking, to avoid burns.

Minimalist design will fit in the interior of any kitchen and complements it favorably. The saucepan has a mirror shine and looks exquisite.

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FAQ for pasta pots with strainer buyers

How does a pasta pot with strainer work?

There is nothing technical about a pasta pot with strainer. You need to insert the inner container with holes in the main one, pour water and place it on the stove. Next, pour the pasta, spaghetti, horns, shells or any other product.

Is it possible to buy extra inserts for these pans?

If you already have many different types of saucepans, it makes no sense to buy another one especially for pasta – look for an extra insert with holes or mesh. You have to choose the height and diameter of the appropriate pots. It is important that during the cooking process the products cannot “float out” beyond the inner container.

How do I choose a pasta strainer pot?

Observe the general rules for selecting a pasta strainer pot. Compatibility with the cooker hob, matching burner dimensions, quality of material, fitting lids, convenience and safety of the handles.