Top 7 Grill Heat Deflector Plates & How To Use It

In this article, we’ll explore the top 7 grill heat deflector plates available in the market and provide insights on how to effectively use them to enhance your grilling experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a beginner, understanding the role and benefits of heat deflector plates can elevate your grilling game to new heights. And also check out the best grill brands made in the USA.

plate2Half Moon Pizza Stone convEGGtor
  • 2-pack 15-In DIA 
  • Superior Durability and Heat Retention
  • Compatible with Kamado Joe Classic 
  • Easy to use and clean
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plate5Unicook Grill Heat Plates
  • Heavy Duty Material
  • Quality grill replacement parts for Nexgrill, Char-broil, Brinkmann, Kenmore, Master Chef and more gas grill
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plate3Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Shield
  • Adjustable grill heat plates
  • Replaces heat tents for side-to-side and front-to-back burners
  • 1.2mm, heavy duty porcelain-coated steel construction
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Half Moon Pizza Stone convEGGtor

The 15″ Half Moon Pizza Stone convEGGtor is a culinary game changer for those who love to grill and bake. This 2-pack set features heavy-duty ceramic heat deflector plates, each meticulously designed in a half-moon shape.

What sets these stones apart is their compatibility with the Kamado Joe Classic I, II, and III grills. They serve as the ideal grill plate accessories for these models, seamlessly integrating with the Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System. Using these stones is incredibly straightforward, offering a user-friendly experience.

Cleaning these stones is a breeze, adding to their appeal. Their design and material make them resistant to food residue and grime, ensuring maintenance is as effortless as their usage. Moreover, the manufacturer stands firmly behind this product, offering a 90-day refund or reship service, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.


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Unicook Grill Heat Plates

The Unicook Grill Heat Plates, a set of four, redefine the way you grill. Each plate, measuring 14 5/8 inches in length and 4 1/4 inches in width, is designed to be a universal fit for a wide range of grills, including popular brands like Charbroil, Kenmore, and Brinkmann.

These grill burner covers serve a dual purpose. They are adept at preventing flare-ups, safeguarding your burner tubes from grease and food drippings. Simultaneously, they act as flame deflectors, meticulously spreading heat across the cooking surface. This even distribution of heat is crucial for optimal cooking performance, transforming grease into smoke and infusing your food with a delectable smoky flavor.

In terms of compatibility, these heat plates are remarkably versatile, fitting an array of gas grills from Nexgrill to Master Chef. Installation is a breeze, enabling you to effortlessly renew your grill’s functionality. Additionally, Unicook offers a diverse range of shapes and sizes in their Grill Burner Covers Replacement line, catering to various grill models.


Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Shield

The Unicook Universal Replacement Heat Plate Shield is a versatile and durable solution for most gas grills. These adjustable heat plates can be extended from 11.75 inches to an impressive 21 inches in length, accommodating a wide range of grill sizes.

These grill heat shields are expertly designed to prevent flare-ups, a common issue with grilling, thus enhancing safety during cooking. They also protect the grill’s burners, extending their lifespan by shielding them from direct exposure to flames. Additionally, they aid in distributing heat evenly across the cooking surface, promoting consistent cooking results.

For those interested, a Stainless Steel version of these heat plates is also available. By clicking the “UNICOOK” button located at the top middle of the page, one can explore more details about this variant. In case of any missing screws, nuts, or need for assistance, customer support is readily available, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users.


Universal Grill Heat Plates

The Universal Grill Heat Plates, forming a set of three, serve as a versatile solution for gas grills, embodying both functionality and durability. Ingeniously designed, these heat tents are not just static in size; they boast an adjustable length, ranging from 11.75 inches to a generous 21 inches.

Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, these heat shields excel in both corrosion resistance and heat tolerance. Their notable thickness of 1.2mm ensures a robust build, promising a prolonged service life over thinner alternatives. This thickness not only contributes to durability but also to a more even heat distribution, enhancing the grilling experience.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the simple inclusion of 8 screws. The design offers two assembly options, allowing the length to be adjusted either from 11.75 inches to 21 inches or from 11.75 inches to 18.37 inches, catering to a wider range of grill sizes and user preferences.

Lastly, these heat plates aren’t just replacements; they are upgrades. Over time, standard bbq burner covers succumb to wear and rust. Replacing them with these heat plate covers not only rejuvenates the grill but also ensures a more consistent heat distribution, safeguarding against direct flame exposure and thereby enhancing the overall grilling experience.


SHINESTAR Grill Heat Plates Replacement Parts for Dyna-Glo

Enhance your grilling experience with these premium grill heat plates, meticulously designed to rejuvenate and optimize the performance of various Dyna-Glo, Backyard, and Uniflame gas grills. This set of five plates is a perfect match for Dyna-Glo models including DGF510SBP, DGF510SSP, and more, ensuring a seamless fit for your cherished outdoor cooking appliance.

Measuring 15 inches in length and 3-13/16 inches in width, each plate in this quintet is designed for a snug fit and effortless installation. The true highlight of these heat plates is their construction material – top-grade porcelain steel. This choice of material offers superior durability, showcasing remarkable resistance to rust and corrosion.


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Porcelain Steel Heat Plate

The product is a set of heat deflectors compatible with the Weber Genesis 300 Series, including models like E310, S310, E320, S320, E330, and S330. These heat plates are made of porcelain steel, a material known for its durability and heat resistance.

The product is designed for use in cooking, baking, and barbecuing, emphasizing features like dustproof, easily cleaned, heat resistance, non-stick, UV inhibited, waterproof, and corrosion resistance. It’s suitable for outdoor grilling environments.

The heat deflectors come in custom sizes and colors, with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. They are manufactured by Nanpi Shikeyingda Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a company that offers customization options such as logos and packaging for bulk orders. The product is shipped from Tianjin and has a supply capacity of 100 pieces per day.


Customized Heat deflector tuning plate for perfect cooks

The product is a versatile and durable heat deflector tuning plate, ideal for enhancing your cooking and barbecuing experience. Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or steel, it showcases excellent corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning,

UV inhibition, and waterproof properties. Its diverse color range and porcelain glaze surface treatment add to its appeal. The product is designed for a variety of applications, including use as a rigid nonstick BBQ grilling sheet. It’s manufactured by Jiangyin Yonghao Machinery Co., Ltd., a company known for its expertise in custom manufacturing.

The plate is customizable, allowing for personalized logos, packaging, and graphics, catering to specific customer needs. This product exemplifies a blend of functionality, customization, and quality, making it a valuable addition to any cooking setup.


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Grill heat deflector plates, also known as heat plates, heat tents, or burner shields, are used in gas grills to protect the burners from drippings, distribute heat evenly, and reduce flare-ups. Here’s a guide on how to use them:

  1. Locate the Heat Deflector Plates: These plates are typically located above the burners and below the grill grates. In most grills, they are easily visible when you remove the grates.
  2. Installation (If Not Pre-Installed): If your grill didn’t come with the deflector plates already installed, you would typically place them directly above the burners. They should fit snugly into designated slots or rest on ledges above the burners.
  3. Check the Orientation: Ensure that the plates are oriented correctly. They usually have a specific shape or angle designed to protect the burner and distribute heat. The curved or angled side should face upwards.
  4. Preheating the Grill: When you turn on your grill, the heat from the burners will be diffused by the deflector plates, creating a more even cooking surface. Preheat your grill with the lid closed for about 10-15 minutes for optimal heat distribution.
  5. Grilling with Deflector Plates: Cook your food on the grill grates as usual. The deflector plates will help in reducing direct flame contact and flare-ups, leading to more even cooking and reducing the risk of burning food.
  6. Maintenance: After each use, once the grill has cooled down, check the plates for food debris or grease. Clean them periodically to prevent flare-ups and maintain efficient heat distribution. Over time, they may corrode or deteriorate, so inspect them regularly and replace them as needed.

Remember, the exact method might vary slightly depending on the grill model, so it’s always a good idea to consult your grill’s manual for specific instructions.

FAQ for grill heat deflector plates buyers:

What are grill heat deflector plates and how do they work?

Grill heat deflector plates, often made of metal or ceramic, are designed to be placed between the grill’s burners and the cooking surface. Their primary function is to shield food from direct flame, distribute heat more evenly across the grilling surface, and minimize flare-ups.

This results in more consistent cooking temperatures and can help to prevent burning or overcooking of food.

How do I choose the right size and material for my grill heat deflector plate?

The size of the deflector plate should match the dimensions of your grill. Measure the internal width and depth of your grill to ensure a proper fit. As for material, metal plates are durable and conduct heat well, making them great for high-heat grilling.

Ceramic plates, on the other hand, are excellent for low-and-slow cooking as they distribute heat more evenly and retain heat for longer periods.

How do I maintain and clean my grill heat deflector plate?

Maintenance depends on the material of the deflector plate. For metal plates, let the grill cool down and then scrub the plate with a grill brush.

Avoid using water on hot metal plates as this can cause warping. For ceramic plates, use a soft brush or cloth to remove debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Regular cleaning after each use will prolong the life of your heat deflector plate and ensure better grilling performance.