How To Clean Burnt Pan (7 Solutions Guide)

The process of cooking and eating food is always a pleasure. However, there is a final part in this process, which is always unpleasant, long, and ineffective – this is cleaning the frying pan from food residues, burnt particles, melted butter, and so on.

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Just washing the frying pan with dishwashing detergent is not enough, because burnt particles and accumulated fat can’t be removed just like that. So, to the question on how to clean burnt pan, we have collected 7 tools and ways to do it more quickly and efficiently.

1. Soda + vinegar

This is the most popular way. For it, you will need baking soda, vinegar, hot water, and gloves to protect your hands.

How To Clean Burnt Pan1
  1. Rinse the pan with hot water
  2. Pour warm water and vinegar into the pan (up to about half)
  3. Put this frying pan on the stove and bring the resulting mass to a boil
  4. After everything boils, remove the pan from the stove and pour soda into it
  5. Pour out the whole mass and thoroughly wash the pan
  6. Wipe with a towel

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2. Soda

How To Clean Burnt Pan2
  • just rinse the pan with water, then pour soda into it and rub your fingers into the burnt areas. Leave it for a couple of hours, and then rinse off the whole mass and wipe the pan with a towel.

3. Ammonia

How To Clean Burnt Pan3
  1. Pour ammonia over the entire contaminated surface and leave it for 15 minutes
  2. Ammonia will corrode the dirt and then you can safely wash off the whole mass with water

4. Hot water + Soap + Washing powder

  1. Pour hot water into the basin and place the frying pan there
  2. Add soap, rub the pan with it and leave it for 15 minutes
  3. Next, add washing powder and gently rub it into the contaminated areas
  4. About my frying pan with water
  5. If there are still any contaminated areas – repeat the procedure

5. Scrubbing

How To Clean Burnt Pan4

To do this, you will need some kind of spatula (not sharp), soda/washing powder / regular soap.

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Important: This method is not suitable for aluminum and Teflon coating.

  1. Steam the dirt in a frying pan with very hot water
  2. Rub powder, soap, soda, or something else into the contaminated areas
  3. Take a spatula and start scrubbing the dirty places: the dirt will move away from the surface very simply

6. Dry table salt

This method is one of the simplest: you only need to pour boiling water over the pan, and then pour dry table salt into it. Next, rub it into the problem areas and the dirt will peel off by itself.

7. Cleaning products for glass porcelain dishes

How To Clean Burnt Pan5

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These are detergents and cleaning agents with a chemical composition that contains copper. This substance helps to get rid of impurities by corroding them. The main advantage is the fact that these tools can be used for aluminum coatings without the risk of damaging them. However, this method will take a little longer.