7 Best (And Trusted) Meat Slicers in 2023

When a festive table is decorated, it is very important that everything is not only tasty but also beautiful. The original design of any dish, vegetables, fruits, meat, sausages, and other products can be done with the help of a special kitchen combine.

It is called a slice cutter. But, slicers for meat must have more powerful features as this product is more difficult to cut. In this overview, you will find the best meat slicers that have all the functionality you need for this product.

Our Top Pick
Cuisinart FS-75

Cuisinart FS-75

This slicer is equipped with a sharp stainless steel knife. It is suitable for working with different types of products.

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Other excellent meat slicers:



It is a professional class model with a powerful motor and a robust aluminium alloy work table. It is equipped with two steel knives.

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Elite Platinum EMT-625B

Elite Platinum EMT-625B

This device handles all kinds of products without any problems, significantly reducing the working time required for cutting.

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Gourmia GFS700

Gourmia GFS700

To work with different types of products, the device is equipped with a special sharp blade made of stainless steel.

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Chef'sChoice 615A000

Chef'sChoice 615A000

Professional-level slicer, with cutting tray and sharpening device for the knife complete.

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Continental Electric PS77711 

Continental Electric PS77711 

This device has a comfortable working surface, located at a slight gradient. The slope allows for free movement of the food to be cut.

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Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

This slicer has a high power, and thus productivity, so it is suitable for use in small cafes and shops, not just for home.

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Cuisinart FS-75

Cuisinart FS-75Cuisinart FS-75 has a convenient and not oversized design. This slicer is equipped with the ability to adjust the cutting thickness.

This feature is quite convenient. Especially when considering that the slicer has only one working speed.

It has reliable protection against unintentional start-up. The tray is extended during operation, and it can also be locked.

The slicer body is made of anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum is an aluminum with a special coating obtained electrolytically.

The main purpose of this coating is to prevent oxidation in the air and protect against minor mechanical damage. Anodizing occurs in the process of oxidation – a compound of material with oxygen, the thickness of the layer is 10-20 microns.

Products made of anodized aluminum are resistant to atmospheric influences. They have a solid appearance imitating brass.


  • High power
  • Slicing produces even slices
  • Cuts hard and soft food well

The case is quite strong, looks very attractive, made of reliable plastic, absolutely safe for human life and health. It is easy to wash after direct use.

The device starts up by pressing the trigger and the unwanted trigger lock button simultaneously. Both buttons can then be released. Then, the instrument continues to operate until the trigger is pressed again.

With this model, the knife is removed together with the cover. The manual allows us to place the knife in the protective cover in the dishwasher and place the food keeper and tray in the same place.

The rest of the appliance can be wiped, as usual, with wet wipes and then with a paper or dry cotton towel.

The legs are equipped with rubber supports that do not allow sliding on the surface. The blades are made of stainless steel, self-sharpening. It greatly extends the life of the device.

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NESCO FS-250The model is a universal slicer that allows for precise cutting of hard and soft products. The design includes a sharp knife, which allows for a thickness of slices from 2 to 15 mm.

It’s a small folding slice in a plastic case. It has an interlock against unwanted switching on and an adjustable blade speed.

Included with the device is a skid (part sliding to the right and left on a retaining board) with a food holder to protect the user’s hand from knife injury.

Even in the box with the device, we find a tray for sliced products. This part of the design can also be used as a cover to protect the knife during storage.

The instruction in many languages and explanatory drawings are included with the slicer.

The knife is self-sharpening, wave-sharpening and has anti-slip legs on the body. Characterized by high performance.


  • The working surface is slightly inclined – the products themselves slip to the knife
  • Enough power for use in domestic environments

The body is made of quality plastic with stainless steel inserts. There is no backlash, there is a compartment for stowing the power cord.

The product is absolutely safe. There is protection against injuries and accidental switching on.

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Elite Platinum EMT-625B

Elite Platinum EMT-625BThis is a functional, high quality and stylish model from a German company. It has excellent performance characteristics for the household slider.

The power of the device is 140 W. A knife with wave-sharpening is provided in the design. The slicer has two modes of operation – pulse and continuous.

The device can be easily folded and unfolded. The sled is put on the board and walks quietly, effortlessly.

The legs are small but give the necessary stability. All buttons and control levers are located on a vertical panel but on different planes.


  • Good functionality
  • Original appearance
  • Metal body
  • There are two modes of operation

The working surface is set at a slight slope of 10 degrees. This prevents the possibility of injury, it also has metal skids. There is a tray where the sliced products will be collected and a safety switch button.

Special suction cups are used as legs. They are securely attached to the surface.

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Gourmia GFS700

Gourmia GFS700The whole body is made of metal, the working surface is located at an insignificant slope. In its price segment, this model is the best slicer for home.

The instrument is activated by pressing the trigger and lock button simultaneously. It is hidden on the faceplate of the panel which is far away from us.

Next to the trigger is the rotary knife speed control knob. On the far side of the panel with the knife, there is a large rotary knob, which handles the thickness of the scrap.

After setting the desired characteristics, the user sets the product into the holder. Pressing the on and off buttons at the same time starts the knife operation.

The disk speed and thickness can be changed during operation. In fact, the thickness of the slice control lever has to be constantly adjusted.

The plastic of the part responsible for the distance between the knife and the rest of the product is thin. During operation, the part is shaken and goes far beyond the set boundary. As a result, if you don’t twist the rotary handle, each new piece becomes thicker and thicker.

Once enabled, the lock button can be released, which will not disable the product.

The device looks a little strict, but attractive and beautiful. The knife is made of stainless steel, its diameter is 17 cm, wavy grinding.


  • Good assembly quality
  • Excellent functionality
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Long service life
  • There are two modes of operation
  • There is protection from injury.
  • There is a safety switch on button

The largest cutting thickness is 20 mm. There are two modes of operation – long and short. The sled is removable and can be moved up to 18 cm. The set includes a tray where the sliced food will link, there is a niche for winding the cable.

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Chef’sChoice 615A000

Chef'sChoice 615A000The device has an insignificant size, high quality of execution and quite an attractive price. The slicer is very convenient to use, it has a high level of power.

The body of folding type, like the skids, is made of high-quality plastic. The legs are equipped with rubber pads.

The device looks pretty heavy, but it’s not hard to move it from place to place. This slicer has very high-quality price-legs.

So the most difficult part of the slicer movement in space is an attempt to glue the device from the surface. The device has one on/off button without any protection.

On the outside of the panel with a knife, there is a rotary knob of regulation of the thickness of a piece. This model does not have any pallets for finished slices, you can just set the plate.

The skids with the product holder drive on a metal pin. The sloping surface under the panel with a knife is not used when working with the device.

The whole structure together resembles a laboratory device. This model takes up more space at rest than the previous one as it does not fold.

They significantly increase the stability and do not allow sliding on the table surface. The legs are equipped with rubber pads which increase stability and prevent sliding on the table surface


  • High power level
  • High-quality assembly
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting thicknesses
  • The set includes a pallet for food assembly

If desired, the device can be dismantled almost completely. Remove the knife and the stop board. All plastic parts of the slicer can be placed in the dishwasher. The knife should be gently washed by hand without abrasives, then thoroughly dried.

The wavy knife is made of stainless steel and it is possible to cut products up to 15 mm thick. A special pallet for cutting is included. To use the slicer as safely as possible, there is a special button that prevents it from being switched on again.

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Continental Electric PS77711 

Continental Electric PS77711 This slicer is the best one among this year’s models. It has a small price, but can be used only for domestic use. It is desirable to install the device on a flat surface.

It has rubber pads on its legs, which prevent the slicer from sliding during operation.

There are skids for food supply to the knife, there is a holder, a cutting thickness regulator – up to the largest of 15 mm.

The thickness of the scrap is determined by varying the distance between the thin metal plate and the knife.

For this purpose, a large black rotary knob is hidden on the horizontal part of the housing behind the vertical plate.

After switching on and adjusting the thickness of the piece, the unit is simply switched on by means of the On/Off switch on the side panel.


  • Handles all kinds of products well
  • Reliable assembly
  • Sharp self-sharpening knives
  • Cut very fast and almost never overheats

A safety shutdown system is available to ensure safe operation. It is very convenient to clean the device. But, you should be very careful with the knife as there is always a chance of cutting yourself.

There are several modes of operation. They allow you to cut products of any kind quickly and with high quality. But, the main purpose of this slicer is meat.

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Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food SlicerIt is an inexpensive and high-quality model. It is characterized by excellent assembly quality and long service life.

This makes it one of the most popular among similar models. The device is absolutely safe, its construction has a special protective cover.

The model looks very stable due to its geometry. It does not prevent it from having powerful legs, which as much as five.

The control tools, as in previous cases, are on a vertical panel. At the top are two buttons: turn on and block the unwanted start.

On the backside of the panel, there is a slice thickness change knob with a numbered scale. Under the two main panels is a pallet for sliced products.

Thanks to the design of the device, this part does not take up extra space, is attached to the body, can be easily removed and put on again. This looks like a very good embodiment of the tray idea.

It does not allow hands to come into direct contact with sharp stainless steel knives.


  • High cutting speed
  • Silent operation
  • Attractive design
  • Convenience of use
  • Self-sharpening knife
  • Several modes of operation
  • Reliable assembly

The set includes a special pusher for slicing or dicing products. The power of the device is not too high – only 100 W, but for domestic use, it is quite enough. The switch has a lock.

The knife is sharpened wave-shaped, there are transport skids with perfectly smooth guides. Slicing thickness is adjustable – up to 17 mm. The plastic housing is foldable so that the slice takes up minimal space in the kitchen.

The device has removable skids with a holder and a knife. Both can be cleaned under running water with mild detergents after use. The case of the model can be cleaned with wet wipes and wiped with a towel.

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FAQ for meat slicers buyers

What kind of material are slicers made of meat?

They are made of stainless steel and safe for health plastic.

How long does a meat slicer last?

The service life depends on the material of the device. A stainless steel slicer will last longer.

How do you sharpen a knife?

The knife is conveniently removed, it’s provided for every slicer. More expensive kits include knife sharpening devices.

Can I adjust the cutting thickness?

Yes, some slicer models are equipped with this functionality.