15 Absolutely Useless Cooking Gadgets

From overly specific tools to those that solve problems that don’t really exist, these gadgets are more likely to elicit a chuckle than to assist in your culinary endeavors. Join us as we uncover these quirky and absolutely useless cooking gadgets, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll think twice before adding that avocado saver to your shopping cart.

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Banana Slicer

The Banana Slicer, often regarded as a quintessentially useless kitchen gadget, epitomizes the excesses of modern consumer culture in its approach to culinary convenience. This tool, designed exclusively for slicing bananas, is a simple, plastic device shaped to mimic the curve of a banana. Its purpose is to cut an entire banana into even slices with a single pressing motion.

Despite its specific function, the Banana Slicer is frequently criticized for its redundancy. In a world where a simple knife can accomplish the same task with equal efficiency, the necessity of a single-use, banana-specific tool is highly questionable.

Ironically, the Banana Slicer has gained a certain notoriety, not for its utility, but for its status as a symbol of impractical kitchen gadgets. It represents a curious niche in consumer goods: products that are more amusing in concept than practical in everyday life.


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Strawberry Stem Remover

The Strawberry Stem Remover is a specialized kitchen gadget designed to simplify the process of removing stems from strawberries. Despite its targeted function, it is often considered a superfluous tool by many.

In essence, the Strawberry Stem Remover is a small, plier-like device. It works by grasping the stem of a strawberry between its jaws, which are then squeezed together to pull the stem out. This action is intended to leave the rest of the fruit intact and ready for consumption or further preparation.

However, the limitations of this gadget become evident quickly. For one, strawberries vary greatly in size and shape, which means the effectiveness of the stem remover can be inconsistent. Small or oddly shaped strawberries often prove challenging for the gadget, leading to more wastage than necessary.

In summary, while the Strawberry Stem Remover may initially seem like a clever and useful addition to kitchen gadget collections, its practicality is limited. It is often relegated to the category of ‘useless kitchen gadgets’ due to its narrow functionality and the ease with which its job can be accomplished by more conventional means.


Electric Twirling Spaghetti Fork

The Electric Twirling Spaghetti Fork is a quirky and somewhat whimsical kitchen gadget designed with a very specific purpose in mind – to twirl spaghetti effortlessly with the push of a button.

However, despite its unique and fun appearance, the Electric Twirling Spaghetti Fork falls into the category of what many would consider a “useless tool.” Its functionality is extremely limited, addressing a task that most people can easily accomplish with a standard fork and a little bit of dexterity.

In essence, it’s a classic example of a solution in search of a problem, representing a whimsical yet impractical approach to an everyday task that most people have mastered without the need for battery-powered assistance.


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Herb Scissors

Herb scissors are a specialized kitchen gadget designed for cutting herbs, featuring multiple blades that operate simultaneously. Although they seem innovative, in practice, they often fall into the category of a useless tool for several reasons.

Firstly, the concept behind herb scissors is to expedite the chopping process, offering a quicker alternative to the traditional single-blade knife. However, this advantage is questionable. The multiple blades, usually four or five, are meant to create several cuts at once. But in reality, this often results in uneven chopping and bruising of delicate herbs, which can compromise their flavor and appearance.

Secondly, cleaning these scissors can be a hassle. Herbs tend to get stuck between the blades, making thorough cleaning a time-consuming task. This inconvenience negates any time saved in chopping and can be particularly frustrating when switching between different herbs.

In summary, while herb scissors might appear as a nifty gadget to have in the kitchen, their practicality is dubious.


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Butter Stick Type

The “Butter Stick Type” is a cooking gadget that embodies the essence of unnecessary complexity in the kitchen. At first glance, it seems to be an innovative approach to an age-old problem: how to efficiently spread butter.

Designed to mimic the form of a glue stick, the Butter Stick Type allows users to twist a knob at the bottom, pushing up a column of butter for easy application. The concept is straightforward – the butter is housed in a cylindrical container, and as you twist, it ascends, ready to be spread.

However, its practicality is questionable. Traditional methods of buttering, using a simple knife and a butter dish, have sufficed for centuries. The Butter Stick Type, while amusing, complicates this simple process.

In essence, while the Butter Stick Type might catch the eye with its quirky design and promise of convenience, it falls into the category of ‘solutions in search of a problem’.


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Egg Yolk Separator

The Egg Yolk Separator is a curious and somewhat perplexing kitchen gadget designed with the sole purpose of separating egg yolks from egg whites. This tool, often deemed unnecessary by many culinary experts, embodies the essence of a unitasker – an item that serves only one specific function, which can typically be accomplished with more common kitchen utensils.

Constructed from various materials such as plastic, silicone, or metal, the Egg Yolk Separator typically features a small, shallow receptacle to catch the yolk, and slits or openings that allow the white to drain away.

Moreover, the Egg Yolk Separator, while modest in size, adds to the clutter in a kitchen drawer and requires cleaning after use, which further questions its practicality.


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Hot Dog Slicer

The “Hot Dog Slicer” is a curious kitchen gadget that epitomizes the idea of novelty over practicality. At first glance, it might seem like a fun addition to any kitchen collection, but its utility is highly questionable, making it a prime example of a useless tool.

Designed specifically for slicing hot dogs into small, uniform pieces, the Hot Dog Slicer is a unitasker, a tool that serves only one purpose. It’s made of plastic, often brightly colored, and features a series of blades arranged to cut a hot dog into segments with a single press.

One of the main issues with the Hot Dog Slicer is its impracticality. Hot dogs come in various sizes and thicknesses, and this slicer is not always compatible with all types.

Furthermore, the Hot Dog Slicer takes up space in a kitchen drawer, space that could be better utilized by more versatile tools. In an era where kitchen efficiency and minimalism are increasingly valued, the Hot Dog Slicer seems like a step in the opposite direction.


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Avocado Saver

The Avocado Saver is a specialized kitchen gadget designed to address a very specific need – preserving the freshness of a cut avocado. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this tool is more of a novelty than a necessity.

Crafted from plastic, the Avocado Saver is shaped to snugly fit the curved contour of an avocado half. Its purpose is to tightly seal the exposed surface of the fruit, theoretically slowing down the oxidation process that leads to browning.

While the concept might initially seem practical to avocado enthusiasts, the Avocado Saver’s usefulness is debatable. The primary issue is that it solves a problem that is not particularly pressing. Avocados, when stored properly in a refrigerator, can maintain their freshness without the need for such specialized equipment.

In conclusion, while the Avocado Saver might catch the eye with its avocado-matching aesthetics and promise of fresher produce, it ultimately falls into the category of unnecessary kitchen gadgets.


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Corn Kerneler

The Corn Kerneler, a peculiar kitchen gadget, presents itself as a tool designed to simplify the process of removing kernels from corn cobs. At first glance, its innovative design and promise of convenience may seem appealing to corn enthusiasts.

The device, usually made of plastic, features a circular blade meant to fit around the cob, ostensibly to strip off the kernels cleanly and efficiently. The body of the Kerneler acts as a container to catch the kernels. The idea is to push the cob through the device, allowing the kernels to be sliced off and collected.

In theory, this sounds like a nifty solution to avoid the mess and hassle associated with traditional methods of removing corn kernels. However, in practice, the Corn Kerneler falls short of its promises.

Furthermore, the device’s capacity is limited. It can only hold the kernels from one cob at a time, necessitating frequent emptying, which adds to the overall task time. This limitation, coupled with its bulky size, makes it less convenient than simply using a knife or other traditional methods.

In essence, while the Corn Kerneler is an interesting concept and may seem like a useful addition to one’s kitchen arsenal, it ultimately proves to be a redundant and somewhat useless tool.


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Banana Case

The “Banana Case” is a quirky and somewhat whimsical kitchen gadget that has garnered attention more for its uniqueness than its practicality. Designed ostensibly to protect bananas from bruising or squishing during transport, the Banana Case is molded in the shape of a banana and typically comes in bright colors, often yellow, to mimic the fruit it is designed to encase.

At first glance, the Banana Case may seem like a clever solution to a common problem. Bananas, being soft and easily bruised, often suffer in transit, especially when tossed into a bag with other items.

Firstly, the size and shape of the case are designed to fit a standard-sized banana, which immediately limits its usefulness. Bananas, being natural products, vary greatly in size and curvature, meaning many simply won’t fit into the rigid confines of the case.

In conclusion, while the Banana Case is an amusing and eye-catching gadget, its practicality is questionable. It addresses a minor issue with a solution that is somewhat over-engineered, not universally applicable, and environmentally questionable.


Electric Gravy Boat

The Electric Gravy Boat, a curious kitchen gadget, emerges as a prime example of modern innovation intertwining with a touch of unnecessary complexity. At first glance, this device seems to be a clever solution to a problem that barely exists: keeping gravy warm during a meal. Its design resembles a traditional gravy boat, but with the addition of an electric heating element at the base.

The idea behind the Electric Gravy Boat is straightforward. It promises to maintain your gravy at an ideal temperature, preventing the all-too-common scenario of gravy turning into an unappetizing, congealed mass on your dining table.

Moreover, the Electric Gravy Boat introduces more problems than it solves. Its dependency on an electrical outlet limits its placement on a dining table, and the added hassle of managing cords and electrical safety around food and beverages is counterproductive.

In essence, while the Electric Gravy Boat is an interesting gadget showcasing technological integration into kitchenware, it epitomizes the trend of creating solutions for problems that are minimal at best.


Cherry Pitter

The Cherry Pitter, while seemingly innovative, stands out as a rather peculiar and arguably useless kitchen gadget for a number of reasons. Designed to remove pits from cherries, this tool embodies the idea of solving a problem that is not particularly pressing for most people.

The gadget’s design is typically a small, handheld device with a compartment to place the cherry and a mechanism to push the pit out. While this sounds efficient, it often fails to align with the natural variability in cherry sizes, leading to less than perfect results.

Furthermore, the Cherry Pitter, being a single-use tool, contributes to kitchen clutter. Modern kitchens, which often emphasize minimalism and multi-functionality, find little room for such a niche product. It’s a tool that, while it might momentarily catch a buyer’s eye with its unique purpose, quickly finds itself relegated to the back of a drawer, unused and forgotten.

In conclusion, while the Cherry Pitter tries to innovate in the realm of fruit preparation, it falls short by being overly specialized, marginally effective, and redundant in a kitchen where simplicity and efficiency are prized.


Garlic Peeler

The Garlic Peeler, an intriguing yet arguably unnecessary addition to the kitchen gadget world, is designed to simplify the process of peeling garlic cloves. At first glance, this tool seems like a practical solution for a common kitchen task. It’s typically a cylindrical, silicone tube where individual garlic cloves are placed inside.

However, upon closer examination, the Garlic Peeler’s practicality comes into question. For starters, peeling garlic is not an overly complicated task that necessitates a specialized tool. A simple knife or even just your fingers can accomplish the task with equal efficiency.

Moreover, the Garlic Peeler occupies valuable kitchen space, a precious commodity in many households. It’s a unitasker – a tool that serves only one specific function, which Alton Brown and many culinary experts often advise against. In a world where kitchen drawers are already overflowing with gadgets, the necessity of a Garlic Peeler is highly debatable.

In essence, while the Garlic Peeler may appear to be a clever and handy gadget, its utility is overshadowed by its redundancy and the simplicity of alternative methods.


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Melon Baller

The Melon Baller, a seemingly quirky and specialized kitchen utensil, often finds itself perched among the ranks of culinary gadgets with debatable utility. At first glance, its purpose appears straightforward: to scoop perfect, petite spheres from melons.

This tool, with its small, half-spherical metal scoop and a comfortable handle, promises to transform mundane fruit servings into aesthetically pleasing culinary creations.

However, upon closer examination, the melon baller’s practicality comes under scrutiny. Its functionality is incredibly niche, limited primarily to melons, and perhaps a few other soft fruits.

Moreover, the melon baller’s utility is overshadowed by the versatility of common kitchen utensils like the humble spoon. A spoon, readily available in any kitchen, can mimic the melon baller’s function with a little effort, while also being capable of a wide range of other tasks.

In an era where kitchen drawers are often cluttered with single-use gadgets, the melon baller stands out as a charming yet largely unnecessary tool. Its contribution to culinary art is modest, and its role could easily be filled by more common, multipurpose utensils.


This one can easily be replace with an ice cream scoop.

Pizza Scissors

The Pizza Scissors, a seemingly innovative yet practically useless kitchen gadget, presents an unusual twist to the conventional methods of slicing pizza. At first glance, it appears to be a fusion of kitchen shears and a spatula, designed with the idea of cutting and serving pizza slices in one go. However, upon closer inspection, the impracticality of this tool becomes evident.

The primary issue lies in its cumbersome design. Traditional pizza cutters, with their sharp, rolling blades, offer a quick and efficient way to slice through the crust, cheese, and toppings with minimal effort. The Pizza Scissors, on the other hand, require a considerable amount of hand strength and dexterity.

Moreover, the spatula component, intended to aid in serving, adds unnecessary bulk to the scissors, making them awkward to handle and store. In a kitchen drawer already cluttered with specialized gadgets, the Pizza Scissors seem like an over-engineered solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist.

While the concept might attract those looking for novelty in their kitchen tools, the Pizza Scissors fall short in practical application. They serve more as a conversation piece rather than a genuinely useful utensil. In the realm of kitchen gadgets, where efficiency and ease of use are paramount, the Pizza Scissors stand out as a prime example of an inventive yet ultimately useless tool.


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