3 Types of meat slicers compared

Slicers are used in cookery for cutting various types of products. With the help of a slicer, you can easily thoroughly cut meat or fish, cheese, smoked food.

Most often such items are used at enterprises processing meat or fish. This overview presents the main types of slicers used for slicing meat.

Slicers are also rarely used by workers in supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. There is nothing surprising in their fairly wide distribution. Slicers are in demand due to their functional qualities.

automatic meat slicer

Easy handling, ergonomics, and optimal cost make them quite popular. Also, their main advantage is that time during the cooking process can be easily saved. Another positive aspect of their application is that cutting products is also very cheap.

Without unnecessary waste. To find out which slicers are best for you, it is worth looking at their varieties.

It is worth starting with the fact that the slicers are manual, semi-automatic and automatic. If you have a small establishment, you can stop at a manual or semi-automatic slicer. For larger-scale production, it is better to order an automatic device.

Manual slicer
Manual slicer

In such equipment, the cutting disc
is driven by the force of the hands. So you will need to simultaneously rotate the handle and feed the product. For a small family this is a good solution, especially since the cost of such slicers is low.
Semi-automatic slicer.
Semi-automatic slicer

Here the knife
is driven by an electric motor and the product carriage is fed manually. The food is sliced until you turn it off and the food is served.

Automatic slicer
Automatic slicer

In this case, the cutting
is done automatically. It is enough to set the required thickness of slices and their quantity. Then put the product on the working surface and turn on the slicer. It will slice the specified number of pieces, after which it will stop working.

In this case, the enterprise can work effectively, without the reduction of loading. Some of the automatic models have many extra functions. So, for example, it is possible to adjust the sorting of products besides cutting.

The next point to pay attention to is the strength of the parts and housing of the unit. They must be distinguished by their resistance to corrosion, to any other factors.

It also depends on how easily the slicers can be cleaned. If all the above is observed, cutting occurs in hygienic conditions, without violation of sanitary standards. Current types of units are necessarily equipped with a special knife.

manual meat slicer

Its advantage is that slices of a certain size and thickness can be cut gently and quickly. All these parameters can be easily adjusted. It is enough to take the required product, put it in a special hollow and fix it with a special device.

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To prevent any incidents, the knife is covered with a special sturdy pad. The hole is exactly in the cutting area. Such precautions speak for the manufacturer’s responsibility and the complete safety of users.

It is also necessary to select slide switches based on the type of products. It is not necessary to use the same meat slicer for sausage and fresh meat. The coating of the knife and the construction itself are different.

semi-automatic meat slicer

It happens that the product, because of its properties, can either crumble during cutting or stick to the edge of the knife. For this purpose, it is important to choose devices that are made with the function of tilting the knife.

It is also important that the model can have self-sharpening knives. It also saves time for independent processing, testifies to the attention of the manufacturer.

In such a case frequently to sharpen knives it is not necessary. Despite a considerable quantity of useful functions, the slider demands observance of rules of use and leaving.

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