3 Types of coffee grinder compared

If you opened this article, then you are a true coffee lover and do not recognize instant drinks in bags. It’s impossible not to agree with you. Soluble coffee is difficult to call real, and the tempting aroma is out of the question.

The aroma of instant coffee will be weathered immediately at the opening of the package.

If you want to enjoy this coffee, feel an unforgettable aroma, you will have to do your best. To get good coffee, you should grind the beans yourself and brew them in water.

Only then will you get what you have dreamed of. But then you can’t do without a coffee grinder. How to choose it, in order not to make a mistake with the quality and not to overpay the extra money, these recommendations will help.

In specialized stores of household appliances, you will find a huge selection of coffee grinders. And what is their main difference, except for the appearance? They differ in their grinding system.

The knife type grinder
The knife type grinder

  • electrical mechanism
  • more economic option
  • simple device
  • grinding ratio is power dependent
  • average preparation time
Mill grinder
Mill grinder

  • electrical mechanism
  • homogeneous grinding
  • has a portions dispenser
  • coffee spree
  • fast preparation time

Manual grinder
Manual grinder

  • manual mechanism
  • rotary knob
  • has a closed or open container
  • enhances the quality and brightness of the flavor
  • long preparation time

Some grinders have a strong grinding system, others are less powerful. The grinders can be divided into two main groups: mill grinders and knife grinders. To understand which type of grinder you need, remember which type of coffee you use and the size of your coffee.

Do you prefer to drink coffee alone in the morning? Then choose a knife grinder, because it doesn’t matter to you the degree and uniformity of the coffee. And you pray for it in small quantities – only for yourself. Besides, if you prefer to drink coffee at home, use special heaters to keep it hot.

That wouldn’t be very expensive. You have a big family and a house that is constantly full of guests and all of them are coffee lovers? Do you brew it in a powerful coffee machine?

It means that you need a certain amount of ground coffee beans, and their uniformity is important. Then you are advised to buy a mill grinder. But, such a grinder will cost more, but you will get the desired result for the whole family.

Cheap blade grinder

knife type coffee grinder

As mentioned above, a more cheap version of the grinder is the knife type grinder. By the way, these grinders are very simple to set up. Sharp knives rotate and grind coffee beans.

Moreover, the degree of grinding in such a coffee grinder depends on the duration of the machine. The longer the beans are grinded, the finer the grind and the more homogeneous the resulting mass.

But, the following nuances should be taken into account when choosing a coffee machine: motor power and chamber capacity.

The usual power range of 140 to 220 W is for blade-type grinders. The power depends on the speed of rotation of the knives and thus the quality of the grinding. It is not worth chasing after the highest power.

The more powerful the grinder, the finer it grinds the coffee beans. This can lead to a loss of true taste. The volume of such grinders is designed for beans weighing from 30 to 120 grams. Please note that a standard coffee bean will need no more than 7 grams of coffee mass.

If you want to save money, you can buy a coffee grinder with a plastic body. But it will last much less than a more expensive stainless steel product.

The minus of a knife grinder is the heterogeneity of the obtained mass. And also the absence of a part dosing device to check the degree of grinding. That means you have to observe it yourself.

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Elite mill grinder

Elite mill grinder

Coffee grinders of this type are suitable for those who need to grind a homogeneous mass and batch. Coffee grinders such as mills, where millstones grind coffee beans.

They are arranged in the following way. Several metal discs made of stainless steel, which grind the beans as they pass between the discs.

Coffee grinders of this type come with different degrees of grinding – from 6 to 14. In this case, the degree of grinding depends not on the operating time of the machine, but on the interval between the grinders.

The dosing device is also a very important attribute. Thanks to it, the mill grinder calculates the amount of coffee obtained from the backfilled coffee beans. Check this article to find out what kitchen gadgets you can also use to make your cooking more comfortable.

If you would like to estimate the grinding ratio yourself, then pay attention to the models with the “on-off” button when buying.

Manual grinder

Manual grinder

In case you do not trust the technique, buy a grinder with manual grinding. It’s like a millstone grinder. Only these millstones are powered by your own hands, not by an electrical mechanism.

This grinder is equipped with a handle to rotate. The grinders can be open or closed, that is, with open or closed containers. These grinders are considered a rarity for the 21st century.

But, you are responsible for the quality of your coffee and the aroma in these grinders persists longer. Making coffee in such a machine will take you at least 20 minutes, but you can proudly say: “Made by your own hands!”.

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