7 Best Cheese Slicer Reviews

One of the most popular products on our planet without any doubts is cheese. The first origins of it aren’t known, the archeologists have only discovered the oldest trace of it belong to around 8000 BC. It probably happened when the sheep were domesticated.

Rennet, the enzyme used to make cheese, is naturally present in the stomachs of ruminants. The leak-proof stomachs and other bladder-like organs of animals were often put to use to store and transport milk and other liquids. Probably because of the hot summer weather the milk turned into the first cheese.

cheesegifNowadays the absolute leader in cheese production is Europe. The cheesemaking was evolving there from ancient times and since the colder climate required less salt to preserve the consistency, it leads to the occurrence of the softer and creamier types of this product.

Switzerland was the first country ever to start the mass production of cheese in 1815. In total, today we have around 400 different types of this product. The biggest variety is provided by French cheeses. And of course, there is even no need to say how widely cheese is used in modern cuisine.

It is capable of making any dish much tastier and that’s why so many people love home-made pizza – who will refuse the sticky and juicy cheese in it? Or those hardened cheese which is often served as a separate dish to the table. All those who like it know which types of hardened cheese are the best and how tricky it might sometimes be to cut it properly.

Want to impress your friends and family by serving them a plate of perfectly cut fine cheese? Check out the article down below and you got all the chances to succeed.

Our Top Pick Cheese Slicer

bellemainGreat item made of top-quality stainless steel; perfect for everyday use; has a comfortable adjustable slicing angleCheck Current Price

Other great cheese slicers

westmarkWestmark Multipurpose Cheese and Food Slicer
A slicer from a top-quality brand with a cutting board
Check Current Price
westmarksmallWestmark Heavy Duty Cheese Slicer
Compact cheese slicer more suitable for smaller pieces of cheese
Check Current Price
OXOOXO 1071567
Practical and durable slicer
Check Current Price
prodyneProdyne 805B
Convenient slicer with a wooden board
Check Current Price
boskaBoska Holland 307063
Simple cheese slicer for cutting smaller pieces, dishwasher safe
Check Current Price
foxrunFox Run
Affordable slicer with the marble board
Check Current Price

1. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

bellemainOne of the most popular cheese slicers on the market will probably find good use in your kitchen as well. As you can see, this item is produced by Bellemain, of the most respectable brand of kitchen appliances. One of the main advantages of it is its affordable price and great quality.

With this slicer, you can cut up your cheese block into different sized pieces and maintain the consistency for each type.

If you want to have your cheese cut as thin as a paper you can do that, by adjusting the thickness of the cutter. Or, you can make your slices up to 3.5 mm thick.

Whatever may be the thickness, its design and smooth handle lets you manage them comfortably. When you hold this slicer in your hand you can feel that it is a little bit heavy  – it’s because it’s made of the zinc alloy. It also tells us that this item is going to serve a long life.

Another great advantage of this cheese slicer is that the manufacturer gives the 1-year warranty even for such a small item. In addition to that, the replacement wire made of stainless steel is supplied with each slicer. It is extremely useful in the sense if you accidentally break the old one.

So, summarizing all the points, there are no significant flaws except it is a little bit heavy. This tool is a profitable investment for any kitchen.

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2. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese and Food Slicer

westmarkWestmark is a brand known for its reliable kitchen products with a presence on the market for more than 50 years. In terms of chairmanship and material, this is the best slicer that is also a multi-purpose tool. The design of this slicer makes it easy in usage and the blades are made of stainless steel. The handle is cast aluminum.

A board built with ABS material is also provided, along with an adjustable scale for measuring the width of the pieces. Along with that, the functionality of this item allows not only slicing cheese but also cucumbers, sausages and more. Thus, it will increase the speed of your cooking in general.

It is easy to clean because you can just wash it in the soapy water. In case it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you have the right to get your money back due to its 5-year warranty. Well, that can be explained by the relatively high price of this product.

Check the price

3. Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

westmarksmallDon’t be surprised, but another cheese slicer that we have on our list is going to be by Westmark again. This is a heavy-duty cheese slicer that comes with an angular setter giving you the possibility to adjust the thickness instead of the usual knob.

So if the previous item seems not enough compact to you and you would like to get something more affordable then this is a great alternative. Many fans of Westmark didn’t appreciate this product, but for the general market, it is quite a decent item.

Another cool feature that you can discover here is its ergonomic handle. Besides, the roller and the wire are made of stainless steel which means this slicer is not exposed to the risk of corrosion or chemical damages. The wire is tight enough to slice even thickest chunks of cheese without rough edges.

If you decide to buy this cheese slicer by Westmark keep in mind that it has a small size. However, this trait doesn’t make this item hard to clean. This reason is it’s dishwasher safe. By the way, just like the previous slicer by Westmark, this one has the 5-year warranty too, so if something goes wrong not because of your fault, you can return the money.

The only troublesome issue with this slicer is its faulty adjustable angle. Since the size is too small, but the size of cheese that it’s supposed to slice is big, it might be tricky to handle the tool. So it’s better to use it for smaller pieces.

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4. OXO 1071567 Cheese Slicer

OXOA popular cheese slicer by OXO which is marked as “Amazon’s choice”. Its remarkable feature is that it was released in 2006 and hasn’t lost its popularity since then. This one fact can ensure that we have something high-quality here. The wires here are loaded and tightened through a wheel.

With each slicer, you will find one or two extra wires to replace the old ones when they break. And just like in the previous item by Westmark, here it might take some time to adjust the angle of the slicer. This is the main disadvantage that most users have experienced with this product.

At the same time, the advantage fo this product is that its stainless steel wires will last much longer than plastic tension wheels. You can’t simply replace the wheels as you can replace those wires. So if the wheel gets broken or damaged and becomes unable to serve, you probably will need to buy a whole new cutter.

Moreover, even though this quite a long-lasting and affordable item, it can’t slice the pieces thin enough. Among other advantages, it is possible to highlight the softly-covered and convenient handle of this cheese slicer.

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5. Prodyne 805B Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer

prodyneFor those who are looking for another variant of a cheese slicer here is the tool made of wood. An interesting fact about it is that Prodyne was one of the first companies ever, having included the cheese slicer into its mass production. From 1971 they have been making cheese slicers and now offer them in a variety of designs and materials.

The hallmark of the company is that it includes rare craft materials into the production of its kitchen tools such as end grain beechwood or bamboo. Bamboo is one of the healthiest and environmentally-friendly materials. Thus, you can try the other kitchenware made of it. For example, bamboo steamer.

The first is known to be hard-wearing and shock absorbing. This material you can find in their cheese slicer as well.

It is capable of withstanding gouging, scratching and forceful acts longer than other woods. Another thing is sometimes wooden slicers can slide while you’re cutting something on them. In the case of this item, it won’t happen, because it has non-slip rubber feet.

Considering the maintenance of it, remember that you can’t put wooden objects into the dishwasher. For this slicer and all similar products of this series, the implemented design is exclusive to Prodyne. In this cheese slicer, you can also find a signature black arm integrated into the board.

A wire made of stainless steel sits tight between the arm and the board. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage, which means you can get a replacement wire any time it gets damaged. The last but not least feature of this slicer is that it has a beautiful wooden design that will become a decoration for any kitchen.

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6. Boska Holland 307063 Monaco Cheese Slicer and Plane

boskaMaybe this item doesn’t have such intricate design as other items on our list, but it surely does its job. Moreover, this fact makes it the perfect tool for home use. As you can see from the name, it’s manufactured by a Dutch company that has been producing slicers since 1896.

As they say, the longer the company is one the market the better it catches up with the latest trends. The design of this slicer is handy, modern and efficient. Along with that, you will see how effective is the sharp blade is built into the handle. This combination gives you the possibility to get the precise slices of cheese.

Unlike all the previous slicers, this one is completely made of stainless steel. Another distinctive feature here is that it doesn’t have wires, logically, there is no need to replace them. On the other hand, it means the slices are not customizable and you have only one all the time.

The well-constructed and sturdy slicer is meant specifically for semi-hard to hard cheese, although many users have expressed satisfaction cutting soft cheese with it too. Another bonus of this cheese slicer by Boska Holland is it’s totally dishwasher safe, so the cleaning is easy.

An interesting feature that the manufacturers give the 10-year warranty for this product. Not that it is highly necessary, but that means the company has full confidence in what they do. In general, this is a great tool for home usage that doesn’t require a lot of effort in usage.

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7. Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer

foxrunIf you feel like going for something exotic then take a look at this cheese slicer. It is made of marble and it looks very unusual. It’s capable of becoming an interesting decoration for every kitchen, drawing the attention of others and, along with that, to be an effective and useful device.

On the contrasting white and gray strokes of smooth marble surface, a wire made of stainless steel is embedded to cut both hard and soft cheese. It comes in the package with two wires so in case the original one is broken you can always replace it immediately.

The beneficial feature of the kitchen tools built from marble is that they have no tendency to absorb moisture or odor from the food kept on it. It brings another advantage while working with the cheese because, first of all, the cutting board can remain damp, and secondly, the marble will help to maintain the cool temperature of the cheese.

The board even has the rubber feet under the board that helps to prevent sliding. This cheese slicer isn’t dishwasher safe because of its material. You can only wash it in the sink with soapy water and drying it with a damp cloth afterward.

The only disadvantage here is that it’s unable to handle large chunks of cheese. In other aspects, this is an effective slicer that comes, by the way, at a great price.

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FAQ by cheese slicers buyers

1. How can I thinly slice my cheese more effectively? 

Put the blade under the hot water before using it. When cutting, apply more pressure to the blade. Slash the rind first and then move the blade back and forth so that fine slices can be made.

2. Can it cut raclette cheese in thin slices?

If you have a truly qualitative cheese slicer, it will be able to cut literally any kind of cheese, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

3. My cheese slicer came with extra slicing wires but has no instructions on how to replace a broken wire. How do I replace the broken wire with a new one?

In case when your wire is broken your handle should slide right out because there is no wire on it. Unscrew the handle at the top, place the hook of the wire over the hole, screw the handle back on. Put the other end into the crack where the wire slices down into and slide your handle back into the board.

4. Can I cut the soap with my cheese slicer? 

Theoretically, you can, it depends on the type of slicer. However, it’s highly not recommended.

5. Any suggestions on how to keep the wire and the handle tight?

You need to put a drop of super glue into the threaded hole and it should solve the problem. An alternative is to use a hot-melt glue gun. It’s better to scotch-taped the spare wires to the inside of the cabinet door where you store the slicer so they will be available if needed.