7 Best Coffee Heaters and Mug Warmers Reviewed

coffeeThese days everyone will probably agree that coffee has become more than a drink. It has literally become the new religion (well, for some people for sure).

When we hear the phrase “a cup of coffee” either an image of a small cute cup of espresso in a cozy cafe or a successful businessman/woman confidently marching through the streets holding a cup of coffee in their hands comes to our minds. Coffee has become the synonym of success and productivity.

Even though doctors all around the world keep telling us about the potential harm of this drink, most of us still consume it every single day. But wait, there’s nothing bad if it’s just one cup a day, seriously.

There are around 30 types of coffee on the planet. The most scandalous and expensive one is called “kopi luwak” and it’s made in Vietnam. Well, check out what it’s scandalous for.

warmergifMoreover, there are different sources of information about how many types of coffee drinks in the world, however, according to estimations, there are around 30 types of them (with the subtypes which are impossible to count).

The coffee industry is making trillions of dollars of income – look a Starbucks only that is one of the most successful companies ever. As a consequence, smart manufacturers realized that we are willing to pay more for this legendary drink.

But is there any way not to spend money on the coffee-to-go like a millionaire?

There is, and that’s why portable coffee mugs have gained such huge popularity recently. Instead of overpaying for a drink each time, you can simply make a huge cup at home and take with you wherever you go. And even if such a misfortune, as a cold mug will happen to you, here is the list of the best mug warmers on the market that will always keep your coffee hot.

Our Top Pick Mug Warmer

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
emberHigh-tech portable self-warming mug that can warm up your drink on its own. Moreover, it can be connected to your smartphone via the app.Check Current Price

Other great coffee heaters and mug warmers

mrcoffeeMr. Coffee Mug Warmer
The most affordable mug warmer with a long cord
Check Current Price
A more sophisticated version of a mug warmer with more elegant design
Check Current Price
eastmountEAST MOUNT
Versatile electronic thermo cup that can be plugged into your auto vehicle outlet
Check Current Price
Practical mug wrmer made of stainless steel; extra durable; has a LED display
Check Current Price
A mug warmer and a drink cooler plate in one device
Check Current Price
Simple and practical mug warmer with LED display and convenient temperature settings
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1. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

mrcoffeeMr. Coffee is a famous brand making kitchen appliances specifically for coffee, thus there is no need to be surprised by seeing it first on this list. If you’re that type of person who doesn’t need anything fancy and you just need a reliable and affordable item this mug warmer is for you.

A distinctive feature of this item is its 60 inches long cord. It means this mug warmer could be perfect both for your home and office. Basically, you can take it with you wherever you go. Moreover, this device is very safe in usage. You can leave it switched on even for several hours and nothing will happen.

Being more precise, it will still be able to warm up your coffee mug without overheating. It has about 17 watts of power, and it packs quite a punch for its small size. When you want to clean this mug warmer you can wipe it with a cloth.

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2. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

emberFor those who love innovative products, this mug is definitely for you. Of course, the price range of a mug like this will be significantly higher than for a standard mug warmer but don’t forget that with this mug you will forget about a problem of a cold drink.

For all those skeptics out there, it’s important to mention that this is not another innovative trust with unreliable technologies and alienated engineering. This is a high-quality device that will serve you for a long time. Moreover, the mug has an extremely comfortable grip.

Not only does this handy-dandy innovation keep your coffee warm, but it’s sturdy in structure and sleek in its appearance.

The materials are also top-quality. The mug itself is made of stainless steel and the outer coating is ceramic. It makes it quite heavy, however, it’s inevitable if you want it to maintain the temperature of drinks.

empertwoIn addition to that, this is an extremely efficient item. You don’t need to rely on electric supply each time with this, the battery capacity will be bought to work for 1,5 hours.

Another superior technology here is that it can even connect to a smartphone app, where you will be able to control the temperature of the mug, receive notifications (!!!) and edit your presets. What is more, all the technical aspect mentioned above doesn’t make this mug difficult to clean.

You can simply wash it under the sink. An interesting fact about this model is that it can even be submerged under the water up to 1 meter. It comes with a 1-year warranty. So if you want to get closer to the future and get a real advanced technology – this mug will prove that the future is already here.

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3. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

vobagaMoving on, we have another practical mug warmer, however, more advanced than in the 1st case. It has a little bit more elegant design and it is more efficient in usage. Among its distinctive feature, it’s possible to say that it possesses is its extremely smooth heating method for maintaining the temperature of your drink.

It has three temperature settings: 104, 131, and 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Another smart function of it is that instead of keeping your coffee at one temperature for a continuous amount of time, it decreases the temperature in intervals.

Moreover, here you also don’t have to worry if you forget to switch it off. The warmer will be working for 4 hours and then will shut down automatically, gradually lowering the temperature of the cup.

And don’t be afraid if you spill something on it. Even though it’s an electronic device it’s made of the waterproof materials so it’s safe from any spillage. It’s also sturdy in structure due to the four non-skid feet underneath the plate that keeps it steady when in use.

That plate is also covered with a high tech polyimide film that is both heat and fire-resistant. One more cool bonus that the device is available in 6 different colors. Because some of them are so bright and fun, this mug warmer could become an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day, for example.

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4. EAST MOUNT Smart Mug Car Warmer Coffee Cup

eastmountFor those who want to be “fully equipped” with their mug and have a chance to warm up literally anything here – this is the perfect variant. This is a road mug that you ca intake with you to the car, no matter if you’re driving half an hour to work or going on a road trip across the country.

The distinctive feature of this cup and why it’s called the car mug, in general, is its ability to use the automobile outlet in your vehicle to power itself, making a constant source of energy.

The item itself is made of high-quality stainless steel and it’s very sturdy and reliable.

Likewise, the Smart Mug can be programmed to different temperatures, from 86 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. After you have found your perfect temperature level, the cup will keep it as long as you want it to be.

eastmugtwoAnother cool feature that you can notice immediately is its LED display what makes this mug also a technically sophisticated item. On the screen, you can see all the current processes that are going on including the temperature.

The screen has two color modes: the red one, which informs you that the mug is heating up and the blue one that says the heating process is completed. Moreover, this mug is suitable not only for keeping your coffee warm but also for making instant noodles, infant formula and tea.

Besides, you don’t have to worry that the contents of the mug are going to spill out when you’re driving. It has a special lock that won’t let the liquids spill. It has a great capacity and, after all, it has quite an affordable price. For all those technologies that it has, it is really a bargain.

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5. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer

cosoriThis is a mug warmer that you put on the table but in a very sophisticated and elegant design. It reminds of a mini-cooktop a little bit with its stainless steel material. One of the most prominent features of this item is the LED display on its front part.

Thus, you will always see the precise temperature that the warmer currently has. Also, the temperature settings are easier to make with a LED display. However, its main feature probably not the display, but its durability and dependability.

Since it’s primarily made with stainless steel, it’s able to handle any sudden drops, bangs, or accidental spillage. It’s important to mention that it maintains the warm quite efficiently so your coffee will stay warm for hours.

Where temperature control is concerned, this powerful machine is able to continuously maintain around 131 degrees Fahrenheit. In case the Fahrenheit measurement system is not comfortable for you you can choose the measurement in Celsius – another useful feature of this model.

It’s a little bit more pricy than standard mug warmers that you keep on your table, but it is also much more durable and technologically advanced. If you decide to invest money into it, be sure, it will serve you till the rest of your life.

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6. PALTIER Coffee Mug Warmer

paltierIf you want your coffee warmer to look like a mini-podium so you could always see it on the table then take a look at this option. Being completely honest, this warmer looks a little alienated but if you want to draw attention in your office, you will be able to do that.

One impressive feature is the ability to enjoy your coffee at any temperature you desire because the Paltier has both warming and cooling abilities. This fact makes this plated nice and versatile.

That makes sense because no one wants to drink hot coffee during the summer haze but everyone wants to drink cold coffee. Thus, in order not to leave your warmer mug collecting dust on the shelves, it’s a smart decision to add the cooler to the plate.

Moreover, it comes with a complimentary cup that has a metal plate on the bottom to better influence temperature control. There are some other options of a mug warmers of a similar design on the market, but no other item has such a compact construction. It makes it a perfect device both for your home and office.

It promises to live up to 100000 hours of usage. On the front side of the plate, there is an LED light that has two different colors. The red one means that the device is heating up, the blue one is that the process is completed.

It is capable to heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and cool down the drinks down to 46 degrees. The price is average, and considering the usefulness of the device, it is justified.

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7. YEOSEN Mug Warmer

yeosenStill, this is a list of just mug warmers and most of the users are going to explore not multi-tasking and innovative, but practical models. This is exactly what this item is. It has a sleek and simple design that won’t occupy too much space on your desktop.

It is easy in usage and easy to clean. Moreover, the warmer itself waterproof, making it less of a hassle to clean after any spillage. Well, the waterproof function is almost a “must” in the coffee mug warmers.

It has three main options for warming your coffee: 131, 149, and 167 degrees Fahrenheit. You can simply select the temperature that suits you the most.

It makes this mug warmer perfect for those who don’t want to buy a kind of an item that will heat up the mug to the level when it’s impossible hot, but just want to get the right bearable temperature in a few clicks.

And in the best traditions of the best mug warmers, this one shuts down after 4 hours of working as well. And because it has a gravity sensor, it will stop working each time you take off the cup from the top of it. Moreover, this brand provides decent customer service. In general, it’s a great choice for everyday use.

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FAQ for coffee heaters and mug warmers buyers

1. How hot do mug warmers get?

It depends on the brand, but the perfect temperature is around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. The best temperature so your coffee would be drinkable is around 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature factor is not the last one to pay attention to while choosing a mug warmer because lots of models offer the temperature range significantly higher or lower than highlighted above.

2. How long do mug warmers stay warm for?

Just as warmers offer a variety of temperature ranges, they also have different warming times and automatic shut-off times. Eventually, everything depends on the model. Some of them turn off already after an hour of working, and some wait until 4-5 hours.

It’s not safe to buy a mug warmer that doesn’t switch off automatically, because you might forget about it and start a fire. The requirements considering the switch off of the warmer should depend on how often you drink coffee (or other hot drinks) during the day.

3. What size cups do mug warmers hold? 

Most of the items have the size of a regular coffee mug. Pretty much any regular looking coffee mug will fit just fine on the surface of the warmer, the average diameter of a mug base being around 80 mm. However, in the list above you can find the mug warmers of different sizes, including road cups and smart mugs.

4. Can you put any candle on a warmer?

Yes, make sure that you use only jar candles. If you are using wax chips, tarts, potpourri, etc., make sure you use the dish in warming products. Otherwise wax will melt onto the warmer.

5. Can you put a paper cup on a mug warmer?

It is not recommended. Paper cups get soaked and leak. The warmer is electric so the liquid could cause a short.

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