7 Best Compact Refigerators Reviews

If you are planning to buy small refrigeration equipment, it is not by chance that you have visited this page.

Here you will find information about the features and characteristics of compact refrigerators. After reading this review to the end, you can make the right choice.

The reasons for buying a compact fridge can be different. Miniature models are purchased when you do not need to store a large number of products.

If you have problems with freeing up space in your kitchen and need to conserve energy, this type of fridge is ideal for you. They can be an optimal option for your cottage, garage, and small office or production space.

The category of small refrigerators is commonly referred to as units, not exceeding 50 inches.

compact refrigerator

Their distinguishing features:

  • small dimensions that allow installation inside the kitchen unit, under the worktop or on the bedside table
  • low noise level because a low-powered compressor is required
  • low material consumption during manufacture significantly reduces the cost and price of the product
  • the useful volume of most of these devices is between 50 and 250 liters
  • low power consumption

Small size does not prevent their developers from finding original technical solutions.

There is always some water vapor in the air. As they cool, they begin to condense and crystallize, falling as frost. This leads to a reduction in the usable volume and slows down the heat exchange processes.

Periodic removal of ice is an essential technical operation to ensure normal unit operation.

Automatic defrosting system No Frost cannot be used on compact devices. They have rather impressive volumes and extra power consumption of such equipment.

Thus, manufacturers offer two alternative options for ice control:

  • drip defrost system
  • manual defrost system

Drip defrost system

The drip principle of ice removal is based on the placement of a special element in the chamber. On this, in normal mode, the crystallization of moisture occurs. When the refrigerator reaches the set temperature, the compressor stops.

The ice starts to melt, and the water droplets are collected in the compartment designed for this purpose. Liquid periodically drains or evaporates outside the refrigerator compartment.

Manual defrosting system

Manual defrosting involves switching off the fridge, removing food and collecting meltwater. It should be noted that due to the use of modern heat-insulating materials, this will not be done as often as in previous times.

Depending on the purpose of such refrigerators, it consists of one compartment or equipped with a freezer. In the latter case, the space of the appliance is divided by an internal partition.

In this video you will find out how to defrost your fridge:

Often the freezer is located inside the refrigerator compartment. Food is accessed by opening one common door or two separate doors.

Miniature refrigerators can be free-standing, built-in, portable, transport, mini-bars. Depending on their purpose, they are equipped with various useful functions or devices. If you want to space place in your kitchen, you can also try an undercounter refrigerator.

Among them:

  • quick cooling option
  • automatic protection against voltage fluctuations
  • door opening alarm
  • interior antibiotic treatment
  • odor filter availability
  • hinging door

Even small models sometimes have separate areas for isolated storage of specific products. For example, fish, greens, fruits and vegetables.

In this review, we present 7 best models of compact refrigerators, which have excellent characteristics. This model combines all the best qualities:

Our Top Pick
Supernon Galanz

Supernon Galanz

The model with the freezer from the section surprisingly compact. 1 wire shelf, slide-out. Compressor with R600a coolant.

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Besides, there are some more excellent products:

Kuppet-Mini Refrigerator

Kuppet-Mini Refrigerator

The doors have very reliable shelves, inside the space is divided by a shelf. The control is traditional - electromechanical.

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The model boasts a freezer that is separated by a door from the refrigerator compartment.

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Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD

Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD

The model is quiet and generates noise at a maximum level of 39 dB. These are the values in heat when the compressor is operating at maximum.

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Midea WHD-113FSS1

Midea WHD-113FSS1

The stylish mini fridge itself is quite spacious. It has legs and a reversible door.

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Mini Fridge Portable

Mini Fridge Portable

Despite its small size, the mini fridge has two shelves and a capacious box for vegetables inside.

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TACKLIFE Compact Refrigerator

TACKLIFE Compact Refrigerator

Small and tidy, it may well take a place under the table, on a separate cabinet or in a small niche on the shelf.

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Supernon Galanz

Supernon GalanzThis compact fridge has a low cost, but its quality remains high.

The design with an electromechanical control unit has white housing with plastic and metal elements.

The internal refrigerating chamber is equipped with a sturdy metal shelf. It is possible to override the unit’s door. Refrigerator defrosting is manual.

Small and affordable, universal refrigeration unit will fit perfectly in any corner of your home or office space.

Neat and compact, it can easily fit under a table, on a stand, a separate cabinet, or in a small niche, placing it on a shelf. The 15 kg weight allows it to do so.

The upper freezer can cool down to -18 degrees. The door has convenient niches for bottles and jars. Rare for a budget option – a glass shelf. Defrosting – manual. The device operation is almost silent (39 dB).

This fridge has adjustable legs, thanks to which you can easily adjust the tilt and stability of the device. The outside of the case is made of metal. It promises a long service life, the inner material – high-quality plastic.

The door is hinged, inside there are two removable plastic shelves. The total volume of the refrigerator is 46 liters, divided into two compartments by a removable shelf made of durable glass.

Five liters are also reserved for the freezer, which is protected by a door. The freezer works perfectly and has a temperature regulator with the possibility of cooling or freezing.

An ice freezing mold and defrosting tray are included. Users, first of all, are well aware of the low noise during the refrigerator operation.

Even if you press your ear against its wall, you can barely hear the compressor’s quiet humming. The second plus gets the freezer – on 3-4 divisions perfectly freezes food.

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Kuppet-Mini Refrigerator

Kuppet-Mini RefrigeratorCompact, cheap, single-chamber mini-unit with classic white design, equipped with electromechanical control.

Chambers of design are separated from each other by a shelf. The freezer at the top has a small volume and is designed for small amounts of food.

The freezer is defrosted manually and the refrigerator is drip-free. The refrigeration equipment is quiet and the noise level is 35 dB.

This 30-liter crumb does not lose anything to its competitors, but at the same time, it has an affordable price.

The device can be used for cooling various drinks and for the preservation of perishable foodstuffs.

The metal shelf divides the space of the refrigerating chamber into two working zones. There is a hanging shelf located on the door. The appliance will be simply a find for use at the cottage or as extra refrigeration equipment in the apartment.

A miniature household refrigerator will be a great help in the office or your country cottage. The door with the possibility of overhanging and two shelves for food storage.

There is a protective lock against unauthorized persons or children. The main compartment is divided into two parts by a metal shelf. The total useful volume is 45 liters.

Saving energy consumption class A+, defrosting in manual mode. Enamel-coated plastic housing is resistant to external influences and scratches.

With its modest size, the refrigerator has a serious weight of 15 kg, so it is better to prepare in advance a permanent place for it. Buyers describe this model positively.

They note the absence of strong noise during operation, good compressor performance, compactness.

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Danby DCR031B1BSLDDThe model is notable for its quality, electromechanical control unit and low power consumption.

Like all other similar appliances, the refrigerator looks stylish and elegant.

You can manually set the desired temperature and adjust the length of the legs and move the shelf if necessary. There is a special shelf designed for bottles.

The refrigerator is defrosted manually. The equipment can be used both for work purposes and for home use.

It is a full-size refrigerator with two compressors, which can be used equally successfully in any place.

The actuality of application is caused by the fact that refrigerating. Freezing chambers have independent control and any of them can be switched off completely.

For example, it is possible to store a frost within a year without using the refrigerating chamber.

A spacious single-chamber refrigerator with a useful volume of 91 litres. Thanks to its modest width of 48 cm, it can be conveniently placed in any small room.

Cheap power consumption class – only 100-115 kWh per year. The temperature during the refrigerator operation is kept evenly throughout the compartment. The material of the case is high-quality plastic.

The inner area of the chamber is divided into three impact-resistant glass shelves with adjustable height. There is also a compartment for vegetables.

Four removable plastic shelves and a bottle holder are located on the door, which can be easily moved to the easy to open side. The fridge temperature can be adjusted from 0 degrees to -7 degrees.

For two years on the market, this model has become one of the most popular in its price segment. Buyers characterize it extremely positively. The temperature is kept at the set level without changes.

Durable and quality assembly – the door does not hang, the seals do not sag, the shelves are held tight. The low noise level during operation.

Plastic shelves are very strong, can withstand heavy loads. Closed type of radiator and backlighting make this model almost unique.

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Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD

Danby Designer DCR044A2BDDDespite the fact that the manufacturer is not well known, the quality and functionality of the overview model have not been affected.

Miniature refrigeration equipment in stylish design is trustworthy. This compact device can store a small number of supplies, but, as for ergonomics, everything is at the highest level.

The advantages of a free-standing unit include the organization of the interior space. A grating shelf, comfortable two-door pockets and a freezer compartment on top.

Small two-chamber refrigerator with a top freezer of domestic production. It can still be safely called compact.

The use of such a two-chamber model in a country house solves a typical problem, typical for single-chamber refrigerators.

It is an accelerated formation of an ice coat on the freezer due to the frequent opening of a common door. Of course, frost is formed here too, but in much smaller amounts.

The defrosting of the individual chamber is much rarer. The refrigerator chamber of the drip type defrosts automatically.

The case is made of high-quality plastic, the inner surface of the refrigerating chamber has an antibacterial coating. The big plus is the freezing chamber. There are two glass shelves, but only one is height adjustable.

The second closes the compartment for storing fruits and vegetables. Temperature mode can be adjusted from 0 to -6 degrees using a relay. There is a backlight.

The removable door has an egg shelf and two bottle shelves. Buyers are positive about this model. They note good performance, excellent freezing, uniform cooling, and low power consumption.

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Midea WHD-113FSS1

Midea WHD-113FSS1Single-chamber, stylish, compact mini fridge can be easily placed at home, at work, in hotel rooms.

Despite its small size, it has a small freezer compartment. The advantages of the model are also low power consumption, low noise level (39dB), thoughtful design.

The defrosting of the device is carried out manually as well as the control itself.

This mini-fridge is perfect for small country houses. Its small size allows you to not limit your imagination when choosing a place to stay.

There are many options: just on the floor, in the corner, under the table, under the table.

Only it is extremely undesirable to put under direct sunlight and in places where the humidity is excessive.

This fridge boasts a small. Low-temperature compartment capable of turning water into ice and storing pre-frozen food for some time.

The door is suspended with two beverage and food compartments. The refrigerator compartment has a removable glass shelf.

The low power consumption and reliable electromechanical control are also worth mentioning. The noise level of this refrigerator does not exceed 35 dB.

Very spacious mini fridge without a freezer, designed for cooling and freezing of food. Housing material – metal with a protective coating, inside – plastic.

The entire inner chamber has a very decent volume of 149 liters and is divided into four glass shelves and a vegetable compartment. The hanging door has three full-width plastic shelves.

Electricity is consumed economically – 115-120 kWh per year but works noisily, it is noted by all buyers. Feedback confirms that the refrigerator works perfectly, evenly cools the food.

The temperature regulator is not knocked down, all the details are held firmly and made qualitatively. But most of all the praise the capacity – the size allows you to put food into it for a few days for a large family.

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Mini Fridge Portable

Mini Fridge PortableThis compact refrigerator attracts attention not only by its design but also by its quality performance and compact size.

The free-standing model is perfect for equipping the space in a small kitchen. For food storage, there is a spacious refrigeration chamber.

There is also a low-temperature zone on the top. Refrigeration equipment is defrosted manually.

The handles are hidden in the door, so even in tight spaces, they will not burden you.

This is a single-chamber refrigerator with a full internal volume of 20 litres. The model is compact and has an incredibly attractive design.

Such a fridge will not only ensure the safety of food and cool drinks but will undoubtedly decorate the room in which it will be installed.

This fridge is highly cheap and is designed with climate class support. It is not bad for use at the cottage in the hot summer season.

The body of the fridge is made of metal, the inner material is plastic with antibacterial coating. The main advantage of this refrigerator is full autonomy.

It does not affect the refrigerating chamber operation in any way. Inside the main chamber there are two shelves – metal with two levels of arrangement and glass, closing the plastic compartment for fruits.

The door also has two plastic shelves – one volumetric shelf with a lid and one for storing bottles. The small internal temperature regulator locks firmly in any position, keeping the set mode.

There is a backlight and No Frost function for the refrigerator compartment and the freezer can be defrosted manually. Judging by the reviews, the fridge fully complies with its characteristics.

It performs both functions perfectly – it freezes and cools perfectly. Serves a long time, some buyers celebrate 6-8 years of uninterrupted work.

The high-quality assembly holds for a long time even after the warranty period – nothing is loose, does not crack, does not break. This fridge works very quietly, you can put it in your living room. The freezer rarely needs to be defrosted.

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TACKLIFE Compact Refrigerator

TACKLIFE Compact RefrigeratorStylish mini fridge is a great choice for a complete set of refrigeration appliances of office premises and hotel rooms.

It is perfectly suited for use in the country house, in a narrow and small kitchen, in dormitories, in hospital wards.

The refrigerated compartment has one grating shelf and is defrosted by the drip method. The freezer on top is defrosted manually.

The height of the legs can be adjusted. The fridge works reliably and quietly (up to 38 dB).

The small single-chamber fridge is capable to provide freezing and long storage of various products.

Unlike mini-fridges, this model at the preservation of the compact sizes already appreciably adds in volume. At the same time, it weighs only 36 kilograms and can be easily moved if needed.

The energy consumption of this fridge is in full order – efficiency class A.

The electromechanical type of control is the best option for use in unstable countryside power networks. The door is adapted to be moved to the other side and has a convenient built-in handle.

The refrigerator defrosting system is manual. But considering that the model is positioned as a country house, this is only a plus in terms of reliability and quiet operation.

This miniature fridge is trustworthy. Despite the fact that the manufacturer is little known, it has not affected the quality of the review model.

In this compact device, it is possible to organize the storage of a small number of products, but ergonomics here at the highest level. It is used equally effectively both at home and in working conditions.

The type of installation is a stand-alone unit. The control is completely electromechanical. The quality of seals, metal and plastic parts is at an adequate level.

Low energy consumption class A+ will not hit your pocket when paying electricity bills. The organization of space also belongs to the advantages of the unit.

A lattice shelf and two-door pockets conveniently divide the 62-liter chamber. There is also a 5-liter freezer compartment.

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FAQ for compact refrigerators buyers

What is the right place to install the refrigerator?

A dry, well-ventilated room is suitable for a refrigerator. It is recommended to install the fridge far away from direct sunlight, stoves, and other heating devices.

What to do if there is water at the bottom of the refrigerating chamber?

Check if the opening of the meltwater drain chute is clogged. Clean the opening of the drain chute with a special cleaner. Check that the food in the fridge-freezer does not come into contact with the walls of the fridge-freezer. The water must not be preventing it from draining into the drain system.

What if there is water under the fridge?

The meltwater tank has slipped off the compressor. Put the bath on the compressor.

Why is the water dripping on the back of the refrigerator?

It’s a completely natural process. There’s an automatic defrosting system built into the cold storage chamber. When the compressor stops working, the rear wall of the chamber defrosts. Then, water flows into the trough above the compressor and then evaporates from there.

Why does the noise generated by the refrigerator increase?

The level of noise generated by a refrigerator depends on how the appliance is installed, how it is used and how long your refrigerator has been in use. To avoid noise or vibration, the following details should be taken into account:

  • Check the stability of the fridge-freezer and whether it is installed on a flat surface. Adjust the front legs for alignment.
  • Check that the fridge-freezer is not in contact with the furniture. The cooling system parts on the rear wall of the cabinet must not be in contact with the wall. Pull the fridge-freezer away from the furniture and wall.
  • Check that the bottles, jars, dishes in the fridge are not in contact with each other.