8 Best Cooktops Brands

A cooktop is a worthy alternative to a conventional cooktop. Its many advantages are worth talking about for a long time. But in this article, we will talk about the best manufacturers of cooktops.

Hobs today not only compete with conventional cooktops but also push them out of the market. Such devices are not just a fashion trend, but a lot of advantages in comparison with a cooker hob.

Hobs are easy to use, aesthetic and take up minimal space. They allow you to create a solid work surface and are perfect for those who do not need an oven. The advantages can be talked about for a long time, but all those who have decided to buy a hob are already well known.

You can find the best cooktops in these reviews:

Gas Cooktops With Griddle

7 Best Gas Cooktops With Griddle (30 / 36 inches)

Gas hobs have long been popular with housewives, being a great alternative to outdated, bulky cookers. Their main advantage - high mobility, allowing you to place the surface anywhere in the kitchen.

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Two Burner Induction Cooktop

7 Best Two Burner Induction Cooktop Reviews

Induction cookers heat up quickly, but they use less energy than conventional electric cookers. They are safe to use because they switch off automatically if pots do not close most of the burner and it is impossible to burn against it - it remains cold and only the dishes are heated.

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Portable Induction Cooktop

7 Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews

The induction hob has undeniable advantages compared to models with other heating sources. Unlike panels with FETs, it does not take time to heat up the burner. Energy is generated directly in the cookware and immediately at a given power.

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Another issue is the choice of the model you need. Here you need to rely not only on functions and appearance but also on the name of the manufacturer.

Well-known companies will not spoil their reputation by producing poor quality products. Thus, this review presents the most reliable manufacturers of cooktops.



Hansa brand hobs occupy one of the leading positions in the modern market. The company Magotra Handelsgeselshaft also produces household appliances under other brands.

The history of several decades has allowed the products to win the trust of consumers in more than 50 countries. Today the manufacturer’s range includes gas, induction and electric cooktops. And each of the models is perfectly balanced in design and functionality.

Gas cooktops are equipped with auto ignition, gas control system, have cast iron grids. Used burners type WOK with the triple-flame row. All-electric hobs of the company have a function of locking control, automatic shutdown and many other useful solutions.

The induction hobs are equipped with a Plug&Play function to save energy. There are also models with heat maintenance capability. Models have the option of stopping food preparation and then continuing in previous settings. As well as a quick heating function.

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Siemens cooktops are a combination of German quality and thoughtful design. Household appliances under this brand name have been known for several decades.

It is in stable high demand on all continents, and today is among the world leaders. The manufacturer invests a lot in research and development of new technologies to always be one step ahead of competitors.

They provide customers with the best solutions. Hobs of the company is perfect, have an interesting design and are easy to handle.

The manufacturer produces induction, electric and gas cooktops. The size of models varies widely, so each customer can find the best solution for themselves.

The number of burners is different, and automatic ignition is available in all models. In the company’s collections, there are hobs with extra features. Type of programming functions, safety shutdown, cookware detection. The safety of devices is thought over to details.



Hotpoint-Ariston hobs have won a lot of positive feedback from users around the world. The history of the manufacturer is rich and intense.

The choice of cooktops from the manufacturer is impressive. There is a model with any design, size, and layout of elements. Functionality and safety are not forgotten here.

There is a gas control system for gas panels and a residual heat display for electric panels. In company production, the most advanced technologies and decisions are introduced.



This Slovenian company started its activity in 1950. It immediately became an innovator in the field of agricultural and kitchen equipment. Today, the manufacturer specializes in the production of household appliances.

It is on the list of the largest European manufacturers and meets all quality standards. Production facilities are now located not only in Slovenia but also in the Czech Republic and Holland. Products are exported to dozens of countries around the world.

Gorenje hobs combine exquisite design, safety, and thoughtfulness. In the company’s product lines you can find devices for every taste and wallet, any size and with a different set of functions.

There are gas, electrical and induction panels. The company also offers gas panels on glass-ceramic. They combine convenience and beauty. The assortment of the manufacturer is so wide that everyone can find the best option for all parameters.



The German company Miele appeared back in 1899. Today it is considered one of the largest and best manufacturers of home appliances in Europe.

It specializes in the production of exclusive expensive products with unique design, impeccable quality and perfect from a technical point of view.

The company’s range includes induction, gas and electrical panels. The number of burners varies from one to five. Configuration can be different, touch control or physical handles.

Each model is equipped with a reliable security system. The highest quality materials are used in production. The design will conquer anyone.



This Swedish company was established in 1919 and grew from a small enterprise into a multinational corporation. It’s one of the best home appliance manufacturers in the world.

The company also owns brands Zanussi, Aeg, Zanker, and others. The company has 500 subsidiaries in 50 countries. All products of the manufacturer are of the same quality. The difference in price is dictated only by a different set of functions.

The company offers a wide choice of induction, gas and electric panels of different sizes. Any device has high reliability, energy efficiency, ease of operation and wide functionality.



Household appliances under the Bosch brand name are produced by the Bosch-Siemens concern. The history of the company begins in 1886 since then the direction of activity has changed several times.

In the 50s the company became an innovator in the field of home appliances and entered the world market. They also produce other kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Bosch hobs combine the latest developments. Thus, a residual heating indicator is used, a light sign of the healing power of each burner. There is also an on-off timer, two-circuit, and three-circuit burners.

These cooktops have small espresso burners. As well as other interesting functions aimed at improving safety, ease of use and control. The range includes gas, electric and combined cooktops.

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The famous Korean company Samsung is well known to customers around the world. This production giant manufactures a wide range of home appliances. For example, dishwashers, microwaves, dryers, and many others. An important part of its occupies cooking surfaces.

The company makes a bet on an affordable price, stylish design and largest ease of use. The widest and updated range includes gas, electric and induction hobs of different sizes and functionality.

There are plenty of options for the number and location of burners to choose from. The range includes gas cooktops on glass-ceramic surfaces. All units are safe and easy to use.