How to Measure a Cooktop for the Perfect Fit


A stove is a thing that any person uses often enough to cook food for themselves and their loved ones. At some point, this essential tool can fail or become obsolete. Then people begin to consider new options and get lost in how to choose the right size of a new cooktop. In the article … Read more

Induction cooktops vs electric cooktops. Which one to choose?

Inuction cooktops vs electric cooktops

To understand the difference between induction and electric cooktops, you should study their operating principle. The electric device heats the burner immediately to the desired temperature. The heat is then transferred to the dishes installed in the work area. The heat is generated by passing an electric current through a conductor. The last one is … Read more

7 Best Cooktop Brands (And It’s Best Offer)

best cooktop brands

Hobs have long been a popular replacement for stand-alone cooktops. They are more compact in size, do not require time-consuming installation, and can also fit into even the smallest kitchen. Even if you have bought a whole bunch of different kitchen appliances – multicooker, fryer, and microwave – you still need a good hob. This … Read more

9 Best Gas Cooktops With Griddle (30 / 36 inches)

gas cooktop

Gas ranges are quite a popular option in kitchens around the world. It can be built-in or used as a stand-alone unit. Unlike stand-alone hobs, cooktops are much easier to add to an interior and also more practical to use. This option is particularly interesting for people who are not used to using an oven. … Read more

9 Best Two Burner Induction Cooktop Reviews

Two Burner Induction Cooktop

More and more induction hobs are found in modern kitchens. They are rapidly replacing gas and electric models, as they have many advantages. If you want to know the difference between induction and electric cooktops, then check this article. Induction cooktops are safe to use, simplify the cooking process and are efficient. Every year, new … Read more

8 Best Cooktops Brands

Best Cooktops Brands

A cooktop is a worthy alternative to a conventional cooktop. Its many advantages are worth talking about for a long time. But in this article, we will talk about the best manufacturers of cooktops. Hobs today not only compete with conventional cooktops but also push them out of the market. Such devices are not just … Read more

9 Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews

We are familiar with portable electric cooktops, but induction ones are still something new to us. It seems like the induction cooktop itself was introduced to the world quite recently, and there is already an upgraded version of it. But wait, let’s slow down a little bit. Do you what to know the difference between … Read more

3 Easy steps to clean electric cooktop


If you belong to that kind of person for whom it is much cheaper to pay for the electricity than for the gas then you probably have an induction cooktop at your house. To be honest, electric cooktops are maybe not as effective as the other 2 kinds (induction and gas), but they are safer … Read more

How to clean an induction cooktop


An induction cooktop is one of the best types of cooktops in general and extremely convenient in usage. It gives you the possibility not just to heat up pots and frying pans on it, but you can easily place a usual plate on it and warm up a portion of dinner for you. There will … Read more