7 Best Extendable Dining Tables Reviews

It’s hard to predict how many people will come to your party or Thanksgiving celebration (or other exciting events). If you live alone or as a small family, you don’t need a huge dining table at all.

Usually, there are enough tables for 2-4 people – this is the number of people in an average family. If you have a small kitchen in your home, compact tables are more suitable.

But for various parties, celebrations and even large family dinners big dining tables are necessary. You won’t buy a separate table for such events, will you? In such a situation, the help will come to the dining tables, which literally in a minute can increase in size by several times.

This will be a profitable purchase for you – at normal times it will not take up much space in your kitchen, and for events can easily turn into a massive table for 10 or more people.

What should I pay attention to when buying retractable dining tables?

The shape

As we all know, nowadays production is characterized by a variety of shapes and types – this applies to tables as well. The most common are considered 3 forms – round, oval and rectangular. You should also pay attention to the style of your kitchen and table for it. For example, pedestal tables perfectly fit in a light and luxurious kitchen.

Probably the most advantageous will be a rectangular table – after all, they can accommodate more people. Round table can become oval when you extend it, thus making your interior more comfortable.

The material of the tabletop

Covering can also be made of different materials – wood, glass, metal, and others. For modern cuisine is best suited to wooden or glass models. It is worth noting that the glass surface requires more careful care, and can also suddenly break – for example, if you drop something on the table.

Number of people

Depending on how many people are on the table during regular usage, you will need to choose the most appropriate model. Typically, extendable tables, when folded, can accommodate from 2 to 4 people. Maximum capacity will also be an important parameter. This already depends on the manufacturer’s choice. Tables in “full” condition can accommodate from 6 to 14 people.

Our Top Pick
round table with 29 drop leavesRound Table with 29" Drop Leaves

  • Elegant pedestal
  • Simple installation and assembly
  • The antique style of the round dining table
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    Other great extendable dining tables

    international concepts small drop-leaf

    International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table

    A dining table that you can stylize yourself.

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    winsome suzanne

    Winsome Suzanne 3-PC Set Space Saver Kitchen

    Complete compact kit for the kitchen.

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    inspirer studio iris

    INSPIRER STUDIO IRIS Extendible Dining Table

    Snow-white table for modern kitchen.

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    signature design by ashley

    Hammis Dining Room Table

    Compact and light coffee table.

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    target markiting systems two toned

    Two-Toned Tiffany Drop Leaf Dining Table

    Light wood dining table for 4 persons.

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    drinesss drop leaft

    Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table

    Narrow table for parties and cocktail parties.

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    1. Round Table with 29″ Drop Leaves by East West Furniture

    round table with 29 drop leaves

    The East West Furniture Round Dining Table is our favorite and the best choice among dining tables for a reason. The quality and good design correspond to the neat style of the kitchen, and the elegant pedestal makes the table something special. The round table is small enough but has enough space to accommodate 4 people in assembled form.

    It is worth noting that this table is rectangular in shape when assembled. The East West Furniture Round Dining Table is set to its maximum fixation state in literally two movements – you just need to lift the side surfaces and fix them.

    Bright white will be a good solution for any kitchen as it will not be dislodged from the general style. According to the manufacturer, only strong wood was used in the production – so it’s not a sticky thin table.

    Solid, durable wood will serve you for a long time. Despite its small size, you can accommodate 6-7 people – enough for a small group of friends. It only takes you 20-30 minutes to assemble the table yourself from scratch – you won’t even have to call in a specialist!

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    2. International Concept Small Drop-leaf Table

    international concepts small drop-leaf

    You may have designed your own kitchen. The design and interior are not always standard, so you need the right furniture. The International Concept Small Drop-leaf Table will be a great option in this situation!

    The manufacturer gives you the opportunity to feel like a designer or completely create a new appearance of the kitchen table. This model requires finishing.

    Wood, which is made of International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table, is of good quality and has a smooth surface. You don’t have to spend a few days exploring the finished furniture – you’ll give the dining table your own design.

    To assemble the table, you just need to bolt the legs. The side parts can be raised if you don’t have enough space for guests or if you’ve just prepared a lot of food. This design saves a lot of space in the kitchen – you only deploy it when needed. It is worth noting the compact size – the maximum capacity of only 6-8 people.

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    3. Winsome Suzanne 3-PC Set Space Saver Kitchen

    winsome suzanne

    Along with the table, people often look for suitable chairs, armchairs or stools. We want to tell you about a complete kitchen set that saves space and also allows you not to worry about choosing additional furniture. Winsome Suzanne 3-PC Set is a set of 2 stools and a table that looks like a whole in one piece.

    The convenience of the set is not only in its completeness – everything is stored in the most compact way. So, if you do not eat, you can remove the stools in the table and they will not even be visible! In a more complete condition, Winsome Suzanne is a table for 2-5 people, with drawers and a fairly compact surface. At the same time, it is very spacious. So, you can store all your dinnerware on it.

    The coffee color is very refined and the sturdy stools are tidy. The Winsome Suzanne 3-PC Set is ideal for small living spaces. The material is solid wood, so this purchase will last long enough in your kitchen.

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    4. INSPIRER STUDIO IRIS Extendable Dining Table

    inspirer studio iris

    If you are a fan of modern style, you should like the INSPIRER STUDIO IRIS Extendable Dining Table. Its glossy white surface is a perfect complement to a modern kitchen, and its noble pedestal gives it a special charm.

    It is perfect for small kitchens and dining rooms, as it does not take up much space. If the number of your guests increases or you move into a larger house, the INSPIRER STUDIO IRIS Extendable Dining Table can be extended up to 160 cm in length.

    During assembly, you must trust the instructions completely – otherwise, you risk ruining the table and your mood of buying. The table is extended by sliding 2 main parts – an additional part is inserted in the middle. In fact, this trick adds just 2-3 extra places.

    The original design gives you space for 6 people, extended – up to 9 people. The main advantage of the INSPIRER STUDIO IRIS Extendible Dining Table is still its appearance – the lacquered glossy surface combines with the steel base and harmonizes perfectly with each other.

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    5. Hammis Dining Room Table

    signature design by ashley

    The Hammis Dining Room Table is another version of the compact table that does not take up much space even when dismantled. In its compact design, you will find an incredible attraction that is perfect for studios or tiny kitchens.

    Thanks to the extension leaves, you can accommodate an additional 2 people and the initial assembly takes only 15-20 minutes.

    The color of the Hammis Dining Room Table is coffee brown, suitable for kitchens with dark interiors or dark furnishings. The leaves on the sides are designed for large dinners or family celebrations. Thanks to the comfortable legs of the table, you can hold dining chairs and stools right underneath, saving extra space.

    Thanks to the fact that the assembled table takes a rectangular shape, you can put it close to the wall. Don’t forget to assemble the Hammis Dining Room Table: the structure is so simple that you can assemble the table even if you’re holding a screwdriver for the first time in your life.

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    6. Two-Toned Tiffany Drop Leaf Dining Table

    target markiting systems two toned

    Small cozy kitchens desperately need small kitchen tables. Light and wooden, Tiffany Drop Leaf Dining Table is ideal for small apartments and is an item of cozy furniture for 2 people.

    If you have friends coming to visit you, you can definitely extend it and increase the space for dining. The table looks strong enough to last you for several years and not cause you any problems.

    Gently tapered legs are conveniently placed in the corners so you can sit comfortably or slide chairs in. The assembly of the table is not particularly complicated and the instructions include detailed steps.

    To tighten all the screws, you may need to use a little grease, so you’re sure to do the right thing. The Tiffany Drop Leaf Dining Table is lightweight enough that you can easily move it from room to room as needed. The natural light wood color will fit almost any room – even if you suddenly want to place the table in your living room.

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    7. Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table

    drinesss drop leaft

    Made in a minimalist style, the Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table can be used in both the dining room and the kitchen. The finish of the tabletop looks a little windy and gray, but in combination with the metal legs, it is beautiful.

    The grayish wood looks a bit like the surface of the floor, so if you have a floor that looks the same it’s not a good idea to buy it.

    The Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table is perfect for placing it next to chairs or even a sofa. Your guests will feel comfortable. By the way, this table is deployed in a way that is not quite standard. It does not lengthen but becomes 3 times wider.

    Thus, Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table is also suitable for cocktail parties, if you arrange them at home. We’re not sure if this is a good solution for the kitchen, as the narrow surface of the assembled table is not suitable for eating.

    We would recommend Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table to fans of gaming parties, cocktail parties, and friends’ meetings. All you have to do for your success is to assemble the whole structure correctly.

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    Spending time with your family always seems like a great idea. Celebrations and birthdays, and even just family Sunday dinners, require space to eat. You just need a large table so you can comfortably accommodate your whole family at the table.

    Extendable models are a great way to save space on weekdays, but also to have a real weekend meal. There’s no need to separate guests due to lack of space – you can simply buy an extendable table, and adjust its length according to your needs at regular times.

    FAQ for extendable table buyers

    1. What form of the sliding table is best for a small kitchen?

    A small kitchen means maximum space-saving. If your apartment has a small family (up to 4 people) and you do not call too many guests, the square tables are a great option.

    In assembled condition, they can accommodate 4 people, and in disassembled – up to 8 people. So you can invite your parents to visit, without embarrassing them in space. If you are used to inviting many friends, it is worth considering larger options.

    2. What difficulties can you face in operating an extendable table?

    The durability of your dining table depends directly on the quality of the furniture and the materials used. If the table has an extendable design, it should have quality guides that allow it to run smoothly and easily.

    If the table folds out, the locking legs must also be strong. If you have not paid attention to the quality of such parts when purchasing, you risk encountering blockages of sliding structures or breakages.

    3. How do you take care of sliding tables?

    Care also depends directly on the material you have chosen. For example, stone and glass worktops require careful handling – end impacts are prohibited. Also do not use hard abrasive materials when removing stains.

    Wooden tables, on the other hand, are slightly easier to care for – especially if they are covered with a protective layer of varnish. All you need to do is wipe with a soft cloth with or without polishing.

    4. Which is better – a sliding table or a folding table?

    It all depends on what your purpose is. There are dumbwaiter tables that can also be fixed to the wall – they are not very practical, but save space.

    Folding tables are considered the most convenient – no rails and fittings are required for them, and the fixing legs can be conveniently placed. Sliding tables also have their advantages – usually, both parts of the table are fixed and cannot be damaged.