7 Best Pedestal Tables Reviews

Once you have carefully considered the interior of your home, and every detail has been chosen by you after a long period of reflection, you will definitely come across the pedestal tables.

Such tables can complement even the simplest interior, making it more decorated and sophisticated. If you want to make your kitchen more fashionable, then use luxury dinnerware sets. Pedestal tables are suitable for small spaces, cozy living rooms and even a tiny terrace where you go out on warm evenings.

It is very important that the customer understands all the nuances that exist when buying such tables. Such furniture will be comfortable not only for you but also for your friends, who can enjoy the interior in your home.

Especially it will be noticeable if the table is in perfect harmony with your home. We have decided that you need a little help with your choice and found 7 best pedestal tables that are available nowadays. We also want to tell you a little about the criteria that should be considered when buying and choosing a new table.

Material of manufacture

Since pedestal tables are considered more decorative versions of the classic table, there is a great variety of materials among them. Standard wood, glass, metal and even stone and stone veneer are the most common.

Good quality variants will last you a long time anyway. However, it should be noted that glass and stone are most exposed to obvious damage, while wood can always be restored and given its original appearance.

Table support

Strange as it may seem, pedestal tables have several types of support – it can be one single leg, from which several additional legs depart, or a full pedestal.

If you have small children or animals in your home, we recommend buying more stable models on a thick base. So in this case, thin decorative legs will not be the best option for purchase.

Place of use

Since pedestal tables are considered a decorative addition to the interior, you should immediately understand in which room you will place your purchase. You need to understand whether a table will suit the style of the room.

Also, the size of the table surface may vary – for example, if you install it in the hallway and use it exclusively for keys, you can buy a small table. The most universal variant can be wooden models.

Our Top Pick
french countrysideFrench Countryside Oak/ White 42" Round Pedestal Table by Home Styles

  • French Leg design
  • Material quality oak
  • Ideal for a light meal
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    Other great pedestal tables

    decor therapy

    Decor Therapy Simplify Pedestal Accent Table

    Bright color accent for small spaces.

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    signature design by ashley

    Signature Design by Ashley Accent Bench

    Cottage Style Table for Charming.

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    decor therapy pedestal

    Décor Therapy Pedestal Table with Drawer

    Pedestal table with a boudoir drawer.

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    nathan james lucy small

    Nathan James Lucy Faux Carrara Marble Table with Top and Brushed Metal Pedestal Base

    A small loft-style table.

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    kate and laurel elita walnut wood

    Kate and Laurel Elita Walnut Wood and Metal Pedestal End Table

    Table with the unusual style of steady legs.

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    roundhill furniture

    Roundhill Furniture OC0024WH Rene Round Wood Pedestal Side Table

    Pedestal Table in traditional classical style.

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    1. French Countryside Oak/ White 42″ Round Pedestal Table by Home Styles

    french countryside

    Our favorite among pedestal tables looks like a real table of French aristocrats. In case you are used to having breakfast with something light like coffee and croissant without being in the kitchen, this table will be ideal for your interior.

    Durable and heavy wood gives you the guarantee of durability of the table, and a thick and stable leg in the French style will give your room a little charm of Paris.
    Although the pedestal tables are compact in size, the Round Pedestal Table by Home Styles can comfortably accommodate 3-4 adults.

    If you suddenly want to set up a table in the kitchen, it will perfectly blend into the interior and serve you for a long time. If you don’t assemble it correctly, the table may get a little shaky. It is worth paying attention and being careful with the side legs, as a little effort is required to assemble them for a quality result.

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    2. Decor Therapy Simplify Pedestal Accent Table

    decor therapy

    Furniture of non-standard color is always hard to find -, especially for reasonable money. We have found the ideal Turquoise Blue – Decor Therapy Simplify Pedestal Accent Table for you.

    This table looks amazing and its color is a bright addition to the neutral design of your apartment or house. If you do not like the blue azure color or if your interior has a different shade, you can find models in other colors among the Decor Therapy Simplify Pedestal Accent Table.

    The solid materials used to create the table – solid wood and MDF – allow the table to guarantee durability and strength. Decor Therapy Simplify Pedestal Accent Table is ideal for small spaces that only need to be complemented in style.

    This table is not suitable for food and kitchen – it is quite short and can be unstable on minor irregularities. However, the main advantage of this model is its bright color.

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    3. Signature Design by Ashley Accent Bench

    signature design by ashley

    However, if you are a fan of antiquity and cottage style, there is a great option for you too. Signature Design by Ashley Accent Bench looks like a table, which was used by the aristocrats, with vases of flowers or fruits on it.

    It is made of natural and artificial wood with veneer, and the handcrafted finish is attractive not only to residents but also to guests.

    Signature Design by Ashley Accent Bench stands out for its style – it is slightly depressed and has a slight reflection of time. For lovers of vintage and antique furniture, this table will be a real find.

    It would be really great if you placed it on the terrace or next to wooden vintage furniture. Due to its small size and height, it is easy to leave it near the sofa as a support for other interior details or to use it as a small coffee table in the bedroom.

    The elegant style of the pedestal itself – slightly rounded details and legs – differs from the standard tables of antiquity.

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    4. Décor Therapy Pedestal Table with Drawer

    decor therapy pedestal

    Antique items attract attention with their unusual or vivid details. The Décor Therapy Pedestal Table can complement your boudoir or bedroom, giving it a small touch of antiquity and restraint.

    A small drawer, which is located in the table itself, will allow you to store small items such as your jewelry or a set of handkerchiefs. Due to its compact size, the solid construction looks very small.

    If you do not want to put the Décor Therapy Pedestal Table in your bedroom, you can easily adapt it to a vase with flowers at the entrance. Inside the drawer, you can store spare keys or other small items.

    By the way, once you have received it, you can place it almost immediately – assembly is very simple and does not take you long.

    Classic style is great for standard interiors, and it will also soften a little clutter that can sometimes occur. The Décor Therapy Pedestal Table is lightweight and you can change its position after a while.

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    5. Nathan James Lucy Faux Carrara Marble Top and Brushed Metal Pedestal Base

    nathan james lucy small

    The loft-style has always differed from all others with its unusual and vivid details. In the article, we had time to tell and about the classic pedestal tables, as well as a little touch on antique.

    Now it’s time for a little variety and we want to introduce you Nathan James Lucy Faux Carrara Table with Marble Top and Brushed Metal Pedestal Base. The small table can be used for dining together outside the kitchen or as a simple addition to the living room. This table is spacious enough to place a set of tableware on it.

    The modern style of Lucy is suitable for many modern apartments. If you try to follow fashion, the white marble finish will surprise you, and the metal base will harmonize with the basic materials.

    Despite the fact that the surface of the table is made of marble, it is protected from scratches and is not damaged during use. By the way, if the table does not suit you or breaks down, you can use the lifetime warranty of this company.

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    6. Kate and Laurel Elita Walnut Wood and Metal Pedestal End Table

    kate and laurel elita walnut wood

    Talking about non-standard styles in apartment design, you always want to pay attention to some non-standard things and interior details. Such detail can easily become Kate and Laurel Elita Walnut Wood and Metal Pedestal End Table.

    This table looks the most non-standard way, but it is suitable for connoisseurs of modern style. It will find its application in the hallway or living room, attracting the attention of your guests.

    The perforated metal, which was used to create the legs, guarantees stability thanks to its shape. The top of the table is made of solid wood in the color of warm walnut. The elegant lines, which will be immediately visible in any interior, make the room a little futuristic, adding a little fiction.

    The table itself is not very comfortable to use for eating. The best use of Kate and Laurel Elita Walnut Wood and Metal Pedestal End Table can be found in the hallway as a flower stand or in the living room with a vase mounted on it.

    It’s worth noting that you don’t have to assemble anything yourself – the table comes in a completely finished form.

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    7. Roundhill Furniture OC0024WH Rene Round Wood Pedestal Side Table

    roundhill furniture

    However, most pedestal tables are made in classical style with a slight addition of antiquity or antiquity.

    The Roundhill Furniture OC0024WH Rene Round Wood Pedestal Side Table is typical of this style while creating a visual appeal in any room where it will be placed. The sturdy base ends with round, scrolled legs that look a little unusual but do not add futurism.

    The Roundhill Furniture OC0024WH Rene Round Wood Pedestal Side Table is available in several colors, both classic white, and silver. A heavy table does not look cheap in your living room, despite its small size.

    We would recommend placing it near the sofa as a coffee table. Fresh press and flowers look great on it. The Roundhill Furniture OC0024WH Rene Round Wood Pedestal Side Table will create a real color and stylish anchor in the appearance of your room, while its cost will pleasantly surprise you.

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    Today’s trends are changing at an incredible rate. This applies not only to clothing and accessories but also to home furnishings.

    Pedestal tables can help you keep the interior of your apartment always up-to-date and stylish, and can also give personality to even the simplest and most typical room. Besides their beauty, these tables are compact in size.

    We hope that you have found something interesting for yourself and can make a conscious choice when purchasing.

    FAQ for pedestal table buyers

    1. How to determine the structural stability?

    It is worth considering at once that tables that have only 1 leg are much less stable than other models. If you do not have the ability to check the product on any surface – that is, you buy online – then there are a few tips to check this parameter.

    First, you should avoid thin legs – even though they look more elegant. Secondly, we recommend that you pay attention to models with unusual shapes – for example, that have intertwined or solid stable legs.

    2. How to use pedestal tables?

    We already mentioned in the article that such tables will be a great decoration and addition to the interior. If your whole house is made in the same style, you can freely move it between rooms without thinking about the details of the interior.

    It is possible to place it as at a bedside table, and near an entrance door – leaving there small things in the form of keys or neck scarves. An excellent option is to install pedestal tables together with chairs or comfortable stools – so you can spend time with a cup of tea or coffee not only in the kitchen.

    3. Are pedestal tables suitable for the kitchen as a dining table?

    In our article, we have tried to consider small models that are easy to move and convenient to use. Usually, pedestal tables have a typical small size and sometimes low legs.

    These settings do not allow it to be used as a kitchen table – even if you are used to dining alone. Of course, you can buy a large round table, which will be just a larger pedestal tables model.

    4. How do you take care of a table?

    Pedestal tables are classically located inside the house or apartment, but if you use them on the veranda or terrace, you will need much more care.

    Inside, you just need to wipe the table from dust, possibly using special products such as wood polish or a special liquid for glass.
    Outside or in open spaces, you should avoid getting too much moisture on the table (this can cause damage and rust).