7 Best Food Steamers Reviews

Steam cooking is the delicate heat treatment of products. It preserves their useful properties and flavor. The most convenient are electric steamers, which are easy to use and do not take up much space.

To select a quality product, you need to learn the basic functions and features of the equipment.

The device works by the following algorithm:

  • The water tank is equipped with a heating device, which brings it to boiling. The amount of liquid depends on the type, quantity, and degree of cooking.
  • Above the body, there are tiers with food, which is processed by steam emitted from the tank.
  • The food is cooked quickly and efficiently thanks to the even distribution of steam inside the bowls.
  • The condensation generated during cooking flows downwards and into a special pallet.
  • When the tank runs out of the liquid, the unit automatically switches off and the food is ready to be consumed.

Preheated steam does not need the use of fat or oil, making your food gentle and low-calorie.

Types and characteristics of steamers

Built-in steamers save space in the kitchen and differ from classical models in design, method of operation, and cost.

  • When built into the worktop, only the cups covered by the lid can be seen from above. Food is placed there and then retrieved after cooking.
  • The control panel (touch or mechanical) is placed on the side. If the unit is built into a wooden cabinet, its enclosure is covered with decorative wooden elements and walls.
  • A special container is mounted next to the steamer’s enclosure, which is filled with water before cooking.

The functionality and power of the built-in appliances are much higher, making cooking easier and faster.

built in steamer

Independent or autonomous steamers are convenient and mobile. They can be transported, repaired, and maintained more easily. All you need to do to get started is to install the appliance on a flat surface and plug it into a socket.


The power of a home steamer ranges from 400 to 2000 watts. This figure affects the steam generation rate but is not significant. The larger and more spacious the machine, the more powerful it should be.


The steamers have several modes of operation:

  • Steam cooking is a basic function
  • Instant defrost
  • “Steamstroke” – fast steaming for sterilization or heating of already prepared dishes.


The device consists of a housing and baskets that are placed above it. At the base is the electrical part from which the power cord is pulled.


  • Depending on the configuration, the steamer can be equipped with one to three cups with holes in the bottom and a volume of up to 4.5 liters. It can also be equipped with extra cups with a closed bottom.
  • The total volume of all cups can be up to 30 liters, but 10 is enough for domestic purposes.
  • The shape of baskets can be oval, round, or rectangular with smooth corners. The size and volume can differ or be identical.
  • The material is plastic or stainless steel. The second option is preferable – it is stronger, safer, and will last longer.

Bowls also differ in terms of equipment – they can be with the detachable or fixed bottom. The detachable bottom makes it possible to combine several baskets into one big one (if they are of the same shape).

The material of the bottom can be plastic or stainless steel.


Some models are non-stick coated to allow cooking meat and fish in their own juices or under the sauce. It also makes it easier to take care of the bowls – no fat or food remains stick to the bottom.

The heating element is placed in a water tank. It brings it to a boil, keeping it in this state until the process is complete.

Type of control

  1. Mechanical

This is done by means of a rotary switch with an arrow that indicates the required time on the scale. The device switches itself off. This is the most popular and simple method of control.

  1. Electronic

LSD-display and touch buttons are used. All functions, as well as the status of the steamer, are displayed on the screen. For example, the amount of water in the tank, the countdown time to shut down, and other operating parameters.

Tips for care

  1. After each use, remove any residual fat that accumulates at the bottom of the trays.
  2. Do not use aggressive and caustic cleaning products during washing. They are badly washed away, which leads to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body and the unpleasant chemical smell of dishes.
  3. For washing use foam sponges or rags – metal brushes and sponges with abrasive particles will damage and scratch the body.
  4. Trays should be washed after each cooking cycle.
  5. Before you start cleaning, make sure that the appliance is disconnected from the power supply.
  6. Every 5-7 times you use the steamer, it must be cleaned from limescale, rust, and germs.

Steamers are available in the range of almost all well-known companies that produce kitchen appliances. The desire to improve the quality of life makes the steamer in-demand products in stores of household appliances. To acquaint you with the best samples of these appliances, we have compiled the top 7 steamers for every taste.

In this video, the specialists will introduce the composition of the electric steamer and show you step by step how to use the food steamer:

This food steamer has the best feedback from the buyers:

Our Top Pick
BELLA (13872) 7.4 Quart Healthy Food SteamerBELLA (13872) 7.4 Quart Healthy Food Steamer

This model of food steamer allows you to cook multiple items at once for quick & easy meal preparation.
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Other excellent food steamers:

Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer

Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer

This device combines countertop convenience with healthy options for delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals.

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Secura Electric Food Steamer

Secura Electric Food Steamer

This tool cooks different food with steam to retain nutrients while eliminating the need for calorie-rich cooking oils, sprays, and butter.

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Nesco ST-25F, Food Steamer

Nesco ST-25F, Food Steamer

This food steamer cooks all types of food. It helps retain vitamins and minerals and bring out natural flavors.

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Cuisinart STM-1000 Digital Glass Steamer

Cuisinart STM-1000 Digital Glass Steamer

A powerful steam system of this model delivers steam from the top down, surrounding food to cook quickly and evenly.

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Rosewill Electric Food Steamer

Rosewill Electric Food Steamer

This device can steam a variety of foods at the same time, in order to serve a complete health conscious meal.

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Magic Chef MCSFS12ST 3 Tier Food Steamer

Magic Chef MCSFS12ST 3 Tier Food Steamer

It perfectly steams your favorite vegetables, rice, meat and more. Make healthy meal simultaneously with 3 dishwasher-safe food baskets. 

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BELLA (13872) 7.4 Quart Healthy Food Steamer

BELLA (13872) 7.4 Quart Healthy Food Steamer

It opens our rating quite an original and very durable model. It has two bowls, the volume of each is about 3 liters. They are made of stainless steel that is safe for human health.

The lid is made of special tempered glass. Besides, the set includes a plastic container used for cooking rice. You can also use a special device for dishes with rice. The device is switched on by a rotary switch, which also serves as a timer.

There is a compartment for refilling water, so the work of the steamer will not be interrupted.

The device switches itself off after the cooking time has elapsed. It notifies the user of this with a special sound signal.


  • The bowls are made of quality metal
  • You can always see the degree of cooking through the glass lid
  • A rugged body that won’t crack even if the steamer falls off the table
  • The wire is soft-shell

The water level can be monitored through a special window. The housing of the device is made of plastic with a matte finish. No dust is visible on it, and all other dirt can be easily removed with a soft cloth or paper tissue. The engine is hidden, which makes the product absolutely safe to use.

All removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. The product has a 2-year warranty period. When folded, the steamer takes up minimal space. Thus, this model is quite suitable even for a small kitchen. There is a decalcifying system provided, which significantly increases the service life of the device.

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Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer

Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer

This product includes a base containing a 1.3-liter water tank, a control panel, and a heating element. It is equipped with pallets. These are special containers where the juice of prepared products and baskets for dishes are collected.

The principle of operation is standard. The heating element in the tank brings the water to a boil. Then it starts to evaporate and goes up to the upper parts, where the food should already lie.

The steam temperature is high, so food is cooked very quickly and without a gram of fat. The body is quite strong, though made of plastic. Inside, there is reliable scale protection.

It prevents limescale deposits from forming on the heating element. The plastic is heat-resistant, does not start to melt even when exposed to high temperatures.


  • Very convenient to use
  • Compact dimensions
  • High-reliability level
  • Strength of plastic elements
  • Two dishes can be cooked at the same time

Ventilation holes are located on the bottom side of the base. They provide access to fresh air and do not allow overheating the elements of the device. Rubber feet ensure the stability of the device on almost any surface. The products are equipped with two product baskets, the total volume of which is 4 liters.

Due to this constructive solution, it is possible to cook two dishes simultaneously. Using the steamer is much easier and simpler compared to the cooking surface. You will spend considerably less time preparing food. It has a power output of 800 W. It has a mechanical timer for the largest of 60 minutes.

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Secura Electric Food Steamer

Secura Electric Food Steamer

This is a very original product, which immediately catches the eye due to its very unusual execution. Despite the fact that it has the usual three tiers, the top is made of special heat-resistant plastic of high strength.

The body is made of food-grade stainless steel, which does not keep any impurities. This combination will be to the taste of fans of modern styles – art nouveau and high-tech. You can also try high-quality stainless steel cookware.

The total volume of the device is 9 liters, which allows cooking for a large family. The capacity of the water tank here is 1 liter. This is enough even for a long cooking cycle.


  • Acceptable product price
  • There is an automatic shutdown function
  • Audio alert when the food is finished cooking
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Stylish appearance
  • Very convenient to use
  • Large bowls and water tank

Steamer control is electronic, all elements have a high level of reliability and durability. It is possible to refill the tank with water in case of need. There is a start delay function, and three removable grids are supplied.

The steamer is equipped with an informative LCD display and all the necessary indicators are available. Inclusions, remaining water level. Despite the large size, the weight of the device is not too large, only 2 kg. The power cord is 1.1 m long, so it is advisable to place the steamer close to the socket.

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Nesco ST-25F, Food Steamer

Nesco ST-25F, Food Steamer

The fourth place in the review was taken by a two-level steamer from a brand not too well-known among consumers. But, in terms of its capabilities, this model is far superior to analogs of popular companies.

The appliance is equipped with a water tank, the volume of which is 0.5 liters. There are also two plastic bowls for food preparation – they can hold up to 2.5 liters. Each of them has handles for easy carrying.

The design of the steamer is well thought out. The chambers are completely insulated from each other, so the food is not soaked in the flavor of other food.

The steamer allows for the most delicate temperature treatment of any food. For example, meat, fish, vegetables, poultry and so on. The device control is mechanical, but it is very easy to set all the necessary parameters.

There is a delayed start function designed for the largest of one hour. You do not need to check the cooking process – the device will do everything on its own.


  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent ergonomics of the device
  • Long service life
  • Reliable mechanical control
  • Profitable enough value
  • Completely isolated bowls
  • Takes up little free space

The protection system of the device is also carefully designed, which increases the safety of its operation. Water in the tank can be refilled even during operation if necessary. If there is little water left, the steamer will signal the user with an audible signal.

When water is not refilled for some reason, the product is automatically disconnected from the mains. The housing is plastic, but the material can withstand high temperatures and other physical influences. It does not consume much electricity – its power is only 400 W.

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Cuisinart STM-1000 Digital Glass Steamer

Cuisinart STM-1000 Digital Glass Steamer

This is one of the newest models of steam cookers, which appeared in the market of household appliances relatively recently.

By all its basic characteristics such a steamer is one of the best among all presented in the review. It has only one tier, so it can only cook one dish.

The control type here is electronic. There is an on indicator, a large touch screen.

The capacity is as large as 15 liters, although the external dimensions are not that large.


  • High assembly quality
  • Excellent capacity
  • Long service life
  • Function of convection
  • Large capacity

The unit has a convection function that can be used to prepare up to 15 different types of dishes. This feature will preserve the juiciness of meat, fish and other products by heating them as evenly as possible.

The temperature is brought to 100 degrees just three minutes after starting. If necessary, various items can even be sterilized in the steamer. For example, baby bottles, dishes and so on.

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Rosewill Electric Food Steamer

Rosewill Electric Food Steamer

This steamer differs favorably from the multistory steamers of the previous generation.

It includes 3 horizontal compartments, which are controlled independently. Each compartment has its own mode, which allows you to cook up to three dishes with individual taste and aroma.


  • Horizontal design
  • Large-volume
  • 3 independent compartments
  • Intellect

The built-in intelligent function provides 8 cooking modes and a synchronization function. Program each bay for a specific time and relax.

This steamer saves 50% more vitamins than conventional cooking by using less heat and water. The large capacity unit fits perfectly on the shelf and in the closet thanks to its ergonomic horizontal design.

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Magic Chef MCSFS12ST 3 Tier Food Steamer

Magic Chef MCSFS12ST 3 Tier Food Steamer

This steamer model has a modern design with two separate bowls for simultaneous cooking. The functionality of the appliance allows you to steam food, grind food, and defrost and heat food.

The power consumption is not too high – around 800 W. The total volume of both bowls is 2.2 liters. The steamer has three layers. The products have an acoustic signal to alert you when the food has finished cooking.

There is also an LED indicator. It will inform the user in time if there is a shortage of water in the tank and there is also a scale indicator. When there is too much limescale in the unit, it will light up.

The body of the steamer is made of high-strength plastic with a matt finish. The baskets are made of transparent plastic.

All elements that come in contact with food are absolutely safe and do not emit any harmful substances into the environment.


  • Preparation of food takes the smallest of time
  • No need to follow the cooking process.
  • All parts can be easily cleaned from any contamination.
  • There are several indicators
  • The function of the controlled grinding

The steamer takes up the smallest of space when stored, so it is well suited even for a small kitchen. All products keep their natural flavor. The device is very comfortable to use – it can be easily operated with one hand.

There is only one button for all functions. Shredding is user-controlled – you can cut the food into small pieces or turn it into mushrooms.

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FAQ for food steamers buyers:

What’s the difference between a steamer and a cartoon?

The first one cooks only on steam, with the help of a multi-cooker it can be done in different ways. That is, a multi-cooker, combining the functionality of kitchen appliances with functions of a steamer.

What can you cook in a steamer?

Anything that can be steamed. For example, meat salad, eggs with mashed chicken, cold pork snack, salad with beans, and radish or spicy pudding.

Why do you have to decalcify the steamer?

Too much limescale can affect the operation of the steamer as it increases the cooking time. Regular descaling increases the service life of your steamer.

Can I add salt or seasonings to the food?

Foods that are cooked in a steamer have excellent taste and aroma, so any seasoning should be added as little as possible. If necessary, you can add a small number of spices to food or add herbs to the steam water to give food a pleasant taste.

Do I have to stay in the kitchen while food is being prepared in the steamer?

Yes. Never leave a running little electrical appliance unattended. But, you don’t have to watch the steamer all the time. Just set the timer, and the beep will let you know when the food is ready to eat. The food doesn’t burn, and you don’t need to stir it up.

How do you cook eggs in a steamer?

Put the eggs in the steamer basket. It will take 12 minutes to steam six eggs, 8 minutes to steam six eggs.