7 Best Kitchen Sinks Reviews

You don’t really pay attention to it in daily life but sinks are playing an important role in our activities. How often do you wash your hands? Or how often do you have to wash the cookware? Considering the sink in the kitchen, it is especially important because it is the place where everything gets stained and dirty faster than usual.

sinkgifIn fact, the size of the kitchen sink should be proportional to your cooking habits. If you don’t really like cooking, if you don’t eat at home most of the time and prefer the delivery of food, you probably don’t need a large kitchen sink. Moreover, if you have a dishwasher, then you don’t need a huge sink as well.

But for those who love to cook and do that for a big family or for their friends, it’s another story. Here it makes sense to obtain a larger sink with more capabilities. It will provide the necessary space to place bigger pans and frying pans, vessels, and kitchen accessories.

It will also give you a chance to save the space – now you can place all the dirty dishes to the sink instead of placing it all over your kitchen. So if you’re in process of constructing your own kitchen and you think of which sink is better to acquire – check this article and you will get some ideas for that.

Our Top Pick Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHF203-33
krausSpacious and practical double sink. Made of high-quality durable materials. Has an average price.Check Current Price

Other great kitchen sinks

ruvatiRuvati 32-inch Kitchen Sink – RVM4350
  • Double sink
  • Top quality
  • Wide set of accessories
Check Current Price
kohlerKOHLER K-5664-0 Sink
  • Beautiful design
  • High-end materials
  • Easy to clean
Check Current Price
zuhneZUHNE 33-Inch Sink
  • Large size
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Versatile
Check Current Price
frigidaireFRIGIDAIRE Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
  • Smaller size
  • Made of stainless steel
Check Current Price
swanstoneSwanstone QZ03322LS.077-2C
  • Unusual design
  • Made of quartz
  • Heavy
  • Durable
Check Current Price
krauskbuKraus KBU14 Kitchen Sink
  • Smaller size
  • Durable
  • Affordable price
Check Current Price

1. Ruvati 32-inch Kitchen Sink – RVM4350

ruvatiIt’s a known fact that the double bowl sink is always better to have in your kitchen. Besides, it is the product of a famous brand in this industry. Ruvati is one of the top-quality brands in kitchen sinks.

With manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US, Italy, Spain, and Asia, the Ruvati name is synonymous with exceptional quality products and creative sensible design. With an item like this, you can store the dirty dishes in one part of the sink and wash it in another part. The 32” under-mount sink produced by Ruvati comes with a unique design.

The sink has two bowls, but unlike other models, the bowls are separated by a wall that’s 3 inches lower than the sink’s edge. The wall’s lower height will provide more clearance for you to wash the dishes. One of the best features of this sink is its low maintenance – because of its materials, it is hard to scratch and easy to clean.

The cleaning will be easy because of the round corners as well. Moreover, the sink is suitable for flush-mount installation. The sink comes in the set with a cut-out template, mounting brackets, rinse grid, and basket strainer. Moreover, it has a lifetime warranty.

Its only drawback is that its drain basket comes with plastic threads. The problem is that the plastic is not as durable as steel, so this might be the sink’s weak point.

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2. KOHLER K-5664-0 Sink

kohlerThis is another luxurious sink for the kitchen, so it will suit the needs of those who are looking for exceptional quality and feelings. The brand Kohler is known to be a respectable one on this market, and it’s known for its marvelous lustrous enamel sinks.

With a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations, there’s a cast iron kitchen sink to complement every kitchen design. Of course, you can see its price and understand that this acquisition should be a definite decision. This apron-front sink comes with self-trimming edges that will look great on your countertop, and are also easy to install.

In this case, we have a single drain sink, but the price range of it supposes that you already have a dishwasher machine in your kitchen. This sink is more suitable for some little needs as washing hands or cutlery.

Also, it has a side drain, so it offers more workspace and storage space under the faucet with a 2-degree incline towards the drain, so the water won’t pool when you use it. Another bonus here is that you can choose this sink in different colors – which one matches your home interior best.

By the way, speaking about the material of this sink. Because it’s made of the enameled cast iron it is non-porous and exceptionally resistant to food-based stains. It is extremely easy to clean with just a soft sponge, you don’t need any harsh chemicals. Moreover, its surface is heat-resistant to more than 1000° F, so don’t hesitate to place hot dishes into the sink.

For all of those who are concerned about the environmental impact of their consumption, there is good news as well – Kohler’s sinks are made of 80% recycled or reclaimed content. The sinks are produced in the US.

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3. Kraus KHF203-33

This is an item for more practical usage. If you cook often and you need a sink comfortable to store and wash things in your kitchen this is an excellent choice. It’s a farmhouse type of sink. These sinks are usually larger and deeper than other models, and these features make them look better in most open-design kitchens.

krausThe item is made of 16 gauge stainless steel. It comes with an apron, which will make it look great in kitchens of any type. The sink’s deep basins will allow you to store and clean larger pots without any problems. By the way, an interesting feature of this sink is even though it is made of the gauge stainless steel, it is still quiet.

The stainless steel is also a material resistant to corrosion and rust, featuring resilient dent-resistant TRU16 construction. The thickness of it is 1.5mm and it makes this sink highly durable and long-lasting. And even though it has a rectangular form, the corners of it are rounded on the inside, so the cleaning will always be effortless.

The problem with the most sinks made of this material is that they make an unpleasant scratchy sound each time you place the dishes into it or touch with cutlery. Thanks to the thick rubber shield, this sink is as silent as a composite one.

Apart from rubber shield, this item comes in the set with a premium 3 piece basket strainer set, drain assembly with strainer, Kraus kitchen towel, and a cutout template. It also has a lifetime limited warranty and the company provides good customer service.

This model comes at an average price and it’s a decent investment. The only aspect here that you should remember is you should be careful when you use the sink because belt buckles and other metals can scratch the steel apron.

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4. ZUHNE 33-Inch Sink

For people who don’t want to have something overwhelming in their kitchens, preferring a classical, comfortable and affordable sink, there is a product of Uhne. This item is available in several sizes, so you don’t have to risk anymore by guessing if it’s going to fit the interior or not.

zuhneThis is again a farmhouse sink. Most architects choose farmhouse apron sinks when they’re designing an upscale project. You can see from the picture that this sink is large and deep so you can put all the dishes that are left after a dinner party with friends.

This model comes with a curved apron that will both protect your counter and improve the kitchen’s aspect. The sink uses a noise-canceling shield that makes it more comfortable to use. Its rear drain design offers more space for you to store dirty dishes, and it also provides more clearance under the faucet so you can clean the dishes easier.

The material used for the sink is 16G stainless steel, which tells us this item is going to be durable. By the way, here you will find the patina that resists scratching better than that of other models. And even if you manage somehow to scratch it, the marks blend in with sink grains and tone down naturally over time.

Because of the great set of accessories that are coming also in this set, you can divide this sink in two, put an extra tray on the bottom so the hot bottom of a pan would touch the sink’s bottom, use additional containers to keep sponges and other tools.

You can reconstruct this sink into a professional one by adding a special mini shower to it. Moreover, if you have little babies at home you can even take a bath for them out of this sink. The materials are completely safe and don’t contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals, so why not use this large sink in a more versatile way?

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5. FRIGIDAIRE Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This sink actually is really similar to the previous one, however, in this particular case, it will be more suitable for small kitchens and singles rather than families. Besides, it’s an under-mount sink. The biggest advantage of this type is it provides more clearance around the faucet, allowing you to clean dishes easier.

frigidaireThis type of faucet also makes storing dirty and clean dishes easier. A little bit smaller in sizes compared to previous sinks, this item is made of 16 gauge stainless steel as well. Moreover, it has a 10 inches deep bowl – it is still quite enough space to place lots of dirty dishes in it.

Another great feature of this item is that it is easy to install. It comes with good sound-canceling pads that make it silent even when you wash steel cutlery and pots in it, so don’t worry it’s going to be loud because of the material. A good accessory set has already become a sign of a high-quality sink.

Here you will find a dish drying rack, basket strainers, bottom grids, and all the mounting hardware. You can easily wash here even those pans that had just been on fire since the stainless steel is known for its low heat conductivity. Besides, it is resistant to corrosion.

The sink is available in 5 different sizes. And even though its corners may seem a little bit too sharp, because of the stainless steel they will be more or less easy to clean. By the way, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The drawback of this sink is because here the stainless steel grate used to protect the bottom of the basin is narrow, it will occasionally block the food scraps from draining. Even if this might be annoying, do not use the sink without the grate, or you risk scratching it.

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6. Swanstone QZ03322LS.077-2C

Here comes something unusual and different from the previous models on this list. For those who are looking for more extended functionality and also looking for a not cheesy design, this is a sink to go for. The outer look of it will make your kitchen look more elegant and expensive.

swanstoneIt has a two bowl design that will look great in every modern kitchen, especially those which already use granite countertops. Unlike the previous sinks, this one is made out of 80% quartz stone which has great durability.

Another distinctive feature of it is even though it may seem that this sink is large because of its two bowls and 2 holes, in reality, it is quite compact. Not that it is small, it is just compact, but spacious enough to wash all the dishes in here. It leads to another advantage which means that this sink will fit all the standard countertops.

The quartz material, used for this sink, guarantees that it is going to be durable and scratch-proof. It’s the type of material that is used not so often in the kitchen and your sink will still be looking like a new one for a long time ahead. Moreover, its texture hides the watermarks and fingerprint stains, so you won’t have to clean it very often.

By the way, even though this sink is made of such top-quality materials and it looks luxurious, the price of it is pretty much affordable. The only disadvantage you will have to face if you buy this item is that it is really heavy (but on the other hand, the heaviness makes this sink more durable). Before buying, make sure you have planned the transportation of it.

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7. Kraus KBU14 Kitchen Sink

Here we have another product by Kraus. This sink is marked as “Amazon’s choice” and has a little bit of different shape than other items represented here. First of all, it is the most affordable item on our list. It comes in 3 sizes, but initially, it is not a large kitchen sink. A very strong feature of it is that it’s made of the top-quality stainless steel, resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

krauskbuIt has a top-notch satin finish, which is better at hiding spots than the steel’s natural color, so you won’t have to clean the sink so often. Another cool feature of it is that it is easy to install. Apart from that, the sink comes with a good sound shield, so you don’t have to worry about it being too loud for your kitchen.

The industrial-grade construction that this sink has was made of the premium-grade steel. You can be sure that this item will serve you a long life. And just like the previous items, this one is covered with thick rubber pads. The pads will absorb the steel’s vibration, and they will reduce the noise produced when you use the sink.

By the way, the 3 various sizes that this sink has also differ slightly in shape and design. If you would like to have it in white color, or with the riffled bottom there are options for that. Moreover, its coating prevents condensation that can damage kitchen cabinets.

A dubious aspect feature that this item has is its flat bottom meant for secure placement of glasses and other vessels in order to prevent them from falling. But at the same time, this flatness makes it hard for the water to drain, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for some time for the water to sink when you’re washing the dishes.

This sink comes with a lifetime limited warranty. In general, it doesn’t have any significant disadvantages and comes at a great price. This item will be an excellent choice for spacious as well as for small kitchens.

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FAQ for kitchen sinks buyers

1. Should I buy a double kitchen sink?

For homes that do not have a dishwasher installed, a double basin sink can be the next best thing. It is very convenient in terms that you can fill one side with hot water for washing dishes and use the other half for rinsing. It delivers comfort even if each basin is smaller than a single basin sink.

There is also a large and small basin variant on the market, which is ideal for those with a dishwasher installed but do not have a prep sink to work with. Just make sure that each basin has its own drain.

2. Why does a kitchen sink not have an overflow?

The simplest answer would be that if you are in the United States is that it is not required by plumbing codes, so manufacturers do not see the need to put them in. This isn’t required because the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) believes that putting an overflow can create sanitation problems.

The food particles can get caught and rot in the overflow. For European manufacturers, a cleanout is designed with the overflow so it can be accessed. U.S. manufacturers simply chose to simplify and let go of the overflow completely. If you have a double basin kitchen sink, the other basin serves as the overflow.

3. Why does my sink gurgle in the kitchen?

Because of the clogging. Aside from the obvious food clogs, grease and dirt can also buildup in the kitchen sink among other types of debris. The result is air trapped and slow draining water. When the air bubbles try to force through the blockage using the nearest vent, a gurgling noise is heard.

In case you are wondering why does the kitchen sink make noise, well, there may also be instances where instead of gurgling noise, you will hear a high-pitched or almost squealing noise. In this instance, the source of the noise will reveal the cause of the problem. Whether it is the faucet or the plumbing pipes underneath the sink.

4. Why does my kitchen sink leak?

There are many possible reasons for kitchen sink leaks like a missing valve, loose connections, and cracked pipes. The most common among these are cracked pipes because of quality issues. Low-quality pipes are prone to rust and degradation causing it to leak faster.

The more imminent danger is that of burst pipes. There is also an issue of possible excessive pressure that is exerted on the pipes or worn out supply lines. Because of the many possibilities, a licensed plumber has to be called in for a proper diagnosis.

5. Why is kitchen sink water pressure low?

Low water pressure can sometimes be caused by breaks in the waterline, so you should check it. However, if completely isolated in the kitchen, there are a couple of things that can be checked like the (clogged) faucet aerator or cartridge. These can be resolved without any plumbing skills. If these are not causing the problem, you need a licensed plumber’s experience to identify and solve the problem.

6. Why does my kitchen sink smell?

Kitchen sink odors can be attributed to 2 things: rotting food and sewer gas. Eventually, food particles caught in the sink drain or the garbage disposal will begin to rot and emit a foul odor.

If the smell is sewer gas though, you need to ask a licensed plumber to check both the sink trap and the plumbing vent to ensure that you are not in danger from toxic gases.