7 Best Granite Rock Pan Reviews

Not so long ago the so-called granite frying pans appeared on sale. Under a strange name hides not stone dishes, but products with a special non-stick layer.

In fact, it is the same Teflon, but with the addition of granite or marble chips. Frying pans with this coating are called granite, marble, stone.

The coating of the granite frying pan is a small granite crumb. The non-stick film on the surface of the frying pan is distinguished by its high strength and durability, scratch resistance.

According to these indicators, granite frying pans win the competition with Teflon and ceramic cookware. Granite coating is environmentally friendly.

Under the influence of high temperatures, it does not separate and does not get into food. Besides, it guarantees safety for human health.

Granite-coated frying pans are suitable for:

  • gas cooktops
  • electric stoves
  • glass-ceramic halide panels
  • spiral electric stoves
  • low-temperature dishwashers

One more advantage of a granite frying pan is its uniform heating, thanks to which food is cooked equally well both in the center and on the edges.

Food is such a frying pan does not stick, for cooking – the smallest of oil, and after using it is easy to wash and there is no need to soak.

The variety of cookware for food preparation is an essential part of any kitchen. Thus, you can check these reviews to choose the other great pans:

Ceramic Frying Pans

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Ceramic-coated frying pans are ideal for baking, quenching and languishing. The non-stick properties of the material are significantly reduced after 3-6 months of use (as shown by numerous practice).


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Carbon Steel Pan

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It has the properties of cast iron, has a significant advantage - over time it does not rust. The same cast iron coated with titanium particles is used as the base, which provides non-stick properties and high heat transferability.

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Omelette Pan

7 Best Omelette Pan Reviews

Omelette pan is a special frying pan, which is used to cook dishes made of eggs of different types. There are models that have smooth bottoms and also with different recesses. Omelette pans can be full frying pans, and various forms of silicone or metal, which are placed in a traditional dish for frying.

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Cast Iron Skillets

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This material heats evenly and does not cool down for a long time, so it is ideal for cooking meat and baking pies in the oven. The porous texture of the bottom helps to keep the fat on the surface, thus creating a non-stick film.

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Recently, they have become very popular due to their scratch resistance, longer service life compared to Teflon pans, affordable price. If you decide to buy a granite frying pan, we recommend you to read this rating, which includes only the best models.

Our Top Pick
THE ROCK by Starfrit 030948

THE ROCK by Starfrit 030948

This granite frying pan has a round shape. The manufacturer has provided it with a non-stick coating.

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Other high-quality granite rock pans:

Carote 12.5-Inch Nonstick Frying Pan

Carote 12.5-Inch Nonstick Frying Pan

The model has a round shape, it can be used on induction cooktops. This frying pan is suitable for a dishwasher.

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Granite Stone 14” Nonstick Frying Pan

Granite Stone 14” Nonstick Frying Pan

This frying pan is made of forged aluminum, it ensures good heat distribution inside the product.

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10" Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

10" Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

You can cook without fat in this frying pan. It is highly wear-resistant and ideal for quenching.

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This model has a sliding ergonomic handle. The frying pan can be cooked with virtually no oil. It is prone to scratching.

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Mr Captain 18/10 Tri-Ply Bonded

Mr Captain 18/10 Tri-Ply Bonded

This frying pan has a unique bottom made of aluminum, which enhances heat conductivity. It speeds up the cooking process and saves energy.

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GRANITESTONE Frying Pan Nonstick

GRANITESTONE Frying Pan Nonstick

This frying pan is made of cast aluminium. Its peculiarity is a special multi-layer coating of increased strength.

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THE ROCK by Starfrit 030948

THE ROCK by Starfrit 030948Universal frying pan from one of the best manufacturers. Cast aluminum has been chosen as the material to be made, as it is reliable and lightweight.

The weight of the product is only 1.09 kg. In addition to the main bakelite removable handle, there is an extra short handle on the opposite side of the frying pan.

The bottom is quite thick – 6 mm. This ensures full frying of any food without burning and drying out.

Users often share their opinions about the Starfrit brand and specifically this model in their reviews. They note the mechanical resistance of the marble coating.

A ceramic-coated frying pan that allows frying and cooking without oil. The distinguishing feature is the sturdy handle with a built-in heating indicator. Stamped aluminum is used as the material.

This frying pan is one of the deepest, so it is suitable for large amounts of food. But it cannot be used in an oven or on induction cooktops. It is not expensive and very easy to use, so it is suitable for everyday cooking.

For some types of dishes, it is an excellent option, thanks to the handle with a heating indicator and high sides.


  • rugged case
  • dishwasher compatibility
  • integrated thermosensor
  • non-heating bakelite handle
  • mechanical damage resistant coating

Customers also like the possibility of using this frying pan in the oven thanks to the removable handle. Negative reviews of the frying pan could not be found, so it takes first place in this rating.

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Carote 12.5-Inch Nonstick Frying Pan

Carote 12.5-Inch Nonstick Frying PanThe frying pan of universal purpose from the popular manufacturer. The product is of high quality, designed for frequent, continuous use.

Quite a large diameter (28 cm) and high sides make the frying pan suitable for cooking second courses for the whole family.

The material chosen for the production is cast aluminum. This determines the qualities of the dishes such as lightness, rapid heating, easy maintenance.

The products preserve the useful substances and are rich and tasty. Thick walls ensure that heat is maintained. The body of the product is not transformed by high temperatures.

The non-stick coating makes it possible to prepare dishes without oil. It is not afraid of abrasion, serves the user for a long time.

The handle is fixed – the model is not designed for use in the oven. The frying pan is compatible with all types of cooking stoves.


  • thick walls and a bottom
  • compatibility with induction cookers and dishwashers
  • even heat distribution and long term heat retention

Judging by reviews, users in this model like the appearance, quality, quality, and properties of the non-stick coating.

Many write that the frying pan is suitable for cooking different dishes. It is equally convenient to stew vegetables and fry pancakes.

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Granite Stone 14” Nonstick Frying Pan

Granite Stone 14” Nonstick Frying PanUniversal pan with high edges (7.1 cm). Suitable for all types of cooking – frying and stewing.

It is easy to handle a frying pan with a thick bottom and cast aluminum walls. The product from a little-known brand does not differ in performance, but the price justifies it.

The difference from other models is a removable handle, saving space in a cabinet or dishwasher. Real-life depends on care because the coating is sensitive to metal objects.

Pretty thick bottom (6 mm) ensures even temperature distribution. The food is equally well cooked in the middle and along the edges.

Inside the product is covered with enamel, which ensures uniform heating of food. The frying pan is suitable for frying and stewing, materials can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees.

Safe manufacturing technology prevents acids and leads from getting into the food.

The new classic frying pan is highly durable. It does not change its shape under the influence of temperatures. The material warms up evenly as in a convection oven. Thanks to this, the food retains its useful substances.

The product is suitable for a gas stove. The manufacturer does not recommend using metal devices. Food can be fried without oil, it does not stick.

The fixed handle made of Bakelite is securely attached to the pan with screws. Feedback on the model is mainly positive.


  • ecological cover
  • ergonomic, non-heating handle
  • dishwasher compatibility
  • even heating, thanks to the thick bottom

As the advantages of the product users note the low weight (1.33 kg), comfortable handle, the possibility of washing in the dishwasher.

The coating is quite stable, but you need to treat it carefully, try to do without metal blades.

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10″ Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

10" Stone Earth Frying Pan by OzeriA universal frying pan with excellent characteristics. Made of cast aluminum, the handle is Bakelite removable.

Thick bottom (6.7 mm) ensures even cooking of any dishes. Marble non-stick coating is made qualitatively.

Ergonomic thick-bottomed frying pan suitable for frying and stewing. The body is made of strong and lightweight cast aluminum.

The non-stick coating does not contain nickel or other harmful compounds. Thanks to the thick walls, the heat is evenly distributed. The stylish red handle is coated with a soft-touch material that doesn’t heat.

This model is not suitable for induction cookers and should not be washed in a dishwasher.

Nothing sticks to it, the products do not burn, and are covered with a uniform rouge crust. The frying pan without a handle can be used for cooking in an oven.


  • thick walls and a bottom
  • ergonomic shape
  • uniform heat distribution

There are many positive aspects to the user’s feedback. Good design, the convenience of the handle, the durability of the coating. Many people like the possibility of using the frying pan as a baking tray.

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GRANITESTONE 2149Despite its origin, this brand is considered quite good. Granitestone brand pans are characterized by convenience, durability, increased wear resistance.

According to the characteristics of the frying pan is not very different from other models with granite coating.

Universality, round shape, good non-stick properties, the basis of cast aluminum.

This frying pan has a triple bottom that ensures good heat conductivity and heat retention. To achieve the desired effect, an aluminum disc is injected into the bottom for even heat distribution.

The body itself is made of stainless steel and the Teflon coating is reinforced with ceramic particles. This results in mechanical strength and environmental safety.

The frying pan can be used not only for gas cookers but also for induction ranges.

Users in this model like convenience, the stability of construction, the presence of a removable handle.


  • strength and durability
  • compatibility with induction cookers and dishwashers
  • ergonomic shape
  • consistent food heating
  • mechanical damage resistance

The frying pan can be placed in the oven, washed by machine without risk of damage to the non-stick coating.

Sufficiently high edges, with almost no extension to the top, make the frying pan a good option for quenching.

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Mr Captain 18/10 Tri-Ply Bonded

Mr Captain 18/10 Tri-Ply BondedThe frying pan for universal use from the popular brand is available in two colors – black and gray.

Very light model (1.18 kg) – hands do not get tired during cooking.

Cast aluminum is often used for making dishes. It combines several positive properties – lightness, uniformity of heating, durability.

Relatively inexpensive squirrel forged aluminum with a 5-layer non-stick coating. It allows cooking with the smallest amount of oil or fat.

The soft-touch handle does not heat up in the process. The pans are used on all cooktops, including induction cooktops, and are washed in the dishwasher without fear.

It is deep, so it is suitable for stewing and frying large quantities of food.

The handle is not removable. But very comfortable and reliable, it is attached to the frying pan with screws and does not hang.


  • environmentally friendly coating without harmful compounds
  • uniform heating and heat retention by thick walls
  • handy temperature indicator
  • long operational life and mechanical durability

Granite non-stick coating is made qualitatively. Even after several years of use, this frying pan retains its full properties.

As advantages of the frying pan users divide the low cost in comparison with analogs, solid appearance, convenience. Most note good non-stick properties.

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GRANITESTONE Frying Pan Nonstick

GRANITESTONE Frying Pan NonstickThe frying pan for universal use from one of the most famous manufacturers.

The model under consideration differs slightly from other frying pans included in the rating.

This frying pan is made of forged aluminum with a transparent glass lid. The design provides two handles – the main and extra.

Innovative technologies and materials were used to produce this frying pan. It has good thermal conductivity, so it reduces cooking time and saves energy.

The basic shape is made of cast aluminum. The frying pan is suitable for induction cookers and dishwashers. This model is suitable for those who adhere to the idea of healthy eating, but it requires careful and careful care.

The main handle is made of bakelite, lies comfortably in the hand and does not warm up. The qualitative granite covering completely excludes the probability of sticking.


  • multilayer non-stick coating
  • compatibility with induction cookers and dishwashers
  • quick heating without cold feet
  • environmental cleanliness of materials

Users in reviews state a very successful shape of the frying pan. It is ideally suited for quenching, cooking roasts. Even the most capricious products do not stick to the bottom due to the properties of the coating.

The frying pan is compatible with all types of cookers. It can withstand machine washing and has an attractive, expensive appearance.

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FAQ for granite rock pans buyers

Which coat is better to buy a frying pan with?

There are frying pans with Teflon, ceramic, titanium, marble and granite coating. Each of these frying pans has its advantages. But, buyers especially highlight the granite coating. It is not separated from the product under the influence of high temperatures. Also, it is not a danger to human health.

What kind of care is recommended for a granite coated frying pan?

You should use wooden or silicone spatulas when cooking. It is not advisable to overheat such dishes. The dishes must not be washed with abrasives or with chemicals containing alkalis and acids in their composition.

What are the sizes of granite-coated frying pans?

Granite-coated pans on sale can be found in diameter from 20 cm.

How long does a granite frying pan last?

The service life of the product depends on the thickness of the coating. Cookware with a thin protective layer will serve its owner for at least 3 years if used correctly. The textured layer extends the service life of the product for up to 6 years. A well-defined rough surface will last for at least 10 years.

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