7 Best Microplane Zesters Reviews

All Microplane products are manufactured in the USA. These grates are considered the best if you believe most of the culinary ratings. Their blades are much sharper than a regular grinder. Microplane uses high hardness stainless steel in its production.

Steel 410 has high hardness and wear resistance, and steel 320 is absolutely not subject to corrosion. Thus graters and vegetable Microplane do not blunt for years. The secret of the Microplane’s long-lasting sharpening is also in the design of the grinders and the correct blade angle.

Microplane Zesters

Surgically similar, the steel of the Microplane grinders contains molybdenum. It has a high chemical resistance and is not oxidized, as opposed to steels of ordinary grinders.

Thanks to the absolute chemical neutrality of Microplane steels, the products keep a lot of vitamins.

The unique super-sharp blade and its various shapes are patented in the U.S. and Canada and have no analogs.

In addition to the universal Microplane tetrahedral grate, there are flat grates for cheese and chocolate. They are convenient to use directly above the finished dish.

They also innovative “raspy” type rubbers are an irreplaceable thing for citrus zest. Microplane products are the ones that cut, not the ones that squeeze.

The graters are so sharp that they are very easy to cut. So take care of your hands, use a special holder for food, chef gloves. When storing, wear a plastic case, which is sold as a set.

Microplane zesters are not stylish accessories, but really functional kitchen appliances. They will not take up much space and will delight you with their ease of use, reliability, and durability.

The name Microproplein is already a noun. Many recipes contain the phrases: “rub on the microplate”, “slice on the microplate”, which confirms high quality.

Microplane Zesters

Many low-quality graters are made of food-grade tin, and a good grater is first quality steel. High-quality steel should not bend, quickly dull and come into disrepair.

Like any quality knife, you don’t have to grind quality steel all the time, but nothing is everlasting and grinding requires sharpening.

But this will already depend on how often you use the grater and your careful handling. Remember, like quality knives, the grater must be used for its intended purpose.

The key to the longevity and sharpness of a grater is to use it as steel. That’s why Microplane grinders use high hardness stainless steel. The 410 steel has high hardness and wears resistance.

The 320 steel is absolutely corrosion-free. This is why the Microplane’s blade of heaters and vegetable cutters is much sharper than that of a conventional heat grater.

Another secret to long-term grinding is the special design of the grinders. And the third factor for the grinding time is the correct angle of the blade. This is the same rule as to when sharpening quality knives. In order not to spoil the cutting edge, the correct sharpening angle must be maintained.

microplane zester 3

It is a well-known fact that vitamins are destroyed when they come into contact with metal. Microplane has found a way out of this.

Steel Microplane is like surgery, contains molybdenum, which does not oxidize due to its high chemical resistance.

Moreover, this steel is chemically neutral, so the products keep the most vitamins and beneficial substances. Do not forget about the usefulness of food that you cook for yourself and your family.

Stainless 410 and 320 steel is the ideal material for grinders – they keep sharpening for a long time and are environmentally friendly. But unlike others, they are much more expensive.

We would like to note another distinctive feature of the grater blade. The blade shapes are designed to meet the specifics of various products and are patented in America and Canada, and have no analogs.

This video shows the difference between fine, ribbon, and coarse graters and zesters:

Those who have had the opportunity to use the Microplane grater’s sharp teeth are well aware of it. And many people share almost personal “horror stories”. They tell about injured fingers or unpleasant injections of sharp edges.

Perhaps the consumers are right – for each person, his or her own safety comes first. But no one would think to wash, for example, a knife, leading his hand along a sharp blade. Or wipe the teeth of the saw with a linen cloth.

It’s the same with graters: You just have to be more thoughtful about taking care of them. And it’s simple: clogged openings can be brushed.

After that, all you need to do is rinse the grater under a jet of water and wipe it in the direction of the sharp edges. Then you won’t hurt your hands either, and the cloth won’t start sprawling along the threads.

Well, and those who want to be sure of safety will need protective gloves, developed in Microplane according to customer reviews. You’ll also enjoy a grip on your thermos. With it, the greater will be securely fixed and will not break out of your hands at the most inopportune moment.

And a little safety advice: you shouldn’t put the Microplane in the same kitchen drawer as other table items. It is indeed very sharp, and it is better to reduce the risk of cuts if it comes into contact with its surface accidentally.

This Microplane zester has the best feedback from the buyers:

Our Top Pick
Microplane Elite ZesterMicroplane Elite Zester

This model of Microplane zester allows you to quickly and easily zest citrus fruits, grate nutmegs and spices, and other similar products. 
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Other great Microplane zesters:

Microplane 44002

Microplane 44002

This zester is ideal for grating ginger, zesting citrus fruits and hard cheeses such as Parmesan.

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Microplane Master Series

Microplane Master Series

This stainless steel device will help ypu to get juicy zest. The wood handle is sourced from Kentucky.

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Teja’s Zester Grater 18/8 Sharp stainless Steel Blade

Teja’s Zester Grater 18/8 Sharp stainless Steel Blade

This device takes the flavorful coating directly off the citrus fruit, cheese, and vegetable.

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Microplane 40001 Zester

Microplane 40001 Zester

This tool allows you to get the flavorful rind directly off the citrus fruit, while leaving behind the bitter white pith.

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Microplane Premium Classic Zester

Microplane Premium Classic Zester

Use this zester to grate citrus for perfect lemon, lime, and orange zests or to create pillowy mounds of parmesan cheese.

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Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

This premium grater is a newer version of the classic with non-scratch end tabs and a soft-touch handle that comes in different colors.

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Microplane Elite Zester

Microplane Elite Zester

All well-known chefs use the grater. Stainless steels of high hardness are used in the production of grinders.

Stainless 410 and 301, 302 steel is the ideal material for grinders, they keep sharp for a long time. Steel 410 has high hardness and wear resistance.

Steel 302 is absolutely not exposed to corrosion, grater, and vegetable cutting. Grinders do not get stupid for years. Steel grits contain molybdenum, have high chemical resistance, and do not oxidize.

The products of this brand from start to finish are produced in our own factory, the process is fully controlled. Stainless steel of the highest quality is used. The technology of one-sided photo engraving is applied. Ergonomic handles. Lifetime warranty.

This grater has razor-sharp blades. The grater is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which allows you to stay sharp and not blunt for many years. The grater is ideal for preparing zest, grinding chocolate, and rubbing hard cheeses with the smallest effort.

Thanks to the silicone handle, the grater is easy to hold and does not slide in your hand. The grater comes with a plastic cover as well as two brushes for cleaning.

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Microplane 44002

Microplane 44002

This metal zest grater with handle will help you get the right product quickly and easily.

The comfortable and safe zest grater will undoubtedly become one of the indispensable helpers in your kitchen. A small grater will make it quick and easy to get the zest you need for cooking your food.

The attractively designed ergonomically designed unit is compact and will not take up much space in the china cabinet. The grater is easy to wash, even in the dishwasher.

To make you feel more comfortable and your kitchen stays clean during cooking, the grater comes with a tray for sliced foods. The grater is placed on the tray without slipping or falling. Your sliced foods are not spread all over the table but are collected in a polycarbonate tray.

The small holes in the blades are so sharp that they allow you to rub any hard food quickly and easily. You can use them to grind the zest of any citrus product to make your dish even more delicious.

The handle of this grater is very comfortable. It has a rubber surface that does not slide in your hand. Also, the shape of the handle allows you to hold it comfortably. At the same time, your hand will not get tired and you can cook a lot of food.

Also, this grater is suitable for parmesan, ginger, and other hard products. This tool is very easy to clean. You can do it manually or with a dishwasher. To remove dried-up food remains, you can soak the grater in warm water for several hours.

You can then easily remove any remaining food. You can also use a special brush for cleaning, which you can buy additionally. With this grater, you will get a protective pouch in which you can store the grater and other accessories. This is very convenient.

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Microplane Master Series

Microplane Master Series

This grater is designed for hard varieties of cheese, zest, ginger, garlic, carrots. Metal parts are made of high-quality stainless steel with the addition of molybdenum.

The steel has high hardness and wears resistance. It is not subject to corrosion, has high chemical resistance, and does not oxidize. The grater keeps sharpening for a long time. It is also environmentally friendly, absolutely chemically neutral.

This grater has two plates made of strong stainless steel. One side is designed for fine crushing of products such as carrots, potatoes, or apples for salads or soups.

The second side can be used for rubbing cheese, lemon peel, or chocolate. The ergonomic swivel handle allows the grater to be used in two modes: on weight or on a tabletop.

This grater is also perfect for rubbing cheese and chocolate. Its holes are larger than other grater models, so the pieces of zest are bigger and juicier.

This grater can be washed in the dishwasher and manually. Do not use abrasive detergents to damage the surface of the grater.

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Teja’s Zester Grater 18/8 Sharp stainless Steel Blade

Teja’s Zester Grater 18/8 Sharp stainless Steel Blade

This grater, made of high hardness stainless steel, has fine blades. It is specially designed for rubbing hard cheeses like parmesan and citrus peel.

The product is equipped with an ergonomic handle with a non-slip coating. Such a unique item will be an indispensable assistant in your kitchen and will please any hostess.

Products of this brand are used by all famous cooks and chefs around the world. All their products are manufactured in their own factory.

The manufacturer uses the highest quality stainless steel for the production of zesters. Due to the unique chemical composition of steel, this grater is not oxidized. It retains all its qualities and beautiful appearance.

This grater is made according to the latest technology. It allows achieving exceptional blade sharpness and long service life.

The handle and bottom part are made of non-slip, pleasant to the touch polypropylene and high-quality stainless steel. It can be washed either manually or in a dishwasher.

Thanks to this grater you will be able to grate the aromatic zest from any citrus, hard cheeses, and even vegetables. Also, you can try a special zester for citruses. This grater is made of environmentally friendly stainless steel, which is not harmful to your health. This material does not release any chemical substances.

The manufacturer guarantees that this tool is rust-free and will keep its original appearance for a long time. This grater is so strong that it will never bend or break.

The hard handle provides a strong grip on the grater in your hand, so you won’t cut yourself. Also, it’s very comfortable. The set with this grater has a special brush, which will help you clean the tool from excess food. Also in the set, there is a transparent protective cover, in which it is convenient to store this track.

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Microplane 40001 Zester

Microplane 40001 Zester

This grater is used to work with all kinds of citrus fruits. The main blade is very convenient to rub the zest, and the side ones will help you to easily cut the decorative elements.

In addition to citrus fruits, you can rub cheese or nuts with a grater. The model is equipped with an anti-slip rubber handle. A plastic case is available for safe storage. The product can be perfectly washed in the dishwasher.

This grater has a unique modern design and is notable for its functionality and practicality. It is made of high strength stainless steel and is equipped with ergonomic rubber handles.

It also has extra elements for comfort and stability. All cutting surfaces are extremely sharp.

They allow effortless grinding and cutting off food without turning it into shapeless porridge.

A spice container and a glove can be fitted to the grater to protect your hands while working. Thanks to their non-sticky teeth, the grater is easy to wash under running water and safe for the dishwasher.

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Microplane Premium Classic Zester

Microplane Premium Classic Zester

The grater is designed for rubbing hard types of cheese such as parmesan, as well as for citrus zest. The grater can be washed in the dishwasher.

This grater has excellent characteristics. It has sharp blades, comfortable handles, and a universal set of work surfaces. The teeth of the grater, made of surgical stainless steel, have razor sharpness and their shape is patented.

Everyone who uses this grater for the first time is amazed at how easy it is to grind even the most stubborn products.

This mini grater is equipped with a built-in cleaner, which gently collects the residue of zest from the blade. Simply slide the cleaner through the inner surface of the grater and remove the zest through the special opening. It comes with a protective pouch for safe storage.

With this grater, you can grate the aromatic zest of any citrus to make any dish more delicious. You can also use it to grate cheese, hard cinnamon, garlic, ginger, and even some nuts.

To make the blades very hard, the manufacturer uses Photo-Etched technology. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which retains its sharpness and beautiful qualities for a long time. As this material has excellent magnetic properties, it can be easily hung on a magnetic strip, on which you usually place your knives.

This grater is easy to clean. You can do it either by hand with conventional detergents or in the dishwasher. The second cleaning method is safer because it completely eliminates your direct contact with this tool.

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Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

Those who have had to rub the zest will agree on how difficult this can be. And with this grater, you can do it quickly and easily.

The grater itself is very comfortable and it is a pleasure to rub citrus fruits on it. It is made of stainless steel and has sharp blades, which will remove even the thinnest skin.

The rubberized handle allows you to hold this grater firmly even with wet hands. The handy cleaner is designed to completely remove the residual zest from the blades.

Simply slide the cleaner on the inside and remove the zest through the special opening. This grater can be washed in the dishwasher. The special protective housing made of transparent plastic. It comes with it allows you to safely store this wonderful grater.

To make the blades of this grater very sharp, laser technology is used in production. The handle of this grater is made of high-quality plastic, which does not contain BPA. This means that it is environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to health.

Thanks to this device you can easily rub any citrus crust. Also with its help, you can rub cheese and other similar products. The material, from which this grater is made, does not rust. It keeps its sharpness for a long time.

The authenticity of stainless steel is confirmed by the fact that this grater can be hung on a magnetic stripe, which is usually placed knives.

This grater is easy to clean. For safer cleaning, the manufacturer recommends washing it in the dishwasher. But, you can also gently wash it by hand without using abrasive detergents. For cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the grater, you can use a special brush that does not scratch the surface.

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FAQ for Microplane zesters buyers:

Can I wash Microplane zester in the dishwasher?

Yes, these grinders are made of stainless steel, so they can be washed in the dishwasher.

What are Microplane zesters used for?

Microplane zesters are used to make citrus zesters and also to grind cheese, nuts, chocolate, and other similar hard products.

Can I sharpen Microplane zesters?

The blades of this grater do not come off. If it gets worse at work, they probably bend. That’s why it’s better to keep these graters in protective containers.

How do you replace a Microplane zester?

You can grind the zester with a regular knife, but it has to be sharpened. But, only the Microplane zester will give you the perfect result.

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