9 Best Pancake Maker Reviews

What is breakfast? We’re all used to thinking that breakfast is the kind of meal that sets the mood all day long. But many people are used to skipping breakfast because they don’t always have the time and opportunity to cook it.

We offer you a solution that will make cooking your breakfast effective and speed up the process. We assure you that you will be able to cook it with almost no involvement of your own, but the result will be a delicious stack of pancakes.

Pancake makers are designed to make the perfect pancakes. Even if you don’t know how to cook them in the pan, there are automated systems on which you only have to put the dough.

In addition to pancakes, you can also make sandwiches, Belgian waffles, cookies, and much more! We suggest you find a pancake maker for home use, which will help you to cook delicious dishes every day at the beginning of the day.

So how do you choose the most suitable and durable pancake maker?

Type of meal.

There are 2 main heat sources for cooking pancakes – gas and electricity. Usually, the individual pancake maker works on the waffle iron principle, so the most common ones are the electric models.

There are also different types of pans on which you can bake the dough in the form of pancakes – they need gas when cooking a meal. Thus, you can use them with the gas cooktop.

The number of pancakes.

If you are used to cooking breakfast for the whole family, then buying a device that bakes 1 piece will not be profitable for you. There are models of pancake maker, which are designed for cooking 6 or more at once.

This is very convenient for cooking several portions at once and significantly speeds up the process. Single pancake makers are suitable for people who live alone or who only cook individual breakfasts for themselves.

The size of the unit.

Depending on how many pancakes the pancake maker can produce, the size of the device will vary. The device can also be a simple surface for roasting and making pancakes.

In this case, you should check what free storage space you have in your kitchen and where you can place your purchase. The only thing we can notice is that you should not buy a device that is too large.

Surface material.

Since pancakes have a distinctive color, shape, and cooking method, you will also need a device with a specific surface.

Sure, you can cook pancakes with oil on a cast-iron surface, but still, the most common material is non-stick coating. You can also try the other nonstick cookware. In any case, cast iron and non-stick coatings heat evenly and do not let the dough stick.

Now we offer you to find out which devices are best suited for making the perfect breakfast.

Our Top Pick
dash dms001RDDash DMS001RD Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle for Individual Pancakes
  • Large portion pancakes
  • Rapid warm-up
  • 1 year warranty
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Other great pancake makers

cuisinart waf-300p1

Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates

Device with 6 temperature sensitivities.

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animal mini waffle maker

Animal Mini Waffle Maker- Makes 7 Fun, Different Shaped Pancakes

Cute pancake molds ideal for children.

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george foreman electric

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

Helps make crispy quesadillas and soft pancakes.

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holstein housewares

Holstein Housewares HU-09005R-M Non-Stick Arepa Maker

Quick cooking of 6 pancakes at once.

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happy sales hsob-ykp4b

Happy Sales HSOB-YKP4B, Japanese Obanyaki Pan Stuffed Pancake Toaster

Traditional frying pan for simplified cooking.

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moss stone 8

Moss & Stone 8" Electric Crepe Maker I Pan Style I Hot Plate Cooktop

Unusual frying pan design.

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1. Dash DMS001RD Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle for Individual Pancakes

dash dms001RD

The most traditional type of pancakes are large, lush pancakes, which are stacked on your plate, and poured with oil and maple syrup. If you want to enjoy this delicacy, with the Dash DMS001RD Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle you will have this opportunity.

We thought it was the best device because it makes it easy to get the perfect result, and you can easily wipe or wash all non-electrical parts.

In addition to making pancakes, the manufacturer offers you many other dishes and recipes. The device comes with a recipe book in paper format, as well as access to the electronic recipe database.

You get the opportunity to make pancakes for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner – great steaks, and all this with the Dash DMS001RD Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle!

The surface heats up quickly and you don’t have to wait long for the right temperature. Unfortunately, turning off is done with a socket, which can be a slight inconvenience.

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2. Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates

cuisinart waf-300p1

Despite the fact that Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Maker is designed for making exactly Belgian waffles, the manufacturer added a special surface for making pancakes to the set.

But it is impossible to pay attention to the main function of the device. With it, the Belgian waffles are really crispy and baked, and you can enjoy a really delicious delicacy.

It is worth going back to the pancakes and saying that the result will not disappoint you either. The set includes a special surface with 2 small recesses, which are forms for baking and roasting pancakes.

They are small, which will give you the result of very tiny and cute pieces of dough. In the settings, you will be able to adjust and set one of six different temperature modes.

Once you have finished using the device, you can easily detach the panels and wash them yourself or in the dishwasher. Both surfaces are non-stick, so you won’t even need to use oil.

Also, the Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Maker beeps when you need to heat the device – so you never have to hold on to your waffles or pancakes.

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3. Animal Mini Waffle Maker – Makes 7 Fun, Different Shaped Pancakes

animal mini waffle maker

If you have children in your family, then they will definitely like a new treat! Animal Mini Waffle Maker is designed to make 7 pancakes of different shapes at the same time, which will delight you and your kids.

Even the most ordinary breakfast will have a little flavor or something fun. The result is similar to both pancakes and small fresh cupcakes at the same time.

The surface of the Animal Mini Waffle Maker is completely non-stick, but for better extraction, you can oil it a little bit in the first few times. Included with the unit is a booklet with several recipes for you to prepare.

You don’t have to follow them at all – you can cook according to your favorite recipes and get delicious results. Despite the name Animal Mini Waffle Maker, it cannot be referred to as a waffle maker.

These small animals are more like crispy crusty cupcakes or lush pancakes, which you will get when cooked properly. We recommend eating them with syrups and toppings!

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4. George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

george foreman electric

We continue the theme of breakfast and original ideas for him. In addition to waffles and pancakes, people often prefer to eat something more nourishing, such as a quesadilla.

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker will help you not only to make pancakes of non-standard shape, but also make a crispy cake, and the cheese in toast will start to really melt and bring you pleasure.

If you immediately thought that it is impossible to make pancakes in George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker, you are very wrong. The only drawback is that the dough will not have the shape of a circle, but will be triangular as if you cut off a piece of the pie.

As the principle of George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker is similar to that of the pancake maker, you will get the same result. In order not to stick the dough, the device has a non-stick surface.

So that you don’t have to cut too big of pancakes into pieces, the device will do it for you. The result will not look like classic pancakes that can be stacked – but it will taste great.

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5. Holstein Housewares HU-09005R-M Non-Stick Arepa Maker

holstein housewares

For those people who appreciate the speed of preparation, it will be a great purchase of Holstein Housewares HU-09005R-M Non-Stick Arepa Maker.

This device allows you to cook 6 pancakes at once in an incredibly short time without turning them over or baking them additionally. On both sides, you get the perfect brown crust that looks so good on a plate at breakfast.

A total of 6 whole pancakes will take you about 7 minutes or less. In addition to the usual pancakes, you will make a variety of cakes or even fry perfectly round eggs. This method of cooking eggs is similar, for example, for sandwiches or burgers.

Thanks to the non-stick coating, the food will not stick to the surface and it will make your cleaning easier. Holstein Housewares HU-09005R-M Non-Stick Arepa Maker has two options so you can store it in the kitchen.

The first is vertical storage, and the second is a non-slip base for horizontal use. This way you can both store and use the pancake maker comfortably for yourself.

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6. Happy Sales HSOB-YKP4B, Japanese Obanyaki Pan Stuffed Pancake Toaster

happy sales hsob-ykp4b

However, there are also supporters of more traditional pancake-making. If you are used to frying them in the pan, we can also offer you a more simplified cooking solution.

Happy Sales HSOB-YKP4B looks at first glance like a standard frying pan, where the unusual only structure of the frying surface. This frying pan has 2 surfaces that you can use in 2 cases.

In the first case, you will fry two at the same time, opening the frying pan completely, while the second one simply simplifies the process of flipping pancakes.

The frying pan itself is made of quality aluminum and has a non-stick coating. You only need to use oil when cooking for the very first time – to heat the coating.

It should be noted that Happy Sales HSOB-YKP4B is designed for use on the gas stove only. If you have a gas stove or cooktop in your kitchen, you can buy Happy Sales HSOB-YKP4B and enjoy cooking perfectly round pancakes.

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7. Moss & Stone 8″ Electric Crepe Maker I Pan Style I Hot Plate Cooktop

moss stone 8

There are lovers not of lush Japanese or American pancakes, but real Russian pancakes. Their distinctive feature is the subtlety and even the presence of small holes.

Sometimes these Russian pancakes are called lace. Moss & Stone 8″ Electric Crepe Maker is designed to make mostly their – thin pancakes. The principle of cooking will surprise even those people who had a great experience with kitchen appliances.

Moss & Stone 8″ Electric Crepe Maker is a frying surface, which looks like a full frying pan of unusual shape. You can, of course, put the dough on it and use it as a standard device for cooking.

However, you can also simply wrap it in the dough so that you can have a thin pancake in which to wrap any filling!

Buying Moss & Stone 8″ Electric Crepe Maker will be a real solution and good fortune for those people who have never been able to make thin pancakes in the style of tortillas – because they simply could not properly distribute the dough. In this case, the device will do all the work for you – you only have to turn the dough over.

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8. Health and Home Crepe Maker

The prominent advantage of this pancake maker is that it’s made of them top quality materials such as aluminum. It is a professional crepe maker and it comes together in a kid with a spatula and a wooden crepe spreader.

What is more the kit includes the oil brush and spoon, star mold, recipes, and crepe-making tips. The device requires 1,000-watt power to operate. It is really easy and the user tonight will allow you to make delicious crepes for breakfast time or at any time of the day.

There is enough for precise temperature adjustments that will allow you to get pancakes of any type of color that you want. There’s also the temperature Glide indicator that will tell you if the temperature reaches your settings.

There are handles on both sides of this device that stay cool during the cooking process so it’s easy to prevent burns. The coating is made of aluminum and in total it’s 13 inches in size.

Therefore, you can make here not only pancakes but also tortillas, eggs, bacon, sausage, omelets, bread, and lots of other things. In total, the device includes three settings.

It has great reviews from its customers and it’s extremely easy to use and one of the advantages of it that makes it stand out from its competitors is that it has high edges that won’t allow the dough to spill.

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9. BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle

This is more a multifunctional tool and not just a pancake maker, but a breakfast maker in general. Here you can make fried bacon eggs pancakes crepes and basically anything you wish to Rose.

This griddle teacher said a 1,500-watt heating system however its handle stays cool during the cooking process and it also has a base with a built-in ledge with a desktop so it would be easy for you to flip pancakes over.

There’s also a removable probe with easy-to-use dials that allows you to control the temperature precisely. The item also has denounced coating and the manufacturer claim it’s 8 times more durable than other ones and it also can cook up to 30% faster than its competitors.

The surface is made of titanium and it’s scratch resistant. It also allows non-stick cooking. But it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like lead or cadmium.

The surface offers superior food release which makes it a true nonstick cooking surface. This is especially comfortable to use if you need to cook breakfast for a large family.

It might be not the best option for making pancakes in general but if you want to combine cook and pancakes with cooking other things for breakfast this is an excellent choice.

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Everybody loves pancakes and it can’t be denied. If you buy a pancake maker, the process of making them will be fun and easy for you – even if you make breakfast for the whole family.

Buying a universal device, you can be sure that in addition to pancakes, you can do something else if necessary.

Everyone can find the most suitable pancake maker for themselves: if you like something unusual, funny shapes and drawings on the surface will help you; if you only cook a few pancakes for breakfast, single pancake makers will be a great option. Cook breakfast with pleasure and ease!

FAQ for pancake maker buyers:

1. What is the difference between a regular and pancake frying pan?

The most important thing a special pancake frying pan should have is a non-stick coating. It’s what gives them their characteristic color and the right crust texture. But it is worth remembering that not every non-stick frying pan is suitable for pancakes.

Even if you lay out perfectly even dough cups on the surface, it is worth making sure that the dishes are evenly heated and its thickness is small enough. Special pancake frying pans usually have special shapes and notches to ensure that you get perfectly even pancakes.

2. Is it worth buying an electric pancake maker?

It is up to you to decide whether you need this purchase. In order to make the purchase profitable, many manufacturers make their devices more versatile.

For example, special closing pancake makers often have removable covers for Belgian waffles or other molds that allow you to cook anything other than regular pancakes.

So if you are a lover of hot baking for breakfast, you can make anything besides pancakes – waffles, sandwiches, panini, and even tortillas.

3. Is it advantageous to buy a roasting surface instead of a separate special device?

Frying surfaces designed for making pancakes are usually also electrical devices. There is a significant difference between them and the pancake maker. A pancake maker is more versatile because once you have made pancakes, you can just as easily fry eggs, steak or any other product on it.

It should be noted that pancake makers are usually smaller, so it will be much more convenient and practical to store them.

4. Do you need removable surfaces?

We have already mentioned that some devices for more versatility have several frying forms and surfaces. If you need to make something other than pancakes, such as Belgian waffles, it is better to buy a device with the possibility of replacing the roasting surfaces. This will be the best option, especially if you have the option of making pancakes in different shapes or sizes.