7 Best Salad Choppers Reviews

Cutting vegetables for salads and other dishes with a knife takes time and experience. It is much easier to do this with a special device.

The salad chopper makes it possible to cut vegetables into almost identical pieces very quickly. They will look more attractive than those prepared with a knife.

Types of salad choppers

The vegetable cutter allows you to prepare large quantities of vegetables or fruits in a short time. The convenience of such devices depends on their variety. With some, you can cut vegetables in just one movement, while others will have to do it longer.

All salad choppers can be divided into two groups:

  • Manual
  • Electric


Devices operating on a manual principle provide for the use of human force. The undeniable advantages of such devices include the absence of noise at work.

It also has complete independence from electricity, as well as lower prices. The vegetables working from electricity, create noise, cost on an order of size higher, but thus operate much faster.

manual salad chopper

Such equipment is hugely abundant. Vegetable cutters are made of food plastic, much less stainless steel. Their working knives, which perform direct cutting, are made of high-quality steels.

Their sharpening is not structurally planned, so if you choose a bad metal in the manufacture, the device will serve very little. Manual vegetable cutters can provide a variety of working principles.

Such devices can be divided into several groups:


These are salad choppers with one working knife set perpendicular to the direction of movement of the vegetable when cutting.

They are like a grater and allow cutting vegetables with thin rings. Often they have removable nozzles that allow you to cut straw. You get one ring in one hand movement.

A grater with a V-knife

This is a vegetable cutter with two knives placed at an acute angle to each other. This allows the edge to cut more effectively into the vegetable while moving. This ensures efficient operation even if the knives start to lose their sharpness.

The guiding surface of these vegetable cutters can be changed, thus correcting the shape of the pieces to be cut. With this device, you can cut cabbage, cut vegetables with rings, thin slides and straws.

Salad chopper with disc

Such fixtures are a disk with pointy holes on its surface, which fully repeat the usual vegetable grater. The devices have removable discs with different cutting properties.

Some of them perform rubbing, while others provide ring cutting. The device has a rotary knob, which creates circular movements of the disc.

Vegetable mesh cutters

This type of device can be called the most successful among handmade vegetable cutters. Their main part is a mesh of steel knives.

To make the cut, you need to press the vegetable lying on the mesh, and as a result, it will pass through its cell, turning into many pieces of the same size.


Such equipment is less popular with private consumers than hand-held, as it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. Besides, it has excessively high performance. Usually, the volume of cooking is not so large about use such appliances.

electric salad chopper

The mechanics of the electric motor do not allow us to realize all the constructions that are used on handheld devices. The rotating electric motor can provide circular movements of the nozzles. So these appliances can be equipped with discs or knives.

Disc choppers

These are professional devices with which it is possible to provide rubbing or cutting with rings. These devices are almost identical in principle to manual vegetable cutters with grater disks.

Naturally, the high engine speed ensures efficient cutting even if the knives are lost in sharpness.

Salad cutters

Such a salad cutter works on a blender principle. It is equipped with knives that rotate to cut fruits and vegetables. The principle of operation of such a device is not complicated. Vegetables are placed in a container with knives.

When the button is pressed they start to rotate, cutting the contents of the container. Such devices are chosen only for home use, as they are completely unsuitable for catering establishments.

The size of the slices can be adjusted by the length of cutting. If you turn on the device for a long time, the contents of the container will almost turn into mashed potatoes.

This salad chopper has only good feedback:

Our Top Pick
Presto 02970 Salad ShooterPresto 02970 Salad Shooter

With this chopper you can shred vegetables, fruits, and cheese for delicious salads, soups, tacos, pizzas, desserts, and much more. 
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Other great salad choppers:

Cuisinart FP-8GMP1

Cuisinart FP-8GMP1

This salad chopper will help you to chop vegetables fast. It has dishwasher safe removable parts. 

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ZHFEISY Food Processor

ZHFEISY Food Processor

Blades of this great chopper are made of stainless steel. With it, you can make salad, pizza, dumpling bun, sauce freely.

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Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Spiralizer Slicer

Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Spiralizer Slicer

This model of salad chopper comes with 8 interchangeable cutting blades. It will allow you to dice carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and cheeses.

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ONSON Food Chopper

ONSON Food Chopper

This device has stainless steel discs for chopping vegetables. It comes with gloves that are made of the highest level of cut resistant material. 

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Hamilton Beach Stack & Press

Hamilton Beach Stack & Press

This model comes with sharp blades which will help you to chop vegetables in a small cubes. 

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Kitchen + Home Manual Food Chopper

Kitchen + Home Manual Food Chopper

This salad chopper has a large bowl and different mandoline inserts. It is perfect for slicing vegetables, chopping nuts and more.

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Presto 02970 Salad Shooter

Presto 02970 Salad ShooterThis is the best model among electric multi-cutters.

With a set of interchangeable nozzles, you can get cutting products of almost any shape. For example, with a cube, straw, slices in various sizes.

For convenience, all cassettes with cutting elements are made in different colors. A total of 5 colorful inserts are included.

For coarse and for fine grater, for chopping, for cutting with fine straw, for dicing.

For easy storage, there is a compartment for attachments, which is easily attached to the body. The electric drive power is 280 W.

Thin spirals of potatoes, cucumbers or zucchini are no problem for this vegetable cutter. It is equipped with sharp cutting attachments, which quickly crush the desired product.

Thanks to the device, you can easily cut vegetable noodles for Korean or Chinese dishes or original salad. The set also includes two nozzles to create a smooth and wavy spiral, as well as cutting slices of the desired length.

The shredded product enters a plastic bowl. The unit is easy to operate with just one button. This chopper works with average noise and consumes no more than 80 W.

A sturdy ice pick knife is supplied. The cubes can be turned into ice chips in just a few seconds.

The glass bowl does not react with food and does not absorb odors and tastes well. The surface is easy to clean and can be stored for years.

The volume is designed for the average family. Several portions can be cooked at a time, saving you cooking time.

Pulse mode can control the frequency of the shredder’s operation manually, which helps when cooking ice and cocktails.

The closed casing prevents splashes from getting dirty on the surrounding surface. The lid fits snugly into the base and won’t let even liquid food pass.

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Cuisinart FP-8GMP1

Cuisinart FP-8GMP1This multi-cutter is an incredibly convenient and compact device that cuts fruits and vegetables in an instant.

Super-fast cutting technology is provided by interchangeable, sharp blades. They process food many times faster than conventional kitchen knives.

Cut into thin or thick slices, dices or straws. The speed and quality of food processing will not leave anyone indifferent.

It’s easy to use. You need to choose the right attachment and attach it to the multi-cutter body.

Then you need to put the desired product and close the device, which will push it through the blades of the knife. If necessary, you can insert two attachments into the multi-cutter body at once.

The slices are equally smooth and beautiful. The body of the cutter is equipped with a special locking mechanism, so it can be closed after use. This way, the device takes up much less space.

It is worth noting that the blades of this vegetable cutter are made of high-quality steel, which will not blunt even after a fairly long and frequent use. Sharpening is definitely not necessary.

Your kitchen table will always stay clean and tidy while you’re cooking. Vegetables and fruits always fall exactly into the container when slicing.

The pieces of food won’t fall apart on the worktop and you won’t have to get your hands dirty, keeping everything tidy.

The container included with this vegetable cutter allows you to store freshly sliced food. Attach the container directly to the cutter body and fill it with your favorite fruit or vegetables in a few easy steps.

Then cover it with a lid and store it in the fridge. You can wash your vegetable cutter and the included items in the dishwasher.

With this vegetable cutter, you can cut or grind not only vegetables but also cheese, sausages, and other products. It comes with 5 types of stainless steel cutting inserts.

Their purpose is shredding, cutting into slices and straws. Extra necessary accessory – a large metal disk XL for cutting fries.

Cuisinart FP-8GMP1 2

Not only potatoes but also courgettes, pumpkins, carrots and other kinds of vegetables for frying can be sliced with this disc.

The special feature of this vegetable slicer is the adjustable size of the feed chamber. It also provides the possibility to direct the food directly into a bowl, pot or frying pan.

The appliance is equipped with five nozzles. Three are designed for rubbing fruits and vegetables with varying degrees of crushing. Two are used to cut slices of hard and plastic products, including cheese.

They are installed in the shredder nozzle, eliminating contact with the fingers. In the upper part, there is a receiver. Also included in the set is a glass for convenient storage of accessories.

The shredder nozzles can be easily installed and removed from the vegetable cutter and can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher.

They are powerful enough to grind even hard products such as raw carrots, beet or potatoes.

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ZHFEISY Food Processor

ZHFEISY Food ProcessorIt is a good and simple multi-cutting from a popular brand at an attractive price.

It looks like a small meat grinder. But you don’t have to expect a lot of functionality from it.

It is designed to grind or slice vegetables or fruits in the kitchen efficiently and in a matter of seconds.

An electric drive with 150 Watts of power is enough for these functions.

The nozzle set includes 2 types of the grater (small and coarse) plus 2 nozzles for cutting slices of different thicknesses.

This vegetable cutter can handle the declared functions without much trouble. In the case of motor overload, the built-in protection is activated.

The elegant appearance of the unit is complemented by a high-quality assembly. Its housing is made of metal with a matt surface, which is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion.

The set includes a spacious 1.25-liter bowl for shredded products and a plastic pusher.

Thanks to the device you can not only shred vegetables for salads but also cook different types of pasta, noodles made of zucchini or pumpkin. And also spiral cut potatoes or cucumbers to decorate the dishes.

The shredder nozzles and bowl are designed for cleaning in the dishwasher. At the same time, the elements are easy to wash by hand.

The casing has a stainless steel base. This solution has a pleasant appearance and greater strength.

The bowl is equipped with comfortable handles on both sides. The bowl is easy to carry, and the contents can be transferred to other dishes.

The manufacturer has taken care of the safety of the buyer, providing a fuse on the button. Any accidental triggers in the disassembled state are excluded.

The motor of the appliance is protected from overheating. If the shredder can not cope with the product or works for a long time without stopping, it automatically turns off.

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Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Spiralizer Slicer

Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Spiralizer SlicerThis multi-grinder is easy to operate, does not take up much space on the worktop and is an essential accessory in every kitchen.

With it, you can rub, slice or straw a wide variety of products. And all this without any major effort on your part.

One grater that combines 3 devices and saves you money and space in your kitchen.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, the body is made of plastic.

It is absolutely safe for your health as it does not contain bisphenol.

The plastic housing has a transparent loading neck, so you can keep track of the grinding/cutting process.

The grinder set includes 3 blades for fine and coarse grinding/shredding and slicing.

The vacuum suction pad base is securely attached to a clean and smooth surface, so you can easily process the products by simply turning the handle.

The loading part of the grater is tilted so that the processed products do not stick or get stuck.

The grater is multifunctional and can replace several devices. It can be quickly dismantled and does not take up much space in your kitchen. This milk separator is suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

With this chopper, it’s easy to cut your favorite salad, and the onion grinding process will not cause tears. The device is easy to use, reliable and safe.

All materials used are of high quality, and the blades of knives are sharpened. Products are sliced evenly and accurately.

Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Spiralizer Slicer

The box accumulator collects food and prevents juice from splashing. Cutting options – paving stones and dice.

There are 6 bits for cutting different products. This includes small and coarse shredding, 2 grinders, and a straw chopping attachment.

There is also a disc knife that allows you to cut vegetables into slices. This is especially relevant for lovers of fries.

On the lid of the multi-cutter, there is a hole with a pusher that has teeth and allows you to safely cut all the fruit without residues.

The cord has a storage compartment on the body, which allows the appliance to take up less space in the kitchen. Also included is a disc for holding the bits.

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ONSON Food Chopper

ONSON Food ChopperThis vegetable cutter is represented by a whole set – container, fruit holder, as well as a knife for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Such a compact model is sure to come in handy in the kitchen.

Vegetable cutters will help with slicing vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat products, and bread.

The kitchen accessory is ideal for festive slicing. The cutting thickness can be adjusted from 0 to 6 mm.

The blades are made of stainless steel, which does not affect the product quality in any way. To keep yourself healthy, you can also use the other stainless steel cookware.

The V-shaped blade is suitable for all types of products and facilitates cutting. The body is made of food plastic. Vegetable cutters are very easy to use and maintain.

This model of vegetable cutter has an improved design and allows you to quickly cut any kind of food with rings.

The cutting part can change its position relative to the body in 4 levels, which allows you to choose the cutting thickness.

The knife is locked with a latch. In the fifth position, the sharp part is completely hidden behind the body for safe storage.

The vegetable cutter set includes a fetal holder. It not only protects your fingers from the sharp blade but also allows you to grind the whole product.

The casing has reinforced edges and a rubberized bottom surface. Thus, it is resistant to strong pressure and does not slide.

Vegetables or nuts can be quickly shredded with this vegetable cutter. It has a small upside-down bowl that can accommodate 1-2 bulbs and a stainless metal knife.

The shredder’s operation is ensured by a swivel mechanism with a spring. By pressing the knob several times, the desired degree of shredding can be achieved.

It does not take up much space in the kitchen and can be cleaned under a jet of water or in the dishwasher.

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Hamilton Beach Stack & Press

Hamilton Beach Stack & PressThe patented shredding system allowed this vegetable cutter to quickly win the favor of domestic cooks.

It has a shredder with two knives fixed at different heights. This means you can cut the ingredients faster and more evenly in one turn.

The device has a bowl with an average capacity of 900 ml. The set includes a nozzle for kneading the dough and preparing the cream.

The cord is made of strong synthetic material and is automatically wound back to its original position.

This vegetable cutter is a plastic rectangular case with a bowl and lid under which the cutting element is placed.

Knives (for cutting with rings, dice, straw, and slices of different sizes), as well as choppers, are used as attachments.

The set includes a fruit holder, a vegetable peeler and a second lid for a container where the shredded products can be stored.

To cut a vegetable or fruit, simply place it on the cutting element and press the lid on top. All the pieces will fall directly into the container without being scattered over the table.

The cord is long enough to be used comfortably. It is not short, but at the same time, it does not interfere during work.

The universal knife does not bend and has a dense structure. It is suitable for many fruits and vegetables. It has a power output of 400 W. This is enough to prepare basic dishes for every day.

The bowl is made of durable food plastic. The part is easy to wash away from any contamination.

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Kitchen + Home Manual Food Chopper

Kitchen + Home Manual Food ChopperThis device has a spacious plastic bowl, as well as a lid with a handle for rotation and a place for the cutting attachments.

Thanks to the sieve, it is possible to quickly dry dried herbs or fruit.

And with the 5 cutting elements included in the set, you can easily cut salad or vegetables for first and second courses.

The vegetable cutter can be chopped, rubbed, diced, as well as straw and slices.

With the help of a special brush, you can easily remove the remnants of shredded products from the lid of the press or cutting nozzles.

The 5 interchangeable nozzles make this machine a real multi-cutting machine.

The set includes a coarse and fine grater with oval holes, another small one with round knives and two slicers of different sizes. For convenience, they are painted in different colors.

The slicers can be easily removed and rinsed under running water. With the help of a pusher, the fruit can be safely shredded without residues.

The set does not include a container for shredded products. But it is powerful enough to handle even hard vegetables such as carrots.

The appliance acts like a kitchen chopper. It is equipped with a double knife, which can shred food both in pieces and mash.

This device can handle not only fresh vegetables but also meat without bones and veins. It can be used to knead pancake dough.

The shredder can work in two modes – normal and increased speed, handling nuts, lightly frozen fruits, and berries. It is controlled by means of two buttons located on the body.

ChopDrop technology helps you make large cuts of fruits and vegetables. A special chamber inside the bowl holds the product while it is being cut by knives. Dry chunks of the desired size fall into the jug.

Automatic speed selection control is integrated. The shredder determines the cutting mode itself and gradually increases the speed if necessary.

The set includes a blade for fine chopping of products. Two blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. These blades cut well and hold the grinding for a long time.

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FAQ for salad choppers buyers

How do you find a home-cut vegetable?

Make sure that there are fewer plastic parts. The best devices are made entirely of aluminum or stainless steel, less common than other alloys. Metal appliances will last longer than plastic.

Can I cut raw vegetables with a salad chopper?

Vegetables are usually cut for products that have already been heating treated. Unprocessed products must be soft.

What is the advantage of an electric vegetable cutter?

Electromechanical vegetable cutters are more modern devices. They are easy to use. Plug into the power socket and press the button. These types process more vegetables in a certain time than mechanical ones.

What kind of material is used to make a vegetable cut?

Modern industrial cutters for cutting vegetables are made of quality, durable materials. Almost all elements are made of stainless food steel or metal. Tanks for vegetables can be plastic or glass.

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