7 Best Turkey Deep Fryer Reviews

On the counters of shops, you can see a huge variety of fryers. Manufacturers equip them with many functions. They change the design and do everything to attract customers. But, all the household appliances in this direction are designed for one purpose: deep-frying.

There are many different types of deep fryers. Thus, we collected the best reviews on them:

Small Deep Fryers

7 Best Small Deep Fryers Review

The core of the fryer is a special container in which oil is poured and then heated. This container is covered by a lid from above. In some models, the lid is fitted with an inspection window.

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Electric Deep Fryers

7 Best Electric Deep Fryers Reviews

Electric fryer is a kitchen appliance designed for frying in large quantities of vegetable fat. In the fryer you can cook fries, chips, as well as meat or fish, dough products, mushrooms.

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Home Deep Fryer

7 Best Home Deep Fryer Reviews

The main roasting process takes place inside a metal container. Here, under the influence of hot oil, potatoes, fish, meat or vegetables reach their readiness and are covered with a delicious golden crust.

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Propane Deep Fryers

7 Best Propane Deep Fryers Reviews

With the help of propane deep fryers, characterized by low price and wide possibilities, it is possible to fry a wide range of products, while getting a mouth-watering crust on their surface, preserving the special taste of dishes.

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Sellers’ recommendations, customer reviews help you choose your appliances. But, even if you look at the top of the fryers, there will be difficulties in determining the ideal model.

Here you need to know the technical specifications of the fryers. The main ones are presented in this table:

PowerIn order for the food to fry delicious crust, the oil must be heated to a temperature of smoke formation. The more powerful the heater, the faster it will happen. But, the power of the tan must be proportional to the size of the bowl.
BowlThe larger the bowl, the more food can be cooked at home at one time. But, the working useful volume is always 80-90%. Bowls can be removable and fixed. The first option is better in terms of service, but such equipment is more expensive.
Useful volumeThis parameter is important to the hostess. When buying equipment, you should consider how many people live at home or how many guests come. The useful volume depends on how many finished products will be released in one bookmark.
Additional featuresThe possibility of cooking fondue. Timer. The presence of a filter prevents boiling oil from escaping from the fryer.

Considering all these characteristics, in this review, we have collected the best models of turkey deep fryers.

Our Top Pick
Masterbuilt Butterball XXLMasterbuilt Butterball XXL
  • Aluminum basket with patented drain clips
  • Digital control panel with timer
  • Oil drain valve for easy clean-up
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Other great turkey deep fryers:

T-fal FR600D51

T-fal FR600D51

The user can control the degree of cooking thanks to a special viewing window and a metal filter located directly under the lid.

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Masterbuilt Butterball MB23015018

Masterbuilt Butterball MB23015018

The fryer uses a minimum of oil for cooking, and thanks to its compact size, it saves space in the kitchen.

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Bayou Classic 800-144

Bayou Classic 800-144

This fryer is designed for cooking a wide range of dishes in large quantities of oil or fat in catering.

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Enterprises Turkey Deep Fryer

Enterprises Turkey Deep Fryer

The model is equipped with temperature control and a cold zone. The casing is made of stainless steel.

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Chard TFP30A

Chard TFP30A

This fryer is made of strong and wear-resistant steel. This material is designed for intense heating and does not emit any harmful substances.

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Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja Air Fryer

The device is easy and reliable to operate. Use the rotary controller to set the heating temperature between 150 and 190 degrees.

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Masterbuilt Butterball XXL

Masterbuilt Butterball XXLThis fryer is made completely collapsible. This is not a bad solution, as it is easier to wash “spare parts” from oil separately.

The lid of the fryer is made of composite: on the outside, it is plastic, on the inside – metal.

When you remove the lid, you will see a heating element that forms a single unit with a removable control unit held by two guides. To remove the unit, you just have to pull it upwards.

The oil bowl is also removable. The frying basket consists of two parts. The “housing” and the handle, which must be connected together.

On the side of the bowl, the smallest and largest oil levels are knocked out. In low light, these marks are hardly visible.

The control of the fryer is quite simple. The right regulator sets the desired temperature, the mechanical timer on the left side sets the time. Without starting the timer, the heating does not start. So you will have to change the timer before you put the food into the oil.

At mark “MIN” the bowl contains 1.7 liters of oil, at mark “MAX” – 2.25 liters. The passport capacity of the fryer is 2.5 liters. It is, thus, necessary to fill the fryer with oil just above the largest mark.

When the heating element is switched on, the “Heating” indicator lights up, when it goes out you can lower the food into the oil.

Before starting cooking, check that the oil temperature is maintained using a thermometer. The temperature regulator is marked between 130 and 190 °C.

At 130 °C, the thermostat maintains the temperature between 122 and 142 °C.

At 190 °C, it maintains the temperature between 182 and 192 °C. Thus, the accuracy of the thermostat does not cause any complaints.

To reduce the amount of steam and odors, the products should be dried. The manufacturer mentions it in the instructions.

The device requires quite a lot of oil. So after cooking 1-2 dishes, you will have to drain it into a separate container and be sure to filter. The manufacturer recommends using oil 8 – 10 times. Thus, you should stock up on paper filters.

Also after use, it is necessary to disassemble the device and wash off the oil and soot. It is not difficult, but you will have to deal with the washing of the heating element, as it has a rather fancy shape.

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T-fal FR600D51

T-fal FR600D51This fryer is small, compact and very functional despite its simplicity. With it, you will understand why many people prefer frying.

It’s a universal helper for any hostess. No cumbersome details. Its lightweight and small size allow it to fit in the kitchen without any problems.

And the simple, yet unusual exterior design will allow you to surprise guests with the mere presence of such equipment in your home.

The device itself has a cylindrical shape. It is made of white plastic and has a comfortable chrome handle with a matte finish.

This is another element of unusual design, while comfortable and functional.

The fryer has an inner cup, where about 2.5 liters of oil can be placed. But before you put food in it, you should put it in a special basket.

It will help your food to get a thin crispy crust without absorbing extra oil. You can put up to a kilo of raw products in this basket. This is quite enough to please the average family with a huge part of fries.

It also has a tightly closing lid to keep you from splashing oil. It also has a non-stick coating on the inner cup of the fryer, which will save you the trouble of washing it.

The appliance is incredibly easy to use. The control is mechanical, and all its elements are located on the side of the fryer. At the bottom there is a slider for temperature change, next to it there is a timer.

So you’ll always know what temperature and how long your food will be cooked. That it will get a fine crispy crust rather than a burning smell, color, and taste. And to be sure of this, all you have to do is look through the viewing window on top of the appliance.

The fryer is equipped with a readiness indicator. So that you can determine exactly when you can take out and serve the ready meal. With an output of 1800 W, it can quickly and efficiently prepare both potatoes and meat.

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Masterbuilt Butterball MB23015018

Masterbuilt Butterball MB23015018This fryer is a simple and useful kitchen device with a power of 1350 W.

It will easily replace pots, pans, oven, and grill. It works in three modes: air grill, air fryer, and convection.

Suitable for those who like tasty and healthy food, but are not ready to spend much time in the kitchen.

This fryer saves you the trouble of making sure you roast or bake evenly and do not burn.

The compact machine will help you to prepare appetizing dishes from fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and so on.

Thanks to the high power of the upper heating element and the volume heating system, the hot air is distributed in the bowl.

In this way, the same degree of cooking is ensured and the smallest of 1 tbsp of oil is required for 1 kg of potatoes.

To activate the automatic stirring function, insert a removable spatula in the bowl. You simply add products for risotto, couscous, stewed meat, and vegetables, select the mode and wait for the cooking signal.

Don’t worry if the food burns. Every 30 seconds, the spatula will gently mix all the ingredients. You can remove the spatula if you want to prepare meat or fish in one piece.

In the 1.5 l bowl of this fryer, you will cook up to 6 servings of potatoes. You can load up to 1.5 kg of freshly peeled potatoes or 1.25 kg of frozen potatoes into the fryer at a time.

To diversify your diet, install the recipe book app on your smartphone or tablet. Find the best recipes for this fryer and enjoy your meal. All elements of the design are well thought out and this fryer is generally more like a professional appliance than a home appliance.

The fryer is controlled by two handles: a thermostat and a timer. The thermoregulator sets the required oil temperature, from 150 to 190 °C.

The timer sets the operating time from 0 to 30 minutes. When heated, the green indicator lights up. When the desired temperature is reached, it goes out.

The red indicator lights up when the timer is running. When the timer is off, the oil does not heat up. In operating mode, either two LEDs or the red timer indicator light up.

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Bayou Classic 800-144

Bayou Classic 800-144If you want to diversify your diet with tasty and healthy dishes, you will definitely like this fryer. The price of this model is fully justified.

With its help, you can create culinary masterpieces, without much effort. It is capable, almost independently, perfectly cook fries, fish, meat, vegetables, seafood and much more.

Thanks to the removable stirring spatula inside the bowl, you don’t have to stand over the dish to make sure nothing burns.

This fryer will do everything on its own. For delicate dishes, you can detach the spatula and remove the top lid. This way, you can control the cooking process yourself.

It is also a multifunctional air grill with a cooking function with almost no added vegetable oil. if you prefer frying with oil, try some healthy ones.

It makes it easy to prepare a huge number of delicious crispy dishes, leaving you with a succulent middle. It can fry perfectly up to 1.5 kg of raw or 1.25 kg of frozen potatoes at a time.

The bowl of this fryer is made of light but at the same time strong metals and has a non-stick coating. All detachable parts (bowl, spatula, lid) can be washed safely in the dishwasher. The fryer is firmly fixed to the glossy surface and does not slide during operation.

The operation of the fryer is simple, and after a couple of times, there are no timer settings left.

Before the first start-up, the manufacturer recommends washing the fryer basket and lid in hot water and soap. Then, wipe the inside of the fryer with a damp cloth and dry it.

When preparing the first batch of food, the fryer must go through the on-off cycle twice before the food is placed in the fryer.

The volume of the basket allows you to make very decent portions of food at a time. For example, you can load more than one kilogram of fries. Cooking in this fryer for a large company is a pleasure, and the oil warms up very quickly.

No extra steps are required, except to put the food in the oil and take it out when ready.

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Enterprises Turkey Deep Fryer

Enterprises Turkey Deep FryerThe fryer is used for fast cooking in oil with a crispy crust.

The casing is made of high-quality stainless steel and handles on both sides are provided for comfortable carrying. The 1-liter bowl is non-stick-coated and thus easy to clean.

You can control the degree of cooking thanks to a special viewing window and a metal filter located directly under the lid.

You can now open it without fear of boiling oil. When the thermostat is activated, the LED lights up and the housing remains cold during operation.

Thus, there are no burns when touching it. To control this model and adjust the temperature level, a mechanical switch with swivel action is used.

It can be set from 150 to 190 ˚ C. The design allows the smallest of oil to be poured: only 1 liter is required for fries.

With a special viewing window in the device lid, you can observe the process of cooking your favorite dishes. And thanks to its compact size, the fryer can be stored even in a small kitchen or taken with you to the country house.

The fryer uses the smallest of oil for cooking, and its compact size saves space in the kitchen.

The fryer has a metal filter and a removable cover with a special viewing window, unlike other small fryers. So, you can open the lid safely during cooking.

Set the most suitable cooking temperature for your food (150°C to 190°C). The cooking bowl is non-stick-coated.

All parts of the unit except the control unit must be washed with hot water and non-abrasive detergents. There are no comments about the dishwasher in the instructions.

A separate story concerns the oil used for frying. It is clear that it is not rational to pour out almost four liters of oil after a single fry. You can use oil even when processing meat and fish 5 to 10 times without losing the frying quality.

It takes longer to fry potatoes or other vegetables without breading. But the oil should be filtered and cleaned from food residues, batter and the like. The instructions contain detailed recommendations for this process.

Thanks to its compact size and lightweight, you can take the fryer anywhere you want.

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Chard TFP30A

Chard TFP30AThis fryer is equipped with a removable mesh basket of rectangular shape.

The oil tank is non-stick-coated. Under it, a spiral heating element is installed to ensure even heating of the entire oil volume.

The lid is very comfortable, it has a special lock that allows you to fix it in the open position. Inside there is a plastic container where the condensate will accumulate.

For protection against unpleasant smells, there is an incomprehensible triple filter.

The thermoregulator is of the mechanical rotary type. The device is equipped with a digital timer that can be removed if necessary.

At the back of the case, there is a built-in compartment for storing the supply wire. The largest capacity of the bowl is 2.3 liters of oil plus up to 600 grams of the food.

The product cover is removable, making cleaning easier. All disposable items can be washed in the dishwasher. The unit switches off automatically when the food is finished.

The filter allows you to use the same oil up to ten times. It perfectly retains all foreign odors and impurities.

It’s easy to operate with just 2 buttons on the front panel. The fryer has a removable timer that allows you to program the perfect cooking time for all your recipes.

If necessary, control the cooking process through the transparent top lid. It can be easily removed if you need to mix the ingredients manually. Once you have finished cooking, you can wash the removable parts (lid, bowl, and spatula) in the dishwasher.

Of course, the electric part of the fryer should not be placed in water. After that, it is necessary to assemble the appliance and fill the container with oil not lower than the mark Min, but not higher than Max on the bowel wall.

This fryer is positioned as a household fryer. It is suitable for a large family where you really like deep-fried dishes or often invite guests. It fits equally well in the kitchen of a small catering facility.

But, it is possible to cook in this device everything that has to be processed by means of such technological operation as frying. Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, poultry, breaded and uncooked.

Everything you want to fry and what you have the imagination and culinary experience to do.

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Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja Air FryerThis fryer has an excellent price-performance ratio and takes up minimal space.

The largest oil heating temperature is 190 degrees – it is regulated by means of a rotary switch. The power output is 840 W, which is the average.

But, the oil heats up very quickly due to the small size of the bowl: the largest of 0.7 liters of oil can be poured into it.

The body is made of quality plastic, the assembly is reliable. Over time there are no backlashes, all kinds of foreign creaks and so on.

The cover is removable, it has a viewing window. The bowl has a non-stick coating, there is an air filter that prevents unpleasant odors.

With this fryer, you can forget about the suffocating aroma of burning oil. It is always accompanied by the usual way of frying.

It is equipped with a filter that allows you to leave all odors only inside, without letting them out. Besides, the fryer is designed in such a way that air circulates between its basket and the inner walls.

This means that even at the largest temperature, the walls of the fryer will not be hot. So you certainly won’t get burned.

The device is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to keep the oil temperature in the fryer constant. It has a range from 150 to 190 degrees and is perfect for any, even the most whimsical, recipe.

Another feature of the fryer is the “TotalClean” technology. One-click and the electronic part of the fryer are already removed. And all that is left is placed in the dishwasher and is easy to clean.

Of course, you can also do this by hand, because washing the fryer is not a problem. So that you don’t mix up and kink the cord when you’re not using it, there’s a compartment where you can hide it safely.

With its compact size and a weight of 2.5 kg, the fryer will not cause any problems with storage or transportation. This unit is functional, easy to assemble and disassemble, and the materials used are safe.

Despite the volume of potentially recyclable raw materials and the size of the fryer, it does not appear to be cumbersome. It is elegant, but at the same time, it will fit well in both conventional home and professional kitchens.

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Why does the oil overflow/explode in the fryer?

Maybe there’s too much water in the oil. You should dry the food and remove the ice particles from the frozen food before cooking. If too much water is in the oil, the water will boil and come to the surface, pushing the oil out with you.

Why is it recommended not to use vegetable peanut butter?

Vegetable peanut butter has a lower smoke point than most vegetable oils. So it can smoke slightly at frying temperatures. It also gives a light flavor that may be unwelcome.

What to do with the used oil?

Pour the oil into an airtight container and throw it away. Do not pour oil into the sink.

Why does the fryer make noise while working?

The occurrence of noise can state the presence of water in the fryer. It’s the sound of evaporating water. As soon as there’s that “shooting” noise, replace the oil. If you don’t change the oil, it may start splashing.

How can you dispose of the unit at the end of its life?

Your appliance contains valuable materials that can be recycled. Take it to a municipal waste collection point.