7 Best Electric Deep Fryers Reviews

The fryer is becoming quite common in the kitchen everywhere. It is very useful and can also be used to prepare a wide range of dishes, almost anything you would like to fry in oil.

An electric fryer is a table-top cooking technique that can be used to fry not too many foods. In the simplest version, it is a container with an airtight lid.

Another of the internal components is the food basket. The principle of operation of the device is based on heating healthy vegetable oil for deep frying. It under the influence of its high temperature will perform the appropriate processing of products.

If you love deep-fried food, then you can check the other types of deep fryers, that will help you to cook the best dishes:

Small Deep Fryers

7 Best Small Deep Fryers Review

Small deep fryer is distinguished by its safety of use as well as its economy. Culinary products prepared in the fryer are distinguished by their high quality, as well as their taste and aromatic characteristics.

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Turkey Deep Fryer

7 Best Turkey Deep Fryer Reviews

With a turkey fryer, you can prepare a delicious meal of your favorite bird in less time than it’d take in an oven, and they are much larger to accommodate these big birds.

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Home Deep Fryer

7 Best Home Deep Fryer Reviews

These fryers work on the principle of multivarking. A special bowl is placed in the plastic case with a heating element, in which you pour the oil. The food you want to prepare is placed in a special grid, which is then lowered into the oil.

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Propane Deep Fryers

7 Best Propane Deep Fryers Reviews

Propane deep fryers are some of the most popular outdoor fryers there is because of their reliability. Once the burner is properly hooked up to a gas tank, you’re all set to cook large amounts of food.

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Before you go and buy the first fryer that suits you, it is important to know that there are several different types. Knowing these types, as well as your needs, makes buying much easier.

Let’s take a look at the different types of fryers, their features and why they may or may not meet your needs.

Traditional fryerThis type of fryer is an old-fashioned type. They are mostly large pots that have a metal basket where your food is placed. The stove heats the oil and the thermometer is used to control the temperature of the food.
Electric fryerElectric fryer is one of the most widely used today. There are many different types of electric fryers. Each of them has its own set of properties and characteristics. They can easily stand on the counter or anywhere of your choice for as long as you need them.
Industrial fryerCommercial fryers are usually used in restaurants and similar venues where you need to prepare a lot of food at once and often use fryers.
Gas fryerThis type of fryer is mainly used for outdoor cooking. There are also several types of these fryers, including barbecue and turkey fryers. If you like to cook, this type of fryer can be ideal for your needs.
Air fryerAnother newcomer to the market is the butter-free fryers, which ensure healthy cooking without adding oil. Unlike an oil fryer, this device is likely to cost more.

With all-electric fryers currently on the market, choosing one can be quite difficult. Especially for people who have not encountered them before. This overview gives you a complete overview of electric fryers, from which you can choose the best one for you.

Our Top Pick
Aigostar Ken Deep FryerAigostar Ken Deep Fryer
  • Temperature Control
  • Family Size
  • Powerful
  • No Mess
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Other great electric deep fryers:

KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep FryerKRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

  • Non-stick coating
  • A spacious food container
  • Oil heats up within a couple of minutes
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Presto 05411Presto 05411

  • Cooking fast
  • Efficient mechanical control
  • Good basket volume
Check Current Price
Hamilton Beach Professional Grade Electric Deep FryerHamilton Beach Professional Grade Electric Deep Fryer

  • High power fryer
  • Significant chamber volume
  • Long service life
Check Current Price
T-fal Deep Fryer with BasketT-fal Deep Fryer with Basket

  • High heating speed
  • Removable cover
  • There are no foreign smells
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Secura 1700-WattSecura 1700-Watt

  • Overheating protection system
  • Quickly prepares dishes
  • Beautiful appearance
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DeLonghi D44528DZDeLonghi D44528DZ

  • All parts are very easy to clean
  • Long service life
  • Handles all kinds of products well
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Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer

Aigostar Ken Deep FryerWhen deep-fried, food absorbs less oil than when fried in a pan.

This hardly makes the fryer a device for a healthy lifestyle, but it allows you to eat deep-fried food. Some dishes are easier to deep-fry and the result is better than frying in a frying pan.

This fryer can feed more than two people. Not only can you cook french fries, but you can also fry cutlets, batter products, and dough products.

Besides, it is capable of operating at three temperature levels required for cooking various products.

A hint panel, where you can see what temperature and how long it takes to fry certain foods, will help the user to get the best results.

A large transparent window allows you to watch the roasting process.

The fryer comes in a pink cardboard box. A study of the information on the sides of the fryer will allow you to see the technical characteristics and features of the fryer. On the wide front side, the device itself is schematically depicted, and its name and model are given.

Having opened the box, inside you will find the fryer with the oil bath basket laid inside. As well as the instruction manual and the warranty card.

The enclosure is protected from scratches and light external damage by a plastic bag. Inside the package, the appliance is stationary thanks to two inserted foam inserts.

The design of this fryer is standard for budget appliances of this type. An oil bath is built into the plastic case with a lid, into which a grating basket is immersed. The weight of the fryer is low, so it is not difficult to move it from place to place or place it on a high shelf for storage.

On the front side of the housing, there are operation indicators and a thermostat. As well as a hint panel for cooking different raw materials.

The power cord connects to the case at the bottom of the rear. The length of the cord is relatively short, so it is necessary to place the unit close to the outlet. There are no ventilation holes either on the side or on the back of the case.

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KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep FryerThis fryer looks compact and simple enough. The design is discreet. Rectangular forms, simple indicators and handles, black plastic and stainless steel.

The case is made of thick metal with plastic handles for carrying and rubberized feet.

In the case of the enameled container – the boiler is inserted. Approximately in the middle of the inner wall of the boiler is marked by divisions of the smallest and largest oil.

The corners of the container are gently rounded, inserted and removed from the body very easily. A hermetic control panel with a heating element is placed on the body with the boiler inserted into it.

At the back of the control panel is a power cord, the excess of which can be wrapped in a special compartment for the cord.

On top of the panel, there are two control knobs: thermoregulator and timer. There are also two operation indicators – green for the thermoregulator and red for the timer.

The control panel is built into a special seat on the housing. The instrument will not turn on if installed incorrectly.

Once the device has been assembled and the heater tones have been placed in the boiler, a stainless basket with a removable handle is placed on top. The basket repeats the shape of the container.

The boiler, the basket handle with anti-slip lining at the bottom, very sticky. For convenient storage, the handle can be removed and put inside the basket.

From above, the fryer with the basket installed closes with a lid made of thick stainless steel. The lid has a filter and an integrated glass viewing window. The lid can only be installed in a properly oriented position – the viewing window – towards you.

The volume of oil in the boiler is about 4 liters, which on the one hand, quite a lot. But, it is slower to contaminate and consume, has high inertness, does not lose temperature when loading food.

To remove leftovers of breading, flour and other residues from the oil, it is enough to remove the tans from the cooled oil. Then you need to pour clean upper oil into another container, pour out the sediment.

Then, wipe the boiler and pour back the oil by adding fresh oil to the desired level. The whole operation takes a few minutes.

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Presto 05411

Presto 05411This fryer comes in a cardboard box. The white background of the box shows the fryer itself and its accessories.

It also gives a brief description of its functions and characteristics. On one of the sides, there are photos of served dishes.

In the packed form, the device is protected from impact by foam tabs, all accessories are placed in plastic bags.

The design of the fryer is quite curious. Bowl with non-stick coating, in which the oil is poured, is placed in a case made of stainless steel.

A control unit with a heating element is then inserted into the container using special rails on the casing.

The casing is equipped with thermally insulated carrying handles. The fully assembled unit can be easily moved to any part of the kitchen with these handles.

On the bottom side of the case, the legs that lift the case 2 cm above the table surface are highlighted. This prevents the worktop from being exposed to high temperatures. The rubber inlays on the legs ensure a firm grip and prevent the appliance from sliding.

The control unit is made of plastic, the heating element is made of stainless steel. Very simple control panel, if one regulator and two indicators can be called so, is located on the front side of the unit.

In the upper part of the heating element, there is a silicone tab. It is designed to prevent oil spraying when the lid is closed.

The fryer has a plastic lid with a transparent window and a double filter. The roasting process can be controlled through the window. The lid is tightly attached to the fryer body and protects against oil splashes.

Silicone inlays in all areas that come into contact with the fryer’s accessories serve the same purpose. The cover handle is also made of heat-resistant material.

A large basket is placed in the container, leaving enough space on the sides for frying large quantities of food. This accessory is designed for roasting fish, schnitzels and large pieces of food.

Two small part baskets allow you to prepare two dishes at once. The removable handles are universal, easy and secure to attach to the basket.

The working volume is determined by the amount of frying oil. The largest oil volume is 4 liters. Up to 1.2 kg of food can be processed at the same time. The manufacturer notes that the optimal amount is 0.8 kg.

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Hamilton Beach Professional Grade Electric Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach Professional Grade Electric Deep FryerAir fryers are, as the name suggests, a hybrid of an air grill where products are cooked under the action of hot air flows.

In the case of an air fryer of oil, we will need very little, as the manufacturer promises.

Thus, the product will be more useful, and there will be no question where to put a liter and a half of used vegetable oil.

The body of the fryer is almost a cube with rounded corners. The door is also a “superstructure” above the cube.

There are ventilation grilles on the sides and back of the case. On the top, there is a channel of 2 mm thickness with a 3 cm indent from the side edges.

The hot air duct is located on the back of the unit at the top of the unit. Thus, you should not put the air fryer closer than 10 centimeters from the wall. You should also not put anything combustible or melt above it.

The plastic body is smooth, glossy, pleasant to the touch. The edges of the ventilation grilles are smooth and do not scratch if you hold them by hand. The door glass is transparent, double and clearly not fragile.

The door has a handy silver handle for which you can open it. The door opens with some force and closes with a soft click.

The air fryer stands firmly and reliably on a flat surface, and even on a not very flat one does not slip either.

Inside are rails for trays, baskets, and pallets. Extra accessories are included with some force and can be removed in the same way. The number of rails allows 4-5 trays to be placed simultaneously.

Inner surfaces of the air fryer are made of shiny silver metal. The inner corners are rounded, so the airflow will be unobstructed from them. Garbage will not accumulate in them – easy to wipe.

On the upper inside surface, there is something that provides the air fryer hot air flows to the product: heater and blowers. According to the manufacturer, they are responsible for such advantages. As rapid heating and a wide range of temperatures used.

The wide heater spiral is made of stainless steel and covers almost the entire area of the device with frequent turns. The blowers are two fans with sloping blades that “rake” the hot air and distribute it.

According to the manufacturer, one of the fans must inject air into the chamber. The second one is to distribute it so that heat goes not only from the top but also reflected from the side and bottom surfaces.

All accessories are made of stainless steel or non-stick-coated aluminum. They are of high quality, without sharp edges or burrs and are pleasant to use.

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T-fal Deep Fryer with Basket

T-fal Deep Fryer with BasketThis fryer is of high quality. Removable bowl, removable heating element, three baskets of different sizes in a set.

This large size fryer is ideal for a large family or people who like to fry, guests and good company.

The external protective fryer is made of thick unpainted cardboard. It contains the name of the appliance and its brief specifications.

Inside this box, there was a packaging of a more familiar look.

The fryer is protected from shocks and damage during transportation by two foam inserts that keep it in place.

All accessories and components of the fryer are additionally packed in polyethylene bags. The cardboard inserts prevent shocks and friction between the individual parts of the fryer. In general, the appliance is securely packaged.

This fryer is not a compact fryer. You should thus consider in advance where to place it for use and where to store it. The fryer looks very good on the outside.

The stainless steel casing, small handles made of heat-resistant and durable plastic. A metal lid with an inspection window and a handy handle, and a large oil container.

The device consists of several parts that can be connected to each other. A 10-liter bowl is inserted into the stainless steel hollow body. On the sides of the housing, there are two handles made of heat-resistant plastic.

The bowl can be positioned freely. Without any difficulty, without backlash or dangling, standing securely and firmly.

The bowl is metal, strong, the coating is like the enameled coating. The sheet metal is quite thick, so the material does not deform even when pressed hard.

The inner side of the bowl is marked with the smallest and largest oil volume. The smallest level corresponds to 4.3 liters, the largest level is 5 liters of oil.

On the bottom side, which the body does not have, you can see four small legs about 7 mm high. The legs are equipped with a rubberized base. The rubberized inserts counteract slipping.

So that the device stands firm and still, even on a glass surface. The bottom of the oil bowl is above the lower limit of the housing. In this way, the surface on which the fryer is to be placed is protected from damage and deformation by high temperatures.

A control unit with heater is then inserted into the bowl. Finally, the design is topped with a lid. The lid is made of stainless steel and heat resistant plastic.

It is equipped with an inspection window, steam outlet openings, and a large comfortable handle. On the front wall of the cover, there are three deep recesses designed to close the device tightly when placed inside baskets.

The temperature regulator, timer and indicators are located on the top panel. The classic shape heating element has two sensors and a stop. The control unit to the right of the heater has a sensor for the presence of a bowl. The heater will not work unless it is fixed inside the vessel.

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Secura 1700-Watt

Secura 1700-WattThis fryer is attractive primarily for its size. The fryer of almost cubic shape with rounded edges is surprising in its size – it can be called miniature.

The design of the fryer is extremely simple. The case is made of stainless steel and black plastic. The metal is treated well, its surface is smooth.

The front side of the fryer has hinted on the frying parameters of some products. In the bottom part, there is a thermoregulator, below and to the left of it, there is a heating indicator.

From the top, the fryer is covered with a lid with an inspection window. The lid is reversible, the outer part is made of plastic and the inner part is made of metal.

The viewing window is plastic, large in size. If it is necessary to close the lid during frying, you can control what is happening inside the cooking bowl through the window.

A filter and ventilation openings are located along the side far from the user. On the left side of the lid, there is a small protruding part that acts as a candle holder.

Two deep recesses can be seen in the center of the front wall. They are designed to close tightly with the device placed inside the basket.

The surface of the oil bath is treated with a non-stick coating. The design of the bowl is fixed. On the edge of the left far corner, you can see a small notch that makes it easier to drain the oil after frying.

The walls are smooth, with the smallest and largest oil level markings on one of them. At the bottom, you can guess where the heating element will be installed.

On the bottom side, there are ventilation holes. A sticker with information about the device and four legs with rubberized inserts to prevent the fryer from sliding on the table surface.

The lattice basket is made of stainless steel. The basket is placed in an oil bath, leaving enough space on the parties for uniform roasting of products.

The removable handle can be easily and securely attached to the basket. On the outside, a hook is attached under the handle. It allows the basket to be mounted on the body to drain oil residues from the fried food.

Anyone can manage this fryer. To start heating, you need to set the thermoregulator against the desired temperature mark.

The regulator is free to move. The indicator on the left side lights up while the fryer is being heated. When the oil temperature in the bowl reaches the set temperature, the indicator goes out. Everything is elementary and very simple.

Before first use, the manufacturer recommends wiping the oil bath with a damp cloth from inside. The removable grate basket should be rinsed under a jet of water and thoroughly dried.

This fryer is small and takes up little space. It means that you will not have any problems finding storage space for your appliance. The volume of food to be processed depends on the amount of oil placed in the bowl.

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DeLonghi D44528DZ

DeLonghi D44528DZThis fryer is designed to fry food almost without adding oil. In this fryer, you can prepare ordinary fries and fries both fresh and frozen.

This fryer can also be used for roasting fish, seafood, chicken wings, nuggets and much more.

This fryer has a typical shape for this type of device – a cylinder, slightly tapering upwards. In general, the appearance makes a favorable impression.

The glossy and shiny black side surface is perfectly combined with the silver color of the top. On the front side are the most important objects.

The control panel with display and touch buttons and the sliding basket handle.

The mains cable is universal and can be inserted on the backside. The length of the cord is small. So it is necessary either to install the device close to the socket or use a cord from any other equipment.

Ventilation holes for hot air can be seen on the backside of the case. The lower part of the air inlet panel is equipped with a stopper that prevents the unit from being installed close to the wall.

Three rows of air vents are also located on the top panel.

On the bottom side, the unit is equipped with four small feet with rubberized inserts. Thanks to it the housing is securely and without sliding on any surface. Curiously, there are grooves at the sides for comfortable movement from place to place.

Inside the case, there is an aluminum bottom and on top. There is a metal grating covering the heating element. The side walls are made of thick, heat-resistant plastic.

The boiler is removed from the housing by moving forward towards itself. The boiler is metal, treated with non-stick coating. The metal is strong, does not deform even under heavy pressure. A plastic part with a handle is attached to the front side of the boiler.

Inside the bowl, a grid is inserted. The grille is metal, also treated with a non-stick coating. Three low legs are equipped with removable rubber pads.

The pads keep the coating on the walls and bottom of the bowl intact. From the outer part of the grille, there is a recess in the center with a thin handle. With its help, all manipulations with the grille are performed – placement and removal.

There are no claims to the quality of production and assembly. All seams and joints are tight. There are no cracks in the body, the plastic is smooth, pleasant to the touch and does not look cheap.

The large control panel with buttons gives the feeling of easy to operate without unnecessary functions.

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How often should I change the oil?

The oil in the fryer must be changed at least every 10 cooking cycle. Sunflower and peanut butter should be changed every 5 cooking cycles or when crackling. This means that there is water in the fryer. To prolong the oil’s life, filter it regularly.

How do I protect the window from misting?

Apply a small amount of lemon juice or cut the potatoes in half and rub them in the window before cooking.

How often do I change the filters in the fryer?

The metal-carbon filters should be changed every 35-50 cycles. In some models, a saturation mark indicates the need to change the filter. The foam filters should be changed every 20 cycles of the appliance. Cleaning filters made of carbon fibers should be washed after 80 uses. They regenerate after each wash.

When should I fill or refill the fryer?

The fryer must be filled with oil before use. The appliance must be disconnected from the power supply. After several cycles of operation, the oil level must be corrected. Always disconnect the appliance from the mains and let it cool down. Never use a fryer without oil or cooking oil.