7 Best Vegetable Brushes Reviews

Vegetables and fruits grown in your garden have huge advantages over the shop and even market ones. You know the conditions under which they grew. Even if fertilizers have been used for fertilizing or watering, you will be sure of their natural origin and that they are harmless to health.

It means that it is easier to prepare food for consumption. You don’t need to waste time minimizing the number of nitrates in them. Or peel off the peel to get rid of the wax, which extends their shelf life.

But, self-grown products also need to be thoroughly cleaned. Once in the ground or in contact with it, they can become a source of parasites that cause gastrointestinal diseases.

The silicone dishwashing sponge is well received and deserves special attention. This product has recently appeared on the shelves of shops, but very quickly is gaining popularity among owners.

The second name – eco-pliers, as it will serve for a long time and will replace more than one pack of conventional foam products. This means that less garbage will get to the dump, which will reduce environmental pollution. Silicone Wash Sponge does not absorb dirt and grease.

Vegetable Brushes

Thus, it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria after a week of use and can be stored for a long time.

But, mistresses note that using such a sponge increases the consumption of cleaning products.

It is less foamy and weaker due to its special surface, which resembles a small brush.

Feedback also says that silicone sponge cleans porcelain perfectly.

It doesn’t scratch the dishes and is easily disinfected in the microwave or dishwasher, but it doesn’t always clean dry food.

By the way, other pleasant “bonuses” from the use of sponges of this type have been identified. For example, it can collect animal hair from furniture, wash fruits and vegetables before eating. It can even be used for washing, providing a gentle massage effect.

Each type of vegetable has its own recommendations, which are sure to help you clean them well.

Root and potatoes extracted from the ground need to be prepared for washing: shake off the ground and cut the greens. After that, put the vegetables in warm salty water for 10-15 minutes.

Vegetables should be washed under cold running water using a sponge or brush, and finish the treatment. Scald them with boiling water or hot water. This washing will not harm any useful substances, and parasites and bacteria will be destroyed.

Green onions, dill, parsley, sorrel, rhubarb, salad greens must be picked up and the roots and damaged leaves removed. Wash the greens in a container with cool water and only then rinse them under a faucet.

You can be absolutely sure of the purity of greenery if you keep it for half an hour in a salt-vinegar or just in the salt solution. After that, they should be thoroughly rinsed under running water.

The least treatment is for berries growing on the bushes. It is enough to wash them with cold water. But strawberries, which grow close to the ground and can come into contact with it, should be washed more carefully.

Vegetable Brushes

Place it in a colander in one layer and put it in a container with cool water for five minutes. After that, rinse with running water and pour cool boiled water over it.

By the way, some hostesses and sweet berries are soaked in a weak salt solution, which helps to disinfect them.

Apples and pears removed from the tree can be washed without washing at all.

Those fallen to the ground can be washed with cold water, paying special attention to the place of attachment of the stem.

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle should eat natural products of plant origin. But imported fruits and vegetables are more intimidating than attractive.

The news tells of another shipment of toxic agricultural products from around the world. The shelves of stores are as tempting as shiny apples, glossy tomatoes, and sunny oranges. And we, forgetting everything in the world, already bring fresh fruit to the mouth for immediate tasting.

The way fruit and vegetables are processed

Not all regions can boast abundant harvests. So fruits and vegetables are supplied from abroad, especially during the cold season. But organic products do not have a long shelf life, so they are processed for preservation during transportation.

Paraffin and wax are used to cover the fruits to give them a glossy shine and extend their shelf life. Biphenyl is impregnated with paper in which citrus fruits are wrapped. This oil refining product is considered a carcinogen.

Vegetable Brushes

Methyl bromide and fungicides are used to process fruit to kill pests and mold. Dried fruit is placed in sulfur dioxide to increase shelf life and commercial appearance.

Pesticides are added as the fruit matures to get rid of insects and fungi. They are toxic and can accumulate in the human body, causing irreversible effects.

Nitrates are used to fertilize the soil and speed up plant growth.

They are preserved in fruits and other parts of plants. Nitrates are dangerous to humans, and in large doses they are lethal.

Even if you are sure of the origin of the fruits, you should not eat them directly from the branch. Particles of earth, remnants of insects, birds, or animals may remain there.

How do you disarm fruits and vegetables

Wash your vegetables just before you eat. During processing, the outer layer is damaged and the product starts to deteriorate. Wash glossy and slippery wax fruits with a brush and soap in cold running water.

Citrus fruits should be scalded with boiling water. Hot water will not damage their dense skin but will neutralize the surface preservatives.

Wash even those fruits that you are going to clean before eating. Dirt from the surface can reach the pulp through your hands. The grapes will enjoy a shower. Split the brush into small bunches for ease of use, and after water treatment, dry in a strainer.

Vegetable Brushes

Wash the pineapple with a brush and soap, without peeling off the leaves.

With watermelon and melon, be especially attentive: during the maturation process, they lie directly on the ground.

If you are allergic, it’s a good idea to soak any fruit in cold water for an hour.

Not sure of the origin of the fruit you bought? Make sure you cut the rind, preferably with some extra.

Rinse the dried fruit in cold water and then dine with boiling water to get rid of preservatives that are not bought up by unscrupulous producers.

These are all the tips you need when cleaning vegetables. In this article, you will find the best tools to help you make vegetables perfectly clean.

This vegetable brush has the best feedback from the buyers:

Our Top Pick
Redecker Tampico and Union Fiber Vegetable BrushRedecker Tampico and Union Fiber Vegetable Brush

This brush is ideal for cleaning a wide range of fruits and vegetables and suitable for tough and delicate varieties.
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Other high-quality vegetable brushes:

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

Nylon bristles of this model of brush clean thoroughly. It is pe
rfect for potatoes, carrots and more.

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TOPHOME Silicone Non-Scratch Sponge

TOPHOME Silicone Non-Scratch Sponge

This tool is made of food grade silicone, which is naturally since it is not porous like regular sponges and cloths are. 

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Vegetable Scrubber Brush

Vegetable Scrubber Brush

This brush is particularly good at scrubbing off ground in dirt from thick skinned root vegetables.

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Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Veggie Brush

Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Veggie Brush

This model comes with two bristles strengths: angled soft bristles for mushrooms, delicate produce, stiff bristles for harder vegetables.

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1 Pack Dish Brush Vegetable and Fruit Brush

1 Pack Dish Brush Vegetable and Fruit Brush

This vegetable brush can be used for just about most cleaning or scrubbing purposes.

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Mr.S Shop Multi-functional Fruit Vegetable Brushes

Mr.S Shop Multi-functional Fruit Vegetable Brushes

With the help of this brush you will clean all your vegetables, including potatos, carrots ans others. 

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Redecker Tampico and Union Fiber Vegetable Brush

Redecker Tampico and Union Fiber Vegetable Brush

Young vegetables are loved by all, both adults and children. They’re quite tasty and healthy.

Some mistresses do not even clean the skin and cook with it, but not everyone can decide on such an experiment.

But, a lot of effort will have to be made to clean a lot of vegetables. Especially if you like to cook for the winter or just for the big family.

Many housewives have found a way out. They use a sponge to quickly clean dishes, a stainless sponge, and even sand. But, manufacturers have suggested using a special brush for vegetables.

The Vegetable Cleaning Brush is a tool for cleaning fruit and vegetables from the skin. Besides, this device makes it several times easier to wash any fruit and vegetables.

The special brush is easy to use. You need to rub the vegetable from different sides under a jet of water. After several movements, the vegetable will be clean. Then you can simply rinse the device with water.

The advantages of a vegetable brush:

  • There are no problems when using the brush.
  • Vegetable brush speed. A few kilos of young potatoes can be cleaned in just a few minutes.
  • There are many applications for the vegetable brush.

This brush cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

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OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

Each hostess when buying kitchen utensils pays attention not only to their cost and quality of performance. But also to the usefulness of these accessories.

Recently, gadgets for the kitchen are in great demand. Their range is very large. All of them have increased functionality and their main purpose – to ease cooking.

They also help to cope with kitchen duties more quickly. One such useful kitchen gadget is a silicone brush for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

The advantages of this brush for cleaning fruits and vegetables:

  • Washes and cleans fruit and vegetables from dirt.
  • Comfortable tack and hot stand.
  • Thanks to the anti-slip coating, it helps to open the lids on cans easily.
  • Easily skins vegetables.
  • Made of heat-resistant environmentally friendly and safe food silicone.
  • Soft, comfortable to hold in your hand.

The manufacturer does not recommend washing this brush in the dishwasher. You can easily clean it with conventional dishwashing detergents.

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TOPHOME Silicone Non-Scratch Sponge

TOPHOME Silicone Non-Scratch Sponge

This brush, made of durable plastic, is excellent for cleaning potatoes, root crops, fruits, mushrooms, and much more. The product has a sharp end for removing eyes and a scraper for removing dirt.

It consists of 3000 bristles, which will wash everything easily and quickly.

You no longer have to put a lot of effort or ruin your manicure as the bristles will do all the dirty work for you. They are easy to remove food scraps, clean non-stick coatings, and perfectly wash fruit and vegetables.

This product is truly hygienic as it is easy to clean and quickly dries. The pathogenic bacteria will not reproduce like in a familiar sponge. After use, you can hang the brush in any convenient place thanks to a special loop. The accessory can also be used as a tack.

The revolutionary silicone brush keeps its shape perfectly and will not wear out over time. It does not leave any scratches on the surfaces, and most importantly, it easily washes away all hard-to-reach corners.

After use, you should rinse it with a mild detergent or send it to the dishwasher. The brush can also be sterilized in a microwave or boiling water.

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Vegetable Scrubber Brush

Vegetable Scrubber Brush

This is a fruit and vegetable washing brush. With its concave nylon bristles, this handy brush can easily wash fruits and vegetables without damaging their skin.

This brush is made of antibacterial silicone. It is not as porous as brushes made from other materials, so it does not accumulate harmful bacteria.

This brush is easy to clean and quick to dry. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher. After this process, it will look as good as new. For a long time, it will delight you with its high quality.

Multifunctional kitchen helper. This sponge is comfortable to hold in your hand. There are brushes on one side and a ribbed surface on the other. This silicone device can also be used as a tack.

This brush does not leave scratches. So it can also be used for cleaning dishes. Thanks to its flexibility, you can reach hard-to-reach places on your dishes.

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Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Veggie Brush

Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Veggie Brush

This sponge is excellent for cleaning potatoes, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and other products. Made of durable plastic, wash under running tap water, should not be used in the dishwasher.

Not quite a pleasant procedure of cleaning vegetables can become much easier and faster with this brush. The handy small format makes it easy to hold in your hands.

Rigid bristles will clean even the most hard-to-reach areas of vegetables such as mushrooms and carrots. It will be an indispensable aid for lovers of fresh vegetables and vegetarians.

This vegetable brush is also adapted for people with reduced mobility, practical and safe. Simply put it on your finger and you can brush vegetables with a relaxed hand.

Due to the frequent placement of the brushes, the brush perfectly cleans potatoes and carrots and many other vegetables from dirt.

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1 Pack Dish Brush Vegetable and Fruit Brush

1 Pack Dish Brush Vegetable and Fruit Brush

This brush for dishes and vegetables with handle is made of bamboo and nylon. Suitable for cleaning non-stick dishes.

This brand offers a wide range of products for the kitchen, from kitchen towels to pasta machines.

All products are combined into collections based on the principle of combination of color, material, and shape. They harmoniously complement each other.

Bread crumbs, cake makers, storage tanks and even cleaning sets are made of metal and presented in several colors.

Despite the simple and clear style, these products will look harmoniously in every home. Besides, in the collections, you can find interesting things that simply have no analogs.

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Mr.S Shop Multi-functional Fruit Vegetable Brushes

Mr.S Shop Multi-functional Fruit Vegetable Brushes

This is a universal brush for washing any vegetables and not only. The shape provides convenience both for washing dishes and for washing vegetables during cooking.

It can be sterilized in boiling water. The handy silicone brush is an indispensable aid in the fight for cleanliness.

You can easily remove dirt from fruits and vegetables and wash any dishes with the help of the brush. Soft silicone bristles do not scratch non-stick surfaces.

They perfectly remove various dirt from tiles, chipboard, parquet, laminate, and linoleum. Besides, the brush can be used to clean carpets and animal hair during molting. You can also use it as a tack and hot stand.

The silicone brush is almost eternal. It does not abrasion, breaks are easy to wash and can be sterilized in boiling water, which eliminates the possibility of bacterial growth. The brush is made of silicone.

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FAQ for vegetable brushes buyers:

How do you clean a vegetable brush?

Pour vinegar into a cup or dishpan, add a drop of dishwashing liquid, and put the dish brush, bristle-end down, into the solution. Give it a little swirl. Soak brush: Let the dish brush soak for one hour or longer. Let air-dry: Lay the brush flat on a clean dishtowel, or hang to dry.

What is a vegetable brush used for?

It is a multi-purpose type of kitchen utensil that can be used to clean many different types of vegetables as well as other items such as cookware.

How do you scrub potatoes without a brush?

Dampen the vegetable scrubber. It may contain some soap residue, which might get onto the potato. If you don’t have a vegetable scrubbing brush, find a clean sponge with a scratchy, scrubby side, and use that instead.

What is the best homemade vegetable wash?

To clean most fruits and vegetables, mix a solution of 1 cup vinegar to 4 cups water inside your spray bottle, then add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Shake well to combine. Spray your produce: Place your fruit or vegetable in a colander in the sink.