Burger grill time chart (full list)

Meat minced meat for cutlets is good because it can be used to cook cutlets of different degrees of frying. Some people like to order or cook burgers with raw meatballs.

Others like to fry the cutlets so that they are like rubber soles and are as fried as possible. But of course, most people choose to fry them somewhere in the middle. That’s why the first and last options are used quite rarely.

As it is either a red meat cutlet with the smallest crust or strongly overcooked, dry and hard. It is believed that the flavor of meat drops dramatically when it is fully cooked. Usually, it is considered that the most tasty are cutlets with a temperature inside 65-75 ° C.

In addition to the best flavor, this allows you to cut the possibility of getting poisoning or disease of food origin.

The quality depends on the degree of decency of the burger, its supplier, or the store where you bought the meat or ready minced meat for self-cooking. So always approach the degree of frying with intelligence, health is the most expensive.

Marble beef cutlets are not always fully fried. Meat in this category will keep moisture in the cutlet when medium browned and provide special juiciness. The best taste is when you have managed to warm the burger so much that it remained soft and tender, but left some juice in the meat. Then the burger will be juicy.

There are only five degrees of frying, of which the most popular are Medium and Medium Well. The difference between them is the temperature at which the burger will come off the fry and the time spent on it, respectively. Of course, the approach to roasting is always unique for each type of meat.

Burgers made of fatty meat usually take longer to cook and they are more roasted. If the meat was lean, but, lighter roasting is recommended. You can do without a thermometer to determine the degree of roast meat burgers while they are being fried in a pan or grill.

The easiest way to visually assess the cutlet is to pick it with a knife or fork. You can tell by the color of its interior. When the experience comes, you will be able to determine by touching it with a blade or crust on the burgers.

This grill time chart will help you to make perfect burgers:


rare burger

52°С2-4 minutes on both sides"With blood" or "Raw" in a fracture of red and plenty of red flesh, has a thin crust of dark color. Inside, the meat will be cold, the fever will only be on the surface.

Medium Rare
Medium Rare burger

57°С4-6 minutes on one sideSuch burgers can already be called half raw, they already have very little blood and pink juice. The outside of the cutlet is brownish-gray, and the center is warm.

Medium burger

63°C5-7 minutesThe burger will already be without blood, and at the pressure on it pink juice will flow. It is juicy and soft at the same time.

Medium Well
Medium Well burger

68°С6-8 minutesBurgers of this degree of cooking is called almost fried, the color on the cut is more brownish-gray, the juice in it will be transparent.

Well Done
Well Done burger

74°С7+ minutesBurgers "full roast" will have a completely brown color on the cut, dry and reached the highest stiffness.

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The burger is one of the simplest and most popular dishes for grilling, which, besides, is very popular with children. To make it perfect, first, make the right cutlets according to the following chef’s advice:


A good burger starts with a burger. The juicier and tastier it is, the better your burger will come out. You can choose pork, chicken, or turkey for burgers, but beef is the most common option. There is a perception that only a mixture of expensive cuts of the carcass is suitable for burgers, but this is not quite true.


Juicy burgers become fat burgers, so you should choose minced meat with enough amount of fat. If the fat is too low, the burgers will turn out to be dry and hard.

If the fat is too much, the burgers will noticeably shrink in size during frying. If you’re not sure about the minced meat that’s sold in the store, make it yourself. Meat from the shoulder blade (18% fat) is best suited for this.



Stuffing should be salted and pepper or the burgers will turn out fresh. You can also add Wooster sauce, chili sauce, or even ordinary grated onions. This will make the burgers much more delicious.


The ideal thickness of the burgers is 2 cm. If it is thinner, the burger will become dry after frying, and if thicker, it will burn on the outside and remain unfried inside.


It is very important to divide the minced meat into equal portions. This is necessary so that all the cutlets are evenly fried. Measure with scales or a tablespoon (1 tbsp ≈ 45g of minced meat) the part of 120g if you plan to fry thin or 150g. – large and thick nuggets.

Do not press or squeeze the minced meat hard during the formation of the meatball. Otherwise, you risk making a “rubber” burger. But you can’t keep the cutlets in shape either because they’ll fall apart. Try to make sure that all portions are the same diameter and thickness. You can use a special gadget, a pastry ring.


During frying, the burgers may deform, and then it will be inconvenient to put other ingredients on them. So that your cutlets are not lost between rolls, salad, and other ingredients.


The muscle tissue during the heat treatment compresses, make a small dent in the center with your thumb. This way, after frying the burger better retains its shape and slightly shrinks in diameter.

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The cutlet only needs to be turned once by gently lifting the scapula. If it hits the grate, do not try to turn it overdoes it a minute later.

By the way, when the cutlet is almost cooked, you should put a slice of cheese on top of it to make it melt. The combination of “cheese and meat” is always a win-win situation, so these two ingredients should be together.

As you can see, there’s nothing hard about making a burger. You can make it yourself at home using this table and tips.