7 Best Electric Griddles Reviews

An electric griddle is not new to kitchen appliances.

The main difference between an electric griddle and its older relative is that it does not need a stove or hob for cooking. It is connected directly to a socket via a power cord.

The electric griddle has several design features:

  • The thermal or infrared thermostat is hidden inside the unit
  • Tight-fitting glass cover
  • Non-stick bottom

An electric griddle is used for frying, stewing, baking. To start the cooking process, a flat horizontal surface and a regular socket are enough.

Types of the electric griddle

  • Specialized – a frying pan designed for cooking specific dishes. For example, baking, pizza. Most often they have a double-sided design.
  • Road – a frying pan with a diameter of 10 cm or more. It does not take much space, and the working surface is enough to heat or cook 1-2 portions for a single meal.
  • Multifunctional – the most common type of electric frying pan: with high edges and wide working surface. Externally it is an ordinary frying pan, but with a heating element.
electric griddle

Advantages of electric griddles over conventional frying pans:

  1. An electric frying pan can be taken with you where there is no stove. The most important thing is to have access to electricity.
  2. The presence of a thermostat. It allows you to set the temperature of heating, which is not present in conventional frying pans. This allows you to choose the optimal temperature for each dish.
  3. Uniform heating. Thanks to the integrated element, the bottom of the frying pan heats evenly.
  4. Without oil. The non-stick coating and uniform heating allow cooking with little or no oil.
  5. High walls. As a rule, electric hydrogen has large sides, which expands its application: it can boil water, make baked goods.

What should be considered when buying?

  • The advantage of models with high power is that they are more functional. They range from 500 to 2400 W.
  • The material. For electric frying pans, 3 types are used: aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron.

Stainless steel and aluminum are inexpensive and easy to maintain metals. Choosing such a frying pan, it is desirable to stop on the model with the thickness of the non-stick layer of at least 3 mm, otherwise it will quickly thin out.

stailes steel electric griddle

Cast iron – the most expensive and durable material, but at the same time heavy.

There are also ceramic frying pans. Ceramics, in this case, is a coating over steel or aluminum. Such dishes are ideal for baking.

The material does not affect the quality of the cooked food. The bottom warms up evenly enough as it is.

  • Thermo regulator. Not all models have this function. For example, compact travel pans may not have it. But, this is a very useful parameter. It allows you to set the largest temperature at which a dish can be warmed up.
  • Shape and size. A larger diameter frying pan is more suitable for the home, and smaller frying pans are more suitable for hiking.

The shape of the appliance (circle, square, oval) does not matter, it does not affect the cooking process. And high sides will be a plus, in such a frying pan you can cook more dishes.

electric griddle 2

The electric grill can roast, stew, or bake different foods:

  • Meat, it can be fried, roasted or heated, any type of meat, as well as poultry and sausage products, is suitable for this.
  • Fish, it can also be fried or baked to make the fish juicy, it is recommended to take fatty varieties or marinate it well.
  • Vegetables and fruits, they can be fried, baked both in an open condition and in foil.
  • Products made of dough, such as flapjacks, pizza cakes, with the features of the device electric grill, can speed up the process of cooking.
  • Defrosting products, cooking porridge, etc.

An electric griddle is a modern household appliance, without which it is already difficult to do in the kitchen. This device will help to save time spent on cooking and help to cook dishes at home, which were before only obtained in nature.

This video demonstrates how to clean steel, chrome, and composite griddles:

This electric griddle has the best feedback from the buyers:

Our Top Pick
Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor GrillHamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill

this model comes with 2 cooking areas with independent, adjustable heat and a center grease channel with drip tray underneath.
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Other high-quality electric griddles:

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

This electric griddle combines fast and even heating with variable temperature controls, making it easy to make breakfast.

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Zojirushi EA-DCC10

Zojirushi EA-DCC10

This model is convenient for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Durable ceramic cooking surface with titanium enhanced nonstick coating.

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Tilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle

Tilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle

This griddle offers and efficient "square" shape that holds more pancakes, eggs, and sandwiches than most conventional rectangular griddles.

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Nostalgia GD20C

Nostalgia GD20C

This is the tool with warming drawer is a sleek, stylish griddle. Cook, warm and serve foods for large groups with ease.

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Presto 07046

Presto 07046

This device is great for any meal. It can cook up to 50% more food than other jumbo griddles. 

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BELLA (14606) Copper Titanium Coated Non-Stick Electric Griddle

BELLA (14606) Non-Stick Electric Griddle

This grill features a 1500 watt heating system, cool touch handles & a base with a built in ledge with backstop for easy pancake flipping.

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Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill

It’s a grill that makes cooking steaks as easy as possible. Behind the cool, modern design of this model, there are also impressive culinary possibilities.

This model allows you to be sure that your steak will be exactly the degree of frying you prefer. Simply select the automatic steak cooking mode and watch the round light indicator on the handle.

When it’s yellow, you’ve reached Rare, orange Medium, red Well Done. Plus a beep.

There are also automatic modes for cooking pork, sausages and lamb, poultry, fish, burgers, panini, and sandwiches.

There is also the possibility of manual settings for temperature and cooking time. This is a great thing to make a good steak, even for someone who has never done it.

The ideal degree of steak frying is a delicate thing that even experienced cooks can’t always cope with. Trust this electric grill. Its sensor determines how many pieces and how thick you put in. Then it automatically selects the optimal temperature. All you have to do is select the desired mode on the circular display.

In addition to meat, you can also prepare burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausages, and fish. For each of the products, there is a corresponding program marked on the control panel with a clear picture.

Would you like to serve a vegetable side dish to the main course? Set the temperature manually. There are four options available. “Defrosting” will help you quickly prepare the food from the freezer for further processing.

The corrugated plates are set at a seven-degree angle, so the fat drains from them into the pallet. This way, the food is more dietary.

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill 2

The removable work surfaces are made of cast aluminum and coated with Teflon.

Particles of fat do not stick or stick to it, so maintenance is very easy. Enough soft sponge and dishwashing liquid. You can also use a dishwasher; the same applies to the grease tray.

It is a handy and beautiful electric grill with a steel case and a screen showing the main functions. It has a power of 1800 W and is electronically controlled.

The non-stick surface allows cooking without oil and easy panel cleaning. To prevent food from burning, the model has a timer with an audible alarm.

Overheating is not possible thanks to the automatic switch-off. The pieces of different thicknesses are perfectly cooked in the grill thanks to the auto-tuning function to match the food size. The set includes a shovel and a book with interesting recipes.

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BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

This grill has an electronic control with a display and seven modes of operation for cooking a variety of products and dishes.

Double-sided grill and panini press, waffles, open grill, open tray, grill, and tray, top-heated.

If you install the special app on your smartphone, you can get tips on how to prepare certain dishes. You can also get tips on how to set the grill to the best setting.

Several removable worktops with non-stick coating are included. Two classic textured surfaces (for grilling), two for waffles, and two flat surfaces for tray cooking.

Everything can be washed in the dishwasher. There is a removable grease tray. The grill is not cheap, but the equipment is really rich.

This electric grill with removable plates will be relevant for any kitchen. The small but powerful device allows you to fry meat, fish and vegetables, cook steaks, hamburgers, and other dishes.

The grill plates have a special non-stick coating. Thanks to this, your food will not burn, and the plates can be removed and easily cleaned from fat and food remains. You can also cook without using oil. This will make your menu healthier.

The fat from the food being cooked flows directly into a special tray that can be easily removed and cleaned. The food will be cooked without any extra fat, and you won’t spend much time washing the grill.

In case you forget to turn off the grill, there is a special system that handles automatically turning it off.

Thick, massive panels allow butter-free frying of chicken, steaks, vegetables because there are 5 power levels. After heating, it takes only a few minutes to prepare a meat dish. There is a built-in timer with a pleasant sound signal. The non-stick coating is flat, neat.

The design does not strike the imagination. But the device with its steel case still does not look foreign even in the most modern kitchen. The plates are removable, two embossed, one smooth. The panels wash very well. If they’re still warm, it’s almost instantaneous.

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle 2

The design of this electric griddle is arranged in such a way that the excess of fat or juice flows not on the table, but in a special pallet. The pallet is inserted into the grooves located at the back of the casing.

The drip tray is effortlessly removed. All you have to do is pick it up by the special recess in the visible part and pull it out. Back in place, it is just as easy to install.

After each cooking in the grill, you should wait until the grill has cooled down completely. You can then remove the tray and panels and wash them in warm water using a mild detergent. You can also wipe the outside and inside of the grill with a dry cloth. So this grill is easy to clean.

The control panel in this electric grill for home is simple and intuitive.

This electric grill has a special built-in product thickness sensor. This helps the unit to automatically adjust the panel heating temperature and cooking time. Each degree is indicated by a corresponding indicator.

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Zojirushi EA-DCC10

Zojirushi EA-DCC10

It’s a device for real steak fans. For those who always want a perfectly cooked piece of meat on a plate. Besides, the model is impressive in design.

The steaks are automatically cooked by this grill. You simply choose the type of meat (in the case of steaks, beef) and the desired degree of frying. And then you insert a heat probe into the meat.

This controls the temperature inside the grill. It also switches off when it reaches the level corresponding to the selected degree of roast. The grill will also cook poultry or fish itself. There is a manual mode – you can adjust all the settings yourself. It’s great to be able to change the angle of inclination of the lower surface.

Fat will flow into the removable tray or you can cook food in its own juice. The upper surface is height-adjustable – for cooking different foods. Both worktops are removable. The grill can be “opened” and used as a one-way grill.

The 2000 Watt grill is a fair working unit. Even thick pieces of meat or fish can be grilled well and rarely dried. For vegetables and sandwiches, this model is just perfect. The unit is equipped with two tones that roast food quickly on both sides at the same time.

You can set the desired heating temperature separately for the top and bottom plates. The Teflon non-stick coating is of high quality and durable.

Excess fat drains into special grooves. Weak place – fixed working surfaces. It is not difficult to clean them, but you have to do it inside the body. The inconvenience is compensated by a rather low price.

There is a slight nuance when cooking several portions or different foods one after another. For the sensor to work correctly, the plates must be cleaned each time before use.

Zojirushi EA-DCC10

The instructions state that each steak must be preheated before it is cooked. But the grill can delay this process and the juice leftover from the previous steak part will start to burn.

But, if you put a new part of meat into the grill during the preheating phase, it will start to burn.

A couple of steaks will be grilled in this grill for no longer than five minutes.

This means that you can come back from work in the evening, plug the grill into the socket in five minutes, and perform the preheating procedure. In another five minutes, the steaks are ready.

In short, it looks like this grill will take its place in the kitchen. And in this case, the statements of marketers about the “ideal degree of frying” and “intelligence” are quite believable. It does not matter what it is called if it gives good results.

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Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle

Tilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle

For use in the kitchen, this model of the electric grill is ideal. This device allows you to prepare delicious fish fillet, juicy steak, or vegetables in seconds.

With the rotary knob, you can regulate the temperature. The timer eliminates the need for constant monitoring of the cooking process.

The digital display shows the available settings and the degree of heating, which is very convenient.

The non-stick coating of the grill allows the use of the smallest amount of oil, and a special tray is provided for removing excess fat.

This grill heats itself to the right temperature and keeps it strictly at the right level throughout the cooking process. Its main purpose is to cook steaks, so the greatest temperature is already set in the program.

This device is able to determine the thickness of the steak and set the cooking time. It works like this: you select the steak program and the grill starts to heat up. After a few minutes, the device signals – it starts to squeak and flashes purple. You can put the meat on.

There are several other programs in this grill. For burgers, chicken, sausages, hot sandwiches and fish, defrost mode, and manual mode.

Tilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle

In each mode, the grill heats differently. Sandwiches are fried at the lowest temperature, sausages are fried at the medium temperature, and so on. Each program has a different cooking time: the chicken cooks for a long time, the sandwiches almost instantly.

The time is also affected by the thickness sensor: the thicker the piece, the longer the cooking time.

The grill is very easy to operate. No on/off buttons. The unit is plugged directly into the socket. The switched-on status is indicated by a light indicator.

The only controller sets the heating power depending on the type of food being cooked: 1 for vegetables, 2 for sandwiches, baked goods, 3 for fish, meat, etc.

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Nostalgia GD20C

Nostalgia GD20C

This grill is an electric modern device that can make roasting steaks at home extremely simple and even pleasant. What’s more, it virtually eliminates the need to control the cooking process.

The unit automatically calculates the cooking time and switches off when the meat reaches the desired condition.

Another distinguishing feature of this grill is its multitasking capability. The unit can be used not only as a grill but also as a barbecue roaster and oven.

So, in addition to the classic grill dishes, it is easy to prepare omelets, stew vegetables and meat, make burgers, or even bake cookies. If you are an omelet fan, you should try the omelet maker.

The grill box is neither heavy nor cumbersome. So there should be no difficulty in transporting the user from store to home. Even though no carrying handle is provided on the packaging.

This grill is accompanied by an official warranty for 2 years from the date of buy. Not a bad bonus, given that the vast majority of manufacturers of such devices have their warranty only in the first year after buy.

The recipe book included in the set deserves special attention. This small brochure contains several dozens of recipes for a variety of dishes designed specifically for this grill. Each recipe is accompanied by a detailed description of the cooking process and a list of ingredients.

Besides, the recipes specify the cooking time and even the final energy value of the dish. This is convenient for those who count calories consumed per day.

This grill is compact and lightweight enough, so it’s not just for the home. You can easily take it with you to a party at a friend’s house or to your cottage. The case of the device is made in traditional for modern kitchen appliances – with the use of plastic and chrome design elements.

The assembly is perfect, all parts of the electric grill fit together very tightly, no backlashes or gaps are detected. The bottom of the unit has a winding/storage compartment for the power cord and four legs.

This allows the grill to stand firmly on all surfaces. On the whole, this grill gives the impression of an expensive and high-quality device.

Nostalgia GD20C

The first thing that catches your eye when you see the grill is its ergonomic handle.

It curves strongly upwards and will stand a few centimeters away from the lid – to avoid heat when the grill is running.

So the possibility of you getting burned by grabbing the handle during cooking is reduced to zero.

Another element that attracts your attention is the control panel. It consists of ten mechanical buttons and four LED indicators.

The grill cover is attached to the handle by means of hinges. There is an extra floating mount on the right side of the electric grill housing.

It allows the cover to adjust to the size and shape of the product lying on the bottom panel. This feature of the auto-tuning of the hinged lid is connected with the possibility to bake food in the grill like in an oven.

A durable non-stick layer is applied to each of the removable panels. This means that you can prepare a variety of diet foods in the grill without having to grease or oil the roasting surfaces. Besides, these panels are easy to maintain.

Food does not stick even with the smallest amount of vegetable oil and lags effortlessly behind the roasting surface. The mechanism of removing the panels is simple and convenient. On the top and side of the grill, there are buttons, when pressed the panels are slightly folded down, after which they can be easily removed by hand.

By the way, the top and bottom panels are no different from each other. So they can be easily swapped out. A useful feature, which for some reason lacks many models from the ratings of electric grills.

Nostalgia GD20C 2

Heating elements are attached to the back of the panels. This is an interesting design solution.

It solved the problem of uneven distribution of heat over the surfaces of the panels due to loose adhesion of TENs and frying surfaces.

On the right-hand side at the base of the handle, there is a button, by pressing which you can turn the grill 180 degrees.

After this simple manipulation, a barbecue roaster will appear at the user’s disposal.

It is suitable for cooking sausages, sausages, vegetables, shrimps, and other snacks. In its unfolded state, the upper hinged part of the appliance rests on a handle. The panels are on the same level parallel to the worktop on which the grill stands.

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Presto 07046

Presto 07046

This convenient and easy to handle electric grill allows you to cook meat, vegetables, fish, and seafood. The appliance is equipped with non-stick coated plates.

With it, you can cook without oil and it is very easy to wash the surface. Both the top and bottom lids of the grill are heated.

The power of the model is 1600 W, there are 3 temperature modes. The juice and fat generated during frying flow down a handy groove.

All you have to do is put a container under it. You can also open the sashes 180° and get a larger roasting surface. After cooking, the grill can be folded upright and placed upright for compact storage.

This grill has electronic control and is equipped with a sensor that regulates the temperature. This allows you to achieve excellent roasting quality in the shortest time possible. The model is easy to wash and you can use the dishwasher. It has a large panel size – you can cook for 4-6 people.

This contact grill is both functional and practical in one unit. It is suitable for the whole family or a large company. The beautiful, modern design of the grill will emphasize the interior of any kitchen. With this device, every connoisseur of meat and steaks, grilled vegetables, and hamburgers can arrange a barbecue at home.

Using this device is very comfortable and easy. The LCD display tells you all the information you need. Comfortable pens will not heat up during work, which means that you will not burn yourself accidentally touching them. The non-stick coated plates can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher.

With built-in modes, you can cook vegetables and meat at the same time, burgers and buns, and much more. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat, you can choose the optimal temperature for each dish.

Cook succulent meat or vegetables on the grill with amazing flavor without any problems. Only selected appliances, such as this electric grill, can do this.

Presto 07046 2

This kitchen device is sure to become an indispensable assistant for gourmets who prefer barbecue. You can cook your favorite dishes with it in your own kitchen. From now on, culinary delights are available every day.

For pleasant and carefree interaction with the user, the equipment is equipped with an electronic LED display. It allows you to quickly control all the options of the electric griddle.

The electronic temperature control function helps you to control the uniformity of heating.

It is largely thanks to this function that the temperature settings required for cooking can be set for each of the two thermostats.

This is a truly unique grill for which a branded application has been specially developed.

It makes it easy for everyone to get professional advice at every stage of cooking. You can use the software to select the most correct cooking mode and define the temperature.

presro 3

You can also choose the right time. And each of the recommended settings will clearly match the size and type of food you choose.

In addition to competent advice, the software will offer the user dozens of recipes. Branded software is absolutely free and has an intuitive interface. Thanks to this, they will want to use again and again.

To clear the device after work and prepare it for the next session of culinary excellence, the user does not have to put much effort.

This is because the developers of the unit have made it possible to easily remove the plates for washing. The collection of fat formed during cooking is carried out in a special pallet, which can also be easily washed.

The chef has a choice of three variants of changeable plates at once: with a corrugated surface, flat and waffle plates. All are made of non-stick Teflon and will last for many years.

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BELLA (14606) Non-Stick Electric Griddle

BELLA (14606) Copper Titanium Coated Non-Stick Electric Griddle

This nonstick-coated contact grill will quickly prepare meat, chicken, vegetables, toast, baked goods. Uniform heating and quality material on the frying surface ensures optimal frying.

There are three roasting panel positions: grill, barbecue, and oven. There are also three temperature modes: vegetables, hot sandwiches, and meat.

Coverings can be easily removed for washing. The grill heats quickly to the largest temperature, cooking in it is a pleasure.

Cooking with it will be tastier and juicier – the device does not dry out the meat and fries it better.

It makes it easy to control frying and temperatures from +45 ˚ C to +75 ˚ C inside the meat, without compromising the integrity of the steak.

The grill allows you to choose from 5 types of meat (beef, mutton, pork, game, fish) and the suitable one from 4 roasts (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Well Done). These personalized settings help you get the perfect result.

The fluted and flat panels with a three-layer non-stick coating of Quantanium are easy to remove and clean with soft means.

The patented 2400 Watt heating element allows quick heating of the panels. The ingenious design ensures uniform roasting over the entire working surface.

Dietary dishes without fat or products in their own juices can be cooked by changing the angle of the surfaces. Another key feature of this grill is the almost instant heating of the panels to 240°C.

BELLA (14606) Non-Stick Electric Griddle

They keep this temperature at any point on the panel surface throughout the cooking process.

Thanks to this, the meat quickly gets a delicious crispy crust. It locks all the juice inside and makes the steak as soft and juicy as possible.

This electric grill is a perfect master of the art of cooking perfect steaks. Particularly impressive is its ability to calculate the time a product reaches degrees of readiness.

No need to sit next to each other and count the seconds until the meat has to be turned over to the other side. This electric grill frees your hands and brain for other, more important things.

In addition to the quality of the assembly and the well-thought-out “floating” design, the manufacturer has also taken care of the convenience of the device. And it provides an intelligent degree of a frying sign system, non-stick coating of panels, grooves and a tray to collect extra fat.

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FAQ for electric griddles buyers:

How do I clean my electric griddle?

Wait approx. 45 minutes for the unit to cool down before cleaning the grill. We recommend using a wooden or plastic spatula to remove large amounts of food from the plates or walls of the grill. Use a cloth moistened with hot water to clean the grill and its components. Do not immerse the grill in water. Do not use abrasives or products containing alcohol or petrol, as these may damage the surface.

Can I wash plates of the electric griddle in the dishwasher?

Yes, grill plates can be washed in the dishwasher. They can also be washed in hot water with the addition of detergent.

Do I need to preheat my electric griddle?

Absolutely! This is the main secret of successful grilling. Before you start cooking, let the grill heat up. To reach the right temperature, you need to heat the grill with the lid closed for about 10-15 minutes until the grill is at the right temperature. Different dishes need different levels of heat.

How do I properly remove greasy stains from the lid and the outside of the grill?

To avoid stubborn deposits, after each use (when the grill has cooled down) wash the lid with warm but not hot water using a sponge and mild detergent.

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