Can You Mix Oils for Deep Frying? Our Test Results

Food cooked in a deep fryer would be amazing for any meal. However, to cook dishes using a deep fryer, you need a lot of oil. Is it possible to mix kinds of oils during cooking? Here you can get to know what oils can or cannot be mixed.

So, to fry a chicken, just as an example, you need a good deep fryer. Let’s imagine that you have one and that’s what you’re going to use. The fact is that if the fryer is originally bad, then no oil will save the situation.

There are no limits. You can choose sunflower, olive, coconut, soy, corn, and any other.

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A mix of vegetable oil and other ones

Most people prefer using vegetable oil to cook anything because it has the appropriate price, and the necessary features and does not affect the taste of food. It will probably be the first one that you will consider as a purchase during shopping.

  • Vegetable & Peanut oil

First, let’s find out what happens if you fry chicken in vegetable and peanut oil at the same time.

Can You Mix Oils for Deep Frying1

No dangerous consequences. Nothing exploded or inflamed. Mixing oils don’t work that way. This can change the taste of food, but if you follow the safety rules, then this should not lead to hazardous after-effects.

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However, the taste of fried chicken has changed. Peanut oil had too much effect on it and now the taste of the chicken is significantly different. Perhaps someone will really like this combination in frying food.

  • Vegetable & Canola oil.

The next experimental mix is vegetable oil and rapeseed (canola) oil. It may seem strange to mix such oils for frying chicken or any other food, but in fact, the result is excellent!

Can You Mix Oils for Deep Frying2

The fact is that canola and vegetable oil starts to burn at a temperature of 430-450°F. And besides, their taste is very similar to each other. Thus, the combination of these two oils will not affect the deep-fried food in any way.

  • Vegetable oil & Shortening.

Perhaps you have only shortening and vegetable oil left in your kitchen. Is it possible to mix them? Let’s check it out.

Shortening has no taste, so it can ideally match vegetable oil. If you fry chicken (or potatoes, meat, and other foods) in such a mixture of oils, you will get a delicious dinner without any unexpected consequences.

  • A mix of coconut and canola oil.

These two oils have almost the same degrees when they can start to burn. Also, the food tastes rather delicious.

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  • A mix of sunflower oil and peanut oil.

These two oils are excellent variants for deep frying. You can safely mix them. They have the same temperature range, so your food will not be spoiled.

Can You Mix Oils for Deep Frying3

Cooking with a deep fryer requires a very large amount of oil, which is why peanut and sunflower oil will be a good alternative. They have a small price, so you will not go out of pocket if you decide to cook deep-fried dishes.

  • A mix of corn and soy oil.

It is very interesting to learn that soy oil is perfect for deep-frying almost all dishes, including chicken, which in this article has been fried more than ten times.

In turn, corn oil is quite affordable, so you have a great opportunity to buy it in large quantities and forget what shopping trips are in search of deep-frying oil.

Can You Mix Oils for Deep Frying3

Also, it is important to note that corn and soy oil have a similar degree of burning – 450°F.

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  • A mix of old and new oil.

Deep-frying requires a large amount of oil. What to do when it is left? Of course, you can change the old oil with a new one. On the other hand, it is possible to add new oil to the old one.

This will be a much more frugal approach to deep-frying food. Old butter will not spoil the taste of the dish, and this fact, of course, can be attributed to the advantages of this approach.

However, we should not forget that old oil is old oil. And if you cook with this oil for too long, it can harm your health.