How to Make Sparkling Water at Home (3 safe ways)

Sparkling water is not only delicious but also healthy. It’s not necessary to go shopping to get a bottle of carbonated water. There are several safe ways to make it yourself at home.

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Carbonated water using a soda siphon.

A special siphon for creating sparkling water will not take up too much space. This equipment is portable because it requires only cartridges, not large and inconvenient tanks.

Thus, you can take a soda siphon with you on a trip or for a walk. At home, it can also stand in the kitchen and at the same time not require special maintenance.

Here is the list of necessary things:

  • Soda siphon
  • CO2 Chargers (keep in mind that these cartridges need to be matched in size with a soda siphon. Therefore, if you make a mistake, then you will have to buy a new one)
  • Water

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The first thing you should do is remove the lid from the soda siphon. This is a very significant step, without which it will be impossible to further turn normal water into carbonated water.

Then pour water into the bottle, close it, and ensure you have done this well enough. Water should not flow from the siphon.

It is desirable that you have looked at the sheet with the regulations, which must have been attached to the soda siphon.

However, the method of use for almost all siphons differs little, so you can follow the instructions that are written in this article.

Take the CO2 charge and put it in the cartridge slot. It is also very important not to press the carbon dioxide release button while inserting the charger. Otherwise, the CO2 will be wasted and you will have to buy a new one very soon.

After you have installed the carbon dioxide cartridge in the device, click on the special button. The gas will get into the water. Then shake the bottle well.

Turn off the charger lid and replace it with a normal one.

Carbonated water using a particular maker

This is probably one of the easiest ways to get sparkling water. However, you will have to buy a special carbonated water maker. This is a one-time purchase so you can use it for many years.

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This is very economical because you don’t have to spend more on buying every bottle of mineral water when you’re out for a walk or something like that.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sparkling water maker (may also be called soda maker)
  • A tank or a canister of CO2
  • Water

A carbon dioxide tank may easily end up serving you for several months or even years.

You will enjoy a glass of delicious and healthy carbonated water, but you first need to cook it. To do this, take a CO2 canister and attach it to the device.

Then pour the water into the bottle to the marked edge. It is better not to pour more or less so that the device does its task correctly.

The bottle should be placed in a sparkling water maker. Just don’t forget to make sure that it is securely fixed there.

In most of these devices, it is possible to choose the degree of carbonation of water. Click the appropriate button.

After a few seconds, you will receive a bottle of excellent sparkling water. Now you can try it and repeat the procedure if this drink is not fizzy enough for you.

Carbonated water using soda and citric acid

This technique does not require the purchase of any special equipment, which will also be necessary to buy additional cartridges and carbon dioxide canisters. Soda and citric acid are relatively cheap and fast methods.

The fact is that when these two ingredients interact, a chemical reaction takes place, which turns normal water into a fizzy one.

Here is a short list of what you will need to make sparkling water:

  • Water approx. 16 oz (0.5 liters)
  • Citric acid 1 tsp
  • Baking soda half of a tsp

This is a fast way. All you need to do is add citric acid to the water first, and then soda. Stir the liquid with quick motions.

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You will be able to see the chemical reaction. The water from the white shade will take on a clear color.

Have a drink alone or with family members. If the taste of the sparkling water seems quite sour, then you can add a little baking soda.