Gotham steel vs Red Copper vs Copper Chef cookware compared

You cannot deny that good cooking equipment is really necessary during the cooking process. This applies to your knives, tools, and stovetops as well as pans and pots. Good pans can both ruin and significantly improve your food.

Especially non-stick cookware, which can now be found in almost any store. Real chefs can even confirm that no matter how good the old cast-iron skillet is, in any case, non-stick pans of high quality will take an honorable place in your kitchen.

Among such dishes, there are many manufacturers who constantly and regularly advertise their products. They position their frying pans as high-quality dishes, in the production of which were used revolutionary methods.

The most striking examples of such companies are Red Copper, Copper Chef and Gotham Steel. All three brands promise customers the durability of their frying pans, as well as quality and efficiency. It is worth taking a closer look at all 3 representatives and deciding which one is really the best?

CharacteristicsGotham SteelRed CopperCopper Chef
Maximum temperature500 degrees Fahrenheit450 degrees Fahrenheit800 degrees Fahrenheit
Health safetyPTFE, PFOS, and PFOA-freePTFE and PFOA-freePTFE and PFOA-free
WeightThe weight of the common frying pan is about 1.3 poundsThe weight of the common frying pan is up to 1.5 poundsThe weight of the common frying pan is 2 pounds
Can be used in an ovenAcceptableIt's acceptable, the handles are slowly heatingIt's acceptable, but there may be a slight heating of the handles
Non-sticknessA small amount of oil is neededA small amount of oil is neededOil-free use is possible
Special careCan be scratched when using metal dishesCan be scratched when using metal dishesCan be scratched when using metal dishes
Versatility for different stovesSome items in the kit cannot be used on induction stovesSome items in the kit cannot be used on induction stovesCan be used on any type of stoves
SeasoningSeasoning is not a necessitySeasoning is required according to the instructionsSeasoning is required according to the instructions

Gotham Steel

gotham steel

Gotham Steel is a great representative of complete sets of cookware. The company uses a ti-cerama coating, which includes titanium and ceramics, in the production of its cookware. This technology makes dishes non-stick and allows you to use a minimum amount of oil when frying. Gotham Steel is resistant to corrosion and other damage, while the inner frying surface can be damaged by improper care or washing of the dishes.

The coating used in manufacturing Gotham Steel will not peel or crack over time. Due to the huge advertising campaign that Gotham Steel is launching, you may have seen this product in the recommendations from Chief Green.

They position themselves as a universal cooking product that can be used almost anywhere – even on a hike. You can also be sure of healthy cooking – no harmful chemicals will get into your food, and a minimum amount of oil will help reduce the fat level in your food.

Red Copper

red copper

Red Copper is one of the most popular brands of cookware manufacturers, which can be purchased at a fairly low price. Most often they sell their product, like the other manufacturers in this article, in whole sets.

They can include pans, saucepans, pots of different sizes. All pots and pans are sturdy and ceramic, but the weight is not too high. In the production process, Red Copper uses a mixture of copper and non-stick ceramics.

The manufacturers assure that Red Copper can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used in an oven. In the lids that come with the kit, there are always holes to release steam – for example, when baking.

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The instructions for the dishes state that you can do anything in them. Bake chicken, make pies and other baked goods, cook soups and much more – even beat up eggs! However, it is worth noting that we recommend not to use a mixer or a whisk.
Although the dishes are really unpretentious in use, this can have a negative impact on the nonstick layer. It will be easily damaged and break down in a short time.

We also want to highlight one special Red Copper model for sandwiches. It is a double-sided grill pan that speeds up the grilling process.

The Copper Chef

copper chef

If you’ve been looking for a quality large square frying pan for a long time, Copper Chef is what you need. You can use it on any cooking and roasting surface – on an induction stove, on a gas stove, and in the oven. The Copper Chef withstands up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit – significantly more than its competitors.

The Copper Chef can be used both for steam cooking (the kits include a steamer insert) and for roasting and baking. It has much more space than a standard round pot, which is important when you are cooking a lot of food at once. The weight increases accordingly – therefore the model has an extra handle.

All dishes come with tempered glass lids at once. The Copper Chef can even be washed in the dishwasher and does not require soaking. The brand was also named Product of the Year 2018 in the United States.

Each manufacturer has tried to make the most convenient kit for consumers. They include many items (which, by the way, you may not even use in cooking). The cost of all manufacturers is approximately the same and is available to the average person.

You can periodically change the dishes for cooking as they are not very expensive. When it comes to what’s best for your kitchen, it’s up to you. For the most part, all three representatives differ only in appearance. We do believe that the small details are better with Copper Chef – but the final choice is up to you.