How to clean an induction cooktop

An induction cooktop is one of the best types of cooktops in general and extremely convenient in usage. It gives you the possibility not just to heat up pots and frying pans on it, but you can easily place a usual plate on it and warm up a portion of dinner for you. There will be no damage to the dishes.

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The time that the induction cooktop takes to prepare a meal is about 50 percent less than any other kitchen gear.

induction1An induction cooktop uses an electromagnetic field to heat up a pan while leaving the cooking surface cool to the touch and without heating up the kitchen. Another great feature of this kind of a cooktop that you can touch its surface and because it’s always cool your fingers won’t get burn – important when you cook.

However, you should know that most of the induction tops cannot heat copper or aluminum vessels because the magnetic field cannot produce a concentrated current. But nowadays, the market provides such special items that use much higher frequencies to overcome this effect. In such induction cooktops, any metal utensils can be used.

Moreover, the induction cooktop is extremely energy-saving. It allows its owners to save up to 70% of electric power consumption which is a serious contribution to the family budget. Besides, among the cooking devices, this one is one of the easiest to use. This type of cooktop can really help you to enjoy the professional experience of cooking.

But just like the cooking, the cleaning of this device requires a special approach. First of all, you always need to wait until the cooktop cools down. You will need to acquire a special detergent for induction cooktops in advance. When a cooktop cooled down, pour some quantity of that detergent on it.

induction2By the way, it is very important to now: always switch the induction cooktop off before cleaning it. It is absolutely unnecessary to expose yourself to a risk of burning. Always wipe the bottom of cookware before placing it on induction. Do not overfill the pots and pans to avoid spillage.

Rub the top with a paper towel until the surface is clean. Then, for removing the cleaner from the cooktop surface, use a dry cloth. This method is applicable for light cleaning. Anything with sugar – as caramel sauce, simple syrup or melted marshmallows – that gets on your induction stovetop should be cleaned right away.

Sugary substances can lodge themselves into the surface and permanently stain or damage the stovetop. In case you spill it on the burner, turn it down and wipe it off. The spills of other kinds are not so urgent.

Another essential aspect that distinguishes the induction cooktop from others is that all the cleaning should be made right away without letting the stains get stuck to the surface.

A general rule is if you can’t wipe the mess up with a paper towel or cleaning cloth, then you need to use a putty knife or straight blade to remove stuck-on gunk instead of scrubbing.

induction3Now let’s see what it is needed to be done if the heavy cleaning is required. Use better water with 6 types of modern water filters.

After you have cleaned the cooktop with a method, described above, use some white vinegar and clean hard water spots from the cooktop. For areas with hardened residue, use ceramic cooktop cleaner and clean it with a cooktop cleaner pad. You can repeat the process for fine cleaning results.

Use a cooktop scraper to remove any residue. However, you should avoid scrubbing with too much pressure since this way you may scratch the surface. What is more, in this case, be careful to acquire a detergent for ceramic surfaces. Then clean the cooktop with this detergent and paper towel.

Make sure not to gouge the corners of the blade into the stovetop as you go and wipe the blade with a cloth every now and then to remove gunk buildup.  In order to remove any excessive amount of a cleanser, use a dry cloth.

induction4Apart from that, induction cooktops may have different parts that have different aspects of cleaning. With a glass-ceramic surface, you will need to buy a soft cloth along with glass-ceramic cooktop cream for cleaning it. After that, the whole surface must be cleaned with a special cream and a dry towel.

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In the case with a stainless steel part, it makes sense to use grain for wiping the surface. When choosing the detergent, make sure to choose a non-abrasive cleaner such as soapy water for cleaning the stainless steel surface. It is not the most important thing in the world, but still, it is better to be careful about the watermark on your induction cooktop.

Besides, you may have to remove the hard water spots from the cooktop. Water has some minerals that might settle down over the surface. The white vinegar is your aid here once again, so with the usage of cloth, and, a cleaning cream as a finishing touch, all stains should be removed.

Another good cleaner for the surface of this cooktop maybe the baking soda -maybe you didn’t know but it’s one of the best universal cleaners. It is suitable for cleaning almost all kinds of stains.

Once again, with the cleaners for the induction cooktops, it is not that easy. You also should avoid some types of hard-chemical cleaners, such as chlorine bleach cleaners, metal souring pads, flammable cleaners, caustic cleaners, dishwashing agents, scrub sponges, and powdery cleaners even though the last ones may be widespread for cleaning usage.

With all the steps and methods mentioned above, you can be sure that your induction cooktop will always stay clean and safe. Just stick to the rules and remembers the risks. And enjoy the usage.