How to remove an over the range microwave fast

First of all, you need to turn off the microwave from electric power. In this case, you certainly need your microwave would stop working. So, removing all the electric supply in advance is truly important. And before actually removing over the range microwave, take care of safety, for example, if you are fixing your microwave that is hanging over the stove, then put a blanket on top of the latter in case something is falling down.

To get the total instructions with visuals on how to remove your over the range microwave you can watch the following tutorial:

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micro1You may also need special equipment to that in order to measure how many volts does your socket has (the one to which a microwave is plugged in to). Unplug all the wires from the socket. Then open the microwave and take out all the parts of it, such as the plate and its base.

Then start unscrewing the microwave. If you are removing your microwave alone, take care of something that could hold the microwave back from falling and breaking apart. That’s why when doing it you are better to be two people, so the second person could hold the bottom of it while you are unscrewing microwave.

There are different ways of how your microwave can be fixed inside the kitchen furniture. Some screws and fixators are harder to remove than the others. In most cases, all you will need is a simple screwdriver, but if you see that there is some unknown part that you’re not really sure how to remove, it is better to study it before the actual process.

You can use both a regular or an electric screwdriver. After you are done with that, pull all the wires through the holes left from screws so they don’t mess up when you will start actually removing the microwave. Then you can grab your microwave and try to remove it. Once again, there should be at least two persons for that, especially if this microwave is hung quite high.

micro3And that’s the part where it becomes clear if you can easily remove this microwave or there is something still standing on your way to it. In case you feel the process is going on too hard, stop pulling (you are risking to break your microwave and furniture) and check one more time what can possibly hold it back.

Check carefully the backside of the microwave to see if any fixers are still left there. There are also some kinds of rectangular metal parts that can also be screwed to microwave in order better to fix it to the furniture. Remove all the blocks.

micro2While removing the microwave watch out for no wires would stick between the furniture and in the holes. After your microwave is loose, it’s better first to put it down onto the cooktop underneath (that’s why it is recommended to cover it with a blanket in advance) so you could catch your breath and decide where to put it next.

Remove all the debris left after replacing the microwave. By the way, never hang your microwave too high – you will see how difficult it is to remove it later so you will probably have to call s specialist to remove it.

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