What Is a Pre Rinse Kitchen Faucet? Do You Really Need One?

The pre-rinse faucet is a useful device that is also quite functional and speeds up the process of washing dishes or vegetables and fruits. In this article can learn more about what it is and decide whether you need such a tap or not.

It is not possible to see a pre-rinse faucet in every kitchen and not in every house.

There are reasons for this, such as a quite high cost and the fact that the crane takes up extra space. Not all kitchens in apartments or detached houses have enough space for such appliances.

Usually, pre-rinse faucets are used in the kitchens of cafes or restaurants, where it is very important to quickly wash plates or rinse food.

Perhaps you want to install such a faucet because you have seen that it is always used by chefs from cooking TV shows. Well, they often resort to the help of such a tap.

However, you should remember that speed is important for chefs from TV shows. Firstly, the quality of cooked food depends on it. Secondly, screen time is severely limited and they need to be pretty fast to do everything in time.

Let’s figure out what a pre-rinse faucet is.

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The faucet is different from an ordinary tap. The pre-rinse faucet has a larger size. If the pull-down faucet is quite small and compact, then this type of tap has a higher form of construction.

In addition, the faucet has two parts. The first part is fixed and attached to the sink. The second one can be picked up like a hose.

With its help of it, you can more thoroughly wash the leftovers of soap or dirt from the dishes and not only. The length of the hose varies from the model of the pre-rinse faucet.

This type of faucet is made of stainless steel. That’s why if you go to the store to buy it, you can notice that the price is a little higher than for normal kitchen taps.

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It is quite obvious that the faucet was invented to wash something or pour water into different containers.

However, this is a specific tap that is not standard equipment for the kitchen of the average homemaker (only if you are not a professional cook or just a lover of cooking and understand that this tap is just necessary to make the cooking process more comfortable).

The main task of the pre-rinse faucet is to remove dirt from the dishes using a powerful jet of water, which you can control as it will be convenient for you due to a movable hose.

Also, pre-rinse faucets have quite a lot of functions. Their availability depends on the model of the tap that you are going to get.

For example, some faucets have multiple different hose nozzles in a set. Depending on which nozzle you have installed, the water jet will change. The intensity of the water flow will depend on this.

You can find that sometimes a smaller amount of water that flows very quickly is much more effective at taking fat out of frying pans and baking sheets. It is possible to buy such nozzles additionally.

Also, you can use special hose holders. Thus, you should place the hose in the holder, so then you will not have to constantly keep it yourself and feel tired in your hands.

Now it’s time to consider the advantages of purchasing a pre-rinse faucet:

It helps to save time

Due to the strong jet of water and a special spray, washing dishes will take much less time. If you use a conventional faucet, you probably can’t help but notice that it takes an hour or even more to wash a lot of dishes.

The dishwasher cannot always cope with heavy pollution, such as old dirt and fat. In this case, the pre-rinse faucet will be very convenient. The jets of water are so strong that the fat disappears in a moment.

It is possible to wash not only dishes or food

Although this type of faucet is designed for the kitchen, this does not mean that its functions are limited only to washing plates, pots, vegetables, or fruits. You can always flush other things in this sink. It is quite large and spacious for such purposes.

Moreover, with the help of a hose, it is very simple to wash large objects or things that do not relate to kitchen implements or cooking. For example, you can rinse children’s toys, wash different containers, and much more.

Just don’t forget to rinse the sink after that, because then you will wash the dishes in it.

Durability and quality of the faucet

Pre-rinse faucets are usually made of stainless steel. And since they are usually used in commercial kitchens, manufacturers provide for a longer service life of the faucet.

It will be a beneficial investment because then you won’t have to worry about changing the faucet to a new one for many years.

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The appearance of the kitchen

Just imagine how modern and awesome your kitchen will look when you install a pre-rinse faucet. In addition to the obvious benefits of more convenient cooking and cleaning, you may also notice that now your kitchen looks fresh.

It’s as if you are the main hero of a cooking TV show and every time you make a family dinner, you perform a real class for all beginners in cooking (even if you are a newcomer yourself).

However, the purchase of a pre-rinse faucet has not only advantages but also several drawbacks that should not be forgotten.

The hose length

You need to be very careful when you choose an appropriate faucet of this type for your kitchen. You can buy the wrong one, and eventually, realize that the hose is too long or too short and it is inconvenient for you to use it.

The faucet takes up a lot of space in the kitchen

It should be taken into account that the pre-rinse faucet is usually used in restaurants or other commercial places. That’s why these taps are so massive.

Not all people have a large house and kitchen, some prefer more compact accommodation. The pre-rinse faucet is unlikely to be convenient for use in a small kitchen.

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It is necessary to purchase additional equipment for the faucet

To fully use all the helpful functions of the pre-rinse faucet, you will also have to spend money on various nozzles, as well as a special cleaning sprayer.

Of course, there are faucets, the set of which already includes everything you need. However, they are more expensive.