What to Do with Old Cookware (Recycle / Alternative Usage)

Cookware is those things that are used daily, and, accordingly, tend to become obsolete. What can you do with old dishes, besides just throwing them away? We have collected of what to do with old cookware.

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Different dishes can find different uses, it all depends on the material from which it is made.

1. Cups can be used as a decoration, because they can be broken and get whole pieces of glass or porcelain for future decorative elements, for example:

What To Do With Old Cookware1
  • Whole mugs can be filled with earth and seedlings can be grown in them
  • Plates and cups can be broken and made into a mosaic by gluing pieces of broken material onto superglue and attaching them to strong cardboard and then placing them in a frame
  • You can break any ceramic tableware into small pieces, and then glue the resulting pieces to a flower pot to get a pot with a mosaic pattern
  • Ceramic or glass cups in one piece can be used as stands for large candles

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2. Ladles

They can be used as small planters: fill the ladle with earth and place the seeds of small plants in them. Next, hang the ladle on the wall by attaching it to a metal hook, and soon you will get beautiful plant vines that will grow literally from the ladle.

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What To Do With Old Cookware2

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3. Pots and pans

What To Do With Old Cookware3
  • If the design of your apartment is close to the modern style, then old pots can turn into lamps: just make a small hole in the pan, then put it on a wire with a light bulb and you will get a lamp. a particularly interesting light effect will be obtained with a colander
  • Old frying pans can be converted into a mirror. just cut out the bottom surface of the frying pan and insert a mirror glass into it, suitable in size. This craft can be hung on the wall by a metal hook
  • Also, old pans and pots can be used as rare pots for a variety of blooms
What To Do With Old Cookware4