5 Best Cast Iron Skillets 2024

A cast-iron frying pan is a cast, round or square frying pan. Its main advantages are durability, absence of extra coatings or sprays that may get into food, and special taste of ready-made dishes.

The fact that the cast iron has a porous structure, in which the primary ignition penetrates oil, forming a kind of non-stick layer. Cooked food in this frying pan retains all its juiciness, usefulness and original taste.

Thus, many chefs and experienced hostesses prefer iron dishes. A cast-iron frying pan with a lid is a real mast-hew in any kitchen, as you can fry, stew, and even bake in it.

When choosing a cast-iron frying pan, you will pay attention to the following nuances:

Heavy frying pan is a sign of quality material.
DiameterThis indicator depends on the needs of the institution and the size of the burner.
Elevation of the sidesThere are two types of skirting height: low skirting at pancake skillets, high skirting at universal pans used for frying and stewing.
The lidThe lid is mandatory for extinguishing. It can be made of heat-resistant glass, cast iron or aluminium. The glass lid allows you to watch the cooking process.
The handleThe handle is made of wood or plastic. Models without removable handles cannot be used in an oven. However, the disadvantage of removable handles is that they are short-lived. Professionals recommend using two different frying pans for baking and basic cooking so that you don't have to constantly disconnect the handle.

Today many manufactures produce a variety of such frying pans. Grills, pancakes, woks, classic deep and small frying pans. Perhaps the only drawback is their high weight. But, you can get used to it, given all the positive aspects.

There are many other great materials that are used to create excellent pans. Check these reviews to choose the best one:

Granite Rock Pan

7 Best Granite Rock Pan Reviews

Granite is a type of reliable and durable spraying that warms up quickly and evenly. In the case of this coating, even the weakest fire can be used, and food will still be cooked with high quality. Despite the characteristics of granite, such frying pans are quite light and comfortable.

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Ceramic Frying Pans

7 Best Ceramic Frying Pans Reviews

Such dishes are not afraid of dry detergents in the form of powder with fine abrasive elements. The only feature of ceramic-coated frying pans is that they cannot be used for induction furnaces. If you treat such kitchen utensils with care, they will last for many decades.

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Carbon Steel Pans

7 Best Carbon Steel Pans Reviews

Heavy all-purpose pan, suitable for foodstuffs that need to be cooked quickly and at high temperatures. It is used for instant roasting of meat, and then for cooking it in the oven. The material is resistant to damage and durable.

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Omelette Pan

7 Best Omelette Pan Reviews

Omelette pans are the dishes for making omelets on the stove, in the oven or microwave oven. The type of omelette is different. The appliances for the stove are similar to double-sided frying pans.

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The advantages of cast iron products make up a significant list:

  1. Cast-iron skillets are suitable for all types of cooktops and hobs, including induction cooktops.
  2. They warm the contents evenly and keep the heat for longer, thus saving energy.
  3. Cast iron is considered a healthy metal and the frying pan does not emit any toxic substances when heated.
  4. The material withstands high temperatures well even when placed in the oven.
  5. Finely porous cast iron structure provides natural non-stick surface properties. Extra Teflon, ceramic, enamel and other protective layers reinforce this effect.
  6. In such dishes, you can not only fry but also stew, stew meat, fish and vegetables.
  7. If handled correctly, the utensils will last for more than a decade.

This review presents a variety of cast iron frying pans of different configurations. They can be used on different types of pans, including induction pans. So if you need the best-cast iron frying pan for any purpose and any cooking surface or oven, you will find it here for sure.

Our Top Pick
Lodge L10SK3ASHH41B

Lodge L10SK3ASHH41B

Black enamel on the inside is designed for cooking dishes that require high temperatures. It can be used on all cooktops.

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Other great cast iron skillets:

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet

The lack of coating and the high environmental friendliness of the material used allow you not to worry about the safety of prepared dishes.

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AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

It s made with the latest casting and oil treatment technologies. These cookware will last for many years.

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Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

This spacious frying pan with its rounded walls and two handy handles is suitable for daily cooking.

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Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

This frying pan has no enameled coating, the manufacturer produces the goods already fully prepared for use.

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Lodge L10SK3ASHH41B

Lodge L10SK3ASHH41B

This frying pan is a real find for lovers of grilled steaks, fish and vegetables. It allows you to spend the smallest of time cooking them.

Thanks to a special press, steaks or vegetables are roasted on both sides at once. The low weight of the press allows excess fat to escape from the meat.

The fat accumulates in the grooves and you end up with a juicy, clean steak with appetizing, fried strips.

In this frying pan, you can cook whole pieces of meat as well as cutlets from minced meat grinded in the meat grinder. These cutlets are perfect for burgers.

The average diameter of the frying pan – 24 cm. It allows you to store it, for example, in the oven. But it is enough for cooking large pieces of meat or several portions of vegetables.

The long handle of the frying pan does not heat up and there is a second auxiliary cast handle. This is quite handy as the cast iron cookware is still quite heavy.

The handle on the lid of the press is also plastic and it doesn’t heat up. Note that the cast iron frying pan requires preheating with oil or other edible fat. It can only be cleaned by hand, without using metal brushes.

It must then be wiped dry and lubricated with vegetable oil. If you follow these simple rules, the frying pan will serve you for decades without losing its qualities.

The set also includes a glass lid with a metal handle. Thus, when placing the cookware in the oven, it is often easy to determine the degree of cooking. But, it must be remembered that this model is not intended for use in microwaves.

In general, the owners point to good quality dishes, ease of use, a harmonious combination of functionality, equipment and price.

This cast iron grill pan is suitable for use on all types of cooking surfaces, including induction and halogen hobs.

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Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet

The black nonstick-coated cast iron frying pan is easy to care for and is washed with conventional cleaning agents.

You can easily remove the prepared dish with both an iron and plastic spatula. The frying pan is equipped with 2 handles.

The first handle is made of cast iron, the second handle is made of long wooden beech-wood and is fixed. Holes in the handles allow hanging the frying pan on the wall.

The advantages of this special pancake pan are surely known to all mistresses for a long time. These are low edges that allow you to pour the dough gently and easily turn the pancakes.

This is a thickened bottom, and a comfortable, non-heating handle. This frying pan is also made of cast iron, the most ecological material for such dishes.

Cast iron does not emit any harmful substances when heated. It also does not lose its properties over time.

Compactness, durability combined with affordable prices have made the product popular among consumers. The absence of enamel makes the use of long-term. A unique offer that guarantees comfortable cooking of all dishes, such as baking pancakes.

Of course, the cast iron pancake frying pan is quite a heavy variant of pancakes. But, with a little skill, you will appreciate all its advantages.

After burning with food fat, you will be able to use the smallest of oil during cooking. This way you get a cast-iron pan with a non-stick coating.

It won’t crack, it won’t come off over time and it won’t spoil your food for sure. The frying pan is equipped with a wooden handle, which looks great and allows you not to use tackles. Such a frying pan is suitable not only for pancakes but also, for example, for eggs.

In a cast-iron frying pan, you can cook on all kinds of plates and burners. But, you should wash it carefully, not using metal devices, and only by hand. To avoid rust stains, wipe the frying pan particularly carefully.

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AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

A classic middle-sided frying pan is the first thing you need in every kitchen. As you can cook almost anything in this pan.

Not only fry but also stew and bake. And, of course, the cast iron variant will be a good solution.

As such a frying pan is not afraid of overheating or active use. And the non-stick layer on it is natural, not erasing over time.

Another advantage of this cast-iron frying pan is that it can be used on any cooker hob. Electric and gas cooktops, vitrified clay and induction as well as halogen burners.

Besides, the cast-iron frying pan with a removable handle is also an excellent option for cooking in the oven. As it will fit precisely into even a small oven. The diameter of the frying pan is 26 cm. Pay attention to this as you will need to match the lid to it.

The porous cast iron heats quite slowly but retains its heat only evenly and for a long time. This cast-iron frying pan, thanks to its versatility, is ideal for cooking most dishes that need long heat treatment.

The handle is made of metal combined with wood, so it does not need to be removed when cooking on the hob as it will not heat up. Besides, there is an extra cast handle to hold the heavy pan with two hands.

This is a pretty handy frying pan format for daily cooking and for complex festive dishes.

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Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Grilled dishes are very popular for a reason. They are cooked with a little bit of fat.

All the juices are preserved in them, and they taste like dishes cooked on the open fire.

With a cast-iron grill, you can cook meat, fish, vegetables or mushrooms at home with the most exquisite recipes.

All the more so because this frying pan with a removable handle has some advantages over other similar frying pans.

First, as already mentioned, the handle of the frying pan is removable. This means that it does not need much storage space. You can also bake a variety of foodstuffs in it, even in a small oven.

Secondly, the grooved surface imitates a grill for open flame and is beautifully printed on finished products.

But apart from beauty, this bottom allows excess fat to flow into the grooves, so the dish is healthier.

Thirdly, on both sides of the frying pan, there are special spouts for gently draining the accumulated oil and fat. This way you don’t get scalded and spill hot oil.

Among the advantages is the ergonomic shape of the accessory. It has the ability of the cast iron to operate without deformation during heating. This model also provides a long time to keep warm, the presence of monolithic short handles.

To prevent rust from forming on the surface, after washing without using abrasive agents, it should be wiped dry or burned on the plate. The model is also suitable for induction heat sources as well as ovens.

And, of course, it should be noted that the cast-iron frying pan is suitable for all kinds of stoves and ovens. It is not afraid of high temperatures and overheating and, with proper care, does its job for decades.

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Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Those who have already dealt with cast iron dishes know that before they can be used they must be prepared by burning them with fat on a fire.

This process requires not only time but also a good hood. But the frying pan Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware does not need any extra processing.

It is already calcined in the factory, so you can cook in it right away. Not only that, but you can also wash it in the dishwasher.

Remember to dry the pan well after the dishwasher so that no rust can form.

This cast-iron frying pan can be used on gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, cooker hobs. And since the product does not have a removable handle, it cannot be used in an oven.

The frying pan is traditionally equipped with two handles, non-heating wood and extra casting. Many users claim that the wooden handle is not very strong and may not withstand the heavy cast iron grill.

But, to move the frying pan to the side or turn it, such a handle will suffice. The bottom of the grill is corrugated on the inside. This imitates the grill grid on finished products and also improves the grilling quality.

The functionality of the design attracts just as much attention. After purchasing the cast iron, it is necessary to calcine on the plate regardless of its type. Then, add some oil to the container to form a natural non-stick layer.

The fixed handle allows you to do without tacking. But it makes a saucepan unsuitable for use in the oven or dishwasher. The advantage of the model is the presence of an extraction cast iron handle.

This frying pan can certainly not only be used as a grill. It can also be used for cooking all kinds of food, including stewing.

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FAQ for cast iron skillets buyers

Do I need to prepare a cast-iron frying pan for the first time?

Most of the new frying pans sold in stores are already prepared for use and do not need to be burned. The manufacturer informs you about this on the packaging or in the instructions.

Which foods are better to cook in cast iron dishes?

Various meat products, fish, mushrooms and vegetable garnishes.

Can I bake in a cast-iron frying pan with the oven?

Cast iron is the most suitable option for preparing any dishes in the oven.

How do I care for and clean the cast iron frying pan?

After use, make sure you have washed the kitchen item very well and thoroughly. The pores of the coating have very good absorptive properties. Next, you just need to wipe the dishes well and grease them with a little oil.