9 Best Ceramic Bakeware Sets Reviews

Among all the other sets, the ceramic cookware is acknowledged to belong to the luxury category. For those who are into baking, this is probably a known fact. So you decided to take your bakery to the next level and get a brand new set for that.

The best ceramic bakeware is made with using many styles of baking containers, such as cake, pie, and bread pans, muffin tins, sheet pans, cookie sheets in an array of shapes of square, round, rectangular with straight sides, fluted sides, and no sides.


Ceramic bakeware also requires special treatment. Make sure you are washing each piece in the warm water with detergents. After washing always dry it with a towel. Use only silicone, plastic, wood, nylon, or bamboo stirring spoons and spatulas. Use low to medium heat always or your items can warp and be of no use.

Also, don’t forget to read all the instructions that the manufacturer enclosed with the bakeware. In the list down below we have gathered all the best items of ceramic bakeware on Amazon.

Our Top Pick
Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Bakeware Set

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Bakeware Set

While other baking sets either have only a couple of items or, on the contrary, too many of them, this one includes the optimal number of 11; each of different size and shape. Moreover, there is no threat the the coloring is gong to wash out since it is white; the price is affordable and the ceramic material sturdy and chip-proof.

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Casserole Dish Set

Casserole Dish Set

  • A classic ceramic bakeware set
  • Good quility
  • Affordable price
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MALACASA Bakeware Set

MALACASA Bakeware Set

  • A set of baking pans
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Versatile
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Mora Ceramic Set

Mora Ceramic Set

  • Beautiful color
  • Great quality
  • Two items of the set
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corningwareCorningWare French White Round Bakeware Set
  • Includes many elements
  • Customizable
  • Dishwasher safe
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krokoriKrokori Bakeware Set
  • 3 baking pans
  • Beautiful color
  • Big size
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emilehenryEmile Henry
  • A single baking pan
  • Large size and deep bottom
  • Made of high-fired Burgundy clay
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1. Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Bakeware Set

We bring to your attention a modern set of forms for culinary products. The molds are made of quality ceramic and the inner wall is coated with a non-stick layer. Enjoy baking without time-consuming preparation and cleaning.

The set contains the most popular choices among hostesses. It comes with 11 different elements, including 2 trays with handy handles, a muffin tin for 12 pieces, a rectangular deep bowl, a square bowl, and 2 round bowls of different sizes.

When you order the set you also get a handy form for baking bread, a stand for hot food and 2 organizers for compact storage.

The ceramic set is available in several colors, it is a great addition to your kitchen and will be a nice gift for any holiday. You will spend less time on the preparation of forms and their cleaning thanks to non-stick coating.

It does not contain harmful substances, so it is absolutely safe for children and adults. The ceramic molds can withstand temperatures up to 550°F and are suitable for all types of food. After using the molds, rinse them under running water and let them dry.

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2. Casserole Dish Set

If you love to cook, be sure to try the Kitchen Pixie set of ceramic molds from the trusted brand. They are easy to use, clean, and store.

The set offers 3 rectangular molds in different sizes. Stop thinking of baking as just another challenge. With the Kitchen Pixie molds, you can easily improve everyday dishes and try new recipes. 

High-quality ceramics allow the heat to spread more evenly, so your food won’t get soggy inside and burn on the outside. Besides, ceramic retains heat perfectly: you won’t have to reheat the dish for latecomers in the family.

Thanks to the convenient format and different sizes, the set will be a great buy for both single people and large families.

Cook your favorite casserole, treat your guests to a lasagna from grandma’s recipe and enjoy pleasant socializing instead of grueling cleaning. The non-stick coating allows you to quickly clean the molds for the next use.

Convenient and secure handles help you get the mold out of the oven without the risk of burning. And the included silicone liners allow you to put the dish from the oven directly on the table.

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3. MALACASA Bakeware Set

MALACASA is world-renowned as an experienced and reliable supplier of quality kitchen utensils. Try the new set of ceramic baking molds.

The set includes the most necessary and convenient products. Bright colors will make the forms a highlight of any kitchen. The comfort of their use will be appreciated by all hostesses without exception.

The forms are based on porcelain. This material is notable for its safety and resistance to high temperatures and damage. Forms are easy to store, use and maintain.

To clean the forms, you do not need any special means: just wash the inside surface with clean water. Thanks to the non-stick coating, you do not have to waste your time cleaning the molds. You can safely put the molds in the dishwasher.

The set includes 4 different sizes of molds, so you can choose the most suitable one for a certain dish. Besides, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

A rectangular shape can be put in the freezer. The set is made of high-quality and safe materials, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Make your stay in the kitchen bright and comfortable.

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4. Mora Ceramic Set

Looking for an original gift for your loved ones? Or want to surprise your other half with extraordinary culinary creations? Then the ceramic set of MORA CERAMIC baking plates will be a real savior for you.

The set of 2 rectangular forms of different sizes is perfect for experienced housewives, and for beginner bakers as well. Use the forms for making light casseroles, fancy pies, and juicy meat sausages.

The 7×11-inch mold is perfect for large families and grand feasts. The 4×8-inch mold can be used for smaller meals, including baking loaves, bread, and lasagna.

Ceramic with the addition of Paladin’s unique clay gives the molds maximum resistance to high temperatures and external damage.

You can take the mold out of the freezer and send it into the oven instantly. The ceramic withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ceramic allows the dish to cook both inside and out. Your dish in a ceramic mold will stay warm and delicious longer. The non-stick coating allows you to clean the molds in seconds. You can also put them in the dishwasher.

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5. CorningWare French White Round Bakeware Set

corningwareAnother extremely pretty bakeware set. If you like to cook a whole variety of meals of different sizes, you know how hard it is to find just the right dish to prepare and put the food in. In this set, you will get the whole 10 elements which will give you space to express your cooking talent.

It consists of 2.5 qt and 1.5 qt round with glass and plastic covers, 16 ounce round with plastic cover and two 4 ounce ramekins. What is more, the number of items in the set is customizable – you can choose between 6 different options, starting from the 10-piece set and ending with 20-piece. Find something suitable for your table and budget.

Unfortunately, while, thanks to its simple design, it will fit any kitchen or dining room, it’s not the most convenient ceramic bakeware set to serve the food for your guests. Here you need to keep in mind that the elements are quite small, so if you want to share one baked dish to a lot of guests it will be a problem.

corningwaretwoBut for a big company, it is convenient to bake one portion in each piece, then no problems should occur. Apart from that, CorningWare is one of the best quality and safest brands to have in your kitchen. Food put inside stoneware bakeware can be heated in a microwave or an oven and kept in a refrigerator or a freezer, while the set itself can be washed in a dishwasher.

While it’s definitely not as high-end ceramic bakeware set as some of its more expensive competitors, these 10 pieces that you get are not just useful, but will also complement any dining room.

It is also very durable because the elements are made from the robust ceramic, so don’t fear that it will chip or something. Its non-porous surface does not absorb food odors, flavors or stains. And in terms of so-called “food management”, this is a great bakeware set.

In case you need to serve small portions or store the food leftovers, it is more than convenient. The price is average. The only thing you should pay attention here is to that when you order the set, it comes not so well packed. Sometimes items may chip or even break. Don’t hesitate to send it back immediately if it’s the case.

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6. Krokori Bakeware Set

krokoriIt is maybe not so versatile as the previous set, but it is still one of the best products on the market. And it is a great set if you are cooking for a really large company – it includes 3 rectangular baking pans of different sizes. It doesn’t even let you cook any meal – it looks organic with each style of serving and has a nice baby-blue color.

Here are some ideas that you can bake in these pans: pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, beef, chicken and so on. In fact, it’s perfect not just for cooking – you can store and reheat the leftovers just as easily. For those who don’t buy the colored cookware and bakeware sets in fear that the color will fade away – here it will not happen.

But for those who like the diversity of colors, this will be a disappointment – the set is only available in blue. It has an affordable price though. Moreover, it is Poi- and PTFE-free.

The baking dishes are made of high quality and eco-friendly glaze. Odor-free hybrid ceramic non-stick material resists flaking or chipping, long-lasting and offers a unique baked good experience and very easy cleanup. This baking pan set is made of durable, high-temperature material, oven safe to 500°F. It can be used in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

krokoritwoHowever, take into consideration that it is not compatible with induction cooktops and cannot be placed onto an open fire. The double handles are supposed to increase safety, but it is better to wear gloves before taking it out of the oven.

And even though it looks quite big on the picture – in reality, you are going to get items of a smaller size. Still enough to bake the whole chicken, for example.

Here are some tips on how to prolong its useful life: when you take the food out of the pan and it is still hot, don’t hesitate to put it into the cold water – to avoid any accidental.

Handwashing is the best choice for this set. Use the soft dish towel to wipe these baking pans, no steel ball. Toothpaste to cover the scratch if any.

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7. Emile Henry HR Modern Classics Large Rectangular Baker

At the last but never the least position of our list you can find this fine top-quality ceramic baking pan. Emile Henry is a French brand making the cookware (and bakeware) from 1850. An interesting feature is the material of this pan is the high-fired Burgundy clay, covered in ceramic.

emilehenryWhy clay? It has the superior even-heat diffusion and heat retention properties, thus, the dishes that you bake can stay hot longer than usual. Moreover, comparing this pan to the previous ones, this one is quite deep. It has great non-stick capabilities, there is no seasoning needed before the first usage.

If maintained properly, it will keep its original non-stick qualities for a very long time. It is oven-proof up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit, and this is probably the largest temperature among all the items presented in this article. It is also broiler and microwave safe.

You can take it directly from the freezer or refrigerator. The product comes with a generous warranty of 10 years – which is rather uncommon for bakeware. What is more, it’s a deeper than the usual 9×13 bakeware – what allows you to prepare a bigger variety of meals, and also prevents them from spilling all over the oven.

By the way, be careful when you grab it – it is quite a heavy pan, much heavier than other items on our list. And remember that it is perfect for some bakery requiring the deeper bottoms, it can be as bad for those dishes requiring shallow bakeware.

And just like the CorningWare baking set, it has the problem with the delivery package. Unfortunately, sellers don’t always care about the proper boxer and filler for these fragile pans and they can come chipped or broken.

Another great feature of this pan is that it has 5 different colors to choose from. Just keep in mind that it might be a bit too deep for some dishes – but, at the same time, it allows you to prepare meals some of the shallow variations won’t.

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8. The Pioneer Woman Sweet Romance Blossoms Assorted Color Oval Ceramic Bakers

Bakeware’s colorful and handy ceramic baking pans make a great gift for you or your loved ones. They are easy and convenient to use, and thanks to the durable ceramic they will last a long time.

Forms are perfect for one person, and for the whole big family. You can use them for all kinds of dishes.

The set includes 2 oval forms of 0.9 liters and 2 liters. No one will ever go hungry again.

The forms are absolutely universal. You can heat food in them in the microwave oven, store it in the freezer, and bake it in the oven at temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are easy and simple to clean after cooking. Put the molds in the dishwasher and make your life even easier. The molds are durable because they are made of sturdy stoneware. No chipping or cracking.

The cute floral design and convenient oval shape will easily fit the most modern kitchen. Handles allow you to serve a flavorful dish right to the table. The new collection of baking molds is sure to be the star of your kitchen.

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9. The Pioneer Woman Wishful Winter 2-Piece Rectangular Ceramic Holiday Baker Set

Bakeware’s new collection of baking molds features the perfect combination of quality and style.

If you are looking for an interesting and useful gift for Christmas, a set of molds will do the job perfectly. Be sure to use them in preparation for the holidays to create a fabulous atmosphere.

Rectangular molds are great for making delicate casseroles, Christmas cakes, or meat dishes.

Ceramics creates excellent conditions for even heat distribution, so your dish will be ready both inside and out. In this form, the culinary product retains heat and flavor longer.

The set consists of a large red mold and a smaller turquoise mold. Your kids will love it and will be happy to help in the kitchen. The molds are resistant to external damage and are easy to care for. If you like, put the molds in the dishwasher.

Each mold is equipped with handy handles so you can easily take it out of the oven. Use ceramic molds for cooking all kinds of dishes. You can put them on the festive table to cheer you up. The festive set of baking molds will help save time and make cooking more fun.

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FAQ for ceramic bakeware sets buyers

1. Are ceramic pots and pans safe for human health?

Ceramic cookware does not contain the chemicals found in Teflon (like PTFE and PFOA) non-stick coating. Since the cookware is glazed instead of coated (or dipped), the cookware is 100% safe. Unfortunately, there is no answer as to which is the safest ceramic cookware since all of them are 100% safe.

2. What are ceramic pans good for?

This coating provides a non-stick cooking surface and eliminates the need to use unhealthy cooking sprays, butter or oil to prevent foods from sticking. Moreover, it is safe under high heat and even when damaged, the ceramic coating applied on ceramic pots and pans provide simple, non-toxic cooking.

3. Is ceramic or aluminum bakeware better?

The cheaper ceramic-coated wares are often just a thin layer of ceramic sprayed onto the aluminum or stainless steel. But this bakeware is never as durable as the true ceramic. The ceramic coating should be cured onto the metal to ensure the durability of the coating.

4. Are ceramic pans safe when scratched?

They can be. With that chipped ceramic pan, for instance, those scratches or chips mean you may get glazing or even flakes of ceramic in your food, which can range from not dangerous to highly toxic, depending on where it’s from and the volume of leaching.

5. Can aluminum leach through ceramic?

If you are using the ceramic bakeware/cookware, usually aluminum cannot leach though that. Aluminum cookware is one of the most common cookware to use but it can be very toxic as this heavy metal is absorbed into all food cooked in it. The aluminum released into foods during cooking ends up in your body.