7 Best Ceramic Knives On The Market

Bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish can be cut beautifully, comfortably and safely with the best ceramic knives. This review has collected the most convenient ceramic kitchen knives according to customer reviews.

Before you buy anything, it is advisable to read about their advantages and disadvantages.

The key parameters in selecting good kitchen accessories were their sharpness and durability. Together, this makes the use of knives efficient and extends their service life. These are the characteristics that were taken into account when making this rating:

  • Purpose – cutting food, filleting fish and meat, peeling vegetables and fruits
  • Dimensions of the blade and the product itself
  • Handle materials
  • Blade strength
  • Blade sharpness
  • Accessory color
  • Sharpening angle and quality
  • Speed of loss of sharpness
  • Total weight
  • Pen shape

Of course, ceramic knives are primarily a fashionable kitchen accessory. They are beautiful, they are advertised. Unlike knives made of quality steel, they do not bring much practical benefit.

They are not required for any unique tasks – any such knife is a copy of metal in shape. But, it is a pleasure to work with ceramic knives. Lightness, convenience, ease of cleaning – all this is about them.

So if you are not afraid of problems and are willing to use them correctly, it is worth a try.

The ceramic knife does not need frequent sharpening, but it loses its sharpness after a while. Many people do not know how to sharpen a ceramic knife at home, and whether it is possible to sharpen them. In fact, you can sharpen the blade yourself at home in several ways. For example, you can use a sharpening stone.

In this video, you will learn how to sharpen a ceramic knife at home.

All these characteristics have been taken into account in this review. So, there is a product that combines good price and high quality:

Our Top Pick
Ceramic Chef’s KnifeCeramic Chef’s Knife

Alpha Inspirations 8 inch ceramic chef's knife stays sharp for years without sharpening.
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Other items are also have excellent characteristics:

Cuisinart C59CE-5UT

Cuisinart C59CE-5UT

New advanced blade technology. Blade retains edge longer than traditional steel blades.


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Ceramic Santoku/Specialty Knife

Ceramic Santoku/Specialty Knife

Stylish and modern black ceramic blade looks great in any kitchen and is easy to clean due to the non-porous property of ceramic.

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Santoku Kyocera Color Series

Santoku Kyocera Color Series

Advanced ceramic blades stay razor-sharp 10 times longer than conventional steel blades.

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Ceramic Paring Knife – Best & Sharpest 4-inch

Ceramic Paring Knife – Best & Sharpest 4-inch

Stylish and modern black ceramic blade looks great in any kitchen and is easy to clean due to the non-porous property of ceramic.

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Ceramic Kitchen Knife 6 inch 

Ceramic Kitchen Knife 6 inch 

It is a universal knife. The blade edge is perfectly sharpened using three-stage turbo-sharpening technology.

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Ceramic Chef Knife, QUELLANCE Ultra Sharp Professional 6-Inch

Ceramic Chef Knife, QUELLANCE Ultra Sharp Professional 6-Inch

This knife from Quellance is really pleasing to the eye. Its interesting design makes it a pleasant element in your kitchen. And, of course, this knife is very good.

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Ceramic Chef’s Knife

Ceramic Chef’s Knife A particularly sharp blade sharpening is the tip of all ceramic knives. But Ceramic Chef’s knives also stand out among ceramics.

A sharp cutting edge and a perfectly smooth surface ensure surgical precision cutting. In almost any product, this knife enters like in oil, even on heterogeneous surfaces.

It slides and cuts even slices perfectly, even because cutting with this knife is effortless. Thus, you get even slices or slides on all sides.

Even though the blade itself is white, you don’t have to worry about its contamination. The high-density ceramics used to make this blade are not even stained with beet juice.

But, the fee for such density is the increased fragility of the knife. But, if you do not throw it especially in a sink or on a tile floor, it will serve you for many years.

The handle in this knife model is made of silicone. This is a material with high hygienic properties, which is also pleasant to the touch and does not slide.

The special curved shape of the handle allows it to be gripped tightly in the palm of your hand and apply the right amount of force when cutting. And, of course, it is impossible not to note the external appeal of the knife.

This knife, like all the best ceramic knives, is not subject to oxidation and rust. It does not change the taste of products and thanks to the slippery smooth surface, no products stick to it.

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Cuisinart C59CE-5UT

Cuisinart C59CE-5UTAbove all, this knife is striking because of its black color. It makes both the handle and the blade more polluted when working with dyeing fruit and vegetables.

It is characterized by a narrow and thin handle made of ABS plastic. This material is strong enough and adequately withstands mechanical influences.

As well as high temperatures. Due to its application, the total weight of the accessory is also reduced, which is 124 g.


  • No unpleasant odor
  • It doesn’t slide in your hand
  • Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • Doesn’t bend in sharp movements
  • Does not rust like metal products

This ceramic knife has a sufficiently wide and long blade (17.5 cm). This allows you to chop thick sausages, meat and cheese heads in peace. Thanks to its sharpness products do not “tear”, it is especially important when serving festive tables.

The blade is very wear-resistant even when used for a long time and does not need frequent sharpening.

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Ceramic Santoku/Specialty Knife

Ceramic Santoku/Specialty KnifeIt’s a kitchen knife that looks like a hunting knife because of its long and thin blade. It is very comfortable to use, provides a simple and reliable grip thanks to its special shape.

This ensures that the accessory lies confidently in the palm of your hand. It does not move away and reduces the risk of cuts.

A high level of safety is also made possible by the use of several materials for the handle.


  • Black color
  • Secure fixation of the blade on the handle
  • Average size
  • It’s comfortable to hold in your hand
  • Doesn’t give in to corrosion

The blade at the Ceramic Santoku/Specialty Knife is rounded to the end. This allows you to cut bread, vegetables, meat, cheese, and other products at a large angle and with the smallest amount of crumbs.

The high strength of the blade makes it possible to work even with hard fruits. But, it should never be knocked on, for example, opening cans with preservation, otherwise, its integrity may be violated.

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Santoku Kyocera Color Series

Santoku Kyocera Color SeriesThis is the most expensive, but also the best quality knife in this rating. It is designed for home use and uses in cafes.

It is irrational to take it on the road because of its size and lack of folding mechanism. The blade is made of high-quality zirconium ceramics.

It quietly withstands high humidity and mechanical stress. Its length is 14 cm. This guarantees efficiency both in cleaning food as an accessory and in cutting.


  • Convenient for left-handed as well as right-handed people
  • Hardness on the Mohs scale – 8.6 points
  • Thin blade
  • A rounded edge that won’t let you cut yourself
  • Easy to sharpen

The high strength of zirconium ceramics, which has been used since the 70s in the medical industry, has attracted the interest of Santoku engineers. Thus, they decided to use an alloy for blade manufacturing.

The experiment proved to be successful – ceramic knives became very popular. The blade material does not come into contact with food. It does not absorb odors, water, and fat.

It does not rust or degrade under the influence of acids and does not transfer metal ions into food. Thus, the foods you cut are not oxidized. They do not change color and flavor while maintaining vitamin composition.

Santoku Kyocera Color Series has a 15-degree sharpening angle. This indicates that it can be used for sirloin chopping meat and fish. It is sharp on both sides, which gives a smooth cut and control over the thickness of the product.

This means that no special skill is needed to work with it. This accessory saves time on cooking and has a long service life of over 10 years.

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Ceramic Paring Knife – Best & Sharpest 4-inch

Ceramic Paring Knife – Best & Sharpest 4-inchThis is a small ceramic kitchen knife designed to peel fruits and vegetables.

It is easy to do with a slightly curved handle and a sharp blade. But, when using this knife, you need to be careful not to cut yourself.

The blade is thin enough, but it doesn’t bend like metal. Its elongated shape allows you to improve the cutting quality of your food.

You can effectively use the product to grind sausages, meat, cheese, bread.


  • Low price
  • Slicing does not stick to the blade
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • A practical, elongated blade shape
  • The handle fits easily in the palm of your hand
  • Suitable for cutting almost all kinds of products

Ceramic Paring Knife – Best & Sharpest 4-inch is available in black color, the handle is coated with plastic that does not rub your hand or slide even when wet.

But, it is afraid of too high temperatures, which may cause the melting process to start. His blade is quite long – 7 cm. But it’s not likely to be able to slice through large products quickly.

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Ceramic Kitchen Knife 6 inch 

Ceramic Kitchen Knife 6 inch At first glance, the Ceramic Kitchen knife seems simple and unassuming. But behind its laconic design and dim colors lies an outstanding quality.

It is a universal knife with a blade length of 17.7 cm, which is the limit for ceramics. The blade edge is perfectly sharpened using three-stage turbo-sharpening technology.

So, you won’t have to think about a blunted knife for years to come. The manufacturer promises to keep the sharpness for at least 5 years.

Besides, it is wide enough to cope with quite voluminous products.

The handle made of plastic with a silicone coating is very pleasant to lie in the hand and does not slide at all even in the wet palm.

The design of the handle protects the hand well when cutting. It should be noted that Japanese ceramic knives are considered one of the best and this model is not an exception.

No products stick to it, it easily copes with even fairly hard meat. But, do not cut their bones – ceramics are not designed for this. But, this knife is very easy to care for.

All you have to do is wash it immediately after using the normal product. Remember to wipe the blade from the unfinished side. This way you can keep the factory sharpened for as long as possible.

The knife is made in universal black and grey shades and comes in a box with a transparent lid. Its universal shape allows it to be used for any cutting purposes.

Its incredible sharpness – for the most accurate cutting of soft products. Such a knife will be an excellent addition to a set for sushi because with its help it is not difficult to cut rolls.

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Ceramic Chef Knife, QUELLANCE Ultra Sharp Professional 6-Inch

Ceramic Chef Knife, QUELLANCE Ultra Sharp Professional 6-InchThose who spend several hours a day in the kitchen know that the equipment and tools must be not only functional but also attractive on the outside.

This knife from Quellance is really pleasing to the eye. Its interesting design makes it a pleasant element in your kitchen. And, of course, this knife is very good.

It is made of zirconium ceramics, it is sharp, very thin and ideal for cutting a wide variety of products.

The blade is of medium length, 10 cm. It is the most common blade format, as it is convenient for cutting meat, slicing cheese and sausages, and grinding fruits and vegetables.

The sharp tip of the knife makes it easier to start cutting even fruits and vegetables that are very soft and crumpled.

It is with this knife that you can achieve slides that are as thin as possible, transparent.

The handle of the knife also deserves special attention. As it is rubberized, it lies as tightly in your hand as possible and does not slide at all. This is especially important for fast cooking when everything is done at the same time.

Besides, a plastic storage case is supplied with the knife. This is especially important for ceramic knives which are blunted when stored together with steel knives and can even crack.

You can also take the knife in the case with you, for example, for a picnic, to quickly make a snack slice.

If you use a bakery, you know how soft freshly baked bread can be. Ceramic knives are the best solution for slicing it. For this purpose, you can also use a cutting board for bread. They can cut even such baked goods into tidy slices. You will forget about thick slices with uneven edges.

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Do you need to sharpen a ceramic knife?

The ceramic knife, thanks to its ultra-hardness, can cut without sharpening for years.

Do ceramic knives affect the taste of food?

Ceramic knives are completely chemically neutral. They do not affect the taste and quality of the food you prepare.

How durable are the ceramic knives?

If you bend the blade of a ceramic knife, there is a good chance it will break.

Should you be afraid of ceramic knives corrosion?

Since there are no metal components in a ceramic knife, it is not susceptible to corrosion.

Are ceramic knives subject to scratches?

Because of their extreme hardness, ceramic knives are almost impossible to scratch.

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