5 Best Copper Cookware Sets Reviews

Cooks of copper tableware are highly acclaimed not only for its unrivaled appearance. They are also acclaimed for the specific properties of the metal. Many professional cooks appreciate copper cookware for its uniformity of heating and speed of cooking.

The high conductivity of copper heat makes it an indispensable tool for delicate cooking. It is a useful property that allows you to cook food on minimal fire.

Besides copper cookware, you can try dishes made of the other material. They are collected in these reviews:

Induction Cookware Sets

7 Best Induction Cookware Sets On The Market

When selecting dishes for induction, it is important to pay attention to their bottom. It has to be made of a ferromagnetic alloy. The main thing is that the bottom of the ware is made of iron with magnetic properties and the top can be different.

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Ceramic Cookware Sets

7 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets Reviews 2020

Ceramic coating is practical, environmentally friendly and has non-stick properties. Economical housewives will love the opportunity to cook, almost without oil. Products in such dishes will not burn and will be juicy.

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Titanium Cookware

7 Best Titanium Cookware Reviews 2020

This type of dishes is environmentally friendly, harmless for the cook and consumer. Toxic emissions are absent in principle. The surface with honour resists any mechanical influence.

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Stainless Steel Cookware

5 Best Stainless Steel Cookware On The Market

The appearance of stainless steel dishes was just a gift for the hostesses. The walls of such frying pans are well heated and keep warm for a long time. Such dishes allow you to cook a variety of dishes, from simple potatoes to stew, pilaf and honeycomb.

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In high budget restaurants, it is common to use copper cookware. In addition to the qualities described above, copper cookware has a significant heat capacity.

But, despite the advantages of copper cookware, there is an opinion that it is very harmful and affects the quality of cooked food. Is this statement justified, and is copper cookware really harmful? This table shows all the advantages and disadvantages of copper cookware.

Copper reacts very quickly to temperature changes, allowing you to control cooking as precisely as possible. Compared to other metal cookware, copper heats up faster.
Copper cookware is considered a rather expensive type of kitchen appliance. This is due to the fact that it takes a lot of money to make. And the metal itself is not cheap.
Copper cookware cools down very quickly. It is more than important for quality cooking, especially for dishes such as shrimp or garlic. The process of heating these products should be stopped abruptly so that they keep their flavor and properties.
Copper reacts chemically with certain types of products, resulting in substances that are harmful to the human body. For example, copper dishes can react with acidic products. To prevent these phenomena, some manufacturers do not cover dishes with an oxidizing coating.
The beauty of copper cookware is also one of the factors that make professionals choose it. Such dishes can decorate both home cuisine and an elegant expensive restaurant.
Copper cookware is very fragile, it is easy to scratch or deforms, so it requires serious care.
Uniform heating of copper cookware is another important advantage. Dishes such as steaks or cutlets will be cooked uniformly over their entire surface according to a recipe.

The use and harm of copper tableware have been discussed more than once at a professional level. But no one can say exactly what the opposite.

Such dishes have both advantages and disadvantages that can be minimized. Whether to use copper cookware or not is your choice. If you give preference to this cookware, this overview will help you choose the best copper cookware.

Our Top Pick
Martellata Copper 10-Piece SetMartellata Copper 10-Piece Set
  • Hammered Copper Exterior
  • Tri-ply construction
  • Cast Stainless Steel Handles
  • Flared Edges for Dripless Pouring
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Other great copper cookware:

Calphalon T10 Tri-Ply Copper 10 Piece Set

Calphalon T10 Tri-Ply Copper 10 Piece Set

This excellent set of dishes is perfect for cooking first and second courses, sauces, roasting food and heating liquids.

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Gotham Steel 20 Piece

Gotham Steel 20 Piece

Award winning Ti-Cerama coating ensures the ultimate release. Everything just slides right off the pan. No need for oil or butter.

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Lightning Deal Induction Cookware Set

Lightning Deal Induction Cookware Set

This copper cookware is made of bimetal.  The stainless steel ensures evenly and quickly cooking or distribute heat.

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Matfer Bourgeat Matfer 915901

Matfer Bourgeat Matfer 915901

Counter balanced cast iron handles with extra heavy rivets.
Conducts uniform heat conduction. Easy to clean.

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Martellata Copper 10-Piece Set

Martellata Copper 10-Piece SetMartellata company is a successful company producing professional copper and steel tableware.

This elegant dish is perfect for a table, flambé, or for decorating an interior. It is specially designed for steaming food.

The inner surface is made of stainless steel. This material makes it much easier to maintain and eliminates the need for repeated tinning.

Copperware makes the food cooked quickly and evenly, as it evenly surrounds them with warmth. Copper is the best conductor of heat.

The main advantage of copper cookware is that it allows cooking on low and moderate heat. The thermal conductivity of copper is ten times higher than that of stainless steel and twice as high as that of aluminum.

Copper cookware will last longer if wooden or other “gentle” tools are used that do not scratch the copper surface and tin coating.

The growing popularity of these products is due to the fact that from the very beginning the company has set the highest quality standards. The individual approach, readiness to use technologies and respect for traditions make the cookware high-quality product.

Magnificent hand-crafted tableware is a tool chosen by chefs and culinary lovers around the world. This stunning collection combines exquisite forms with extraordinary functionality. Just as little joys make life special.

So the exquisite details create a unique image of this cookware. It has the potential to become a family treasure, passed down from generation to generation.

The dishes have a beautifully textured surface. They are obtained by hand-processing with a chisel hammer. This sets it apart from other objects in your kitchen.

It also hides minor damage that may occur when used. Amazing brass handles add a special charm to the dishes. The design of the dishes is as follows.

The dishes are made of a solid sheet of copper coated with a tin-plating method. All this ensures the best possible efficiency during cooking. This cookware can be used on all types of cookware except induction cookware.

Excellent gift set of dishes is perfect for cooking first and second courses, sauces, roasting food and heating liquids. Excellent results can be achieved thanks to the structure of the dishes.

Hard copper enables the heat to be distributed evenly on the bottom and sides of the container as required by professional chefs. The internal tin coating prevents oxidation of the products.

Food cooked in such dishes does not lose its useful properties, does not change taste and color. As a result, you get the perfect dish. Manual washing is recommended.

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Calphalon T10 Tri-Ply Copper 10 Piece Set

Calphalon T10 Tri-Ply Copper 10 Piece SetPerfection and attractiveness – that’s how this cookware set can be described. Copper is widely used in the manufacture of pots and pans.

As the metal is light and has a high thermal conductivity. For example, compared to cast iron skillets, its thermal conductivity is 10 times higher, and with stainless steel 4 times higher.

Thus, the cooking process will take less time and reduce gas or electricity costs.

Due to the lack of technological joints between the bottom and the walls of pots, cooking takes place both from the bottom and from the walls. This results in significant savings in energy, time, and useful properties of the food.

It can be used with all types of cooktops except induction cooktops.

The inside of the frying pans and saucepans is coated in non-stick marble. This coating is characterized by its safety and good resistance to high temperatures. The coating does not allow copper to react with alkalis, acids, food, water or household detergents.

Thanks to its excellent non-stick properties, food does not stick or stick during cooking. Little fat is needed for frying. Suitable for people who lead healthy lifestyles.

Thanks to its smooth surface, kitchen utensils are effortlessly cared for. Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction cookers. But it is worth refraining from using them in the oven.

The glass lid allows you to watch the cooking process. Do not use rough abrasive detergents, chlorine or ammonia when washing.

To clean, do not use a metal brush to avoid scratching the surface. The kit has all the qualities you need to be a faithful kitchen helper.

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Gotham Steel 20 Piece

Gotham Steel 20 PieceThe growing popularity of the products of this brand is explained by the fact that Gotham was set the highest standards of design and quality.

The entire element processing, forging and polishing of each part is done by craftsmen by hand. The thickness of a single piece of kitchenware is determined by taking into account the food.

This is an excellent copper dish, made on the conscience and processed by hand. It is also a handy tool, a choice of chefs and culinary lovers around the world.

The designer handles in silvered brass adorn the tableware and make it an exclusive addition to the interior.

The outer layer is made of copper, thanks to which the tableware heats up quickly all over the surface.

The design of the models has a thick bottom to ensure uniform heating of the contents. Pots and buckets are suitable for any type of heating surface, including gas ranges and induction cooktops.

Each item is equipped with a graduated scale to determine the exact quantity of ingredients. The bucket has a spout and two holes in the lid for ease of use. It is particularly important when draining liquids.

The core is made of aluminum. This contributes to the accumulation of heat and its long-term preservation. It reduces the time to prepare delicious and healthy dishes.

Hygienic and easy to maintain stainless steel makes this cookware very practical and functional.

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Lightning Deal Induction Cookware Set

Lightning Deal Induction Cookware SetThis copper cookware is made of bimetal. A 2.3 mm thick copper layer is applied on a 2 mm layer of stainless steel through pressure lamination.

The bimetal technology is a compound of two different metals in terms of chemical composition. Lightning Deal has applied bimetal technology to connect copper and steel.

It has significantly increased the service life of copper tableware.  The exceptional properties of bimetal do not have each of the metals taken separately.

Copper cookware is something more serious and premium than the ordinary cookware people are used to.

Many desserts are prepared only in copper cookware. Sweets do not oxidize the copper surface. Thus, the thermal conductivity of copper allows you to quickly cook a variety of dishes.

This cookware has uniformity and gentle heating of the whole surface.

Tightly fitted saucepan lids speed up the cooking process and protect the food from debris and insects. The folding, plastic-coated handles of pots and pans allow for compact packing after use.

This set will be equally suitable for the harsh conditions of the hiking trail and the mild relaxation of the campsites.

The small saucepan is very comfortable, stands well on the stove and has the right geometry. The walls are vertical, just as they are for good dishes. The advantage of this shape is the large bottom area, which means better heating of the whole mass.

What is Lightning Deal copper dishes? All items consist of two layers, outside copper. It provides a smooth, uniform and simultaneous heating of the walls, ie, heat distribution.

Inside, metal is used, which already directly heats the products with heat. There is an excellent union. Dishes are beautiful, functional, but at the same time strong and of high quality.

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Matfer Bourgeat Matfer 915901

Matfer Bourgeat Matfer 915901This collection of luxury copper tableware is a legendary creation of Matfer. Each product is unique, created and processed by hand in the workshop.

The products are made of copper of the highest quality, thickness from 1-1.5 mm.

Protective coating made of tin. It protects the material from environmental influences and retains a magnificent view of the dishes for many years.

The dishes are suitable for cooking on gas, electric, glass-ceramic stoves and in ovens. It becomes a great decoration when serving ready-made dishes to the dining table.

Thanks to perfect workmanship and premium quality materials, this cookware will keep its splendid shine for a long time.

This tableware is a work of art in itself, but rest assured that your dishes will also rise to the next level. All pens are fastened with reliable rivets. They won’t become loose, and fat and dirt won’t penetrate the holes.

The inner walls are perfect. There are streamlined lines and corners, no machine or groove where dirt or grease can accumulate. It’s a pleasure to wash such dishes, which is important.

The handles of these dishes are made of heavy cast iron. Thanks to this, the weight of all the dishes is also much. It stands confidently on the stove and does not move from boiling or an accidental touch.

The only criticism here is that sometimes they get too hot and you need a towel to take the pot off the stove. The manufacturer thought that the reliability and durability of the cookware were more important.

Internal high strength three-layer water-based non-stick coating provides unrivaled scratch resistance The special thickened bottom ensures that the dishes are heated quickly and evenly. Saves energy and time due to high heating efficiency.

Click-technology into the oven without a handle. Removable handle for buckets and pans. Cast handles allow you to use the pot in the oven.

Covers made of heat-resistant glass with a steam outlet opening. Suitable for all types of stoves, including induction.

The lids are well adapted to the size, made of the same materials. They are perfect for all types of dishes of the same diameter. That is, you buy a pot, saucepan, and pan of the same diameter and can only buy one common lid.

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FAQ for copper cookware buyers

What kind of dishes are made of copper?

Copper is used to making pots, saucepans, cowsheds, cups and cup holders.

How do you define real copper dishes?

To distinguish it, pay attention to the weight of the dishes. Fakes are light. Their weight is comparable to that of stainless steel or aluminum, as copper is applied in a thin layer. Real copper dishes are heavier.

How do you take care of copper dishes?

Wash the dishes only in soapy water. Do not use cleaners containing chlorine, abrasive pastes or metal brushes. Use wood or plastic blades. To clean dishes made of copper, use special cleaners. Use special polishes to return shine to copper dishes.

Which coating is used inside copper tableware?

Because copper has many features, the inside of copper cookware is made of other materials. For example, stainless steel, tin or nickel. The other metal is used so that copper does not oxidize in slightly acidic and sour environments.

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