9 Best Healthy Oils For Deep Frying

Frying oil is oil or fat heated to a certain temperature. Frying is one of the most common ways to prepare food. Very often, deep frying is used to prepare food in a communal restaurant.

It is based on the method of frying food in hot oil. Deep-frying refers to fast food, as it is often done in small cafes. Foods in the fryer are cooked in a quiet boiling mode. There must be a lot of deep-fatting oils. So much oil that you can immerse the whole product in it.

You can also fry with less oil, but you will need to turn the pieces of food over from time to time so that they are cooked evenly. To make it easier to prepare small products, such as fries, a grid is placed in the fryer. Place the food on a grid and place it in the fryer. This ensures that the small products are evenly fried.

There are many types of deep fryers. Check these reviews and choose the best one:

Small Deep Fryers

7 Best Small Deep Fryers Reviews

This fryer is used to fry vegetables, meat, fish and flour. Widely used in industrial areas: restaurants, fast food, cafes, canteens. In such establishments, with the help of the fryer you can cook french fries, and other dishes.

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Turkey Deep Fryer

7 Best Turkey Deep Fryer Reviews

Deep-frying makes the turkey crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside (even the white meat). It also leaves the heat outside. You can deep-fry the turkey in either peanut or vegetable oil.

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Home Deep Fryer

7 Best Home Deep Fryer Reviews

These fryers are designed for home use. They are used to make various products in deep fryers. These fryers are designed to process small quantities of vegetables or fish. They are easy to work with and do not require special knowledge to prepare delicious dishes.

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Propane Deep Fryer

7 Best Propane Deep Fryers Reviews

Propane deep fryers can be of different types depending on the heating device: open and tubular. The first option is suitable for places with low loads. Devices with tubular sources of heating will be useful when there is an influx of orders for dishes in deep fryer.

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Electric Deep Fryer

7 Best Electric Deep Fryers Reviews

The Electric Grill is the most authentic product of our time. It was invented and developed for a category of people who have no time to do anything thoroughly all the time, and who have a very active and busy everyday life that takes up most of their time.

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How do I fry food? For cooking, you take the necessary amount of food and frying oil. The fryer is heated to get rid of the remaining protein in the fat. If you use refined oil, you can skip calcination. Fryer oil must be transparent, sometimes it retains its color, but in any case, it must not be muddy.

Using a deep fryer, you can cook fish or meat, vegetables, meals. When frying, it is very important to maintain the greatest temperature. If the fryer is not sufficiently heated, the fat will over-impregnate the food. If the fryer is too hot, the food will be too quickly browned, but in the middle, it will be raw.

To measure the approximate temperature, you can use a culinary trick. Place a piece of dough in the boiling fryer and watch for the bubbles. If the fryer is cold, the dough will remain in the oil. The appearance of bubbles indicates an average temperature. Active boiling indicates a high temperature.

The oil in the fryer is used repeatedly, it is periodically filtered and filled a second time. To prepare the product, it should be completely lowered into the fryer using a special spoon. The cooking process itself only takes 2 minutes, which is very convenient when used in the general dining room.

This method of cooking has an appetizing even crust, which makes the deep frying method indispensable for restaurant food.

Frying oil consists of 30% pork fat, 30% beef fat, and 40% vegetable oil. To give a pleasant flavor, you can add butter at a rate of 3%-5%. The specific composition is selected to suit the character of the products.

In vegetable oil, it is common to fry almost all products. In modern cooking often use one of the vegetable oils without mixing. The improperly selected mixture will lead to the fact that the fat is not heated to the desired temperature.

In this video you will find out which oils are the best for high heat cooking:

Different types of refined vegetable oils are used for frying

It is recommended to use a refined product because during frying the impurities contained in the unrefined oil burn. Such oil suffers in taste and its safety can be questioned.

One of the most expensive oils used in deep frying is olive. It is because of its price that cheaper oils are used in catering establishments. One of these oils is palm oil – one of the cheapest and most common. Of course, from a dietary point of view, this product wins only because of its low price.


The advantage of palm oil is its property of making the product crispy and melting in the mouth. This is especially true for baked goods. Palm oil allows you to achieve impressive shelf life for the product cooked on it, it virtually does not oxidize.

Oils that are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids are best not used for frying. It is also not recommended to cook on unrefined oils. They are pollutants for frying. Untreated oils with their unique smell and taste are best used for dishes that do not need heat treatment.

How often do I have to change them?

Specialists recommend changing the oil after each meal. The oil that is used several times noticeably loses its quality, gets an unpleasant bitter taste and smell.  During deep frying, the oil undergoes different changes. These processes are affected by the type of oil, the presence of antioxidants in it, and the duration of frying.

During cooking, the number of harmful substances in the oil increases. Each catering facility must have a schedule for changing the deep-fatted oil. Many uses of frying oil contribute to the accumulation of carcinogenic substances in the frying oil.

deep frying with oil

Before, cooks were advised to percolate the deep-fatted oil after each frying. Nowadays, specialists tend to change the oil every time. The oil change schedule allows you to change the fat of the fryer in time, even before the carcinogenic substances begin to form in it.

Cooking the dish

Of course, the food, cooked in a deep fryer, much tastier than the one cooked, for example, steamed. Foods have the appetizing rouge crust, smell nice. Modern medicine is skeptical about such food, considers it harmful and “dead”.

Excessive consumption of such food can lead to serious health problems. Especially deep-fried food is a health hazard for children. Safety when cooking depends on accurate observation of technology and temperature conditions.

Using deep frying is a quick and easy way to prepare food. By following the technology and choosing the right oil for deep frying, food is very tasty, with a blush crust and appetizing smell.

This is the best choice among oil buyers:

Our Top Pick
Botticelli Olive OilBotticelli Olive Oil

This olive oil is great for shallow pan, deep and stir frying. It’s also perfect for basting meat.
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Other excellent healthy oils for deep frying:

LouAna Southern Fry Oil

LouAna Southern Fry Oil

This is is a blend of peanut and soybean oil for deep frying turkey, chicken, fish and the other products. 

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Piknik Blended Frying Oil

This oil will help you to get hotter without smoking, producing crispier, lighter, tastier turkey. This oil has zero cholesterol.

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Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia Nut Oil

This is a versatile oil that can be used in a variety of ways. It contains naturally occurring, beneficial compounds like palmitic acid and the other.

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FLORA Organic Sunflower Oil

FLORA Organic Sunflower Oil

This organic oil is non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and kosher. This product is sure to be an essential culinary oil in your kitchen. 

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LouAna Peanut Oil

LouAna Peanut Oil

This oil is 100% pure peanut oil with no additives. Perfect for deep frying chicken, turkey or fish. Also great for fries, onion rings and seafood.

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IOS Natural 100% Pure Avocado Oil

IOS Natural 100% Pure Avocado Oil

This natural avocado oil will give you what you love most—a naturally mild flavor that complements other foods.

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Botticelli Olive Oil

Botticelli Olive Oil

Frying oil differs from conventional frying oil with a higher boiling point. That’s why it can be used for cooking such popular dishes as french fries and much more. Use special cutters to make the perfect french fries.

Real deep-frying oil helps to form a crispy crust on the potatoes. At the same time, it does not impregnate it or make the dish heavier.

High-quality frying oil makes it possible to prepare dishes with the largest benefit.

High-purity oil retains all the useful properties of the food without giving it its own aroma.

This deep frying oil is made from high-quality raw materials that have passed through seven stages of purification.

The product does not emit smoke or foam when boiled and not only ensures crispy browning on semi-finished products. It also ensures complete readiness for use without damp areas inside.

The food industry product is suitable for use in catering facilities. It also helps during picnics in a large company, when it is necessary to prepare a lot of fries, vegetables, wings, and other products.

The oil is absolutely safe, has neutral taste and smell, so it can be used for salad dressing and sauces.

The main value and beneficial difference from other vegetable oils is the high content (over 75%) of oleic acid. This has a positive effect on human health.

It is more resistant to high temperatures, which makes it optimal for use in deep frying and roasting.

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LouAna Southern Fry Oil

LouAna Southern Fry Oil

It’s 100% refined soya deodorized oil. Natural high-quality soybean seed oil.

Refined deodorized oil is suitable for salad dressing, frying and stewing, baking, frying, and canning.

This peanut oil is in demand in the consumer market and as a raw material for the production of various food products. This frying oil consists of a mixture of refined oils.

This fryer oil is used by many professional cooks in restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, pizzerias, and catering outlets. It has been specially developed for deep-fried cooking.

This product contains a mixture of several types of oils – sunflower oil, high-oleic sunflower oil, and palm olein.

This oil is “non-combustible” during heat treatment and “foams” much less. It is highly resistant to smoke and foaming, darkening, and polymerization processes.

Allows receiving the golden color of a product, to keep the natural properties of a product. For example, juiciness, taste, structure.

Oxidative resistance is 4 times higher than ordinary sunflower oil. Long shelf life: 4 times longer than that of ordinary sunflower oil. Designed for use in cooking, fast food restaurants.

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Piknik Blended Frying Oil

This oil is highly resistant to oxidation during professional and industrial roasting. It provides more uniform roasting of products than traditional turkey oils.

It contains a complex of functional additives that prevent oil foaming and prolong the service life in deep frying. Ideal for professional use.

This oil is obtained by first pressing. After pressing, the oil undergoes a refining process and is mixed with olive oil of the category.

The mixing ratio depends on the quality characteristics of the refined oil and the quality of the oil.

This oil is versatile and suitable for all kinds of food preparation. This oil is an excellent alternative for lovers of salads. There is also a salad chopper, with which you will make an excellent dish.

The light taste and aroma of this oil make it a good seasoning, preserving the taste of salads prepared according to a variety of recipes.

This oil has no strong taste and smell but consists of a lot of useful substances. It is ideal for deep-fried food preparation. It is quite resistant to high temperatures, as it is made of animal fat.

It does not break down into harmful substances when used in deep frying. Also, this oil is not absorbed into the food. It forms a crispy crust and the products keep their natural flavor.

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Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia Nut Oil

This oil is intended for repeated use in fryers of any type, including closed ones. It is highly resistant to foaming and smoke formation, darkening, and oxidation.

It withstands high temperatures up to 208 degrees. The operating temperature of the oil is equal to 180 degrees. It does not change the taste of the product.

Prevents the formation of soot on the equipment. Promotes the formation of golden, crispy crust on the product.

This special oil will be appreciated by fans of deep-fried dishes. Appetizing fries, chips from the chicken fillet, rouge, and juicy wings.

Any food is evenly fried to a delicate crispy crust. Macadamia oil is poured into cheap 50-milliliter bottles.

This amount is enough for a couple of months, even if you have a noisy weekly picnic.

To prepare dishes in deep fryer sunflower oil is poured into the fryer, brought to 175-180 degrees, and stacked products. Before frying, remove excess liquid from vegetables and meat.

This frying oil is not intended for use in salads. It is more resistant to oxidation at higher temperatures than traditional sunflower oil.

It contains a set of functional additives to prevent foaming of the oil and prolong its frying life. It contains a foam extinguisher and a complex antioxidant.

It provides more even frying of products. It allows you to increase the number of prepared servings compared to traditional vegetable oils.

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FLORA Organic Sunflower Oil

FLORA Organic Sunflower Oil

This frying mix is used by many professional cooks. It was developed especially for deep frying.

This product contains a mixture of several kinds of oils. It is sunflower oil, high oleic sunflower oil, and palm olein.

This oil gives products a beautiful golden shiny crust and even frying of the product. It has undergone 7 degrees of cleaning and thus has a transparent color.

It is also suitable for salad dressing. The frying fat does not absorb the smell during use, preserving its properties for a long time.

It has a high boiling point. It’s bigger than ordinary frying oils. The oil contains a special foam extinguisher and antioxidant.

This oil is created by pressing the olive oil cake. By refining, it is free of foreign smells. This makes it possible to prepare a variety of dishes without overpaying for premium oil.

At the same time, you will preserve the excellent taste, appearance, and features of the cooked products.

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LouAna Peanut Oil

LouAna Peanut Oil

To get the right flavor for your favorite dish when you cook it at home, you only need two things: frying and professional frying oil.

How is it different from ordinary vegetable oil?

Firstly, compared to the vegetable oils, professional deep-fatting oil has a higher oleic acid content.

As a result, it is resistant to higher temperatures than conventional vegetable oil. Thus, even when heated to 200 degrees, it will not boil.

It means that even a small container can be used to fry it. It won’t smoke either, and it will emit some extra smell.

Secondly, its high-temperature resistance means that it can maintain the right temperature. It also protects it from burning.

At the same time, it is less exposed to reactions itself or triggers reactions in the products being prepared. The greater oxidation resistance of this oil means that the food will be less cooked and will keep its natural and original color better.

Besides, their structure, texture, juiciness, and so on will changeless. This deep-fatting oil makes the product less cooked – i.e. more useful.

Oleic acid, which is rich in professional frying oil, provides increased content of vitamin E in the oil. It is a natural antioxidant that enhances immunity and reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

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IOS Natural 100% Pure Avocado Oil

IOS Natural 100% Pure Avocado Oil

This avocado oil is used in restaurants, fast food, cafes, as it does not absorb the smell and can be used 5 times longer than conventional oil.

This oil contains a mixture of several types of oils – sunflower oil, high-oleic sunflower oil, and palm olein.

Fryer oil works for 30 hours. The length of frying is the expected amount of time. During this period, the oil can be cooked safely and with high quality.

It is important to use the right techniques when frying and changing the oil. This product has a high value due to its unsaturated fat content.

There is no unpleasant odor or flavor in the product from the beginning and the oil does not absorb odor during use.

It is characterized by increased resistance to oxidation and frying temperatures. It ensures that food is cooked more evenly and crispy. Reduced foaming and higher fuming temperatures are typical for this frying oil.

Frying fat is a special professional oil for deep frying.

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Iberia Premium Blend, Sunflower Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you’re looking for a mix of the sunflower and extra virgin olive oil for frying and you want it to be completely healthy then we definitely recommend you to try this particular brand.

This product consists of 80% sunflower oil and 20% extra virgin olive oil which makes it simply perfect for any type of frying. It doesn’t have any sharp taste so the food is not going to lose its natural flavors.

You can also use this oil for baking, grilling, for salads, for making sauces or blending into a vinaigrette’s or marinade. What is more you can use it for coding your pants, crispy fried and other things.

They sell also contains lots of vitamins and rich flavors that makes this brand and must have in your palm tree. It’s one of the most popular products on marketplaces and lots of consumers recommended.

It’s totally fine for weekends for everything. It goes well absolutely with any product. It’s not the cheapest oil around but it has quite a fair price for this size.

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Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil

In case you’re looking for something more fancy and you want a totally healthy frying oil with beautiful package and beautiful everything, pure ingredients, then look no further than this avocado oil. You can find it on any Marketplace.

It’s not the cheapest option around but the price is also not that high. It will become a perfect kitchen companion because it’s versatile and has a high smoke point.

Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil1

The oil is made by using an expeller press method that extracts the maximum amount of high quality oil from the avocado without the necessity of applying the excess heat or chemicals.

Therefore, it preserves its natural flavor. The oil can be heated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. What is more it’s really beneficial and usage since you just need a little bit of this oil for each portion.

If you check this option on Amazon you see that comes in various sizes so you can pick up one you think is suitable for you.

The oil is totally naturally refined. You can use it for cooking, bacon, dressings, marinades and other things. And of course, for all avocado lovers this fine oil it’s simply must have since it’s the leader in his category.

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FAQ healthy oils for deep frying buyers:

Which frying oil to choose?

Definitely refined. In unrefined frying oils, impurities are converted into carcinogenic substances by heating. Restaurants usually choose palm, sunflower, or olive oils for deep frying, the best of which is olive oil, but also the most expensive.

Why do I have to change the frying oil?

When frying in deep frying, small pieces of food get into the oil and remain, so it becomes murky and darker and changes its taste. It also affects the taste of the food prepared in this oil.

Besides, when heated in the oil, free fatty acids and carcinogenic substances are produced. The longer the oil is used, the higher its concentration, and the more dangerous it is for health.

How do I dispose of frying oil?

Oil should not be discharged into the sewer system, at best it will clog the pipe, at worst it will rupture the pipe. Even when cooking at home, it is not recommended to pour oil into the sink.

On a fast-food restaurant scale, the best way to dispose of the fryer is to take it to special recycling companies. Such companies usually accept containers from 20 liters.

How many times can you use oil for deep frying?

We recommend using oil three or four times for breaded products. For cleaner products, oil can be used up to eight times.

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