7 Best Refrigerator Brands

Even though that ancient Chinese civilizations stored their ice about 1000 B.C., and ancient Egyptians and Indians learned to leave earthenware pots out during cold nights to make ice, the first refrigerator ever was invented in 1842 by an American doctor, which worked on the vapor-compression cycle.

fridgegifBy the way, here we can see that the refrigerator was invented and launched into a made production much earlier than we think – and by the end of the 19th century, almost every bar in New York had a fridge for their drinks.

The one thing at your house that you cannot survive without is definitely a refrigerator. It can be a tiny old fridge somewhere in a motel or a luxury multi-functional refrigerator with an ice maker in a lavish house, but all people have it. There are many types of refrigerators. For example, undercounter and compact models are the most popular.

Logically, refrigerators can serve only a limited period of time, and sooner or later we have to choose a new one. The normal useful life of the fridge is 14-17 years. And it’s better to be the years when you pay the least attention to the maintenance of your fridge (who wants to deal with it, right?) so the right choice is extremely important.

Another crucial thing is that your refrigerator doesn’t break, since buying a new one is not the cheapest move and people usually plan it in advance. So you decided that you need a new fridge. What brand to choose to it guarantees you a long life of service? Check this list down below and there will be one problem less for you.

Our Top Pick Refrigerator Brand

samsungtwoThis brand offers almost everything - innovations, reliability and durability of their refrigerators. In the assortment, you will find the most various types of models, suitable for each specific taste.

Other great refrigerator brands:

Beautiful and comfortable design
Has the widest range of models in the assortment
The most reliable service and durable fridges
The most affordable refrigerators
High-end refrigerators, luxury segment
Quality of the premium segment at more affordable prices

1. Samsung

samsungthreeSamsung remains one of the world’s best brands manufacturing refrigerators. It has proven many times already that it is capable of a much more than just preserving your milk or vegetables. If you had two fridges at one time – one by

Samsung and the other one from another brand you would see how many times in a day you open the door of your fridge and which significant differences inconvenience those two brands have. In these small details, Samsung is able to deliver the iconic level of comfort and high-tech elements.

Now you might think that a fridge like this would probably be quite expensive. In reality, Samsung is producing more than 100 varieties of refrigerators for any budget and demands. You can choose the one that will suit you the most, according to the style configuration and feature set.

Considering the technology, Samsung can be called the most innovative product. It can be also explained by the fact that it was entering the US market quite late compared to either brand, thus it had to challenge all others in service, functionality, reliability and so on.

samsungtwoAnother feature that adds score to Samsung fridges making it one of the luxurious refrigerators on the market, is its Family Hub touch-screen which is built-in into the doors. You can also choose whether you want or don’t want to have the water/ice feature on the fridge’s door.

It also necessary to keep the constant temperature in the fridge – we all know that the fluctuations here are not good for the food you store.

Another feature that helps the fridge by Samsung stay cool all the time, and thus, be one of the most reliable fridges thanks to its durability, and its stainless steel materials, that keeps the temperature in acceptable borders. Thus, a Samsung refrigerator can be called one of the best fridges for food preservation.

However, there are no such things as a perfect brand and all of them have their flaws. Sometimes the Samsung service doesn’t do the good job, and it’s the common issue for the whole Samsung company.

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2. LG

LGEven though the refrigerators by LG are not the oldest ones on the market, they have recommended themselves pretty decently. First of all, you should pay attention to the elegant design which is one of the brands’ signature aspects.

And just like the fridges by Samsung, ones by LG also include the door within the door feature (as we can see it’s one of the latest trends on the market). Actually, the first time ever this feature was commercialized by LG.

One of the best models by LG is their fridges with the French type of door. But there are lots of options to choose from. You will definitely find something that matches your specific preferences. The prominent feature of refrigerators by LG because which it is often considered as one of the energy saving fridges, thus, it always saves your money.

Thus, it will not only save your food but will save you money. If you prefer the more upgraded devices, for example, with WiFi connectivity, LG provides such models as well.

3. GE

GEThis is probably the most famous brand in the market. Sometimes in these situations, questions like whether the product matches the expectations may occur. But here you have nothing to worry about – GE is dependable, well-designed refrigerator.

GE uses only the latest technologies for food preservation. Moreover, considering the models range this is the winner of our list. Among all the other features, GE is truly capable of bringing the luxury element into your kitchen.

Another great aspect of these refrigerators is their capacity. You will see that they truly can fit more than other brands.

The company manufactures any kinds of fridges – starting from the tiniest budget refrigerator, ending with the huge ones, as you can see in the picture. And only the GE brand allows customizing its fridges before you buy them.

4. Whirlpool

whirlpoolThis is one of the oldest refrigerator companies on the market. It may not be the most innovative and well-designed fridge compared to others, but the main features here are the durability, high quality, high end materials, precise temperatures and so on.

If you want an extra reliable fridge with the most secure warranty then this brand is your choice. The brand is also known for its quality of service and the immediate replacement of broken parts. With Whirlpool, even if you buy the most budget item, you can be confident that it will serve you a long life without killing your nerves.

These are the features that many leading companies on the market can’t name as their prominent ones nowadays. Considering the winter design, you can see that Whirlpool refrigerator’s MicroEdge glass shelves do not have the metal frames. This helps prevent dirt and crums to accumulate on the edges of the shelves.

In general, for those who want to buy a refrigerator by a brand with many-years reputation and super-reliable service and durability, this is the perfect choice to go for.

5. Frigidaire

fridgidairMany people don’t want to buy an expensive and huge refrigerator and Frigidaire can hear their needs. If you need a budget fridge, then this brand is the best to go for. You are probably familiar with this brand since it has been one of the most popular refrigerators on the market lately.

And that is proven by the feedback of thousands of users who swear by the quality of these friedges. In their models range you will find prices for any budget – and that’s what other brands can’t provide.

The low cost for the maintenance, good climate control and stylish look have made this fridge highly demanded on the market. If you need a cheaper fridge without the loss of quality this is a good choice.

6. Bosch

boschUnlike the previous brand, when you hear the name of this one, you immediately knew that we’re going to discuss one of the most famous and luxe brands of refrigerators on the market. Well, there is nothing bad that some people want to have high-end fridges and Bosch is the perfect brand for that.

First of all, it is known for the top-quality of German engineering. Its products are known as the best of the best. Here it is even hard to point out the most prominent feature since Bosch refrigerators are good in literally everything.

Style, innovations, reliability, service, durability efficiency – these are not even all the features of the typical Bosch fridge. Honestly, if you compare a refrigerator by Bosch with a refrigerator by another brand side-by-side the latter might seem like coming from the stone age.

Features like recessed LED lights, built-in touch control panels, smart connectivity, remote control, and monitoring will make you feel like you own the most innovative kitchen in the world. Obviously, considering all the facts mentioned above be ready that the average price here will go far beyond the average number on the market.

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7. Miele

mieleMiele is also a known brand and sometimes can be called one of Bosch’s main competitors. Basically, they share the same qualities – attention to detail, sophisticated designs in well-constructed packages, extended durability, and of course, the price.

If you’re choosing between the best brands to buy the refrigerator from, this company simply must be a part of your consideration list. The one exceptional feature that Miele is famous for is that it is the company always reaching for innovations.

We advise paying attention to the Miele MasterCool and SmartFresh system, which turns your refrigerator into a series of smaller climates and zones. Adjust each zone to the type of food you have in your fridge.  And according to the experiments, Miele is capable of preserving the food fresh for the longest time.

It may lack some high-tech features, but it still possesses enough of them to be called a luxury item. A little bit cheaper than Bosch, it is mainly the prototype of the latter.


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