How to cook rice in microwave fast & safe

As time goes by, technologies keep on evolving, offering us loads of new tools for everyday life, and the kitchen is not an exception. Popular today microwaves were first introduced to our homes back in 1967. All thanks to Percy Spencer, who once was building radars and came to an idea of his invention when microwaves from radars melted the candy bar in his pocket.

rice1Today, microwave ovens are used not only for reheating our food but for cooking it as well. Since microwaves have been a common appliance on our kitchen for a long time already, they are relevantly cheap, fast and easy to use. Besides, microwave ovens are proved to be more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric convection ovens.

Nevertheless, some people are not that enthusiastic about using a microwave oven, claiming, that it lowers the quality of food, washes away the nutrients and can have negative effects on our bodies. Unfortunately or not, there is no exact data on the influence of using microwaves on our wellbeing.

Based on this, we would assume, that using a microwave oven is just a great option when you are running late or have something easy to cook, like rice, for example.

This article will provide you with an easy step-by-step guide on how to cook rice in a microwave to have the best result possible.

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Tools and ingredients you will need for cooking rice in a microwave:

a microwave itself;
a safe container;
vegetable oil;
several minutes of your time.

The recipe below is created to minimize the time spent on cooking and to make the rice taste soft and rich. Follow the steps and enjoy your meal after only a few minutes.

rice2Step 1. Prepare a microwave-safe container. Anything made from glass, porcelain or ceramics would be a good option. Make sure it is large enough for the amount of rice you want to cook so that the water won’t spill out of the container. Otherwise, the inside of a microwave would get dirty and sticky and the dish ruined.

Step 2. Put the amount of rice you want to cook in the container. Then, pour in some cold water and swish the rice around to carefully wash it. To make sure that water is clean, use a water filter. Repeat this several times to wash away dust. Then, pour the water out into the sink. Great, you are almost there!

Step 3. After you’ve done with the washing, add a spoon of any preferable vegetable oil and some salt, then mix. Pour in hot water to minimize the cooking time. The proportion of rice to water is approximately ½. Ensure you add enough water to cover the rice. By the way, if you want your rice to have the useful nutrients and to benefit health, make sure you don’t use fortified rice.

rice3Step 4. Put the container inside a microwave and close it with a lid. Set a timer for 5 minutes with a volume of 800 watts. After that, carefully mix the ingredients with a spoon. Then, close the container with a lid and put it inside an oven again for 3 more minutes.

Don’t hurry to take the container out straight after the final step, let it stay inside for a few more minutes, thus it will make the rice softer and, therefore, much tastier.

These are all the steps you would need to cook rice in microwave fast and safe. As you see, it’s as easy as a pie. Try this recipe and enjoy your rice with vegetables or as a main dish.

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