Induction cooktops vs electric cooktops. Which one to choose?

To understand the difference between induction and electric cooktops, you should study their operating principle. The electric device heats the burner immediately to the desired temperature.

The heat is then transferred to the dishes installed in the work area. The heat is generated by passing an electric current through a conductor.

Electric cooktop
  • silent operation of the device
  • washability
  • acceptable price
  • the burners heat up for a long time and cool down slowly
  • a wide range of color and design variations
  • the surface does not need any special care
electric cooktop
Induction cooktop
  • low energy costs
  • high level of safety
  • the ability of the board surface to remain cold
  • the ability to set the desired heating temperature to within 1 degree
  • automatic selection of settings
  • easy and straightforward care 

The last one is a resistive heating element with a high specific resistance value. The conductor is represented by a spiral, which can be placed in an open position or hidden under a burner.

electric cooktops

Among the distinctive advantages of an electric cooker hob are the following:

  • silent operation of the device
  • washability
  • acceptable price
  • the burners heat up for a long time and cool down slowly so that the finished product can be left on the surface
  • a wide range of color and design variations, which allows you to choose the model to suit any style of interior space
  • the surface does not need any special care and can be easily cleaned with normal detergent.

Disadvantages of the electric stove can be attributed to:

  • high energy costs
  • the panel has a mass limit that it is capable of withstanding.
  • a high fire hazard increases the likelihood of traumatic burns

What does an induction cooker mean? It will become clear when you learn how it works. It’s based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.

At the moment of installation in the working area of special dishes, the phenomenon facilitates the movement of electrons. They are located on the surface of the bottom of the product.

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Thus, there is a process of heat generation, which is spent only on heating the dishes. In this case, the surface of the cookware remains cold.

Inuction cooktops

Thanks to its unique operating principle, the induction cooker hob has several advantages:

  • Low energy costs. They are used only to create an electromagnetic field in the closed conductor of the induction coil.
  • High level of safety. It is ensured by the peculiarity of the cooker hob to start working when dishes are placed on it. The cooker finishes the process when the element on the burner is absent
  • The ability of the board surface to remain cold. It simultaneously contributes to low energy consumption and eliminates the possibility of burns.
  • The ability to set the desired heating temperature to within 1 degree.
  • Automatic selection of settings that allow you to recognize the diameter of the dishes.
  • Feature a wealth of features and software.
  • Easy and straightforward care that does not need special products.

The disadvantages of the product include the following characteristics:

  • The occurrence of specific surface operation noise. It is associated with the operation of fans, cooling coils.
  • High surface finish compared to other types of panels.
  • For the induction hob, you need to use special dishes.
  • This device has a negative impact on other household appliances. They are very close to the surface of the device.

All jewelry and watches should be removed during cooking on the induction cooker. The first ones can burn the skin when they are heated, the last ones can be magnetized.

Check these reviews to choose the best induction cooktop for your kitchen:

Induction Ranges

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The main difference between such a cooker hob and a classic electric or gas cooker is in principle operation. The induction stove is cooked by means of an induction current. The induction cooker implies the use of special dishes.

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Two Burner Induction Cooktop

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Induction hobs are a good alternative to both gas cookers and conventional electric cookers. Their main advantage is their high energy efficiency, almost twice as high as that of gas cookers.

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Portable Induction Cooktop

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This cooker allows you to cook food much faster than you can do with a gas or electric cooker. It also reduces energy consumption and saves time on cleaning.

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To decide which cooker hob is better, you should consider the specifications of each cooker. An induction hob consists of an induction coil, a vitrified clay surface, insulation, a control unit, and a frequency converter.

An electric cooker hob can have cast iron pancakes, halogen or Hi-Light burners as heating elements. The first option is located on steel or enameled surfaces. The rest are hidden under the vitrified clay panel.

The most efficient is the halogen heating elements.

The induction hobs are equipped with a vitrified clay surface. It is strong and durable. But, it cannot withstand impact or strong mechanical forces. The surface of the electric panel can be made of vitrified clay, stainless steel.

The latter is the cheapest option. The surface is resistant to various mechanical loads and high temperatures. It does not need special care, but can be damaged by abrasives or cleaning compounds.

The stainless steel panel has good technical and operational properties. But, it requires special care. It ensures an attractive appearance over a long period.

The glass-ceramic surface is the most popular option. It can be white or black. The panels have an original and stylish look.

Before choosing an electric cooker, you should determine the parameters of the product. Induction and electric cooker hobs can be in standard or non-standard sizes.

They allow the product to be integrated into any kitchen set. Induction cookers are shaped like a rectangle or a square. Electric cookers can also be made as an oval, circle or semicircle.

When choosing an induction cooker or an electric cooker, it is important to study the specifics of each option. They differ in principle, functionality, and price.

The following graph on the right shows that the cooking temperature stays closer to the target without going too high or too low in the induction cooktop, unlike the electric cooktop where temperatures vary more at longer periods of time.

Induction cooktops vs electric cooktops

An induction cooker hob provides more efficient operation with less energy consumption. But, this surface requires special care, the use of special dishes and is characterized by the high cost. Electric cooktops can fit with cookware made of different materials. We collected reviews on the best cookware sets in this table:

Copper Cookware Sets

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Copper heats quickly and evenly, cools down slowly. Its neutral composition has no effect on food quality. Owners of induction cookers should not use this device, it can crack.

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Ceramic Cookware Sets

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Aluminium is often used as the basis for ceramic cookware and, less frequently, cast iron, which is coated with ceramic composite. Ceramics are sand and water after high temperature treatment. The strength of this coating is several times that of Teflon.

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Titanium Cookware

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Titanium is one of the toughest, most durable, and least demanding coatings. Such frying pans are universal, they are perfect for any cooker, they will cope with all types of work. Finally, it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, which will not lose its properties even in 25 years.

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Stainless Steel Cookware

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Stainless steel dishes are resistant to mechanical damage and rust. Metal does not emit any harmful substances when cooked in them. You can use detergents for washing such dishes, but it is not recommended to use coarse abrasives for cleaning as it can damage the surface.

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It is impossible to say for sure which cooker is better. If you still can’t decide which cooker hob is best, you can choose a combined cooker hob with electric and induction hobs.

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