7 Best Cooktop Brands (And It’s Best Offer)

Hobs have long been a popular replacement for stand-alone cooktops. They are more compact in size, do not require time-consuming installation, and can also fit into even the smallest kitchen. Even if you have bought a whole bunch of different kitchen appliances – multicooker, fryer, and microwave – you still need a good hob.

This product can, of course, be selected according to different parameters – number of burners, functionality, and ease of use. But the manufacturer is an important indicator.

In these reviews you will find the best cooktop:

Gas Cooktops With Griddle

7 Best Gas Cooktops With Griddle (30 / 36 inches)

The advantage of the gas panel is the ability to quickly change the intensity of the heat flow. Due to faster heating, foodstuffs retain their useful qualities better and are cooked much faster.

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Two Burner Induction Cooktop

7 Best Two Burner Induction Cooktop Reviews

Induction hobs are safe for humans because they operate at low frequencies and the magnetic field itself is limited by the size of the appliance. Additional protection is provided by the automatic disconnection and locking functions of the control panel.

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Portable Induction Cooktop

7 Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews

The Portable induction cooker has many functions. It has a quick-heating burner, which reaches its maximum output a few minutes before boiling water in the dishes.

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Many manufacturers that are already on the market, have a pretty famous name. However, can you trust them all? And how better to choose a manufacturer for kitchen appliances? We decided to look into the matter and find out what manufacturers are the best in the kitchen equipment.

Here is the table that shows the best offers from the best cooktop brands listed below:

bosch ngm8055ucBosch NGM8055UC 800 30"

Stylish gas cooktop with first-class appearance and powerful burners.

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ge jp3030djbb

GE JP3030DJBB 30

Heat indicators will prevent you from getting burned, and if necessary, boil the water incredibly quickly.

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empava 30

Empava 30"

Gas cooktop with a durable stainless steel construction will last for years and will not lose its functionality.

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thorkitchen pro-style

Thorkitchen Pro-Style

Professional hob with 6 gas burners and a cast iron grid for moving pans.

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gasland chef ih77bfh


The burners can be used individually or as one big fryer.

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ramblewood 4 burner

Ramblewood 4 Burner 30"

Analog control of 9 power levels to control even the most delicate dishes.

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frigidaire fgic3066tb

Frigidaire FGIC3066TB 30"

Small, but very comfortable and powerful induction type plate. You can determine the bottom area of a pot or pan.

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1. Bosch


Bosch is a world-famous German brand, which produces household appliances. In the company’s product range you can find literally everything – from refrigerators to hobs. Hobs in the Bosch catalog can also be found of different types – induction, gas and electric.

The manufacturer divides all models into several series, depending on the number of burners. Most of the products are made of glass (induction cooktops) or stainless steel (electric and gas models).

All appliances are easy to use and have a long service life. With the latest technology, unique to Bosch, you can adjust cooking power levels. It’s easy to find a model you can afford – the price range starts at $700 or more.

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2. GE


There are manufacturers who create universal cooktops. One of these is GE – General Electronics, one of the best representatives on the market. They provide maximum productivity for their products so that the cooking process will be a real art for you.

Almost all models have additional functions. For example, you can often find multi-element timers, each responsible for its own burner. All settings and controls are made using digital sensors.

Thanks to the smooth surface, cleaning will not be difficult or time-consuming for you. By the way, if you cook several portions on different burners, you can synchronize the temperature on them. You can also be pleasantly surprised by the handles on all GE devices – they are made of quality material, as well as have a backlight.

3. Empava


Empava, like many others, manufactures several types of cooktops at once, so customers will have something to choose from. The most popular are gas cooktops, which contain between 4 and 6 burners. They are mainly made of stainless steel and the grids are made of cast iron. The combination of materials has been chosen for a reason – they are the most durable and provide a long service life.

Each burner is well protected against gas leaks and fires and takes up a small space for installation on any worktop. It’s also worth noting that Empava gas cooktops are designed for both LG and natural gas. You can enjoy the minimum cleaning and convenience of cooking for a long time, and each unit has a 2-year warranty.

4. Thorkitchen


If you like to keep things in the kitchen up to date, Thorkitchen is the company you’ll be interested in. Their products are reasonably priced, so even buying multiple devices at once won’t be a waste. Thorkitchen positions its products as first-class devices that can give you quality at a practical price. You will be able to arrange the whole kitchen in the same style.

Thorkitchen has a choice of gas hobs and if necessary you can buy an oven in the same style. The most convenient thing is that the appliances can be purchased as needed while maintaining the uniform appearance of the kitchen. You can even start with a gas cooktop!


gasland chef

Despite the name, GASLAND Chef has not only gas cooker models in its range. Although the main direction of the manufacturer’s development is gas technology, which can improve everyday life. Despite this “dangerous” specificity, the company guarantees you safety and provides certificates of product reliability. Customer service is provided for 1 year with a guarantee of a full refund in case of breakage or failure.

It is worth noting the incredibly low prices. For example, induction hobs, which are considered the most expensive, in GASLAND Chef cost from 200 to 520 dollars. Together with them, you get not only the product itself and the warranty but also the necessary support service in all matters related to the work and quality of the cooktop.

6. Ramblewood

Ramblewood is known for its ideas for environmentally friendly design and environmentally friendly production. Every product manufactured is certified in accordance with safety standards. We are ready to surprise you a little – despite the German quality, the company is based in Hong Kong.

Compared to other Chinese cooktops, Ramblewood’s quality is strikingly different and at a higher level. You don’t have to worry about the safety of using electricity or gas – you won’t get an accidental fire or other trouble. The main advantage is the low and competitive price, which can easily surprise you. For small enough money you will get high German quality and stylish design.

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7. Frigidaire


Like many companies, the name Frigidaire makes it clear to the customer about the direct connection with home appliances. Originally it specialized in refrigerators, but over time it began to include other kitchen appliances. It is impossible not to mention that the manufacturer is part of the largest concern Electrolux. Today you can find dishwashers, refrigerators, induction and gas cookers and much more in their catalog.

In their assortment, there is a special line Professional, which gives you professional design and quality of performance for a pleasant price. In addition to style, you get Smudge-Proof coverage, as well as a durable headset. If you’re planning to buy any technique from Frigidaire, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with it. From the fridge to the gas hob, the whole kitchen can be styled the same way.

All the companies that we have told you about are leaders in today’s market. They have already proven themselves on the positive side and really guarantee quality. It is also worth noting that they all provide warranty service and repair in case of breakdowns. Warranty coupons are an indicator that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the goods produced. We hope that we have told you about the best representatives. On Amazon, you can find the most popular hobs, and we will tell you which offer is really the best.

FAQ for cooktop buyers

1. How do I choose the right type of cooktop?

The most common are 3 types of cooktops – induction, electric and gas. Induction cookers are relatively new but have already gained popularity. Many people believe that gas stoves are the most dangerous to use – and it makes sense. If not used correctly, they can indeed provoke a dangerous situation.

It should also be noted that electric stoves are very energy consuming – but they do not require additional gas equipment. The most innovative and convenient option is induction hob. It all depends on how your kitchen is equipped and how often you are used to cooking.

2. Which is the best choice – a stand-alone range or a cooktop?

A cooktop and a stand-alone range are two completely different appliances that can sometimes even be adjacent in the same kitchen. They have a significant difference – the stand-alone range has an oven. They are therefore much larger and take up more space in your kitchen.

However, you can install the hob in any kitchen – even in the smallest size. Hobs can also be designed for 1-2 burners, which is not found among the stoves. If you have limited space and do not need an oven, the hob is ideal.

3. Which surface material is best for the cooktop?

There are 3 main types of materials – stainless steel, tempered glass-ceramic, and enameled steel. Vitrified clay hardened is almost always found on induction hobs, but gas and electric cookers can be made of different materials. The best option is stainless steel in a matt version.

Different marks remain on the tempered glass – even with fingerprints – and the enameled surface is not the most durable. The enamel is easily damaged and scratched. In spite of all this, you are better oriented towards the interior of your kitchen. It’s worth noting that stainless steel fits perfectly into an interior with small metal inserts.

4. Do you need any extra features? If so, which ones?

Anything that is not the main function of the appliances is called an extra function. In the case of a hob, these are a timer, backlight, temperature measurement, grill and much more. Of course, if you don’t buy your stove for yourself or don’t intend to use it all the time, you can limit yourself to the main functions – heating up the burner and on/off.

Additional features will give you a little more freedom in terms of cooking – for example, you can set the soup boiling timer for a certain period of time or replace the standard buttons with touch control. Either way, the third-party options make it easier for you to stay at the stove.