7 Best Two Burner Induction Cooktop Reviews

More and more induction hobs are found in modern kitchens. They are rapidly replacing gas and electric models, as they have many advantages. If you want to know the difference between induction and electric cooktops, then check this article. Induction cooktops are safe to use, simplify the cooking process and are efficient.

Every year, new models of induction hobs appear, different from each other by some characteristics. So how do you choose the best hob for yourself? On what criteria should you pay attention to? Let’s take a closer look at this in detail.

There are several parameters that you should pay attention to when shopping. The first thing to do is to determine how many burners you need. Next, you need to pay attention to the surface material – induction boards can be coated with vitrified clay or stainless steel and tempered glass.

There are different ways to use your induction boards – for example, touch models, slider systems and standard push-buttons. Cooking modes are also different – from 4 to 20 temperature modes. The best option is the compact induction cookers with 2 burners. We offer you to study the best models in more detail.

empava electic stove induction cooktopEmpava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

Empava Appliances designs the highest quality cooking experience.
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induction cooktop gasland chef ih30bf


This induction stove top have different protection functions to ensure safety, such as the child safety lock, overheating protection, auto shutdown protection and detection of small articles.

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cuisinart ict-60

Cuisinart ICT-60

Induction technology for fast heat-up and consistent heat throughout cooking. Must use with induction-ready cookware.

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duxtop 9620ls

Duxtop 9620LS

This double induction cooker is compatible with cast iron, iron, magnetic steel, enameled iron, stainless steel manufactured with a magnetic bottom.

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trighteach portable induction cooktop

Trighteach Portable Induction Cooktop

The circuit design of induction cooktop to offer multiples safety protections. Most importantly, the Induction cooktop can auto shutoff if no actions.

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empava idc12b21

Empava IDC12B2

The flawless Empava smooth tempered glass surface allows for effortless cleanup manufactured without the release of hazardous metals into the ground and withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping.

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noxton induction cooktop

NOXTON Induction Cooktop

Black polished Glass plate design, more durable and easy to clean,looks classic and elegant,bring the combination of stylish and classic for your kitchen.

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1. Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners Vitro Ceramic Smooth Surface Glass in Black 120V, 12 Inch

empava electic stove induction cooktop

Empava Electric Stove has a tempered glass surface that can withstand even the toughest and most intense heat without cracks or chips. You can easily clean it from impurities and oil without damaging the glass itself. Any heating will be accompanied by indicators that will inform the user about hot objects and their temperature.

For more efficient cooking, the hob can be switched off periodically, generating heat exactly in the cookware. If necessary, you can quickly switch from one cooking mode to another.

Many types of cookware are compatible with the Empava Electric Stove – almost all stainless steel and even cast iron. Although most modern cookware is already adapted for use on induction cookers.

The Empava Electric Stove does not really heat up the surface of the induction stove itself! Also worth noting is the speed of the model – a gallon of cold water heats up in less than 10 minutes.

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2. GASLAND Chef IH30BF 240V Built-in Electric Induction Cooker

induction cooktop gasland chef ih30bf

If you are looking for a product that complies with North American regulations, the GASLAND Chef IH30BF guarantees it for you. This cooker hob has safety features that keep you safe even if you have children in your home.

The GASLAND Chef IH30BF is protected against overheating, children, automatic shutdown and even detects the smallest objects on the burner. There is practically no residual heat left on the stove, which also makes it safer to use. The GASLAND Chef IH30BF induction hob has a glass-ceramic coating that is easy to clean and does not scratch.

Thanks to its quick heating, you can prepare several dishes at once in a matter of minutes. Users also note the convenience of the control system. It is touch-screen and you only need to familiarise yourself with the functions and possibilities of the different cooking modes.

In total, it has 9 power levels and a timer function. The maximum timer time is 99 minutes, but we doubt that you will be cooking on the induction hob for such a long time.

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3. Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

cuisinart ict-60

If you have decided to use an induction hob to save money, it is a justified decision. For example, this Cuisinart ICT-60 model consumes only about 30% of the energy that used to go into your regular hob.

It is worth noting the most important feature of this induction hob: the right and left burners have different functions and abilities. The right one has only 5 heating settings and the left one has 8. Both burners can work independently up to 150 minutes on a timer. Cuisinart ICT-60 will be a great option for single people because you will not put too much load on the panel with different dishes.

After purchasing the Cuisinart ICT-60, you will probably need to buy a new set of dishes designed to work with induction hobs. With this model, everything is cooked quickly enough and two burners are enough. The only problem you may encounter is a failure of one of the burners. In this case, Cuisinart has a great support service that will immediately solve your problem.

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4. Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

duxtop 9620ls

If the presence of 8-9 temperature modes seems insignificant to you, we have found for you a model with 20 preset levels. With the Duxtop 9620LS, you can select the desired mode and heating level for your food yourself with just one click.

The Duxtop 9620LS can even maintain the temperature of an already cooked dish while in the “Meal” mode. You can use this cooktop with many cookware materials such as magnetic steel or enameled cast iron. The dishes will not be damaged during the cooking process.

Since the Duxtop 9620LS has 2 burners, there are small nuances. If you actively use two burners at the same time, you will not get the same fast result as if you used them separately. This is because the Duxtop 9620LS fully complies with electrical safety standards and cannot consume more energy. It is unlikely that you will start two burners at the same time at maximum power, but you should consider this point if necessary.

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5. Trighteach Portable Induction Cooktop (Double Countertop Burner)

trighteach portable induction cooktop

Like many induction hobs, Trighteach Portable Induction Cooktop uses electromagnetic induction technology. In this way, it does not heat the stove itself, but only the cookware in which the food is being prepared. This model is compatible with both induction cookware and magnetic bottom cookware, which should be considered when purchasing.

The company provides a special magnet in the kit, with which you can check your frying pans. The Trighteach Portable Induction Cooktop has a touch-sensitive, user-friendly control that lights up when you are working. Temperature mode can be adjusted from 170 to 520 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Trighteach Portable Induction Cooktop reaches a maximum of 2200 W, which is hard to find among budget models. At the same time, the induction panel operates with all safety requirements in mind – for example, the cooling system operates for some time after switching off.

A good extension cord is provided, which makes it possible to add convenience to the installation of the Induction Cooktop. your job. A total of 10 fixed temperature levels will be available in the Trighteach Portable Induction Cooktop, which is designed for most cooking methods and techniques.

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6. Empava IDC12B2 Horizontal Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 2 Burners

empava idc12b21

Empava IDC12B2 is another model that was produced by Empava. It is fully certified and meets all quality standards. The induction stove looks incredibly stylish and fits perfectly into the interior of almost any kitchen, and you can enjoy the entire cooking process.

The convenience is also in the compact size of the panel. It is also worth noting that you will only need to use dishes with a magnetic bottom. It’s easy to check – you just need to stick a magnet to your pot or pan. So you may need to replace your old set.

Cooking power can vary from 300W to 1800W, allowing you to make a wide variety of dishes. Roasting, steaming, boiling water quickly and much more – you can try it all on your own.

It’s worth noting that when you use the Empava IDC12B2, the cooling system is loud enough. If you do not want to make extra noise, it may be a minus for you. But even the sounds produced by the fans don’t make it worse.

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7. NOXTON Induction Cooktop Built-in 2 Burners

noxton induction cooktop

NOXTON is a great option for people who just need more burner power. Heating is fast and efficient as the burners have a power range of 1500 to 2000 W. All subtle and detailed changes in cooking temperature are available to the user, and you can control it with the touch panel.

It gives you access to 9 power levels, each suitable for a specific type of cooking. With temperature control, NOXTON can also save you energy. For example, if it heats up too much, the burner may shut down temporarily to maintain the temperature you need.

The surface of the NOXTON is glass and sturdy and allows you to easily wash and wipe the induction cooker. Despite the direct contact with the burner, you don’t have to worry about safety – there is a safety lock for children and all corners of the stove are rounded and cannot be damaged.

NOXTON works incredibly quietly, and sometimes the heating is too fast. If you are looking for something energy efficient and comfortable, this model is the perfect combination of low price, good performance, and quality.

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FAQ for induction cooktop buyers

1. Are the induction cooktops more economical?

This is true because the burner does not heat itself. The very principle of induction cooktops is that only the cookware, not the hob, is heated. Thus, heat is concentrated in the cooking process and does not dissipate, and the cooker converts around 90% of the electricity into heat (by the way, gas stoves only convert 40%).

2. Will I need new dishes?

If you’ve used a different type of cooktop before, you probably will. Induction hobs are designed for dishes made of special materials – usually magnetic bottom dishes or cast iron products.

You can easily check your pots and pans for suitability: you just have to bring the magnet to the bottom, and if it works, your set will do.

3. What do I do if my stove goes off?

In order to save energy and maintain the temperature, the induction cooker may periodically suspend heating. Visually it looks like the stove is turning off, but in reality, it is not. The burner overheats and stops heating until it is necessary to maintain the heating temperature again.

4. Do you need to take care of your stove in special ways?

Actually, induction stoves do not need special care. Their surface is easy to clean from dirt and oil, which will allow you to keep it in its original state for a long time. It’s worth considering that some models are scratch sensitive, so you should be a little more careful with dragging and dropping dishes. Special detergents are not necessary.

5. Do induction cookers affect the operation of other devices?

One common myth is that an induction hob prevents other appliances from working. Some even say that they should not be used by people with hearing aids. This is not really true. Induction hobs are safe to use and do not affect the operation of other devices.


Amazon is one of the main sources of various household appliances. You can always find there the option that you like. Models on 2 burners are convenient for those people who do not like to cook or live in a small family. Especially when you have many other kitchen appliances besides the stove.

You will be able to make the most optimal and correct choice by studying different popular models a little. The love of induction stoves will come to you as soon as you have tried something to cook on it at least once. Our article aims to tell you about the best models that are currently available on the market.