7 Best Gas Grills under $1000

The gas grill is a handy device for fans of fried meat or vegetables. Comfortable and safe to use, it will help to gather all family and friends for a pleasant picnic outdoors. And after the fun, it hardly has to be cleaned or serviced in any other way.

But, many customers often have the question: which grill to choose – gas or electric? The main competitor for gas grills is electric. But, at the same time, these devices are not comparable with each other.

FeatureGas grillsElectric grills
MobilityYeah, they work wherever there's gas, including from cylinders.Practically no, it depends on the length of the wire.
SecurityRequires the skill to connect gas cylinders during transport, dangerously dropping them.Requires only basic safety skills when working in the kitchen.
Outdoor use in bad weatherMost models are equipped with non-inflatable burners and are not afraid of water ingress.Unwanted, moisture penetration under the housing can damage the electric grill.
ConsumablesWhen used outdoors, they need gas cylinders.No consumables.
Heating uniformityDepends on the type of burner. The most budget models have only the centre part hot. The rest are warm.Yeah. Usually electric grills have large heating elements.
Taste of dishesClose to the "true taste" of the meat at the stake.Not so intense, but it all depends on the skills of the chef.

Thus, it is desirable to use gas grills for outdoor use or for “true barbecue” cooking. But it is better to buy an electric grill for your home and to increase safety.

If you are a lover of grilled food, then you should definitely try the other grills, that are collected in these reviews:

Tabletops Grills

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One of the popular types of tabletops grills are devices that run on electricity. Electrogrill allows you to cook food without using fat and oil. Many models include frying, heating, stewing and even baking functions.

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Raclette Grills

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Raclette grill is most commonly used for fast cooking of hot breakfast dishes. The appliance will help in the evening, when you need to quickly prepare a tasty treat for unexpected guests.

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Gas Grills

7 Best Gas Grills under $500

Fuel for gas grills is, as its name suggests, gas. Such a grill is something like a gas stove. At the heart of the design of gas grills - a panel of high-strength and heat-resistant metal alloys with different number of burners and cast iron or steel grilles. 

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For those who want to make their cottage or country house a place of family and friendly rest, we have made a rating of 7 best gas grills.

Our Top Pick
Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas GrillNexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

It is a wheeled table with a massive lid on top and a place for the gas cylinder inside the table, and two small tables on the sides.
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Other great gas grills undeo $1000:

Dyna-Glo DGB515SDP-D

Dyna-Glo DGB515SDP-D

The grill is made of steel and covered with black heat-resistant enamel. It is a nightstand on wheels and a lid on top. 

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Kenmore 3 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas

Kenmore 3 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas

It is equipped with a cast-iron, covered with porcelain enamel, grill and additional steel grill for heating.

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Khaokee 3-Burner

Khaokee 3-Burner

Very large grill, equipped with practical all additional functions. It is equipped with five main burners and one additional burner.

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Jur Global Stainless Steel LP Gas Grill

Jur Global Stainless Steel LP Gas Grill

Made of quality materials, including non-stick coating. Provides the function of cooking on both panels at once.

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Hulaloveshop 3-Burner

Hulaloveshop 3-Burner 

It consists of a grid with a cover and a control panel. It is installed on the worktop.

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Fuego F24C

Fuego F24C

Allows you to prepare large amounts of writing in a short time. The floor construction heats up almost immediately.

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Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas GrillIt’s a classic grill with support for cooking on coal. This grill is classified as a so-called “hybrid” grill.

The gas grill itself is very simple: two gas burners, controlled separately. Two square removable grids that fit easily into the dishwasher.

Frame with retractable tables, to accommodate all kinds of tools and meat on the sides of the grill. In general, everything is simple and efficient.

Gas grilling is different from cooking on coal or pan. Meat on an open fire is caramelized, roasted and flipped.

After that, the meat can either be placed on the closed part of the grate plate or moved to another burner where a smaller flame is adjusted.

The drawing on the meat turns out to be great. Also the gas grill, thanks to its size, allows you to cook meat and vegetables at once for a large company in one go. The grill can be folded up and moved on wheels, while its small size allows it to be transported in the trunk.

It is not only equipped with gas burners but also with a special tray with separators. It can be used for cooking food on a coal fire.

By the way, gas can also be used for the ignition of this material. The grill is equipped with four gas burners with piezoelectric mechanical ignition.

Three of the main burners are used for frying food. The fourth one is an extra burner that can be placed on the side table.

It can be used both for frying and for cooking food in another way. The grill grid is made of cast iron and additionally covered with ceramics for easy maintenance.

The lid and handle are coated with a heat-resistant material that does not heat up. The grill is equipped with wheels for transport and an integrated thermometer.

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Dyna-Glo DGB515SDP-D

Dyna-Glo DGB515SDP-DThis grill has high mobility and a built-in drip trap. This grill is perfect for those who do not want to bother with servicing the device.

Unlike the previous model in the rating, it is equipped with plates for catching and evaporating droplets of meat or vegetable juice.

Thus, there is no need to clean the burner nozzles. Besides, the grill is available in a special folding design.

It turns it into a small suitcase for transport. In this way, it is suitable even for picnics in the countryside.

The design of the grill includes three main gas burners with electric ignition from piezo elements and change system.

There are no extra burners. The grilles are made of cast iron without ceramic coating. The boiler is made of cast aluminum with high wall thickness.

This ensures that the heat is kept at an optimal weight of the device. The legs are removable, but the wheels are not equipped.

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Kenmore 3 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas

Kenmore 3 Burner Outdoor Patio GasThis gas grill has a very stable and convenient construction as well as a robust housing.

Kenmore is one of the largest producers of gas grills. Its main feature is that the devices are mostly assembled and manufactured in North America.

This is another multifunctional variation of the universal grill, which is suitable for both home and outdoor use.

The advantages of this model include the side burner, which together with the cooking of main meat dishes also allows you to cook sauces.

There is a burner under the lid in the table on the side, which saves extra space. Users appreciate the Sear Station technology. With this system, the gas grill can concentrate high temperatures in one or another area of the grid.

The disadvantages of this design are large in size. But in the conditions of operation within a country house with a plot of land, this factor is not very important.

This guarantees their highest reliability and durability. It is a traditional single-barbecue grill for measured BBQ picnics.

It is equipped with a high power burner that fires the grill in just 5 minutes. At the same time, it is highly efficient – a 5-liter cylinder of propane is enough for 10 hours of autonomous work.

The steel grate is covered with a layer of porcelain enamel, which makes it easy to clean. There is a drip trap system that protects the burner from dirt and improves the aroma of the products.

Besides, the grill is equipped with removable food tables. The frame, reinforced with glass fibre, has a special screen for the gas cylinder.

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Khaokee 3-Burner

Khaokee 3-BurnerIf the question is about status, it will be hard to find an equal to this gas grill.

The barbecue equipment is made of high-quality food steel. It looks solid and, judging by the owners’ feedback, is one of the best solutions for the summer venue.

This grill not only carries a practical load but also has a positive effect on the image of the institution.

The burners under the grill, in general, give 16, 5 kW of power. On it, you can cook a lot and quickly.

The handy handles of the linear flow regulators, which rotate 180°, ensure smooth temperature control.

Electric ignition makes it quick and easy to light up your grill in any weather. The oven and boiler are made of cast aluminum.

It ensures unbeatable strength and durability. This design retains heat as efficiently as possible and ensures better convection.

Strongside shelves, equipped with hooks for tools. The side shelves are made of stainless steel and can be quickly and easily folded to keep the grill compact.

Large rubberized wheels make it easy to move the grill around the patio or garden.

The base of the grill is made of plastic and has a large opening for a cylinder. This design allows the installation of an 18-liter bottle without any problems.

To control it, there are analog thermometers – one for each.

The auxiliary burner is retractable and can also be used as an extra worktop. The dividers and grease pickers are covered with porcelain enamel, so it is easy to clean up the grill.

At the rear, on a hill under the dome of the hinged lid, there is a grid for heating the finished products.

There is also an electric spit and all the necessary barbecue tools, including an all-weather case.

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Jur Global Stainless Steel LP Gas Grill

Jur Global Stainless Steel LP Gas GrillThis grill has powerful gas burners with proprietary heating improvement technologies.

This gas grill is designed and manufactured by Jur Global. It is one of the largest manufacturers of barbecue equipment in the rating and the world as a whole.

And this model offers a professional approach to cooking. Four branded burners with the possibility of temperature change provide fast heating.

All construction elements of this model are made of stainless steel and complemented by chrome accents.

The base of the grill has internal lighting, as well as smoothly closing doors with auto-drivers. Spacious side tables are convenient for preparing meals and placing the dinnerware.

Their total power is 13.5 kW. Besides, the grill is equipped with a branded grid. The geometry of it is designed specifically to create a unique flavor of prepared barbecue.

It is also covered with porcelain enamel for easy care. The special design of the grid allows it to be used for cooking a variety of dishes.

You can place stones, wok or roasters on it. Finally, the design of the drip trap ensures that the droplets evaporate quickly. So that the food being cooked can be filled with flavor.

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Hulaloveshop 3-Burner

Hulaloveshop 3-BurnerThis gas grill has powerful burners and a professional cast-iron grid.

The main advantage of this grill is the professional cast-iron grille. It has wide rods and double-sided configuration.

The grill burners are designed in such a way that excessive hot dry air is completely eliminated. It prevents the food from drying out and burning the surface.

Thanks to this, dishes get incomparable taste, juiciness, and flavor.

Thus, on one side they are slightly sharpened and create a characteristic pattern on a dish. And on the other – equipped with grooves that keep the juice from delicate products.

Besides, the grill is equipped with brand-name burners with a double heating system. This ensures that the grill is quickly ready.

The change system helps you set the temperature in detail. It is displayed on the integrated thermometer.

Besides, the electric ignition system makes it easy to use. The grill is also equipped with stop-leg regulators, a special electric spinning wheel and an extra burner.

It has its own lifting system for lifting the lid and ergonomic shelves and tables on the case.

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Fuego F24C

Fuego F24CIt’s a professional gas grill. It is primarily intended for use in restaurants. But, if desired, it can also be used in the backyard of a country house.

It is equipped with 10 burners with a total power of 37.1 kW, divided into two independent working zones.

This unit is complemented by a gas cylinder, but a special filling cartridge can also be used.

The owners of this grill emphasize the successful use of a combined approach in the choice of materials.

Some parts are made of aluminum, while the grille is made of cast iron. The grill also features special strips. They are used to drain off fat during the cooking process.

To preserve its flavor, the gas grill also received special treatment based on porcelain enamel. According to users, this solution provides the ability to preserve the aromatic properties of food.

The design also includes two double-layer stainless steel lids with special lifting mechanism. This grill is equipped with two temperature sensors with high accuracy.

The manufacturer has equipped this unit with an extra burner for a spiral, cast iron and steel grilles with a protective coating.

Also, this grill has a lighting system for working surfaces, infrared burners for baking and smoking and a special tray for chips.

This is necessary for smoking, and other professional functions. Of course, with this size and functionality, the grill is not mobile.

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FAQ for gas grills buyers

Do I need any extra equipment for connecting gas tanks?

To connect tourist cylinders you need adapters: collet adapter – type A, threaded adapter – type E. For stationary gas cylinders, the manufacturer’s branded hose is used.

How to clean the grill after use?

The grille should be slightly warmed up and cleaned with a special bristle brush with steel or brass bristles. If the soot is too strong, use special grill grille cleaners.

What color should the flame be on the gas grill?

The flame should be light blue to dark blue from top to bottom. Yellow flashes may occasionally appear at the ends.

There’s too much fire coming out of my grill. For what?

Leftovers of food may have fallen on the burners, causing the fire. Sometimes it’s okay, but if there are more fires, it means too much fat has accumulated inside.

Black fat soot is formed on the grates and it gets on the food. Why did it come out?

Black soot is a sign that your tubes inside the burner are clogged and do not let enough gas and air into the burners. Perhaps your grill needs a thorough cleaning.

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