7 Best Cupcake Carrier Reviews

cupckakegifWho doesn’t like cupcakes? For sure, you love them too. They are one of the most delicious products of bakery and there are dozens of types of them. By the way, did you know that the United States has more than 3 national days of cupcakes in a year?

They hadn’t need really popular since when they were invented but what gave them a new wave of hype was their mentioning in the “Sex & The City” TV show. Well, there was an episode where shops like Magnolia Bakery were featured.

Since then these soft, sweet and delicious mini-cakes became the favorite treat for millions of people. And it’s not surprising because they are so versatile – you can cook them just for your family, as a present for a birthday, as the party treats and they can even replace the traditional birthday cake.

That’s all possible because of their compact and practical size. Cooking them at home is actually not that difficult as it may seem. In fact, a cupcake recipe is known to be one of the easiest ones in baker craft. And when you cook cupcakes it is highly possible that you’re not going to cook just one thing. Besides, tools for cupcakes cooking are widely available. For example, you can use the creme brulee torch to make a perfect cupcake.

Usually, people bake at least 5 of them. So, imagine you have cooked these delicious tummies but… You forgot a carrier, right? Who thought it could be so crucial for serving them! So where to buy it and which one to buy???

Don’t worry, in this article, you will explore all the best types of cupcake carriers and make the best possible choice for you and your cupcakes.

Our Top Pick Cupcake Carrier

duracasaThis container made of durable and sturdy plastic allows adding more space between the cupcakes. It has a secure lid, so it allows to deliver your cupcakes fresh everywhereCheck Current Price

Other great cupcake carriers

flexizonFlexzion Cupcake Carrier
  • Secure locking system
  • Comes in several colors
  • BPA-free
Check Current Price
prepworksPrepworks by Progressive
  • Trays are foldable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in several colors
Check Current Price
snapwareSnapware Snap 'N Stack
  • Customizable size
  • BPA-free polypropylene
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
Check Current Price
  • Sturdy clips
  • Top-quality materials
  • Dishwasher safe
Check Current Price
sweetcreationsSweet Creations
  • Fits up to 24 cupcakes
  • Easily collapsible for storage
  • BPA-free 
Check Current Price
  • Single-use carrier
  • Secure construction
  • Affordable
Check Current Price

1. Flexzion Cupcake Carrier Holder Container Box

flexizonThis versatile and sturdy container is market as “Amazon’s choice” and will surely fit all the cupcakes that you have baked (even if you have backed dozens of them). This transparent large container can carry up to 39 cupcakes (each tray contains 13 cups).

It also comes with removable compartment trays that you can take off to fit one or two larger cakes. The overall construction is made of the BPA free plastic and the handle is secure and comfortable to grip. The lid here creates a tight seal to ensure your cakes remain fresher for longer.

All these features make this item completely harmless for the environment (for those who are concerned about plastic consumption). The cleaning here is simple as well – just take out the trays and place them into a dishwasher and wipe the container with a damp cloth.

It comes with strong two-sided inserts, a handle, and a firm locking system that ensures your cupcakes stay in place and don’t get squashed whilst being transported. This item comes in 3 different variants: in a small size with blue trays, regular size with transparent design and another one has pink trays.

The only moment that can stop you from buying this carrier is its price. Don’t forget that here we have an environmentally-friendly material, so it’s going to cost a little bit more. Also, to some people, the size may seem overwhelmingly large.

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2. Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

prepworksThis fun and unusually shaped cupcake by Prepworks has gained huge popularity on the market as well. Its distinctive feature is its ability to transform – it can either carry 24 cupcakes or one big cake. Another nice feature of the design is the baby blue color (or, there is another option in festive red).

Moreover, this carrier features cupcake trays that not only can be used to place your cupcakes onto safely but they are foldable. Cupcake trays fold up and nest inside the cake carrier, which collapses to ⅓ its original height for compact storage and another tiered cupcake tray is extra tall to allow for heaps of decorative frosting.

Along with a carrying handle, this item provides the best conditions for your cupcake to stand and not fall. The deeper holes in the trays provide extra stability. This carrier by Prepworks has a smaller price than the previous one. The only aspect you should be aware of with this carrier is not to place too large cakes inside of it.

Apart from that, when you carry this container it is better to hold it with both hands at the bottom. This particular item may not have the strongest clasps.

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3. Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Large 2-Layer Cookie and Cupcake Carrier

snapwareFor those who prefer more practical decision here we have a perfect option – a cupcake carrier in the shape of the suitcase. Moreover, it is suitable not only for carrying cupcakes, but also for storing cookies, brownies, sheet cakes, and more.

Before the purchase, you can choose between two different sizes – in regular size, where you can hold 12 cupcakes or in a large size suitable for 24 cupcakes. Apart from that, the container is made of the BPA-free polypropylene and comes with stackable trays that make organizing your treats a simple luxury.

The latter feature is another bonus to make your cupcakes more stable inside the carrier. The parts are dishwasher safe (it’s unlikely that you can place the whole container into the dishwasher though you can try). Another cool bonus of this cupcake carrier by Snapware is its affordable price.

The disadvantage of this item in comparison to others is its lack of color variety. Here you can choose the container in a single design. In addition to that, some customers had problems with the size of the cupcake holes.

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4. VonShef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage Carrier 2 Tier

vonchefIf you want to buy a top-quality product by a respectable brand this is a good option you might like. This 2-tier cupcake carrier can carry 12 cupcakes in each tray – or 24 in total. Besides, you can interchange the inner construction of the container in the way that it will be also capable of fitting two big cakes.

When you need to transport your cupcakes to longer distances (travel with them) this is the best container. This VonShef carrier is lightweight when you lift it and hygienic making the process of muffins transportation much easier.

And if in some models before there were not so string clips, then here it’s one of the main features. These sturdy locking clips guarantee that your container won’t open during the carriage and your cupcakes will be safe.

Another advantage of this carrier is that it’s available in 3 variants – in a smaller size, in the bigger size with two variations of color of the trays – deep blue and pink. The handle is also there so you could grab the container easily.

The disadvantage of this item is that the lid of the carrier is on the lower and shorter end of the spectrum. You should measure in advance how much frosting you will be using with this product to avoid smearing the cupcake once the lid is placed.

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5. Sweet Creations 3 Tier

sweetcreationsThis is probably the best-looking cupcake carrier on our list. It is a see-through container and at the same time, it has a pop of color. Special attention here deserves the handle. It’s bigger than in the other models, more sturdy and safe. The total capacity of the item is 24 cupcakes.

The carrier is easy to store because it is easily collapsible. It comes with indentations so you can securely place your cupcakes or cake pops into the carrier without worrying about them falling out of place. The material is BPA-free plastic. It makes it also dishwasher safe.

However, compared to the previous carrier, this one has not so strong clippers so be careful when you transport it. Also, this cupcake carrier by sweet creations can’t be used as a storage container since it has the wholes on its sides. And the overall construction is quite elaborate so it might take time for you to understand how to lock the lid down.

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6. Chefible Premium Plastic Disposable 12 Cupcake Carrier Container Box

chefibleEither you need to quickly transport lots of cupcakes or you need to use this carrier for commercial use, this is the best choice for that. This is the perfect item to use for a single occasion. Indeed, you don’t need to buy a giant heavy container for cupcakes if you’re going to use it just once in your life.

The Chefible Premium Disposable 12 Cupcake Carrier comes with a spacious layout that will keep your cupcakes looking perfect and show them off to everyone. And even though it is a single usage container, it comes with strong latches that will keep the carrier shut firmly.

This container is to built to keep its shape when stacked. For example, if you’re transporting in the car full of other things, then highly likely something is going to fall on the container risking to smash it. The robust material of the container will help to prevent that to happen.

So whether you need to stack them in a bag or box as you transport them, or whether you’d like to reuse the carriers for another occasion, you can stack them on top of each other for organizational purposes. The material here is BPA-free PET plastic.

There are 4 different variants of this container to choose from, of different capacities and designs. You can choose either the biggest one with 25 packages for 12 cupcakes each, or a small one, but made of the best quality materials. In this case, be ready that the price is going to increase significantly.

Of course, here we don’t talk about such features as color variations – you don’t expect that in single-use plastic. Moreover, because of the materials and purpose of usage, many people will find this product environmentally unfriendly.

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7. DuraCasa Cupcake Carrier, Cupcake Holder

duracasaThis is another top-quality reliable container for carrying your cupcakes. It is remarkable for its capacity when except the cupcakes you can also fit there cooked in between the latter. The model is made of sturdy plastic that will serve you at least for several years.

The plastic that this item is made of is BPA – free, featuring a handle, a secure locking system and being able to showcase your treats thanks to its clear design, the DuraCasa is a truly efficient cupcake carrier.

Another advantage of this container is its trays which come in 3 variations of cheerful colors – hot pink, deep velvet or standard transparent color. You can remove or add the tray to create compartments or add space within the carrier. This feature makes this item by DuraCasa suitable for transporting the big cakes inside of it.

Another aspect that should be highlighted here is that among all other cupcake carriages, this is probably the top-ranked container by the customers. The only thing here you should mind before buying is that this container is not foldable so it will be impossible to fit in the cake inside of it.

In general, investing some money into this high-quality cupcake carries will be a wise decision if you bake and transport them often.

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FAQ for cupcake carriers buyers

1. Isn’t it hard to pull out the cupcakes without touching the frostings? 

It all depends on how you frosted your cupcakes and the type of frosting used. If you completely covered the top with a “tub” frosting, then you could quite possibly get it on your hands. If you use a frosting with a confectioner’s sugar base, it will harden and not get all over your hands when taking it out.

2. Can I carry mini cupcakes in a regular carrier as well? 

It depends on the interior design of the carrier, but in most cases, you can’t. The holes inside the tray will turn out to be too big for mini cupcakes.

3. Can I wash my container in the dishwasher? 

If your container is made of the more robust plastic you probably can do that. Still, it is recommended to read the instructions before that. However, even when you can place the trays into a dishwashing machine, you can’t place there the giant container sometimes.

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