3 Easy steps to clean electric cooktop

If you belong to that kind of person for whom it is much cheaper to pay for the electricity than for the gas then you probably have an induction cooktop at your house. To be honest, electric cooktops are maybe not as effective as the other 2 kinds (induction and gas), but they are safer than, for example, the gas cooktops. Do you want to know the difference between induction and electric cooktops? Check this article.

electriccook1But the reason why electric cooktops are not always good is that there are so many kinds of them: starting from small portable ones ending with the professional restaurant gear. Some models can be quite good and cost a lot. And that’s why it is extremely important how to treat this kind of cooktops and how to clean them up.

One important rule you should remember is that you don’t want to use your electric cooktop if there is some water on it. Seriously, if you have just washed your cooktop and it’s still wet, you better not to turn it on until it is fully dry. Otherwise, you can provoke a blackout.

electriccook2By the way, usually, electric cooktops also called electric stoves. And sometimes it can even get funny because some people have been using the gas cooktops all their life and they have no idea about how the electric one works. It’s a challenging task for them to understand how to clean this cooktop when it has no burners.

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Despite all of that, an electric cooktop is actually easy to clean. Here is the shortlist of the things you will need for washing: Warm soapy water, a sponge, one glass cooktop cleaner (you can choose the brand you like the most), a scraper (optional), a soft cloth and the paper towels.

Step one:

Logically, you need to dip your sponge into the warm soapy water and put it all over the cooktop to melt down all the dirt and remove the debris. And don’t forget to make sure that your stove is completely cool before putting the water on it!

Once you’re certain your stove is cool, wipe down the entire stovetop with a sponge and warm soapy water. Gently scrub off as much of the visible grime and loose pieces of food as you can. For the better effect, you may apply the water and wait for a few minutes so it could dissolve all the stains and they are easier to remove.

electriccook3When scrubbing the cooktop, pay attention to the pressure you’re applying with scrubbing. Depending on the material of your cooktop surface, you may need to be careful in order not to scratch it. If needed, apply the cleaner twice.

After the first step of cleansing is done, wash your sponge, squeeze it to remove the excess water and wipe the cooktop one more time in order to remove all the main dirt from it. You will probably have to make this procedure several times until all the dirt is gone.

Step two:

After that, take a dry towel and wipe all the surface until it’s fully dry. Then, apply the glass cooktop cleaner liberally and begin to scrub with a sponge. This step is for the hardest cases. Start thoroughly scrabbing each harsh stain with a harsh side of the sponge until the stain is completely destroyed.

Make circular motions until the entire stovetop is covered with the cleanser. Continue to scrub. You will feel certain areas that are rougher than others. This is where grease has built up.

By the way, electric cooktop usually has some areas which are harder to clean than the others – these are usually where all the grease builds up. You need to gently scrape the areas of the stove that feel rough to the touch. After that, you can use the soft sponge and wipe it with a tiny quantity of the warm water, but, once again, ve careful with that.

You will notice a big difference. The rough areas will become smooth.

Step three:

electriccook4And then goes the last step – you need to remove all the liquid and all the cleanser from the cooktop. For those purposes, you can use either a towel or soft cloth.

There are some types of fabric cloths that are sold in for of a roller and which are extremely convenient to use during cleaning the cooktops – since you can measure how much of then you need and simply throw them to the trash can when they get dirty or wet and take the new ones from the roller.

This way, you won’t need additionally wash the towel as well afterward. All the wiping is better to be done in circular motions. After you have fully cleaned your cooktop it is still recommended to wait for some time before using it, so it could get fully dry. That’s especially applicable to the older electric stoves to avoid any problems.

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