10 Tips to keep your kitchen clean while cooking


In general, all the people can be divided into two categories – those, who like cooking and who doesn’t. The first find it really exciting to try out new recipes and test their culinary skills. And really, there are so many different dishes from all the cuisines from around the world and life won’t be … Read more

3 Easy steps to clean electric cooktop


If you belong to that kind of person for whom it is much cheaper to pay for the electricity than for the gas then you probably have an induction cooktop at your house. To be honest, electric cooktops are maybe not as effective as the other 2 kinds (induction and gas), but they are safer … Read more

What is Induction Cookware & How to use it


Induction cooking uses the transfer of magnetic energy, unlike the traditional cooking elements that we are got used to, so it doesn’t work on a flame or electric elements and instead of that it creates a quick, efficient way of cooking. Water boils much more quickly, the temperature is controlled easily, and pots stay mostly … Read more

How to clean an induction cooktop


An induction cooktop is one of the best types of cooktops in general and extremely convenient in usage. It gives you the possibility not just to heat up pots and frying pans on it, but you can easily place a usual plate on it and warm up a portion of dinner for you. There will … Read more

6 Types of modern water filters


Water is life. It doesn’t only consist of 70 percent of our planet but it is also the crucial element in our living. Nowadays probably everyone knows how important it is to drink water. But of course, the water that you consume and use daily should be filtered and harmless for your health. It is … Read more

7 Types of sharpening stones compared


Knives are one of the most important tools for people who often cook. Even if you’re not a professional chef and cook exceptionally simple meals for yourself, you’ll still need a knife. Cooking tools have the tendency to dull, at the most unsuitable moment. In the range of shops with household appliances, you can easily … Read more

How to choose safety kitchen degreasers

safety kitchen degreasers

There are always traces during the cooking process. These can be traces of boiling water on the stove, splashes of oil and fat, and crumbs of food. Soot and grease are hard to clean, and special cleaning products are required. Do you want to save your kitchen clean while cooking? Use special devices, such as … Read more

8 Types of modern waffle makers

types of waffle makers

Waffle makers are the kind of kitchen equipment that can give you a lot of joy in the morning. Both adults and children will never refuse to eat waffles, especially since they can be of completely different types. Many people think that waffles are a device of very narrow specialization and are designed exclusively for … Read more

What is the most reliable material for tableware

It’s fashionable to lead a healthy life nowadays. Moderate exercise and balanced diets are the keys to a long life and a beautiful appearance. But just eating “good” foods is not enough. Products must also be skillfully cooked in the “right” dishes. Good technology does not stand still but offers new types of materials. They … Read more